Relative Perversions Ch. 02

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Chapter 02 — Hands-On Parenting

[Incest/Taboo] (Cum Eating, Dominant Male, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Masturbation, MF, Mother, Son, Submissive Female, White Woman)


I once again want to thank everyone for their support and comment. I’m almost finished editing and reworking the previous chapters of all my works as well as a few new chapters of each series. Hopefully, everyone still enjoys enough to continue reading.


Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

For the next several days, Lester was on eggshells around his parents. Though she had seemed to derive a wicked enjoyment from the car ride incident, Candi had been somewhat aloof and distant from her son. Added to this, his father seemed to be acting a little weird around him as well. Lester was convinced that his mother had told him what had happened, but neither of the pair ever came close to broaching the topic. Thus, he was a nervous wreck for those few days.

However, he received a huge shock one day that almost had him breaking down. Coming home from his usual running around, he found the usual basket of his laundry that his mother had done waiting for him on his bed. Dutifully, he began snatching jeans and tees to stuff in his dresser when an item fell out of the stacks to crumple on the floor. He glanced at it while cramming clothes away and froze when he recognized them. There laying in a pile on his floor were a pair of white, lacy underwear.

Moving as if through water, Lester slowly walked over and picked them up. Pulling them taunt between his hands, he was further shocked to see that they were the thong. He was holding the thong that he’d blown a huge load onto as his mother had jerked him off to finish the torturously teasing lapdance she’d given him on the four-hour car ride. Inspecting them, they appeared to have been washed since there were no evident stains of semen on them.

Lester ran his thumb over the soft material as a shudder ran through his spine. The garment brought back fresh memories of the event just a few days previously. The young man felt himself stiffen painfully at the memory. He moved to his doorway and craned his head to listen carefully. With his father still at work, he only had to worry about his mother discovering what he held. Luckily, she seemed to be engrossed in finishing her house cleaning on the other side of the family home.

With his hormones raging thunderously, Lester made a quick decision and quietly closed and locked his door. Swiftly, he took off his jeans and boxers before laying on his bed after tipping the basket to the floor. Sprawled out, he gripped his dick and slowly began stroking his turgid member as he gazed at the thong in his left hand. The item served as a focal point to bring his memories into stark relief as he imagined the sight and feel of his mother’s enormous ass.

He envisioned the twin pillows enveloping his dick as they had on the ride and the feel of their softness gripping him to stroke his hard length. The sensation of his own hand did not even come close to comparing, but it was enough for now. He remembered the soft, low moans that she had let out as she thrust and jiggled on his lap for those hours of heaven and torture. For a brief moment, he thought he even heard her moaning again. Lester paused for a brief period to listen and make sure that he didn’t hear Candi anywhere on this side of the house. The silence wasn’t very reassuring, but his lust soon had him jerking his dick again but at a faster clip.

A thought occurred to him and he used the thong to wrap around the shaft of his cock under his clutching fist. The soft sensation of the material instantly reminded him of Candi’s skin. In no time at all, Lester was moaning loudly as his whole body shook from the force of his jerking. The springs of his bed even squeaked from the motions. All too soon, he could feel the tingling sensation that always signaled he was close. Quickly, he removed the thong and cupped it in his left hand as he used his right to finish himself off.

The first shot of jizz exploded from his dick like a bullet and audibly struck the thong with a load splat. It was soon followed by rope after rope of thick, creamy ball batter that swiftly saturated the lacy material. He still kept firing long after the garment was completely soaked, and the overflow collected in his palm. His whole body shuddered in convulsions as the orgasm tore through him with a force he’d only felt when Candi had milked him into the same thong just days before. Finally, he calmed down and stopped squirting. Lester lay panting for a few minutes recovering while clutching the soft, sticky thong in his fist.

Gradually, he became aware of footsteps approaching his room. Like a shot, he sprang off the bed and fumbled his jeans back on sans underwear with only on hand and kicked his boxers under the bed. He panicked slightly as he was still holding the damning underwear in hand. He didn’t have time to hide them or to clean the Onwin slime filled palm before he heard Candi knocking on his door. “Hunny? Are you done in there? I need the basket back.”

Wildly, Lester glanced at the basket on the floor with the boxers and socks that had spilled out after dumping the container to the ground. He snatched it up with his right hand and hid his soiled left hand behind his back as he fumbled to unlocked and open the door with his occupied primary hand. Finally, he managed and used the door to slightly obscure himself so that his mother wouldn’t notice him hiding his left hand. “Here, Momma.”

Candi stood in the hallway wearing a pair of hot pink yoga pants that stuck to her like another skin and showed every curve in stark detail. Lester felt his dick lurch back to partial hardness when he spied the plump lips of her thick camel toe. Added to that, she only wore a bubblegum pink sports bra as a top that struggled in vain to contain her humongous tits and did nothing to hide the eraser sized nipples poking through the fabric. She was barefoot and had her long, brown hair up in a top knot ponytail. Even without makeup, she was incredibly beautiful. As always, she reminded him of the pornstar, Lisa Ann.

She accepted the basket with a smile but tossed it behind her in the hallway as she looked at her son with a curious gaze. “There’s something else. I think some of my things might have gotten mixed in with your clothes, and I know how you just stuff everything away without arranging them. Mind if I look?”

Lester panicked inwardly. “Um, hold on, and I’ll look.”

“I can do it,” Candi said as she moved to enter.

The son quickly blocked her path. “It’s ok. I’ll look!”

Candi stood and looked sternly up at her son. “Young man, move out of the way.”

Lester stood his ground for several moments. In that time, he noticed something curious. Rather than getting angry at his defiance. Candi’s posture seemed to shrink slightly as if she were backing down and was accepting his dominance of the situation. Bewildered, he stepped back and opened the door wide. Before she stepped into the room, the son caught a short flash of disappointment in her eyes.

He stood rooted in the spot and watched that incredible ass sway and jiggle beneath the yoga pants as she arrived at his open dresser drawer. He was mesmerized by the soft flesh as she deftly arranged and finished putting away his clothes. When she noticed his boxers and socks still on the floor, she walked over to them but paused.

Glancing back at Lester over her shoulder, she flashed him a wicked grin before slowly bending at the waist to pick up the items. Her enormous ass jutted out proudly towards her son purposefully in all its phat glory. The view even showcased her juicy cameltoe pushing between her luscious thighs. He couldn’t be sure, but he thought there might be a pea sized wet spot just above her cunt. The entire time, Candi watched Lester’s face while she held the bent over posture to give him a full view of her ‘ass’ets.

Retrieving the clothes, she stepped over to the dresser and struggled to pull open one drawer before it burst open. Half rolled socks and wadded up boxers spilled out to the floor. Giving her son a level look, the MILF clucked her tongue before bending again at the waist to reveal her juicy ass once more as she picked the clothing up. After a few moments nagging Les about properly putting his clothes away while folding and stacking the items in the drawer, she slid it shut and glanced around as if searching for the claimed missing items. Meanwhile, Lester sweated slightly and tried his best keep his shaking fist with its slimy prize behind his back.

At last, Candi settled her gaze on her son and cocked her head curiously. “What’ve you got behind your back, Les?”

“Um, nothing!”

The sexy mother strode over to her son and purposefully grabbed his arm to bring it in front of them. Seeing the lacy material sticking out of his fist, she pried his fingers open to reveal the soaked thong. He was astonished when she seemed to smile with relief. “There they are! I was worried they’d been eaten by the dryer. I think you know how special these panties are.”

Lester brought his wide eyes up to look into his smother’s mischievous grin. She plucked the soiled thong from his wet palm before planting a kiss on his lips that lingered for a heartbeat longer than seemed proper. Then, she glanced curious at his shiny hand. With a wicked glint in her eyes, the mother brought his hand up between their faces. Boldly, she stared into his eyes as her lips parted and her pink tongue darted out to slather across his skin.

Les shivered in terror and lust as he a watched viscous white blob form on her tongue as she dutifully collected the goo from his palm. She repeated the process until his palm was now shiny from her saliva instead of his cum. Once his skin was sans semen, he watched her jaw working as she was undoubtedly swirling the cream around her tongue. She then made a show of swallowing the jizz down. The sight of her throat muscles working as they cum slid down toward her stomach mesmerized the son.

Smacking her lips loudly and sighing, Candi announced, “Remember tonight is movie night after dinner. So, no taking your food up here and hiding out. Lucy and your dad might bitch, but it’s my night to choose. I don’t need you starting any shit either.”

With that, she snapped the slimy thong up in her hand and strode out of the room. Lester could only stand there helplessly as the surreal situation sunk in. He collapsed into his chair in front of his desk as he pondered what had happened in the past few days.

First, there was the incident on the car trip, and now this. The more he thought about it, the more it made sense that he had been set up. Candi had to know about the thong (and that particular one at that) being stuffed in with his clothes and waiting for him to take to his room.

He was a typical horny young guy after all, so it made sense that she knew he would use the vivid reminder of the lusty encounter to inspire him to jerk off. He found it also a little suspect that she just happened to arrive as he finished cumming in them and before he could properly hide them. It made him think that she might have been listening in on him while he jerked off. He’d been so preoccupied with getting his nut that he hadn’t been able to pay full attention despite his thinking that he had heard a moan.

Then, there was her slutty reaction to finding the gooey thing in his fist and licking up the excess as she had in the car days ago. She had watched him the whole time to gauge his reaction.

There was only one conclusion; his mother was a total slut and was hot for him. Lester had listened to his parents fucking like animals many times, so he had an idea of just how wild his mother could be. She loved to talk dirty and moaned and mewled loudly when she came which was often. Add to that how she always dressed in tight revealing clothes, and it painted a picture of a lewd woman who deeply enjoyed everything about sex.

Her behavior toward him during both incidents also pointed that she had no problem with incest in the slightest. It piqued Les’ curiosity as to just how far she would be willing to go with him. He also focused on something about her behavior and a look in her eyes each time. She seemed to be prompting him to take a more active lead both times, as if she wanted him to do more. Maybe even take charge. The more he thought of it, the more a wicked plan formed in his mind.

A sinister grin spread across his face as every vestige of young fear fled from his mind. He would see just how willing a slut Candi was.


Dinner was a typical suburban affair of lasagna and garlic bread around the dining table as the family chatted about their day and what was current in their lives. With both of his older sisters, Susie and Barbie, having moved out, Lester and his younger sister Lucy were all that remained of the Morrow siblings in the nest of their parents. Just as Susie was barely older than Les, Lucy was just ten months younger than him. Due to the fact that Susie, Lucy and he had all been held back a year during the long cancer battle of his uncle, his younger sister was starting her junior year at eighteen while he was a senior at nineteen. Even though their grades were good enough that they could’ve caught up, the siblings had decided to stay where they were to reclaim some sense of normalcy after the family tragedy.

Uncle Lucian had been a stable fixture of the Morrow family despite having only married into it. It seemed weird, but he had always had such a presence about him that caused the rest of the family to defer to him at all times. So, his death had seemed to hollow out the core of the family. Even two and a half years later, everyone was still recovering from the loss. Lucian had been the strongest man that Lester had known which made the slow wasting away even harder to witness, but through it all, the man had remained strong minded and willed.

Lester couldn’t stop the frown that formed on his face as he suddenly realized that Candi had become much more openly sexual after his uncle’s passing. He had ignored it at the time due to simple discomfort of any son thinking about a parent as anything remotely human instead of abstract as well as dealing with his own grief. Now, however, with her actions of the past few days, there seemed to be a connection that he couldn’t put his finger on.

“Earth to Les!!!” The young man looked up startled at his family staring at him.

“Son, you need to finish up. It’s movie time.” Lester’s father, Marcus, explained with exaggerated patience. A quick look revealed that everyone else had finished dinner while his plate was still half full.

Realizing he wouldn’t be able to implement his plan if he were the last in the room, the teen quickly shoveled the remainder of his plate into his mouth barely chewing what he gulped down. Marcus stared in disbelief while Lucy turned away in disgust, but Candi watched with a bemused expression. When the table had been cleared and the leftovers stowed away in the fridge, the quartet moved into the living room where the 72″ smart tv waited.

Lester made it to the room first and took up a place on the couch where Candi usually sat during the viewings and laid the large blanket he’d grabbed across his lap. As usual during movie night, his father, Marcus, sat in a comfortable recliner that was his unofficial throne of the house, while Lucy tossed some pillows on the floor to sprawl out on. Candi was the last to enter and paused with an amused expression when she saw Les sitting on her regular place instead of the loveseat where he was wont to slouch on.

With a saucy smile, she sauntered over to the couch and sunk into the plush cushions only a few feet from her son. Picking up the remote, she navigated the selection queue on Netflix before settling on the ‘Fifty Shades of Freed’ movie’s extended special edition. As the movie loaded, Marcus shot his wife a questioning look to which she said, “It’s my night to choose and I want to see this. We’re all adults here and can handle a steamy flick.”

“Hell yeah, Mama!” Lucy whooped. It was no secret that if Candi hadn’t chosen the movie that her daughter would’ve probably watched it on her tablet in her room later anyway since it had just come to the streaming service after a social and legal battle.

Ten minutes into the movie, Lester was bored to tears at the inanity of the insipid characters who were totally two-dimensional and uninteresting. Noting his disinterest, Candi smirked and scooted closer before picking up one end of the blanket to drape over her lap and bare legs. Since the couch sat behind Marcus’ recliner and Lucy’s place on the floor, neither of the pair was aware of the goings on the couch.

Five minutes later, Candi scooted over again until she was pressed up against Les and laid her hand on his thigh under the blanket. Since he had changed into basketball shorts similar to the ones he’d worn on the car trip, her hand had easy access to the bare skin of his thigh if she chose. What she didn’t know was that he had purposefully left his boxers in his room. Glancing at the shapely mother without turning his head, he saw her smiling. He gave it a couple of more minutes to confirm his father and sister’s obliviousness before mentally saying ‘to hell with it’ and crossed a line to see if he would be rewarded or slapped. Grasping Candi’s wrist, he moved her hand to the thick lump in his crotch.

He heard her suck in a surprised breath, but she never moved her hand or said a word. Feeling emboldened, he moved her hand back and forth enjoying the friction the motion caused under the shorts he wore. After a few more minutes, he let go and grinned as Candi continued stroking his crotch. She didn’t just stroke, she squeezed and massaged the already erect hard on threatening the elasticity of his shorts.

By the time the movie reached its halfway point, Les decided to take things a step further. He lifted her hand from his pulsing erection for a moment and noticed her curious expression out of the corner of his eye before lifting the waistband and pushing her hand under and into his shorts. Candi’s satisfied purr was low yet welcome as her delicate hand wrapped around the thick shaft and squeezed a couple of times before sliding along the length. The wicked son had to bite his lip to fight groaning as his mother jerked him off under the blanket and his shorts without arousing the suspicion of the other two family members in the room.

Candi was obviously an expert at handjobs as she didn’t just jerk up and down but rotated her wrist to circle the length and touch every inch of skin. She even alternated her tempo so that she teased him constantly to the edge but would back off. She never let him reach the point of no return, and it drove him crazy. While Christian and Anna continued their pathetic whining on screen, Les was in total torturous pleasure wanting to cum so badly but not wanting the wicked taboo of having his mother jerk him off to end. It was then that he realized the flaw of his experiment.

Seeming to read his mind, Candi leaned close enough to whisper in his ear, “My bad boy forgot to bring something to blow his yummy cum into. Didn’t have any more of mama’s panties to bring? Guess I should’ve given you some if I’d known you were gonna be so naughty. Can’t let you leave the room with cum all over your shorts or the blanket.” Then to Les’ horror, she removed her hand from his cock and from under the blanket. “Should’ve planned ahead, honey.”

Les was unable to reply as the ending music started up and the credits rolled for the sad movie. Lucy stretched sensuously which drew Lester’s lust filled eyes. If he hadn’t been so horny, he might never have taken the time to look at his own sister in such a way, but now, he eyefucked her sexy curves that were less pronounce but obviously a product of her mother. The tiny boyshorts she wore gave a glimpse of the bottom curve of her asscheeks even as the thin material of her T-shirt did nothing to hide the presence of her stiff nipples.

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