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Big Tits

This story is a follow-up to She Shoots, He Scores, which was actually a fantasy requested by the real life Molly. She wanted me to imagine her being the one to whom I lost my virginity. In order to comply with regulations, I had to change some of the ages of the participants in that story, which has received much better reviews that I thought it would. In actuality, I was in my senior year of high school when I met Molly, who was a cute, tiny little freshman. I had skipped a grade in elementary school, so I was only 16 despite being a senior. We never dated or had any contact beyond common friends in high school, but to this day, I wish we had…my life would have turned out very different.

In actual life, Molly and I really did enter each other’s lives after the 20-year break referred to in She Shoots, He Scores. The night we reconnected started a whirlwind romance that has taken us to where we are today…engaged to be married. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been a completely smooth relationship. For example, about a month ago, I relocated from Maryland to Florida for employment; Molly remained in Maryland with her son to finalize some things related to her divorce. After not seeing each other for weeks, Molly was able to come down to Florida for a visit. This story is a true representation of our reunion. I hope you enjoy it as much as my first. Comments are always welcome and appreciated. Thank you for reading!


10:15…that was when her plane landed at the Orlando airport. 10:15…that was when I would finally feel complete again. 10:15…that was when I would finally be inside my Molly, the only place I ever want to be.

I arrived at the airport around 9:45 and parked the car in the short-term lot. I knew I was early, but I was not putting anything to chance. I wanted to be waiting for Molly with open arms the moment she stepped off the monorail from Terminal B. I had been planning this night for weeks, ever since we figured out a way for her to fly from Maryland to Florida without missing any time from work.

I walked into the central terminal at the airport and was refreshed by the cold air blasting from the air conditioners working overtime to cool the massive space baked on a daily basis by the bright Florida sunshine. My first mission was to locate a Family Restroom. I knew there would be plenty of room for what I had in mind and no one would notice when Molly and I went in at the same time. Then I began to pace off the minutes…20 minutes, 15 minutes, then 10, 9, 8, 7, 6…and before I knew it, there she was. My Molly was walking off the monorail, a vision of loveliness I missed more than life itself. Her hair was a darker purple than when I left, but I expected that, she had sent me a picture. What was unexpected was what she was wearing. Molly was a very relaxed person, a true child of the grunge era, flannel shirts, yoga pants and boots. However, she walked off the monorail wearing a form-fitting red and black striped dress that emphasized her amazingly curvy body and her usual paint-specked Doc Martin boots.

For those that haven’t read my first story, Molly was a petite girl of 5’4″ tall with a tight, athletic body in high school that she hid under baggy clothes. When we reunited, she had matured to a voluptuous, curvy woman with the same sparkle in her eyes and the same smile that turned my legs to jell-o. I had never seen such a sexy sight in my life and I immediately felt a shift in my preference for tiny, athletic women. The same women that I would have died in order to get into bed now held no interest to me.

I could see Molly’s eyes roaming around the open terminal, searching for her Wolf, who had been stalking her movements the moment she stepped off the tram. Finally, our eyes met, and it was as if real life was finally mimicking a movie. We ran to each other, stopped a few steps apart and just looked deep into each other’s eyes, as if both of us were questioning if the other person was there or just a figment of imagination. Molly dropped her bags to the floor and the space between us vanished in an instant, our arms wrapped tightly around each other and our lips pressed together in an emotional, stress relieving kiss that left me weak in my knees. The kiss was so passionate that the small crowd of 20-25 people loitering around us started to applaud when we finally parted.

Molly held onto me as if she didn’t want to let me go ever again. She leaned into my shoulder and whispered, “I’m soaking wet. I’ve been thinking about seeing you and then finding a place to fuck you before we left the airport. I need to get your perfect member into my pussy as soon as possible. I feel like I’ve been going through withdrawal.”

“Patience Wildflower, patience. I need you just as badly. I got here early and think I found the perfect place.”

“Oh thank God.”

We each took one of her bags, then walked arm in arm, hip to hip, heading directly to the family bathroom I located near the ticketing counters on my way into the terminal. I knocked on the door, heard no response, opened the escort sincan door and waved Molly inside. I followed, locking the door behind me and before I knew what was happening, Molly attacked me, pushing me against the wall with such force the air was knocked from my lungs. She kissed me with an unbridled passion I had rarely seen from anyone, which I readily returned. Our hands were all over the place. We pulled our clothes off and threw them to the side, leaving them wherever they landed, while the kiss resumed.

After I removed her dress, I found out why I could smell her amazing scent so easily…Molly was wearing the crotchless panties she had bought for Christmas, and her pussy was so wet her juices were already flowing down her strong thighs. I had to fight the urge to devour her wet, juicy peach because this tryst was simply about both of us giving into our primal need to fuck each other. Molly wrapped her arms around my neck. I picked her up by her amazing ass and she wrapped her strong thighs around my waist. My cock lodged deep in her sopping wet pussy in one smooth thrust, which drew an animalistic groan from both of us.

“Oh thank god,” moaned Molly. “My toys are no comparison. I needed this.”

“My hand was getting old too. You feel amazing. We have all night, but not here.”

“Then fuck me. Fuck me David, hard and fast. Pump me full…cum in me.”

I turned around so that Molly’s back was to the wall, her ass propped on the handicapped safety rail, held her legs up by the knees, opening her pussy to my stiff pole and allowing me to penetrate her as deeply as I could manage. Having been anticipating this moment all day long, I could already feel the cum boiling in my balls, but I didn’t let that stop me from giving my Wildflower exactly what she wanted. I pounded her into the wall with my swollen member over and over again, each thrust as deep as I could go, then pulling out until my head almost popped out of her fuzzy peach, only to bottom out once again.

“Oh Molly, you feel so wonderful. I missed how your pussy massaged my shaft and how tight your muscles grip me.”

“I missed your cock too. He fits so perfectly inside me, like he was made for me. Cum for me. I need to feel you.”

It only took a few more thrusts and Molly felt a load of my seed I hadn’t produced since I was a teenager blast into her welcoming womb. I howled with pleasure at the feeling of my orgasm hitting me so strongly. Apparently, it was exactly what Molly needed because her legs locked my arms into place, her arms pulled me tightly to her chest and I could feel her entire body shaking with pleasure as she peaked as well. Neither one of us said a word during the time we were lost in our orgasms, but the animalistic sounds both of us were making painted the entire picture.

By this time, my arms were shaking from holding her up, so I gently set her down on her wobbly legs. We looked at each other, smiled and started laughing hysterically at absolutely nothing, but feeling so happy and full of joy that we had finally reunited and felt complete once again.

“Get dressed my dear, the night isn’t over. We have a bit of a drive ahead of us, but it will be worth it.”

“Where are we going?”

“I can’t tell you, it’s a surprise,” I told Molly with an evil smirk.

“Not even a hint?”

“Nope, you’ll find out when we get there.”

Molly started to pout, but finally gave in. She pushed me to the door and said, “Now get out and let me freshen up. I need to get some more comfortable clothes on.”

I kissed her and said, “Ok baby. I will be waiting for you right outside.”

Unfortunately, that’s all the detail I can recall about that first reunion. I’m actually surprised, and disappointed, by how little detail I remember from our coupling in the airport bathroom, because the rest of the night is implanted on my brain like a tattoo.

After a few minutes, Molly came out looking more like herself, and incredibly sexy. She was now wearing flip-flops on her feet and carried her Docs, but she was wearing a pair of short cotton shorts that showed off her smooth muscular thighs and a button down fleece shirt, unbuttoned low enough to show off her amazing cleavage.

“Wow! You look great!” I said breathlessly while taking her hand and leading her out to the car.

“Still not telling me where we’re going?”

“Not a chance.”

“Dick,” she said smiling. “At least I finally get to see your new car!”

We got to the car and she fell in love with it instantly. It was nothing special, but perfectly fit me, a Hyundai Elantra Touring. In the dark, she wasn’t able to see the set-up I had made in the back, and I had hung a curtain behind the front seats so she couldn’t see once she got in, either.

I opened her door, let her sit down, and said, “No peaking behind the curtain, at least not yet.”

I closed her door, placed her bags on the floor behind her seat, walked around to get in the driver’s seat and started the car. We left the airport and I immediately headed towards I-4, and ankara escort then east to the ocean coast. After about an hour, we were approaching I-95 and I took out the blindfold I had put in the center console, giving it to Molly.

“Put this on.”

“Ooooooo-k,” she questioned, “but why?”

“I don’t want you to know where we are going until we actually get there. This is a surprise I know you’ll love. Please put it on?”

“Ok my King. If that’s what you wish,” she responded, applying the blindfold.

Properly blindfolded, I exited the highway, continued east to the oceanfront and the hard-packed sand beaches of Daytona, driving directly onto the sand. I pulled the car into a secluded spot I had scouted out a week prior for just such an occasion, leaving the hatch facing the surf crashing on the shore.

“Stay put for a second and keep the blindfold on. I have a couple things to do first.”

I got out of the car, walked around to the back, opened the hatch and climbed inside. I had folded the back seats down and set up the space like a small bedroom…air mattress, blankets, pillows the whole nine yards. I had two inflatable, solar powered camping lights hanging from the handles by the back doors, so I turned those on low.

“We’re at the beach!” I heard you say from the front seat. I knew the beach was her favorite place to be and the sound of the surf made it obvious where we were.

“Exactly, just a few more seconds and I’ll come get you.”

I hid a bottle of coconut oil beside the mattress for later on, and then climbed back out of the car, returning to the passenger door. I took Molly’s hand, led her to the back of the car, and told her she could remove the blindfold.

When she lifted the blindfold from her eyes, I heard her gasp. “It’s beautiful! How did you find this place?”

“By exploring. Now, enough talking, your bed awaits my love,” I said. I took her hand once and lead her into our “bedroom”, leaving the hatch open.

With the sound of the waves crashing on the shore outside, I kissed Molly deeply and tenderly, feeling her soul absorbing the energy of the ocean. I held her tightly and felt every curve of her body pressed against me. I kissed her lips, her throat, her neck, her ears…reveling in the feel of her being in my arms after being separated so long. I began unbuttoning her shirt, one button at a time, making sure to kiss every square inch of skin revealed. After the top three buttons were undone, I skipped to the bottom of the shirt and worked my way back up to her breasts, devouring her belly and waist with kisses and nibbles.

Finally, I got to one button left and Molly was already writhing in pleasure, dying from the anticipation of me kissing the skin not quite hidden by her bra. After the final button was undone and her shirt opened completely, I saw her heaving breasts contained in a sexy, lacy, front-close black bra with a deep plunging neckline that barely covered her nipples. I kissed around the cups and snuck a lick or two to her nipples, each one eliciting a gasp of pleasure.

“Off,” Molly moaned, “off.”

I reached up and undid the clasp, revealing Molly’s perfect breasts and nipples that call to me, saying ‘suck me, nibble me, massaged me with your tongue and bite me with your teeth.’ Whenever her breasts are revealed to me, my breath is taken away. I kissed each millimeter of skin on her breasts and ran my hands over her entire upper body, feeling her silky skin underneath me.

Molly reached into my shorts and started to massage my thickening member in her small hands. Every time I kissed her nipple, she grabbed my shaft a little harder, making me gasp and causing my cock to jump in pleasure. I kissed her deeply on the lips, our tongues wrestling with each other in synch with the thunderous surf.

As the kiss softened and mellowed, I kissed my way down Molly’s chest and belly, making my way towards that spot between her thighs that oozed the sweetest, most perfect nectar on earth…a honey better than that made by the finest bees on the planet. I reached the waistband of her shorts and rolled them off Molly’s hips, down her thighs and over her feet, leaving her laying there clad in only the pair of black, lace see-through panties I loved on her so much. Once again, a gasp of pure joy passed my lips.

I crawled back up her body and Molly peeled off my t-shirt, revealing my hairy chest. I braced myself on my forearms while Molly kissed me and ran her hands through my hair sending tingles through my body. I moaned deeply and told her how much I missed her, missed her hands on my body, missed her fingers running through my body hair, missed the natural scent of her body, that combo of musk and sweet that entices me like no other. I looked deep into her eyes, caressed her cheek, and kissed her deeply once again. With a groan of need, I pulled back to tell her how much I loved her and needed her always with me, how I wanted to do something like this as often as possible, where we could make love in the place our spirits merged and could enjoy etimesgut escort bayan each others bodies with abandon.

Now that Molly was wearing just her panties, she must have realized my state of overdress because she undid my belt and took off my shorts, leaving me in my boxer briefs. I purposely wore her favorite pair. They were navy blue and tight, hugging and caressing my bulging penis like a gentle silk hammock. I laid her back down on the mattress and started to worship her body yet again. Beginning at her feet, I kissed each one of her toes, then the soft soles, working my way up each ankle and calf. When I got to Molly’s knees, her thighs spread before me like Noah parting the red sea. I kissed all over her thighs paying special attention to the sensitive spot, right against the edge of her panties.

I knew Molly had to be sore from her roller derby scrimmage the previous night, I wanted to pair my soft kisses with a deep, sensual massage. I surprised her by pulling out the bottle of coconut oil I had hid beside the mattress and applied a generous amount to my hands. I massaged her legs until her muscles were soft and relaxed. During this entire process, Molly was releasing deep sighs and moans of relaxation and relief.

I kissed my way back up to her panties, this time kissing the panel right between her thighs, sucking in the juices that had soaked into the fabric. I tried to peel her panties off her body, but her state of relaxation made it hard for her to lift her bottom to allow me to pull them over her hips. Molly’s hot, wet pussy was now on display. Her enticing scent hit my nose immediately and I groaned like an animal in heat. God I had missed her. I swept up her peach from her ass to her clit, being rewarded a full mouth of her juices in one swipe of the tongue. I reveled in the first taste of her sweet nectar passing over my tongue, swallowed her perfect honey and moaned in ecstasy from the satisfaction of getting exactly what I’d desired for so long, the taste of Molly’s peach filling my nose and my mouth.

I alternated back and forth between short licks centered on her clit, long sweeps of my tongue across her entire pussy, and burying my tongue as deep as I could into her vagina. All the while, I was sucking on her blossoming pussy lips and drinking all of the sweet juices I was able to pull from within her.

Until now, I had not penetrated Molly since our furious fucking in the airport bathroom. I could feel Molly rolling her hips trying to get contact on her clit as much as possible, wordlessly begging for more. I concentrated on licking and sucking her button, while sliding my index finger between her lips to fill her pussy for the first time. Her muscles reacted by gripping my finger tightly, almost violently, trying desperately to pull it deeper into her.

The moment my fingertip parted her lips, Molly breathed deeply and moaned, “Oooooooh Daaaaaviiiiiiiid!”

I curled my finger up and massaged her g-spot with the tip while I continued suckling on her clit. Molly was so relaxed that her orgasm came out of nowhere and hit her like a freight train from the double stimulation apparently too much to handle without snapping. The ferocity of her orgasm took Molly by surprise and she screamed she was cumming over and over, almost like it was the only words she could remember how to say. I continued to stimulate her, riding out her orgasm and trying to prolong it.

Suddenly, Molly stopped making any noise and stopped breathing, her eyes rolling back into her head. Her entire body tensed around her midsection and then sharp body shaking convulsions hit her with full force, each one ejecting a stream of hot fluid from her pussy, straight into my open mouth. I drank down her ejaculate as if it were Mother Nature’s perfect lemonade and reveled in the guttural, primal moans now coming from her mouth.

Slowly I eased the pressure on her most sensitive spots and Molly’s orgasm started to fade. She was absolutely exhausted from the intensity of her orgasm. Her body was completely limp. The sea breeze washing over her skin was nowhere near enough to cool her down. I picked her up and carried her to the edge of the surf, set her down gently in the water, and let the cool ocean to wash over her overheated skin. Her eyes shot open from the sudden temperature change but then, with a gentle sigh, she leaned into me, enjoying the contact we finally had with each other.

After a few minutes, Molly was able to walk again, but only with my help. Walking arm in arm, we made our way back to the car. I dried her body off with a fluffy towel that I’d kept in the car all day long, making it nice and warm, like it just came out of the dryer. Molly climbed onto the mattress and laid on her front, facing the water, so she could look out at the sea. I poured some of the coconut oil onto her back to continue the massage I had started, rubbing the remaining aches out of the muscles from her neck to her perfect ass, putting her back into the same full-body stupor she was in after the intense squirting orgasm. About ten minutes later, I heard deep, even breathing and realized Molly had fallen asleep from exhaustion and relaxation. I covered her with one of the blankets to keep her warm and curled next to her, cuddling her as she napped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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