Reunion Ch. 01

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I couldn’t believe that it was time for my high school reunion. I’d had to do a quick count in my head when I received the announcement to make sure it was right. It was. I’d gone to school in the day’s where you could still say “Papa Don’t Preach” because “Love Is A Battlefield” but don’t worry “Billie Jean Is Not My Lover” and anyway “What’s Love Got To Do With It” sometimes “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” but I’m still “Like A Virgin” and people would know what you were going on about. When Kylie Minouge still just wanted to do the locomotion Madonna didn’t have her faux British accent and Alanis Morissette was still doing bubble gum pop instead of being all angst filled tormented.

I didn’t even know if it would be worth going. I had been shy in high school and as a result people barely noticed me. I was smart and I did my work I was even kind of pretty if a little chubby. I hid beneath baggy jeans and large t-shirts. I wasn’t what you’d call an attention magnet. I’d had a few friends that I’d kept up with when I was in college but even those correspondences had eventually fallen away.

After thinking about it a few days I went ahead and RSVP’d it was months away after all and if I changed my mind I could always just skip it.

In the end I decided to go to the reunion more out of curiosity than anything else . The first night there was to be a cocktail hour or some such thing at the Biltmore Country Club then a picnic the next day followed by a banquet that evening. I packed more than necessary and flew into the small town where I’d attended high school. I hadn’t been back in years .My parents had moved to Florida shortly after I’d graduated and my brothers and sisters were strewn with their respective families all about the United States.

When I arrived at my hotel in the afternoon I unpacked and took a nap. When I rose to take a shower it was still light. I paused at the window to take in the town, little had changed the tallest building in town aside from the hotel was still the bank. The only thing that interrupted the flow of the landscape I’d known was the new Wal-mart over on Sycamore Street. I felt as though I’d entered a really boring and uneventful time warp. As I walked into the bathroom to start the shower I idly wondered if I was the only lesbian in our graduating class.

I’d never really been in the closet, I’d always somehow known that I was a lesbian though I couldn’t identify my feelings until I was in my early teens. While I didn’t intentionally keep my sexual orientation a guarded secret I wasn’t really one to go shouting it from the rooftops either. As a result only a few people knew. I later learned everyone who was privy to the facts seemed to have some reason to hide it.

My mother was running her own daycare at the time and most of the parents in our town would have yanked there kid out of there fast enough to make your head spin. My sister who was a year older and my brother who was two years older didn’t want to be stigmatized or painted with the same brush, so they had their reasons. And then there was Shelby-Ann Tucker. She knew all right.

She was my first “girlfriend”

But she was also the daughter of a minister and the president of our senior class. Two facts that had complicated our relationship immensely. She had eventually ended up dumping me and breaking my heart. Everything had seemed so paramount and important back then, but when I looked back years later I realized I hadn’t loved her, I’d clung to her because she was the first person who opened herself up to me in a sexual way.

It was funny though in our small hick town no one would have guessed that all these secrets were being harbored because everyone was under the misguided impression a lesbian was a butch, unfeminine female who wanted to be a man. That was not the case with me I didn’t learn about labels until well into my second year of college but I found that I was never a butch or a bull dyke or any phrase synonymous with those words. I was what some would call a femme or a lipstick lesbian. I enjoyed wearing dresses and makeup and having my hair and nails done. I also relished in my own femininity, loving the familiar sway, fullness and, weight of my breasts, and the way my hips spread beneath my narrow waist drawing the eyes of men and woman alike as I walked. My long legs and firm thighs are a bit on the skinny side though I feel that they’re one of my best features.

As I looked at my face in the mirror I tried to remember the girl I had been. My once layered and impossibly teased hair lay in gentle waves around my heart shaped face. My almond shaped hazel eyes were wide set and of course the same. However they appeared bigger because they were no longer surrounded by heavy purple liner or electric blue eye shadow. My face had lost all semblances of childhood a long time ago Gaziantep Üniversite Escort my cheekbones were well defined and my lips were full but the roundness that had once made me look very young was gone. My body was changed the most. I had lost weight after high school. I’d never been truly fat only because of my height. I was 5’11 and chubby. What my dad had always called “A big, healthy girl”. Now I was slim and toned.

My skin was smooth and caramel brown and well taken care of. A few years ago I’d gone on a health kick, which incidentally had inspired my exercise and weight loss as well as a new diet. I ate mostly fresh fruits and vegetables and very little meat. I also drank 10-12 glasses of water a day and at least one salad. It had become a way of life although I wasn’t a zealot about it. Every now and again I had fast food or a rich dessert or two. But my diet and avoidance of the sun undoubtedly made my skin look good. Better than when I was a teenager really.

I’d never been cute, my height and back then my weight had always made the word sound preposterous when paired with my name. Even now I had gone from being “pretty” or “okay” to attracting wolf whistles , cat calls and stares when I went out. I was surprised and flattered by this attention. although it did cause me to reflect and be thankful that I’d never had self esteem problems in the past.

Snapping out of my reminiscences I applied a coat of gloss to my lips and surveyed the outfit I’d chosen.

I was wearing a gray pin stripped suit The jacket was fitted and I wore only a bra beneath it. It was cut low enough to show off a bit of cleavage but not so low as to seem trashy. The straight skirt fell just above my knee and a pair of sheer gray stockings complete with garter belt and garters because I hated pantyhose and had abstained from wearing them for my entire adult life.

The ensemble was completed by a pair of light metallic silver stilettos whose heel was at least three inches. The outfit was a little less than casual but as a criminal defense attorney business suits were what made up most of my wardrobe. Since I had put off my decision to come until the last minute I hadn’t had enough time to shop for more appropriate clothing. I just hoped the Biltmore Country club still has air conditioning because if not I was going to burn up in this suit.

I grabbed my purse and the hotel key and left the room as satisfied as I was going to be with my appearance that night. When I pulled into the Biltmore and handed my keys to the Valet I saw that many people had arrived before me. Try as I might I couldn’t associate any of the faces I saw with the people I’d gone to school with. Then I saw her there was no mistaking who she was.

It was Shelby- Ann

she was standing a good 12 feet away from me but instinctively my mouth grew dry as my palms became sweaty. She hadn’t noticed me yet so I took her in. Unlike me Shelby-Ann had always been the perfect cookie cutter image of a small town southern girl. From the crown of he blonde head to the soles of her feet. She was as petite as ever barely 5’3 and I could vividly recall her petite frame in my arms, as I toyed with her small breasts and felt the slickness of her sex.

Her once permed hair was pulled into a long straight pony tail with a pink ribbon tied in a bow on top of it, and she had on a sundress with a sickening amount of flowers on it, her skin was unnaturally tan, even for someone who lives in a warm climate. I guessed she frequented the tanning beds. Her legs were still sensational and her white high heeled sandals were sexy but somehow innocent at the same time.

I couldn’t decide what to feel She looked good in a Barbie doll kind of way but I didn’t feel that sexual pull that I’d always acquainted with her. Her accent that was once endearing seemed overly dramatic to my northenized ears, and her blue eyes seemed harder and less trusting than before, but I could say the same about myself. I had been staring at her for about two minutes when she turned and looked right in to my eyes. She had felt my stare like a physical touch but when she looked at me it was as if she didn’t know who I was. There was no hint of recognition in her brief gaze as she turned away and continued her conversation.

I walked away, toward a table where there were nametags affixed to high school pictures of the owner. I located mine as the person behind the table claimed we’d been “Best friends!”. I looked at her name tag it read Barbara- Jean Faris. I had no idea who this woman was and I doubted that we’d been friends at all let alone best friends.

“I was on the soft-ball team with you junior year remember?”

“Sure” I lied with a smile “those were the days huh Barbara -Jean?”

She beamed as I walked away, Shaking my head.

“I should have stayed home” I mumbled under my breath

“What’s did you say?” Asked a familiar voice, as someone tapped me on the shoulder

When I turned around I was face to face with one of the most beautiful woman I’d seen in a while.

Her brown hair was cut just below her shoulder and her eyes, the color of warm chocolate were looking directly in to mine. She had full lips that I irrationally wanted to kiss and dark Mediterranean skin that I wanted to run my tongue over. There was a lovely smile on her lips as she watched me staring at her. It was the smile that did it. I recognized that slow shy smile.

“Nora, you look great” I said embracing her. Nora had been my best friend from sixth grade until my second year of college. After high school we had written and visited but then we just grew apart, without rhyme or reason. Eventually we lost contact. I could barely equate the sexy woman I saw before me with the Nora I knew.

Nora like me had also been shy in high school. If pressed to describe her physically I might have said she was mousy. She had worn glasses that always seemed a little large for her face, and more often than not they were taped or broken, baggy clothes and until senior year braces. She had also been a late bloomer and therefore flat as a board until she was 17 with no real hips to speak of. The kids used to tease her endlessly and I gotten more than one shiner defending her.

She was sweet and sensitive and caring I was one of the few people who’d known she cried herself to sleep practically every night for years. Even after high school when I’d seen her during our visits she had been basically the same old Nora, except without the braces. Now I was surprised on two counts, the first being how drastically her appearance had changed the second being the tug of sexual attraction I felt when I hugged her.

Pulling away she looked into my eyes

“You don’t look half bad yourself Lena, although I always thought you were pretty just the way you were”

“Thank you. You’ve always been sweet” I replied brushing off her compliment on my earlier looks.

I couldn’t stop stealing glances at her as we walked back over to the table where she picked up her nametag. Next we headed to the bar and ordered drinks. By that time it was getting to loud in the main room to talk. We took our drinks and headed outside to the garden area. Once we were outside we began to walk on the path that wound all the way around the country club.

“How’ve you been Lena?”

“Fine, good.”

“Did you become a lawyer?”

“Yeah, Criminal defense. You?”

“Teacher. Fourth grade”

“Wow really Nor? that’s great!”

“Yeah got a kid too. She’s three years old. Smart as a whip.”

“Like her mom” I said hiding my surprise, I hadn’t seen a wedding ring on her finger but I guess that didn’t really mean a thing. I just figured Nora would be the type to do things the “traditional” way.

“No not like me” Nora replied vehemently . I noticed the shaky edge in her voice that had always meant she was close to tears. I remembered the way she’d been treated by the other kids and mentally kicked myself for my choice of words.

I turned to her. She might be able to fool others with her new looks, for a minute she had even fooled me, but I knew her.

“Don’t cry” I said. As if on cue she did start crying. I did the only thing I could think of. I put my drink on the ground and held her in my arms. “Don’t cry” I repeated rubbing her back in slow circles. In a few moments I felt her relax against me and I could tell she wasn’t crying anymore. She made no move to step out of my arms and I was enjoying the feel of her there. I held her like that for a few moments then she stepped back a bit though not completely out of my arms. Just enough to look into my eyes. She held my gaze for less than 30 seconds before she moved toward me and kissed my lips. It felt like fire was coursing through my veins. She nibbled my lower lip and stroked my mouth with her tongue. Probing and exploring. She was truly a great kisser. I pressed closer to her and cupped her ass in my hands as her fingers wove into my hair. I was just running my hand beneath her tight white tank top when we heard voices coming our way. I pulled away reluctantly. I almost laughed in the next moment though. I had never seen Nora with such a murderous look on her face. I wondered if I’d have to physically restrain her to protect whoever was headed our way. This image did bring a smile to my lips.

We headed back toward the club when it became apparent that the path was becoming increasingly more occupied. I felt like I really was back in high school looking for a private place to make out with my girlfriend. When we entered the main room we were both pulled into a familiar group of woman who had been our friends all through high school. There was a lot of talking and reminiscing going on but I was barely listening, I was to busy looking at Nora and thinking. I wondered what the kiss outside had meant. Then I wondered what the story was with her daughter or even more accurately what the story was with her and the father of her daughter. And I wondered when and if I would get to touch her again.

I couldn’t have recounted one thing that had been said since we’d reentered the club if my life had depended on it. I excused myself and went to get another drink. This one I needed. I downed it in a few swallows and tried to focus as I made my way back to the group. I was almost there when Shelby -Ann stepped right in front of me. I had to stop in my tracks to avoid running into her.

“Hi.” She said breathily

“Hi” I just kept right on walking She was practically running to keep up with my long strides.

“You look real good, Lena”

“Thanks, you too” I said absently. Wishing she’d go away

I was doing my best to search for Nora. She wasn’t standing with the others anymore. Surely she wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye. Would she?

I walked out to the front of the building and sure enough there she was waiting for the valet to get her car.


I called out to her but she didn’t turn around. The way she stiffened let me know she’d heard me call but was ignoring me. What was with her?

“Nora” I repeated this time I was close enough to grab her arm.

“Get Your hands off of me” If I hadn’t been standing right next to her I wouldn’t have heard.

I took my hand off of her arm and looked at her profile. Her lip was quivering and she would be crying any second.

“What is it?”

“Some things never change”

“Did someone say something to you?” I asked ready once more to go to her defense.

She smiled a bitter little smile.

“You always did want to fight for me. Just not the way I wanted”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Your girlfriend’s waiting for you” She said as she stepped off of the curb and started to get into her car.

I jumped in the passenger’s side before she could pull away.

“Get Out”

“No, not until you tell me what happened.”

At this point she was crying.

“Why didn’t you tell me you and Shelby-Ann still have something going on?”

“What are you talking about. I haven’t seen her for ten years.”

“Then why did I over hear her saying you two were meeting in her hotel room later”

“I don’t know” I looked out the window toward the club. Shelby -Ann was still waiting there.

“Go ahead” Nora sighed wiping her eyes.

“No. I don’t know what she’s planning but I don’t want to be part of it. Let’s go”

“What about your car?”

“I’ll get it tomorrow. “

We pulled away. She headed for the hotel we were staying at the same place. The town only had two hotels so there wasn’t much coincidence there. When we boarded the elevator she pushed the button for her floor. I just stood there.

“What floor are you on?”

“The sixth, but I coming with you”

“What makes you so sure?”

I moved quickly surprising her. I ran my hand up her thigh and under her red skirt. dipping my hand into the waistband of her panties. I touched her. She was wet and warm. I pulled my hand back and licked my fingers.

“That.” I said in answer to her question.

She smiled and when the elevator doors opened I followed her down the hall to her room.

I scarcely made it through the door before Nora was all over me. She was kissing my face and my neck and finally my lips. While her tongue caressed the inside of my mouth her fingers were at the buttons on my jacket. She fiddled with the buttons for a full minute with no luck. Then Nora unceremoniously ripped the buttons off of my jacket as she tore it open.

I could hear the soft thud of the buttons hitting the carpet I would never find all six of them. At the moment I didn’t care much, my bra followed my jacket and as she was sucking my nipples I unbuttoned and unzipped my skirt letting it fall to the floor. I pulled her head closer and arched against her. She slipped one hand between my legs as she continued to suck bite and lick my sensitive nipples. I was more turned on than I could ever remember being with any other lover.

The crotch of my panties was actually soaked. I ground my hips in circles against her hand and panted her name like some kind of mantra. Nora slipped her hand into my panties and spread my wetness all over my pussy, running her fingers lightly over my swollen clit. I gasped audibly as she inserted first one then two and then finally three fingers into me. I rode her hand hard and fast as we developed a rhythm. We’d never had sex but Nora touched me like we’d been lovers for years. Like she knew me. Her fingers curled forward toward my pelvic bone as her thumb massaged my clit. I tensed up as my orgasm washed over me. I pulled her face to mine kissing her passionately as I continued to buck my hips toward her.

My fingernails dug into her shoulder blades as I shuddered and came all over her hand. My breathing was irregular as I stepped back and Nora pulled her hand away with a wet pop. She stood there fully clothed licking my juices off of her glistening hand. I fell back on the bed, for the first time I understood the phrase weak in the knees. I beckoned Nora to come to me, and she obeyed. I pulled her shirt over her head and undid he skirt letting it fall away. She stood before me in her panties., she hadn’t been wearing a bra.

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