Reconnecting Ch. 04

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Big Tits

In the months following his trip Mike’s life returned to its normal routine. When he first returned he wasn’t sure that would ever really be possible. Once he had boarded his flight home after the cruise, and for the next couple of weeks, he alternated between feelings of intense guilt and shame and equally intense lust.

His initial fear on the flight home was that he had somehow irreversibly messed up his relationship with his mom. True, they hadn’t been very close in the years since he left for college, but since his dad had left her they had rekindled their relationship and he didn’t want to lose that again. Fortunately, his fears were quickly calmed as soon as he returned to his apartment. Wendy had already left a message on his answering machine thanking him again for such a wonderful time and saying how much she had enjoyed herself. From her tone and the particular words she used Mike felt his cock tingle and knew exactly what she meant. Fortunately, she hadn’t said anything obviously sexual or that would even seem odd to someone else since Cindy had picked him up at the airport and had listened to the message with him.

“Sounds like you two had a great time,” Cindy concluded after hearing the message. Mike had been telling her a greatly edited version of what had happened on the ship. “Maybe next time I should join you,” she added unknowingly sending a chill down Mike’s back and a surge of excitement to his cock.

As usual Cindy had dressed up for his return and looked sexy as hell when she greeted him at the airport. She wore a light sundress that flowed beautifully around her and a pair of strapless red shoes with heels on them that added the perfect accent to her ass and tits. On the way home she had told Mike she had a dinner surprise for him and after they listened to the message from Wendy Mike quickly noticed the table was set and his apartment was filled with the aroma of a well cooked meal.

“Sit down,” Cindy instructed as she began to set the table. When all the food was on the table she walked over next to Mike and began to teasingly unbutton her dress. Once she had it unbuttoned down to her waist she shrugged her shoulders and let it fall to the floor around her revealing a very skimpy red bra and thong.

Mike groaned lustily and reached out for her but she merely laughed and pushed his hands away as she stepped back just out of his reach. Despite his efforts through the meal she insisted that Mike couldn’t touch her until after they ate a proper meal. She teased him all through the dinner and as soon as the last bite had been taken he pushed the food aside and fucked her wildly right on the dining room table. After that they moved to the bedroom and fucked each other much more slowly and gently before the night was over.

Through those first two fucks and for a few weeks after Mike couldn’t get Wendy out of his mind. During that first night as he fucked Cindy all he could do was close his eyes and imagine that he was again fucking Wendy. This continued for the next few weeks and only gradually was Mike able to keep those thoughts from entering his mind as he fucked Cindy.

He knew it really was odd on his part to let his mind wander like that when he was with Cindy because, with the exception of his mom, she was, by far, the best long term lover he had ever had. Sure, he had been with other women for a night or two during college that had maybe been lustier or more wanton for that one night, but the magic always quickly faded. With Cindy the sex never seemed to become routine and she kept him satisfied in ways he had previously only dreamed about.

Still, he couldn’t deny that fucking his mom had not only been amazing physically, but with the knowledge that they had shared what was perhaps the ultimate taboo it only made the memories more exciting. Wendy was at least the equal to Cindy sexually as everything she and Mike had done together had felt so right and wonderful and yet so dirty and nasty at the same time.

The truth was that Mike never really totally stopped thinking about Wendy as he fucked Cindy over the next few weeks and months. Instead, his thoughts changed to where he thought about her watching them fuck or thought about Cindy watching him fuck his mom. Sometimes he thought about fucking both Wendy and Cindy at the same time and those were usually the times when he came the hardest.

Mike and Wendy kept in frequent contact with each other via the phone and e-mails once they returned from their trip. At first Mike felt a little awkward talking to her on the phone knowing what they had shared on the trip, but she remained the same caring, thoughtful mother that he had become reacquainted with over the past year. With a little time any awkwardness that Mike felt disappeared as they talked on the phone every couple of days and e-mailed often.

It was perhaps six months after the cruise when Mike began thinking that Cindy was truly the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He quickly made up his mind gaziantep ofise gelen escort and bought her a ring as he made the plans for the big night. After a night filled with dinner at her favorite restaurant, dancing at her favorite club, and a long walk through the quiet park near his apartment, Mike popped the question. Cindy broke into tears and hugged him tightly as she happily accepted his proposal.

As with many of their other dates, this one too ended with them back at Mike’s place fucking their brains out. This time, however, Cindy seemed even more excited and lusty than usual. Before the night was through Mike had made her cum several times either by fucking her or by sucking her pussy. Cindy coaxed two orgasms out of Mike, the first by sucking his cock before stroking his wet cock until he shot a big load of cum all over her tits and face. The second time Mike came was at the end of a long, passionate fuck as they fucked each other missionary style. When he finished filling her with his second load of cum he collapsed next to her and quickly drifted off to sleep thinking that he might be the luckiest guy alive.

For her part Cindy loved Mike deeply and, with one minor exception, she couldn’t imagine being any happier. She had fallen in love with Mike almost as soon as they met and knew that they were a great couple and a great fit for each other, but still she couldn’t help feeling something was missing. Specifically, she felt that what was missing was something sexual. They fucked often and Mike was actually one of the better lovers she had been with, so it certainly wasn’t that he was an unwilling lover.

She had grown up fairly sheltered, but right after her 18th birthday during her senior year in high school she began dating a “college guy”. Her parents told her repeatedly that he was only interested in one thing and she often argued with them saying they were wrong. The real truth, however, was that they were exactly correct. He was only interested in one thing and Cindy was interested in giving it to him. She was tired of hearing all her friends at school bragging about their various sexual trysts and now that she was 18 she decided it was time to try some things for herself.

At first her boyfriend moved much too quickly for her, but she went along with him. They fucked after only their fourth date and then became regular lovers throughout the rest of her senior year. His school was almost an hour away from where she lived so they only could get together every 2 or 3 weeks and in the meantime she found that her appetite for sex, once it had been wetted, became nearly unquenchable. She began dating several different guys and would quickly let things get sexual with them.

That summer after her senior year something then happened that she never shared with anyone. Her older sister had come home to stay with them after her junior year at college. One night, as she and her sister were up late talking about college life, they got around to the subject of men. Her sister quickly began to talk about how men were jerks and couldn’t be trusted. She then talked about how she and virtually all of her friends in college had been experimenting with other women since they couldn’t find men who were interested in anything but a quick fuck. “Sometimes,” she concluded, “it takes a woman to know how to please a woman.”

Cindy’s pussy immediately became very wet and she decided she wanted to try being with other women. It only took about a week or two, but she and her sister were again up very late talking when Cindy raised the subject. They had always had a very close and open relationship and Cindy was confident she could ask her question without too much embarrassment. Still, she had to strengthen herself to actually say the words. “I’ve been thinking about what you said the other night about being with other women,” she said, “I’d really like to try that.”

Her sister teased her playfully about being horny, but then she quickly admitted that she was very horny also. Cindy sat still as her sister sat down next to her and began to rub her back. From there things advanced fairly quickly.

At first Cindy’s heart raced wildly and she couldn’t believe what was happening. All she had hoped for was that her sister might introduce her to one of her other college girlfriends or give her some pointers. Never had Cindy even considered actually being with her sister, but there was something almost magical in her sister’s touch that sent a chill down her spine and made her pussy ache. Before that first night ended they fondled each other’s tits and Cindy let her sister finger her pussy until she brought Cindy to an intense orgasm. After that night Cindy and her sister became secret lovers for the rest of the summer. Cindy knew it was wrong to fuck her own sister, but her sister caused her to have some of the most incredible orgasms she could ever have imagined and she couldn’t deny her own desires.

After gaziantep öğrenci escort that summer she had only seen her sister again occasionally as her sister found a job far away and didn’t often come home to visit. Cindy had never shared her secret affair with anyone but still sometimes longed for the forbidden thrill of fucking her sister once again.

In college, Cindy’s wild sex drive only seemed to increase. She fucked often in school and even initiated a few group fucks. One of her wildest memories was performing a striptease for four guys in a dorm room after a party and then letting all four of them fuck her long into the night. She tried a few times to seduce some female friends of hers, but despite her sister’s stories about how all college women experimented with other women she never found a willing partner.

The closest she came was during another wild group fuck after a frat party. She and another woman were fucking 3 guys and Cindy tried to initiate things with the other woman. They kissed as they each were getting fucked and Cindy loved the soft feel of another woman’s lips and tongue on her own. Cindy tried to advance things much farther with the other woman much to the delight of the three guys. As they encouraged and cheered her on Cindy began to suck and tease the other woman’s tits. The other woman let Cindy fondle and explore her tits and Cindy grew bolder as she tried moving down towards her pussy. The guy who had been fucking the other woman moved away and Cindy was just about ready to lower her own mouth to the woman’s dripping wet pussy when she protested and rolled away. Despite the guys urging her on the other woman said she wasn’t comfortable with Cindy any more and quickly grabbed her clothes and left.

Once she had left Cindy looked at the three guys and saw they all were sporting huge hard ons from having watched her suck the other woman’s tits. Before the night ended she sucked one guy’s cock until he came in her mouth and on her face as the other two took turns fucking her until they both filled her with their cum.

All of her experiences in college and otherwise left her with a wild desire for sex. It was true that she and Mike fucked often but she was disappointed somewhat because he didn’t seem quite as daring or adventurous as she would have hoped. He was always willing to try whatever idea she might suggest but he never seemed to initiate any new experiences or adventures. Mike eagerly tried anal sex with her a few times and she loved that, but he never himself said that he was interested or even ready for more wild things. Her own fantasies involved much more experimentation and adventure in her sex, and although she loved being with Mike she had to admit that her dream lover would occasionally surprise her in bed and give her experiences that she wasn’t expecting or hadn’t even imagined.

“Oh Michael! I am so happy for you!” Wendy said in obvious excitement after Mike told her about his engagement. Her excitement waned somewhat when Mike told her of his and Cindy’s plans to get married in Las Vegas in a couple of months. Wendy kept a stiff upper lip, but it was pretty easy for Mike to tell that a Vegas wedding wasn’t exactly what she had in mind for her son.

Neither Mike nor Cindy wanted to make a huge deal out of the wedding, so when she suggested a Vegas wedding it didn’t take long for them both to agree. They also decided to simply make their trip to Vegas a little longer and combine their honeymoon as part of the trip.

Cindy’s immediate family made plans to join them in Vegas for the ceremony and Wendy planned to also fly in. They would be the only spectators as their friends decided to throw them a big party upon their return to celebrate their wedding rather than all fly to Vegas.

The months until the wedding passed quickly with Mike and Cindy making plans for after the ceremony. Wendy was going to move into Mike’s apartment and actually started moving in almost as soon as they got engaged. She dropped off her keys and officially moved in with Mike just a couple of days before they were to leave for Vegas.

Despite her initial disappointment Wendy happily talked with Mike about the Vegas plans and even helped with some of the details like picking out flowers and booking a limo. She was clearly excited for Mike and repeatedly said that she was very much looking forward to meeting Cindy.

Everyone was arriving in Vegas on Thursday and would have some time to hang out all together before the Saturday ceremony. Everyone except the newlyweds were then heading home on Sunday.

As Mike and Cindy made their way to the baggage claim area after landing in Vegas he looked around thinking he might see his mom. As it turned out nearly all of their flights arrived in Vegas at nearly the same time so they had all agreed to meet at the airport and then share a couple of cabs to the hotel.

Instead it was Cindy who shouted oğuzeli escort a happy, “Hello!” as she ran across the room and toward her parents. They hugged and talked excitedly as they walked over to where Mike was pulling their bags off the conveyor. Cindy led the introductions and they stood making small talk until Cindy’s dad said they had a surprise.

“This is just such a special thing,” he said, “we wanted to make sure the whole family was here.” With that he pointed over to a spot behind Cindy. Mike looked and saw a tall, hot looking brunette smiling back excitedly.

“Kate?!” Cindy squealed excitedly as she and her sister ran toward each other and embraced in a long hug. “God,” Cindy said, “I haven’t seen you in forever. I can’t believe you came!”

“I couldn’t miss my little sister’s wedding,” Kate replied as she joined their conversation. They all moved to a coffee shop and sat at a table waiting for Wendy as they continued talking happily. It was after about another 20 minutes that Cindy’s parents became worried and decided to go up to the counter and make sure Wendy had been on the flight. “After all,” Cindy’s mom fretted, “the plane has been here for 30 minutes already. We should have seen her by now.” They bustled away toward the counter as Kate stood up and excused herself to go find a bathroom.

Almost as soon as they all left Mike spotted Wendy walking toward him and he nudged Cindy and said, “There she is.”

Cindy took one look and exclaimed, “That’s your mom!?! She’s totally hot!” She had never been one for understatement in her words or actions. “She doesn’t look anything like her old photos,” Cindy said.

Upon his return from the cruise he didn’t even produce a single roll of film with pictures of the trip. Cindy had been giving him heaps of shit about that ever since he returned. She teased him in front of their friends often saying that Mike must be the only guy in the world who could go on a trip to exotic lands and not take a single picture. Whenever she would tease him he would just smile and shrug as his mind replayed the real reason why he didn’t have any photos. As a result she hadn’t seen any recent pictures of Wendy and so was clearly surprised at her “new look”.

Mike and Wendy hugged warmly when she finally made her way over to them. Just feeling her pressed against him again and having his hands resting on her back sent charges of excitement all through Mike and he felt his cock twitch in his pants. He introduced her to Cindy and they exchanged a long hug and began chatting as everyone else returned.

They soon made their way to the cab stand and then to their hotel. For the rest of that night they sat around their hotel room talking and catching up with each other. They all knew that they should probably be down gambling and exploring Vegas but they had too much catching up and getting to know you talk to have any time for that tonight. They talked late into the night before finally retiring to their own rooms.

The next day they walked all up and down the strip and explored the various casinos. They gambled a little here and there and passed the day easily sightseeing and gambling. It was at dinner when Kate said, “Hey little sis, how about you and me go out and have one last big night as single chicks? Besides, what wedding is complete without a little bachelorette party?” Cindy readily agreed and they began to plan the rest of their night.

After dinner Mike and Cindy went back up to their room together. “You don’t mind me going out, do you?” Cindy asked.

“Not at all,” Mike honestly replied. “Go out and tear up the town.” He watched her change into a new outfit and then kissed her deeply before saying, “Stay out of trouble.” Cindy then left the room to go and join her sister.

Cindy’s parents had made plans to go see a show together so Mike figured he would go see if his mom was up for going out. If not he figured he would just wander to the casino downstairs and try his hand at one of the poker tables. “Come in,” Wendy called out when he knocked on her door.

He stepped in and found her in the bathroom so he sat on her bed and waited for her to come out. When she did step out she had also changed into a sleek blue dress. The dress left much of her shoulders exposed around the thin straps that went up and over them. Mike looked down at her legs and saw that the dress went down to her knees. The neckline of the dress was low but not low enough to reveal any cleavage. In short, the dress looked very attractive and classy.

“Why aren’t you changed?” she asked as she slipped on a pair of shoes with short heels.

“Changed for what?” Mike asked.

“Your bachelor party, silly,” Wendy answered.

“My what?” Mike asked in surprise.

“Look Michael, I know that hanging out with your mom is probably not what you had imagined for the night before your wedding,” she said, “but I was thinking we could still go out and have some fun. After all why should Cindy be the only one enjoying her last night of being single?”

Mike watched excitedly as she slipped on the pearl necklace he remembered from the cruise and wondered for a moment if she was putting it on for a reason. No, he thought to himself, she had made it very clear at the end of the cruise that what happened was only a one time thing and she hadn’t given any indication since then that she felt differently.

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