Random: Revelation

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Alison’s father placed the phone back with a chuckle and gave his lover a lecherous grin.

The she-male smiled back, stroked her erection and said, “do we have time for one more?”

He looked into her sea-green eyes and said, “no, my wife may be home soon.”

“And it wouldn’t do for her to find you with your lovely cock in my pussy?” She said, laying across the bed with her legs open, inviting him to fill the tight pink hole that winked pertly under the shade of a firm pair of balls.

His hands smoothed down her stockinged thighs, parting them wider as his cock nudged into her pussy – so much tighter than his wife! – while watching her jerk off slowly, stimulating the rigid flesh into giving up a pearl of pre-cum.

“God, You’re so hot,” he whispered, swiping the creamy jewel from the seeping slit with his thumb and sucking on it like a spoiled brat.

Once again he gave silent thanks to the impulse which made him check out the on-line dating site where they’d got to know each other. The gizmo that disguised her voice had been a necessary ruse for she had quickly learned that discretion was the better part of valour, especially as she lived less than twenty miles away, and had proved very entertaining that night. He briefly wondered what the people had done after they’d put the phone down, then gave his attention to the matter in hand. Her clit in his hand, to be precise. He grinned, stroking the smooth length over her guiding hand. It wasn’t the biggest he’d ever seen. He regularly met guys at the glory-hole in the park to satisfy his base urges and one of them had to be at least a foot long. Big, black and hard with a nob the size of his daughters fist! He groaned, trying not to linger too long on the memory of Alison’s sweet lips wrapped around his throbbing cock and concentrated on screwing himself deeper inside his fantasy-made-flesh. Judy, as the she-male liked to be called, groaned in husky tones and wriggled her delicious arse around his meat, taking it inch by inch until the whole thing was firmly embedded in her moist fuck hole. The innocent expression of his daughter refused to leave his private thoughts and he opened his eyes to see Judy looking up at him with pure lust, her tender red lips parted, panting with passion. She ran the pink tip of her tongue over them and urged him on by humping onto his cock.

“Don’t stop baby,” she crooned, “that feels so good.”

Damnit! His daughter had said that after he’d eaten her juicy pussy. Then the blackmailing bitch had swallowed his length like a piece of fruit until he’d blown a hot load over her face and sworn her to secrecy. So far she’d kept her word, but her knowing looks when he went to work on his computer did nothing for his peace of mind. But his sexual urges demanded satisfaction and he couldn’t help answering their persistent call. He could feel his spunk boiling up as he plunged harder between her cheeks while wanking her big juicy clit himself. Her hands caressed her perfect tits, squeezing the fleshy silicones up until the nipples pointed towards him.

Judy waggled her tongue at him and said, “cum all over my tits sweetie.”

Oh fuck yeah! They looked so much more tempting than the baggy appendages his wife possessed – but not as lush as his daughters. Fuck it! He imagined what she was up to with that fat friend of hers and felt less guilty for this secret tryst. If she took him down she would go right along with him. He made up his mind to thank Judy with a big load – after all, it’s was thanks to her for making the discovery – if she hadn’t suggested having fun with the phone while they fooled around he’d never have found out!

He straddled her tits and slid between them with a contented moan, watching her lips kiss the head of his pumping cock on every up stroke. Her erect nipples, still wet from his mouth, poked jauntily between her spread fingers. He reached down and pinched them up, making her groan with pleasure.

“Come on Mike, spray me with spunk,” she said, squeezing his cock in the soft channel.

He moaned loudly, brushed her hands aside and crushed her tits around his thrusting rod, sandwiching his hot meat between them. She clasped his pumping buttocks, parted them and ran nimble fingers along his hairy crack, tickling the hole to encourage him.

“Fuck yes, finger it,” he grunted, feeling one slip inside.

Judy licked his weeping cock and delved deeper. She loved to finger fuck a mans arse as he came and this one had built up a heavy load. His hot, swollen balls rubbed delightfully on her tingling skin as he fucked her tits hard and fast – just the way she liked it!

“Cum on my titties,” she urged, “cum on my face. Cum in my mouth. Cum for me baby…Cum!”

She alternated a finger from each hand inside his tight arsehole, bringing him closer to the point of no return. Pre-cum greased her cleavage, making his cock slide smoothly up and down.

Mike panted with pleasure at the additional stimulation and groaned, “You Kurtköy Öğrenci Escort like that big cock? – You want it to shoot all over you?”

‘Why did they always say that?’ she wondered. Of course she liked it – she loved it! Big cocks had always fascinated her, though this was about average according to her expert eye. She’d always felt an affinity for the sexual male and had saved up for the implants as soon as she could, changing her name and lifestyle to suit her temperament, discarding the awkward boy for the confident woman within the body that attracted men like Mike. He just wanted to satisfy his curiosity about her, use her body, which was fine with her. She just wanted his spunk.

Judy adored men: the hot smell of his musk; the hard feel of his body; the rutting excitement leading to utter bliss when he came, making her femininity complete. She loved to be fucked but, best of all, she loved to suck until the creamy juices spurted. Her lips took the head of his cock and held on, trapping it in a velvet-soft grip and licking under the sensitive glans.

“Oh fuck! That’s good – suck my fuckin’ cock!” Mike said, releasing her tits to grab her head, pushing himself deeper until he felt her gag before accepting the full length.

His hairy balls tickled her chin as she swallowed him whole, holding him deep by plunging both fingers right up his arse. He gripped her lustrous black hair, freshly cut that day in a cute page-boy style, pulled back to her spit-slick lips and thrust inside again, roughly fucking her pretty face. Her moans of excitement shimmied along his cock, coating her tongue with more musk.

He grinned and said, “you’re a good cock sucker.”

The corners of her mouth lifted as she smiled around his meat. How many times had she heard that? Too many to count, that’s for sure! She never tired of hearing it though and her fingers screwed deeper inside his lovely arse as a thank you for the compliment. That brought a loud groan and a gush of juices which announced the imminent delivery of a hot, fresh load of spunk. It poured down her throat in a creamy wave before he pulled out and stroked himself off over her face, showering her with steamy drops that clung to her skin. Judy didn’t care that her carefully applied make-up was ruined in moments, all she craved was another blast from his juicy balls. She sucked them greedily, demanding and receiving more spunk that flew over her face, giving her hair white streaks of salty spume that dripped slowly down onto her cum-caked face. It felt like summer rain, soft and warm, as he came with a mighty roar, jerking his fist in a blurred frenzy along his spunking shaft. His balls popped out of her mouth as he leaned back to finish off over her tits, spattering them at random until the last drop fell onto her nipple. Her fingers slid from his arse and massaged his balls, making sure they’d given her all they could while he smeared the sticky cream into her skin, sliding it back up for her to suck the head clean and complete his fantasy. Well, almost.

“Are you ready to cum?” He panted, wiping his cock over her spunk strewn face.

She waggled her pencil thin eyebrows coquettishly and said, “suck it and see.”

Mike slid down her slippery body, licking up a mouthful of spunk to use it as a natural lubricant on the head of her hard flesh.

“Yes baby,” she moaned, rubbing his cum into her tits, “suck my big clit.”

He loved how she called it that rather than a cock and lavished the length of her with wet licks until it pooled around the base, dripping over the incongruous bulge of freshly shaven flesh beneath. They felt hot and tight with lust after all the excitement and he sucked her clit deeper while running his fingers over her smooth skin, feeling them tighten further up under the teasing touch. She may have looked all woman on the surface but underneath a pulse of masculinity still throbbed with primal power, hard and urgent. Her slender legs parted, allowing him to explore further.

“Lick my pussy,” she panted, “and stroke my clit.”

His tongue was there before she finished the sentence, rimming the pink pucker between her soft, round cheeks with tender flicks of his tongue. Usually her wasn’t too keen on performing such a lewd act, but as she was so clean he ate her out willingly, licking round and round in ever decreasing circles until she opened up under his lips. He squeezed the hard tip of her clit and rubbed it with his thumb, kissing her hot hole with increasing passion as she writhed in utter ecstasy.

“Stick your tongue in my pussy,” she moaned, holding his head firmly. It slithered in and out as his lips sucked ardently on her fragrant hole. Judy went into rapture’s at this and urged him to, “fuck me with your tongue! God, yes! Suck my pussy – suck my clit…I’m so close!”

Mike spat lustily on her tight fuck hole then slid his tongue through the slippery mess, spreading it up her clit until his mouth took hold of her Kurtköy Çıtır Escort again, slobbering down her length while sliding a stiff finger inside her tight, wet hole at the same time. He couldn’t see her head thrash from side to side but he could feel her back arch up off the bed, and hear her cries of delight, as she thrust six inches of solid sex into his mouth. The prospect of making her cum stiffened more than just his resolve to bring her off and, despite having cum already, he pulled himself up to full resplendence once more as he tasted her sweet juice.

“Finger my pussy – harder,” she begged, “I’m gonna cum!”

Just for good measure he plunged another inside, right up to the knuckle, as she pulled his head up to meet her glittering gaze.

“Don’t swallow,” she reminded him, “I want to taste it.”

He nodded, bobbing up and down faster and faster until her creamy juice spilled onto his tongue. She bounced on his fingers and spurted gloriously into his mouth, feeling him swirl the creamy juices over her flesh until it threatened to spill over his lips. Swiftly she pulled his head up and he came to her, sharing the hot spunk in a lingering kiss that made her toes curl with pleasure. His fingers slid out of her pussy as he moved his hands under her buttocks, lifting her up to take his renascent cock between them, sliding inside with a smooth thrust that took her breath away.

Judy opened her eyes wide in surprise and saw him wink playfully as he began to fuck her. She sucked more spunk from his tongue, rolled it round her mouth and accepted his passion by wrapping her legs around his waist, pulling him in deeper. The snowball gathered momentum as they swapped it back and forth, rolling it between them until they drooled like rabid dogs in heat. His weight pushed her legs further back until she felt them go over her head, exposing her to his lust until it possessed her, devouring her body like a man starved for too long. She swallowed a mouthful of spunk and begged for more.

He let her load drip from his lips and smacked her arse with his balls for being such a greedy slut. She lapped it up then pulled him close to search his mouth with her tongue to see if any traces were left. None remained.

“God, you’re so hot,” she said ardently, “give me more!”

An animal growl bubbled from his lips as he leaned back, pulling her onto his lap. They kissed wildly while he shuffled forwards to put her against the headboard and she whimpered as he screwed her higher and higher until her back slid up the wall. There he began to fuck her harder, almost brutally, ramming himself between her legs that held onto him with desperate strength. Bang-bang-bang! The bed hit the wall, shaking under them with every thrust, his balls smacking her harder and faster. She bit his lip and tasted blood, her nails raked down his spine, spurring him on and on. His hands pulled her wide open for the insatiable lust to take absolute control of her body.

Judy held on and did everything she could to get him to cum: using her muscles to squeeze, her lips to caress and her hands to coax him to fill her with his hot lust. Still he pounded her into submission. She pleaded, she wheedled, she cried and finally, she prayed that he’d cum deep inside her.

“Beg for my juice,” he demanded.

She begged, moaned and screamed for his ultimate fulfilment.

Mercilessly he lifted her from the meaty impalement, threw her back onto the bed, rolled her onto all fours and lunged between her creamy cheeks, fucking her like the horny bitch she undoubtedly was.

“Come on!” Mike smacked her rosy cheeks and pumped harder between them, knowing he could keep this up for as long as it took to get what he wanted. “Say it like you mean it.”

Her body shook like a sapling caught in a high wind as she spread eagled herself in an attitude of total surrender to him, taking everything he’d got and begging for more. He paused for breath while pushing her legs up to make sure her arse was stuck right out before resuming the punishing rhythm.

“Where’d you want it, In your pussy? Over your arse? Tell me! Where?” He panted lasciviously, drilling her delicious fuck hole like a man possessed.

“D-do I-it An-y-wh-where y-you w-wa-want!” Judy managed to say, her quavering voice rising higher as he reamed her out.

“Fuck yes!” He groaned, slipping his hands under her sweaty body to squeeze her tits.

“Fu-fu-fuck meeeeeeeee!” She squealed, feeling him pinch her sensitive nipples as he kept fucking her just the way she liked it – hard. Hard and hot, just like his cock. Judy rarely let them cum inside her but this one made her feel so good she couldn’t resist letting herself go. It had been too long since she’d felt the hot rush of lust.

His balls churned more precum into her tight chute, keeping her slick for the deep, hard strokes. He kept a firm hold of her tit and slid the other up to her face, smothering her gasps as he stuck his Kurtköy Elit Escort fingers into her mouth.

“Suck it,” he grunted, “suck it like a cock.”

Judy did so, tasting a combination of his salty juices spunk and her earthy perfume. Her clit stiffened at the thought of getting double-teamed, as it was one of her favourite ways to get off and she made a mental note to introduce this stud to her intimate circle sometime. If they were here now they’d spray both of them with a white shower! The very idea made her shiver with delight.

It was a good job he couldn’t read her mind as the mental image of four shemale’s jerking off over their conjoined bodies would’ve brought him screaming to orgasm. Her fucking, sucking holes were doing all they could to that end. He didn’t think he could last much longer as it was anyway, she was just too horny!

He kissed the back of her neck and whispered in her ear, “ready?”

Ready or not he was going to cum anyhow. He moved both hands to her shoulders, pinning her down as he levered up to gather momentum for the final push, looking down to watch her take the full length up to the root.

“MMMM HMMMMM!” Spit drooled from her lips as she felt him surge inside her.

Judy gave a cry of dismay as his cock popped out of her, bringing a stream of juices down the back of her thighs. Her cry of dismay became one of sheer bliss as she felt him slide right back in. Squelch-slap, squelch-slap…every inch slid up and down, raising the erotic tension with each stroke. His weight pressed her into the bed, strong hands holding her down, pinning her beneath the hot thrusting length of him which unerringly found its target, time after time, guided by her animal magnetism.

“Cum! She groaned, “in my pussy.”

“I can’t hear you,” he teased, humping hard between her velvet cheeks. He loved hearing her talk dirty, something his wife never did.

“Cum in my juicy pussy!” She said louder, reaching back to spread her cheeks for him to see exactly where she wanted his juice to spurt.

“Cum over your arse?” He gasped, pretending to mishear.

She winced at hearing him use that word and humped up at him crying in a loud voice, “Cum in my fucking pussy!” Her clit throbbed to the rhythm and she rubbed it along the bed as he drove deeper and deeper.

“Louder!” He gasped, lunging back and forth as though doing press-ups, sweat dripping onto her back in the heat of their passion.

“Cum in…” She shouted in a most unladylike way, feeling him swell and stretch her open.

“Yes!” He groaned, burying his cock inside her sumptuous cunt.

“My pussyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” Judy cried, as she felt him spurt deep inside her.

“YYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!” His spunk burst with enough force to squirt back along his pumping shaft, slithering over his balls as he gave her everything she deserved.

Sometimes she wondered if all the pain of her transformation was worth it, but whenever Judy felt a man cum inside her like this she knew it was. She loved how his hard body crushed her soft flesh, how his wiry hair tickled and scratched her skin. She adored the way his cock stretched her, throbbing with every beat of his balls that spumed hot spunk into her mouth, over her face and tits and ass – so much sexier than the anglicised version! But, best of all, she loved how a man filled her pussy with his lush juices. It always gave her clit a buzz and this time was no different. His hot breath washed over her neck as his lips sought hers. They kissed passionately, feeding on each other as they rode the waves of sexual bliss that rippled through them.

Mike sighed as the aftershocks of his orgasm sizzled through him. He’d lain with several women before getting married (and a few more after that) but none compared to this.

Regretfully he slid himself from between her gorgeous cheeks and slapped the head of his cock on them.

“Fuck! That was hot,” he said, leering at the slippery mess he’d made. “But you’d better get dressed, my missus could be back any minute.”

‘So much for romance,’ she thought, rolling over to watch him scurry about the bedroom, picking her clothes off the floor where he’d flung them haphazardly in haste to get to grips with the sweet treats beneath. Mind you, romance had been the last thing on her mind tonight. But it was nice to get at least a cuddle after such a good hard fuck.

Judy slid her panties over her semi-hard clit and put her skirt back on while Mike refreshed himself in the bathroom. She couldn’t be bothered with her ablutions, preferring to take the gift of his cum away home to play with it later.

“You want to come again sometime?” Mike asked, escorting her courteously to the door.

“Sure! Why not?” She said, giving him a little wave as she walked to her car, aware of his eyes following the wiggle in her walk every step of the way.

His juices squished in her crack as she sat in the car, making her giggle. Two women, who could only be his wife and daughter, walked arm in arm along the pavement as she drove past, turning her giggle into loud peals of mirth that made them turn and stare as they floated out of the open window.

“Who’s that?” Alison said, watching the car go by until it turned on the road out of the village.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32