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It had gotten murderously hot, even in the country where Richie’s Place was. At least the evenings were slightly cooler. Richie was busy with events at the Nugget, he had a new band called Phoenix Express coming in for the weekend.

For the most part the town’s elders saw The Nugget’s crowd as largely harmless kids. They brought a lot of business to the country store, mostly in the sale of beer and wine. Richie jokingly referred to the older couple that ran the store as Ma and Pa Kettle, they seemed not too far removed from backwoods hillbillies. Between their duties at the Nugget, Elena and Kim would hang around outside the store sipping orange soda and people watching. But they’d also begun to notice a young kid who worked there, he seemed to be related to the owners but they couldn’t figure out how, or what his name was. He noticed them too, and he seemed to stumble about when he saw them. They thought it was cute the way he reacted to seeing them in their cutoffs, t-shirts or peasant blouses, if he only knew they wore nothing underneath.

One particular day, Kim was in a naughty mood and as they strolled around the store, she made sure she could be seen by the smitten kid stacking the shelves, Elena did too. The two girls probably drove him mad when they each got strawberry popsicles and seductively licked them while he watched from a window inside the store. It made them giggle watching his reaction. Now that they had a break from work, they eagerly headed over to the store, hoping to come up with some new bit of naughtiness, but to their disappointment, he wasn’t there.

“…Well, it’s another fun day for us.” Elena said with a sigh as they sat outside the store.

“Could be worse.” Kim replied

“Really?” she said “How could it be worse?”

“It’s probably twice as hot down south, at least here we’ve got someplace to go cool off.”

“Yeah, it’d be nice to have a beach like where Danny and Sofia went.”

Elena had met Danny and Sofia on one of her first nights there before they’d left to do work on a house project. Elena always wondered what Kim would’ve thought of Sofia’s body, it was just as hot as hers, she knew they’d be comparing breast sizes. And also knew they’d be comparing pussies too. It made her smile.

“Well, I better get back and see if Richie needs help with the setup.” Elena said as she finished off her drink “You gonna walk home?”

“Sure, might do my legs some good.” Kim said as she stretched out her legs.

Both girls wore cutoff shorts, Elena had on her STP shirt and Kim a brightly colored peasant top and sandals.

Elena started off across the street to the Nugget and Kim began walking back to the house, it was a mile at the most.

She loved the feel of the hot sun on her already tanned skin but soon the heat made her head for the shade of a tree to cool off. Maybe I can hitch a ride home, she thought. An old Buick sedan rolled towards her and she stuck out her thumb. As it stopped, she leaned in and saw the driver was an elderly man.

“Where you headed little lady?” he cackled

The inside reeked of booze and old man

“Uh, somewhere else…thanks anyway.” She said with a smile.

“Suit yourself, honey…I may be old but I can still get it up!” he cackled as he drove off.

Kim shook her head and rolled her eyes, too many thoughts were going through her mind, none of them pleasant.

The dust down the road showed another vehicle coming, this one a rusty old red Chevy pickup. Again she stuck out her thumb. The rusty truck stopped and she looked in, but this time it was a much better sight she saw.

The driver was not much younger than her wearing dusty blue jeans, a white t-shirt and a green John Deere cap. It was the young kid they’d seen at the store.

“Hi, uh, looking for a ride?” he asked

“Sure! I’m heading up towards Ridgetop road, do you know it?”

“I think so, climb in.”

The creaky door swung open as she eagerly climbed in. He had an 8-track tape player mounted under the dashboard and was playing a Johnny Cash tape.

“I’m Kim.” She said as they drove off

“Billy.” He replied “I think I’ve seen you in town with your friend.”

“You have?”

“Uh-huh, outside my Uncle’s store.”

“Oh! He’s your Uncle, I didn’t know that.”

“Right, I’m here for the summer before I leave.”

“Leave? Where are you going?”

“I’m going to school back east.”

“Man, that’s a bummer.”

“What about you?” he asked eager to change the mood.

“Oh, uh, I’m staying with some friends. One of them runs the Nugget.”

“I’ve heard about that place, my folks won’t let me go though.”

“Why not?”

“They think you’re some kinda commies.”

Kim laughed

“Far from it! It’s just a cool place to be, that’s all. You should come and see it…Ridgetop is up there.”

Billy turned the old truck onto the dirt road and soon pulled up to the house. Kim looked over at Billy, she thought he was cute now that she saw him close up.

“Uh, would you like to come in for a ataşehir escort bayan drink, cool off a little?”

Billy looked apprehensive now

“OK, but I can’t stay long, I have to, uh, get back to the store.”

“Okay.” Kim replied flashing a sexy smile

The house was empty and the screen door banged behind them slightly as they walked in. In the daylight, you could see the walls covered with various posters and a giant American flag with a peace sign replacing the stars. A stereo was in a corner and huge stack of records were scattered around it as well as some cushions and pillows of various sizes. A gentle breeze blew through the open windows and around the big couch and armchairs of different sizes.

“Is water OK?” she asked him

“Oh, sure…that’ll be fine.” Billy said as he looked around the room.

Kim got 2 cups of water with ice. She really liked this guy but knew it might not go anywhere, at least not yet.

As she returned, Billy had removed his hat and ran his fingers through his brown hair, damp and matted from the heat outside.

“So, does this look like a den of commies?” Kim asked

Billy looked around

“No, it looks kinda neat-o.” he said

“Neat-o? Man, I can’t remember the last time I heard someone say that.” She laughed

“Maybe I should’ve said groovy?’

“No, you got it right the first time.” She said with an easy smile. “Let me put some music on, we usually have it on all the time.”

Kim crouched down and sifted through the records and Billy couldn’t help but notice her ass crack showing. She pulled out a copy of Jefferson Airplane’s “Volunteers” album. Soon she was grooving to the song “Good Shepherd”.

“I love this song, it’s so mellow sounding.” She said “The whole album’s like that.”

She began to do a slow dance to the song, then to the next song “Turn My Life Down”.

“I guess you really like this stuff.” Billy said as he watched her.

“Uh-huh. I love being up here.” She said “What about you? Do you like where you are?”

“Oh, being with my Aunt and Uncle is okay, they give me a nice room and all.”

“Anything else?”

“Like what?” he asked

“Well…” she started as she sat next to him on the couch “do you have a girlfriend here?”

“Oh, uh, no, not really.” He started and then quickly added “I sorta have one back home, her name’s Becky.”

“Is she nice?”

“She’s okay.”

“Just okay?” Kim asked with a slightly raised eyebrow.

“Uh-huh.” Billy said as he looked at her.

Kim was idly twirling her thick black hair and she could tell Billy was checking her out more than he usually did at the store.

“Is she around here? Maybe I’ve seen her?”

“N-n-no, she’s uh, back east. I’ll probably see her when I get back, if she’s not with somebody else now.” He said with a nervous chuckle.

“Oh, you think she might cheat on you? That really sucks!”

“Nah, she’s a good girl, I guess.”

“What do you mean, a good girl?”

“Um, well I doubt she, you know, uh…” he said fumbling for words

“Fools around?” Kim said trying to finish his words

Billy nodded.

“And what about you?” Kim asked with another raised eyebrow

“What about me?” he replied

“Well, do you fool around? She asked “with girls!” she now quickly added

“Uh, I don’t know.” He said nervously

Kim moved closer to Billy

“What do you mean you don’t know?” she said “I guess you either do or…you don’t.” her voice dropping down to almost a whisper and her hand slowly caressing his leg

Billy looked at her, then his eyes widened as he realized what she might be implying. She looked so hot in her cutoffs and thin blouse. He couldn’t help but look at her tits, the blouse seemed almost transparent, wow did they look great!

“Uh, maybe I should get going.” He quickly said as he got up “My Uncle will wonder where I went with his truck, um, thanks for the water.”

“Do you really have to go?” she asked

“Yes, uh, this was r-r-really great and all.”

“Did I scare you or something?”

“No, it’s just I…You see…uh…” he was at a loss for words

“Hey…” Kim said as she took his hand and pulled him to her.

She kissed him long and lovingly.

“You’re always welcome here.” She said smiling

Billy was speechless.

“Go on now, get back to the store.” She said as she turned him around and playfully pushed him out the door.

Billy went back to the pickup, probably wondering if he’d let a great experience slip away from him, but more than likely cursing the fact that he listened to the voice inside that told him he should be the “good boy” his parents raised and that Becky was back home waiting for him, or so he thought. Kim had followed him and stood on the porch.

“Hey, Billy!” Kim called just as he got behind the wheel and started the engine.

“Remember what I said.” She said, and then raised her shirt up and gave him a quick look at her big tits.

Billy’s reaction was just what she hoped for escort kadıköy and she giggled as he drove away.

She went back inside and couldn’t help laughing at what she did, she felt so naughty but she loved it. She knew that the next time she saw him would be even better, she’d make sure of that. She immediately stripped and spent the reminder of the afternoon naked in the back field enjoying the sun and imagining what she’d do with Billy next time.

That night Phoenix Express was at the Nugget, they were a tight band from Arizona (naturally) and they had a good turnout. The Nugget drew its crowd from in town but word spread throughout the state of this funky theatre that showed art house movies but also had an eclectic musical lineup weekly. Richie watched from their set from the wings while sipping a beer. Kim and Elena hung around watching too. Their friend Jimmy was handling things behind the makeshift bar in the back of the hall that had once served as a candy counter when it was a movie theatre. Richie had removed half the seats in the theatre creating a large, sloping floor that bottomed out into a dance area at the front of the stage.

During an intermission, Richie would run cartoons on the screen behind the band. He got the idea from shows he’d seen at the Fillmore in San Francisco, it seemed pretty strange to have this heavy music and then follow it up with a Bugs Bunny or Mighty Mouse cartoon. Kim and Elena took this as a cue to go outside for some air and maybe a smoke. The night air was thankfully cooler and Kim loved the feel of the breeze on her body. Elena was talking with 2 guys from the band, Kim smiled knowing what her friend might be up to.

As she was about to head back inside she saw Billy wandering around as if looking for someone.

“Billy!” she called happily “Over here!”

Billy saw her and immediately came over. He had jeans and a blue striped shirt on.

“Hiya…I figured I should see this place just once.” He said

“Well, you picked a good night, did you see Phoenix Express?”

“Uh, no, I couldn’t get inside, too crowded.” He said looking down

“No problem, come with me.” She said as she took his hand and led him to the stage door, really just a screen door that went into a kitchen area where Big Mary was overseeing things.

“That’s Big Mary, she’s our house cook.” Kim said as they passed by, Mary gave him a wave and a smile.

“Hmm, he’s cute.” She said to herself, it had been awhile since she got fucked. Maybe tonight would be her night.

Kim led Billy out to the big dance floor where a few people were lying on the floor watching the light show projected on the ceiling and walls. She could see a couple of people necking in the slightly dim room and Elena slow dancing with someone, she couldn’t tell who.

“So what do you think of all this?” she now asked Billy

“It’s unreal…” he said, his eyes gazing all around

Kim now held him close and they seemed to do a slow dance of their own.

Jimmy now walked by and saw the pair.

“Hey, who’s the new guy Kim?” he asked

“This is Billy, he’s never been here before.” She replied with a smile as she held him closer, he could feel her tits press into his shirt.

“Enjoy the fun man, it gets even better.” He said as he went back to the bar.

Phoenix Express came back for their next set and began a slow, moody piece dominated by their pianist. Billy and Kim continued to sway to the music as others did the same or propped themselves against the stage so they could see everything up close.

Kim felt so nice holding Billy, he was still trying to comprehend where he was. He’d been led to believe he shouldn’t associate with these people, but he knew that a gorgeous girl was now holding him close, and some things were inevitable.

“Kim…you feel so nice.” He said above the music

“You do too…kiss me.” She said and then added “She’ll never know.” Referring to the girl Billy told her about. For all she knew, his girl was probably some flat chested bookworm type who’d never even hold hands until you’d been with her a year. All Kim knew was that he was cute and she was horny. And there was only one way to fix that.

Billy looked down at her amidst the swirling lights and music and kissed Kim.

“This is so cool, holding you like this.” He said

Kim just smiled.

“I love it too, let’s make it even better.” She said


“You’ll see.”

Kim and Billy continued to slowly sway to the music, she loved how Billy hesitantly moved his hands on her body, like he was so nervous about holding her. She knew her nipples were hard and could be seen poking out from her peasant blouse. She felt his hands on her generous ass and loved how he felt it. It only made the tingling she felt between her legs even better.

“Let’s get a drink.” She said and they went to the bar area.

Since the theatre had no liquor license it was strictly a bring-your-own type of place. Jimmy had an unmarked bottle of cheap wine he was pouring into bostancı escort plastic cups. A few had six packs of beer, too. Kim and Billy got cups of the wine and went to the back of the hall. As they sat and watched the band, Billy wondered what he should do next. Kim wasn’t sure if she should make it known to him that she was horny and really eager to have some fun. A lucky coincidence made the decision for them.

“I’ll be right back.” They both said

Billy looked for the bathroom and luckily saw a day-glo sign for it. Inside the small room, he stood at the mirror.

“Man, I’m here, she’s so pretty…what do I do?” he said to his reflection.

Just then Jimmy walked in and headed for a stall.

“Do what I do, man.” He said “Do what you feel, you like her, she likes you.”

Across the hall, Kim entered the ladies room and walked in on Elena with one of the guys she saw earlier. He had her shirt off and she had his dick out and was stroking it as they kissed.

“Oh! So sorry!” she said “Sorry about that.”

Kim quickly turned and started to leave.

“No…don’t be…we’re just having fun.” Elena said

“OK.” Kim went into a stall and the pair got a look at her as she sat down. She didn’t feel embarrassed, she wished she could be a part of their fun, but knew there was someone outside who might be just as much fun.

“Your friend’s cute.” The guy said to Elena

“Thanks, you are too.” She replied as she kissed him and slowly knelt down. Kim could see only the back of her head moving back and forth between his legs. Kim quickly finished and started to leave but took a last look over her shoulder at Elena. Watching Elena made her smile.

‘I hope I’m that lucky’ she thought to herself.

The band had kicked into a cover of Deep Purple’s “Space Truckin'” Kim had been playing the album a lot back at the house and she eagerly grabbed Billy as the heavy music filled the hall. Their lead singer started changing the words to say “Let’s go Space Fucking!” and Kim started singing that to Billy who laughed at her enthusiasm for the song, they were singing it to each other and laughing as they hugged. The band then went into an extended version of “Who Do You Love” that they copied from the Doors’ version. Kim got in front of Billy and seductively moved her ass against his crotch in tune with the driving beat and the slide guitar. Billy loved the feel of her ass against his, Kim loved it too and it was even better when his arms wrapped around her waist.

She wanted him to go further, she wanted him.

“Who Do You Love” slowed down to just its hypnotic drum beat and became another song Bo Diddley song “Mona”. Billy knew he was getting a hard-on the longer the song went on and the more she moved against him. All he heard was the music and all he felt was Kim’s body against him, he no longer heard the voices telling him to be a good boy. His hands now went up to her generous breasts, she didn’t react at all, only leaning back so he could get a better grip on them. His hands felt so good as they massaged her. And he felt so good feeling her.

Kim couldn’t wait any longer.

As the music still swirled around them, she turned and kissed him passionately. Then reached down and felt his crotch, it was solid. He was definitely hard.

“Touch me, Billy…touch me like I’m touching you…You’re so fucking hot.”

Billy was taken aback at how forward she was, but then everything about this night had been pretty surreal so far. He was going further than he ever thought he’d be going. His hand went down to her crotch, it felt warm. Her tits felt soft and firm. He wanted her too.

The room was swirling in colored lights now as the band continued. Kim and Billy were in a passionate embrace on the dance floor, she wanted more from him, but wasn’t quite as wild as Elena at times like this.

“Let’s go somewhere.” She said to him

Billy nodded

Kim led Billy back through the hall the way they came in until they were outside, only a solitary van was there, probably the band’s. The night air was cool and quiet but the now muffled sound of the band could be heard through the walls. Kim leaned up against the wall of the building and pulled Billy towards her. As they kissed she went for his belt and began to loosen it. Billy’s hands fumbled with hers until his jeans were loosened. The night air felt good on his skin and Kim’s soft hand reached in to find his hard dick. She smiled as she saw it, it wasn’t a monster like Jimmy’s but nice sized. Her hand began to caress it and Billy started to breathe heavily thanks to her touch.

“Oh, you’ve got a nice one…let me make you feel good, baby.” She said

Kim slowly crouched down onto her knees and took his dick out fully and then softly kissed it. Billy jumped back feeling her lips on his manhood. She giggled.

“Sorry about that…it’s just…I…” he stammered

“Don’t be nervous, everybody feels like that.” She said

She lied, she probably had just as much experience as he did. But she was just as eager as he was.

Billy’s dick was enveloped by Kim’s mouth as she tried to blow him, she knew he was looking around to see if they were being watched. But all she knew was she could feel his dick growing in her mouth and getting slick as she sucked it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32