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My roommate Donald was there, sitting at his desk, eating a cheeseburger and watching a movie on his computer. Donald was a fairly large and annoying guy, but he was good at heart so he was tolerable under most circumstances. He was an architecture student like me, so we shared that in common, but otherwise we were completely different people.

One of the things he told me about himself was that he didn’t believe in sex before marriage and that I wouldn’t have to worry about him bringing any girls back to the room. When he asked me if I thought I might bring someone back, I had told him that it was unlikely. Of course, I had based this on the fact that there were hardly any girls at the school, and that if I did have sex it would likely be off campus. Now here I was, wrapped in a towel, standing in the doorway, with a girl dressed the same as me about to follow. I had to think fast.

“Hey Donald, you’re back already,” I said to him when he looked up from his cheeseburger, “I was thinking you would be gone another day.”

“Nope,” he said smiling, “I had my fun skiing, but I was eager to get home.”

I heard the bathroom door open behind me, and quickly backed up into the hallway. I saw Rebecca approaching, flip-flops squeaking with each step, and I motioned for her to go back into the bathroom. She mustn’t have understood, or cared, for she continued walking right up to me. Wearing only her towel, she came right up next to me, and gave me a big kiss on cheek. Then she turned to Donald.

“Oh hi, Donald! Glad to see you are back,” and without further ado, waltzed right into my room towards the bed.

Donald looked at me astounded. He seemed about to speak, but instead stood up and ushered me into the hall for a private chat.

“What are you doing, Ben?” he questioned.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean why is there a naked girl in my room!?” his face was puffy and red.

“Donnie,” I said calmly, “she’s not completely naked, and besides, what’s the big deal? I’ve enjoyed a wonderful weekend with her, and I can honestly say that you are close to ruining it if you go all ‘abstinence only’ on me.”

Despite the rare occasions when Donald and I got along, most of my free time was spent trying to stay away from my room, and subsequently, Donald. His views on life could really kill any fun someone was having since it would suck the joy out of any situation. Now was one of those times. The high hopes I had for the rest of the afternoon were dashed by the rotund vision of anger in front of me.

“I can believe this!” Donald said, lowering his voice to a harsh whisper, “what about the schools policies on sex in the dorms? What about the agreement we had at the beginning of the year?”

“Donnie, I…”

“Don’t call me Donnie!” he interrupted. He appeared to really want to speak so I let him.

“I don’t agree with the things you do, Ben, what with all the drinking and partying and late nights. I think you are immoral and a testament to our declining society, and when I see the girl practically naked in our room, I worry what else you will bring into our room. I don’t want to get in trouble for something you do!”

“Fine,” I replied. His attitude was beginning to irritate me, but I tried to restore calmness to my voice when I spoke.

“Donald, the first thing I would like to say is that the school probably doesn’t give a fuck about people having sex on campus. The school officials most likely said that the dorms were gender segregated because they didn’t want parents to think that there precious little angels would be fucking like rabbits in between classes.”

Donald seemed taken aback by my retort, and jsut stood there with a dumb look on his face.

“Furthermore,” I continued, ” I said that it was unlikely I would ever bring anyone back to the room.”

As my voice rose along with my anger, I forgot that I was standing barefoot in the hallway with a towel around my waist, but still I let him have it.

“…and Donald, I don’t care how you were raised or what your beliefs are. I don’t think it’s healthy to live the life that you do. You are a boring and joyless person!”

I let out all the thoughts and feelings I had from the previous semester, plus the ones from now.

“Whether you approve of it or not, I have had a girl in this room every day since Thursday. Now, I will be considerate enough to not fuck while you are in the room, but don’t expect me to live my life your way. I’m not you, and frankly, I’m glad. Living with you is enough to make anyone go crazy, but I’ve managed to avoid that by not being around you.”

Words poured from me as I let loose the torrent of thoughts I had about him

“The reason you think everyone else is so good and pure is because nobody in their right mind would invite you to a party. I pitied you and took the risk of inviting you to do things with me and the other guys, but instead of being gracious about the offer, or even politely declining, you labeled me as a escort sincan bad person, someone who is trying to tempt you down off your fucking high horse. Your not better than me, Donald. At least I tried to give you a chance.”

Some people had stepped outside their rooms to watch diatribe directed at Donald, and now they spoke amongst themselves.

“So next time you want to preach your thoughts and values to someone, find a person who cares first, because I certainly don’t. I am a reasonable and fun-loving guy, but seriously Donald, you can bring out the worst in somebody. So I hope you understand where I’m coming from when I say this. Fuck you, Donnie!”

As I headed back inside my room, leaving Donald standing speechless in the hallway, I heard the people behind me laughing and talking. I didn’t wait to hear what they said, though. It was January and I was naked and semi-wet, so I as eager to get into some warm clothing.

I closed the door behind, and called out to Donald to at least let Rebecca and me have a chance to get some clothing on. I heard a grumble of acknowledgment from outside, and proceeded to dress.

My thoughts were on Donald and how it would be like to live with him for the rest of the semester. Needless to say, I completely forgot about the lithe eighteen year old laying in a towel on my bed. As I was getting into a pair of jeans, one leg in and out still out, she cleared her throat, and I looked up.

In a dramatic and seductive way, Rebecca lifted the towel away from herself, and I was treated to a gorgeous view of her front. I gazed over her pert breasts adorned with tattoos on each side, as well as her taut stomach, completely smooth and radiant in the pale sunlight from the window. My eyes traveled up from her dainty feet with their immaculately painted toes, and finally came to rest at the top of her thighs. Her hairless sex winked from between her creamy thighs, and I was lost in the sight I was beholding. I was rudely snapped back to reality when I heard Donald’s raucous voice say that he wanted to come back in.

“Ok! Ok!” I yelled at him, and completed putting on the pants I had picked out. As I brought them up, my semi-hard cock bulged up from the unzipped fly. I then realized how turned on I had gotten from just the momentary glimpse of Rebecca’s uncovered body. She noticed my slight arousal as well.

“Seems like Donald didn’t completely kill your mood,” she commented as she hooked her bra on.

After that Rebecca, who had already put her pants back on, finished getting dressed, and walked over to me.

“Don’t worry about Donnie,” she told me, and gave me a loving kiss on the mouth. Her little tongue stud breached my lips momentarily, and then was gone as she broke away.

“He’s just sad that he’s not getting any of this,” and as she said that, she grabbed my hand and put it on her ass.

I gave her a smile and a squeezed a handful of her luscious posterior.

“You know,” I said with a chuckle, “I think your right.”

Her little hand wrapped in mine, I opened the door into the hall. Donald was impatiently leaning against the opposite wall, and rushed inside as soon as we had cleared the doorway.

As we were walking away, Rebecca shouted over her shoulder, “bye Donnie!” and a loud bang resounded through the hallways as Donald slammed the door.

It seemed that the farther away from my room I got, the better I felt. We were on our way to Rebecca’s room on the first floor, still holding hands, and with each step some of my frustration at Donald dissipated. Even if I was still flustered about Donald when we got there, I knew of a good way to relieve some stress.

We had reached the door to the girls halls and Rebecca started fumbling in her purse for the key card to let us in. As she did this, I put my hand on the small of her back, and slowly felt down into her jeans. She wasn’t wearing her panties, which I assumed was since she didn’t want to put the old ones back on. Still, as I touched the bare skin, I traced along the line where her thong would have been, enjoying the smooth feel.

The fun in the shower had been only a short while ago, but today I was powered by some unknown drive that made me almost constantly horny. When the key card had be rummaged from out of her purse, and swiped through the reader, we continued to her room.

We walked down the long hallway, me walking just a bit behind her, and I got the feeling that I was being escorted through some forbidden territory. Opposite of the male hallways, the female was kept nice and neat, with almost every doorway decorated with some kind of theme. Rebecca explained as we went.

“Our floor is having a contest at the moment. We arranged it through the campus housing office so that the best decorated doorway would get a prize.”

“What’s the prize?” I asked.

“It’s dumb, but the winners of the contest get to decide how this floor is remodeled. And I’m talking about the works here. Fully repainting the ankara escort hallways, wallpaper for the common rooms, and so forth.”

“Since you guys won’t live in the freshman dorms next year, what’s the point of all that?”

“Well the winner gets to leave their mark on the dorms, and besides, you have to have a GPA above 3.8 to be considered for it. The prize is the schools way of making us work harder.”

While I didn’t totally get the motivation for competing in the contest, I just nodded at her words as we continued down the hall.

We finally reached her doorway at the very end of the hal, and I was surprised to see it was one of the few that wasn’t decorated.

“You don’t want to win the contest?” I asked.

“Well it’s the same reason you gave,” she said, “why work on this shit when I won’t be around to enjoy it. Besides, the time and effort, not to mention money, that goes into decorating some of the doorways around here just seems to be a waste. I would rather be out having fun.”

I loved this girl.

Upon entering her room, I took a second to look around at it’s contents. It was setup up similar to mine, with the two beds on opposite sides of the room, and a computer desk at the foot of each. A large cabinet was at the head of the beds for clothing and any other personal items. The only thing that set it apart from the male dorms was the other door in the room. The rooms for the girls, instead of a large window, had a door that lead outside to a small patio. I was aware that these rooms had a patio considering I walked by them everyday to class, but I hadn’t given them much thought till now.

“Damn!” I started, ” The school must really want female attendees with all the perks for living on campus.”

Rebecca was scrolling through her phone, looking for a number. Upon finding it, she dialed and put it up to her ear.

“Who are you calling?” I asked quietly.

“My roommate,” she replied in an even softer voice, almost mouthing the words.

Rebecca was finding out where her roommate, Marie, was. I knew Marie through Rebecca and I found her to be a pleasant and charming person. She was on the big side, but she was a sweetheart.

When Marie answered, Rebecca started with the usual small talk like “how are you doing” and “what’s up”, and so forth until she got to the part she was really wondering about. Rebecca asked her when she would be back at the dorms. I saw Rebecca’s face light up when Marie answered. Rebecca gave a quick goodbye then hung up.

“Good news!” she beamed, “Marie wont be back until late tonight! We have eight hours or so to do whatever we want to in here.”

I checked my cell phone for the time. Just after 3p.m. on a Sunday afternoon. My day was beginning to look good again.

I looked over at Rebecca, who was now closing the blinds on the door to the patio. My heart began beating harder as I began to realize what would follow soon. She turned around from the blinds and looked at me, her green eyes piercing from her hair-framed face. She had removed her coat when we entered the room, and in the chilly air the thin white shirt she had on did little to hide her hard nipples. The ends of her nipple piercings also showed against her threadbare top, as did the outline of her navel piercing.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she made her way around the room, turning on a few small lamps and one bright floor lamp by the patio door. Without her asking, I reached behind and flicked the wall switch to shut off the over head lights. She was again in front of me, with the lamp from near the patio door lighting her from behind. It was hard to make out her features, but the slender silhouette that was now slowly undressing in front of me was an intoxicating sight.

I don’t know if she realized I couldn’t see her exact actions but that didn’t matter. Her shirt was off and as she stretched her arms up to bring it over her head, she turned and her ribs and breast were highlighted. It lasted for only a short moment, but that moment was glorious. Her body was a shadowed art piece, and I was eagerly drinking it all in.

“Hey babe, can you do something for me?” I asked her.

“Sure,” she answered, her voice sultry and sensuous, “anything you want.”

I liked the sound of that.

“I want you to turn your side towards me, and then slowly take off your jeans.”

She turned like I asked, and started to fumble with the button on the front of her pants.

“No, don’t take them off like that,” I said, “Do it…sexier.”

She thought for a quick moment, then acted. Rebecca leaned forward, arching her back and popping her ass out. Her bare chest with her perfect C-cups were hanging in the way of the lamp, and they had an almost ethereal look to them.

“Breasts of a goddess,” I thought to myself.

Now in this pose, she once again began to unbutton her jeans. She removed the button from the hole, and slowly brought down the zipper. Then she put her arms back and hooked her etimesgut escort bayan thumbs into the hem of the jeans, and pulled them down.

As her jeans came down, her wondrous ass was revealed, and each cheek caught a small sliver of light, accentuating them both. When her jeans were mid-thigh, she bent down lower to finish the removal process, and the light caught on her ribs and vertebrae on her back.

She was very skinny, yet well toned, which made everything about her body and bone structure stand out proudly. I was mesmerized watching her move, even though I could see her fully. The highlighted parts of her body gave just enough definition and detail to enhance and bring attention to her sexy figure. With the simple act of taking of her jeans in silhouette, I was seduced more than ever before.

When the jeans were around her ankles, Rebecca stood up and stepped out of them. Now, with the jeans in a heap on the floor next to her shirt, she turned towards me, full frontal, with her hands on her hips.

“So,” she said, “sexy enough?”

I walked over to her.

“Oh baby,” I replied, taking her hand an putting it on my crotch, “you have no idea.”

Her little hand squeezed my erection, causing it to jerk a bit.

“I’m glad you liked the show,” she said, coming closer to me.

She reached a hand up and put in on the back on my next, pulling me down to kiss her. My tongue explored her mouth as her’s did mine. A little “clack!” would occur every time her tongue piercing passed through our teeth, but I didn’t take to much notice to this. I was lost in her soft lips and her hot mouth.

While her right hand was on the back of my neck, her other hand found something else to occupy it. Rebecca’s slender digits found the buckle to my belt and was in the process of trying to take it off. I helped her with the clasp just a little bit, and soon it was yanked out of the loops in my jeans, tossed down with her clothing. My hands were also busy, running up and down her delicate frame, tracing down her spine, and rubbing along her shoulders. She was cold to the touch since she was standing naked, with little goose bumps raised all across her back. I smiled though. It wouldn’t be too much longer before I got her nice and warmed up.

Her hand had now breached the fly of my jeans, and her cold smooth skin was in contact with my hot member. Without bringing my penis out of my jeans, or even my boxers, she grabbed it firmly and began to stroke slowly.

My hands were now on her ass, squeezing the pliable flesh, making her moan softly into my mouth as I played. Our kiss broke and I looked down at her. I had stopped my hand movements, and was simply staring at her face, with a big smile on mine.

“What?” she asked, playfully questioning.

“You’re beautiful,” I replied, “way too good for me.”

She laughed and said, “Oh, in that case, I guess I’ll be going to find a better man.”

She feigned going towards the door, but I caught her by the wrist. I pulled her back to me, and kissed her passionately. My hands were once again on her ass.

Her hand was traveling back down to my crotch, but before it got there, I dropped down to my knees in front of her. With my right arm going up between her legs, grabbing her ass, and the left on her thigh, I put my face up to her pussy.

The creamy skin was waxed smooth, completely free from any defects. Her two piercings, one through the hood, and the other through her labia, stood out proudly against her skin. Slight moisture gathered on her slit and gingerly I put the tip of my tongue at the lowest point I could reach. I traced the tip from the point all the way up to her little clit. Rebecca gasped as my warm tongue traveled up and down, over and over. I drew back for a moment, and softly blew on the wet skin. It had the desired effect as I felt her hand dig into my scalp.

I stood up, and pushed her towards the bed. The was a lamp right next to it, and I turned that on as she laid down. With more light the evidence of her arousal was unmistakable. Her clit was making it’s presence know, and moisture collected like morning dew on her pink lips. I crawled onto the bed with her, and before continuing my work on her crotch, I went up to her face and kissed her.

I started at her mouth, continued over her cheek, and then down her neck. I put soft kisses further down her chest, and made sure to stop at her breasts. My mouth took her nipple in, and I sucked and tongued and gently nibble as she squirmed with pleasure under me. I gave attention to the other nipple now, making sure to tease and pluck the previous one with my hand.

I left her breasts and continued down her silken tummy. My lips and tongue worked all over her toned stomach, eventually finding her navel. I bit down on her belly button piercing and tug on it lightly. I was still laying next to her on the bed, perpendicular to her. My right hand was caressing her inner thighs as the left hand attended to her nipples.

Rebecca wriggled as I touched and kissed, and as I got closer to her pussy, I could feel the heat growing from her beautiful mound. I repositioned myself so I was between her legs, with easy access for what I was about to do next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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