Ride the Bully

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One would think that once you turn 18, you’ll be treated as an adult, that is to say with respect and consideration. Unfortunately, that memo never reached Mrs Gibbons, and therefor she continued to treat Jonathan as if he was 8 years old. She must be the only parent who refused to trust her grown-up son to look after himself and their house while she was abroad! And as if it wasn’t bad enough that she had decided that he was too young to be house-sitting, she had also, again without bothering to ask for his opinion, arranged with Mrs Clegden, her good friend from the Merry Widows Club, that Jonathan would stay with her and her daughter while his mother was away. Jonathan had nothing against Mrs Clegden, who was a jolly fat woman. But her daughter Joanna… She was 2 years older than Jonathan, and he had always been afraid of her as a child.Their mothers had cheerfully insisted that they should play together, which usually ended up with Joanna pinning him to the ground and tickling him. Then again, they were much older now. He was 18 and Joanna 20. She must have matured by now… he hoped.

* * * * * * * * * * *

“Hiya, midget! So, you’re gonna live with us while mommy’s away? Hope you brought your teddybear!”

OK, that destroyed all his hopes of Joanna having matured. She was still a nasty bully – although a very curvy bully. She was tall and muscular, with wide hips, a slim waist, and very big breasts. Her strawberry blond hair was cut short, but other than that, she looked just like the loud-mouthed girl that had tormented him when he was a child.

* * * * * * * * *

Living with the Clegdens turned out to be everything Jonathan had dreaded. Mrs Clegden was a nice woman, but she was totally blind and deaf when it came to her daughter, and interpreted all of Joanna’s taunts and nookies as playful, harmless fun.

“Joanna’s always been fond of you,” she confided in Jonathan after dinner that first night. “You’re like the little brother she never had!”

Jonathan thanked God that he wasn’t Joanna’s little brother for real. Putting up with her comments about his height and weight – he was short and skinny – and lack of muscles was a pain, but atleast he’d only stay there for a month, and then he’d never have to see her again. He kept out of the house as much as possible, and hung out in the library or at the local Internet café. When he was home, he stuck to Mrs Clegden as much as he could. Atleast then Joanna kept her act down to a minimum.

* * * * * * * * *

“Any plans for tonight, kids?” said Mrs Clegden.

“I’m going to the gym with Sarah,” said Joanna. “Wanna tag along, midget? Might actually put some muscles on those spaghetti strings!”

“Wouldn’t that be nice?” said Mrs Clegden. “It would give you a chance to meet Joanna’s friends, too!”

“Eh… no thanks,” said Jonathan. “It sounds like fun, but… a friend of mine recommended this film that’s gonna be on TV tonight…”

“YOU’ve got FRIENDS?” said Joanna. “Can other people see them too, or are they invisible?”

“Oh, what a pity!” said Mrs Clegden. I’m going to my friend Julia’s house tonight, for her 50th birthday. You’ll be all alone then, Jonathan!”

“It’s OK,” said Jonathan. “I’m just going to watch TV and turn in early. I’ll be fine.”

“Well, if you’re sure, dear…” said Mrs Clegden.

* * * * * * * * *

Jonathan couldn’t believe his luck. He was all alone with the TV. No Joanna, no Mrs Clegden. No-one who teased him and called him names, no-one who chatted endlessly about neighbors and relatives and other people he didn’t know nor cared for. Just him, a bowl of popcorn, and a comedy from the 50’ies. He froze in his chair when he heard the door open, and Joanna’s loud, piercing voice in the hall.

“…and I told him, `let go of my ears, or I’ll bite your cock off!´…”

Another girl’s voice laughed, and there they were, in the livingroom, Joanna and a blond, heavy girl.

“Hiya, midget!” Joanna shouted. “Sarah, this is Midget, our house guest. He’s staying with us for a month while his Avcılar Escort mum is away. She didn’t dare to leave her little baby alone!”

Sarah laughed again, and sized him up openly. It didn’t take long.

“I thought you were going to the gym,” said Jonathan.

“It’s closed,” said Joanna. “There’s been some kind of accident, so the whole place is damaged by water. We decided to come home and keep you company instead!”

She threw herself down on the couch next to him, and Sarah sat down on his other side.

“What’s that crap you’re watching?” said Joanna, and grabbed the remote out of his hand.

Before he had time to protest, she had changed channel to the movie channel, where there was a car chase going on.

“I was watching that!” said Jonathan.

“Oh, God, it’s the one with Benicio del Toro!” said Sarah. “Fuck, that guy’s so freakin’ sexy!”

“Tell me about it!” said Joanna. “I get wet whenever he squints those eyes!”

Jonathan felt his face getting warm. He wasn’t very used to spending time with girls, and sex was something he never discussed with anyone. The scene changed. Benicio del Toro and his lady friend had now outrun the bad guys, and were hiding out in a cheap motel room. The woman was upset, so del Toro kissed her to take her mind off things. Jonathan blushed when the scene grew more and more X-rated.

“Oh, I wish that was me!” said Sarah, when the young heroine was pounded heavily at the edge of the bed.

“Think he’s doing her for real?” said Joanna.

Sarah moaned out loud. Jonathan glanced at her. She wasn’t very pretty, but she had huge breasts, that were exposed rather much in that tank top she was wearing. He looked away, only to stare right at Joanna’s voluptious bosom. He looked down at her bare legs in those cut-off denim shorts instead, but it was too late.

“You were checking us out, you little pervert!” Joanna yelled.

“What?” said Sarah.

“He was staring at your tits!” said Joanna. “And then he checked out mine!”

“I did NOT!” said Jonathan. “I mean, I didn’t mean to, I just turned my head, and…”

“So you DID check us out!” said Joanna.

“Well?” said Sarah. “Which one of us has the nicest rack, d’ya think?”

“Knock it off!” said Jonathan, his face all crimson. “Let’s just watch the film!”

Unfortunately, the couple on the screen were now a pair of silhouettes, humping away like rabbits, groaning vividly.

“D’ya like the film, Midget?” said Joanna.

“I don’t think he’s ever seen this kinda thing before!” Sarah chuckled.

Jonathan crossed his arms over his chest and stared at the floor, desperately hoping that there would be another car chase scene in the film, real soon.

“You got a girlfriend, Midget?” Joanna asked.

“No,” Jonathan muttered. ”And stop calling me midget!”

“He’s too young to have a girlfriend,” said Sarah.

“I’m 18!” said Jonathan.

“Have you ever had a girlfriend?” said Joanna.

“That’s none of your business!” said Jonathan, annoyed and embarrassed.

This was even worse than being pinned to the ground and tickled!

“Ever been with a girl?” said Sarah.

“Or with a boy, perhaps?” said Joanna.

“I’m not gay!” said Jonathan.

“Are you a virgin?” said Sarah, clearly enjoying his embarrassment.

“Can we talk about something else, please?” said Jonathan.

“HE’S A VIRGIN!!!” the girls shouted.

“No-one falling for the book-nerd, huh?” said Joanna.

“I thought nerdy girls would fall for the weak types?” said Sarah.

“Nah, they’re drooling after beefy jocks!” said Joanna. “But hey – who isn’t?”

“There’s nothing kinkier than a computer freak!” said Sarah. “They sit up all night downloading porn!”

“You into kinky stuff, Midget?” said Joanna.

“No,” said Jonathan.

“D’ya like to lick pussy?” said Joanna.

“That’s not kinky!” Sarah protested. “D’ya like it anal?”

“I’ve never even kissed a girl, OK?” Jonathan shouted.

Sarah leaned Avcılar Escort bayan in and pressed her lips against his. Surprised by this unexpected attack, he forgot to fight back when she forced her tongue into his mouth and played with his tongue. She pulled back, with a thread of saliva hanging between them.

“Now you have!” she said.

Joanna laughed.

“Why did you do that?” said Jonathan.

“Because I wanna have a little fun with you,” said Sarah, grinning.

“I’m not interested in your games,” said Jonathan.

He tried to stand uip, but Joanna pulled him down.

“You’re not going anywhere!” she said.

Jonathan got a scary flashback of when they were kids, and Joanna had sat on top of him while she smeared mud all over his face. She had always been stronger than him.

“You wanted to see our boobs, didn’t ya?” said Sarah, and pulled her top off.

She opened her bra, and spilled out two huge breasts, with big, dark nipples. Joanna straddled his lap, and her weight kept him down while she freed her own tits. They were smaller than Sarah’s, but round and sexy.

“So, which ones d’ya like the best?” said Sarah.

“Neither!” said Jonathan. “Get off me!”

“Awww, the little baby’s cranky,” said Joanna. “I think we better give him some milk!”

She shoved her breasts in his face.

“Lick my nipples!” she ordered.

“I don’t want to play this game!” said Jonathan, and pushed her away.

Joanna grabbed his chin in a hard grip, and glared into his eyes.

“I said: lick my nipples, BITCH!” she growled.

Jonathan’s heart skipped a beat, and he out his mouth to one of her hard nipples, and licked it like a dog.

“Mmmmm…” said Joanna. “My “little brother” is being a good boy!”

“I’m getting horny just watching you two!” said Sarah, and played with her own nipples.

“Come closer, he can do us both!” said Joanna.

Sarah crawled over to them, and the girls made Jonathan lick and suck their nipples alternatively, and they groaned as he did so. Joanna jumped off his lap and kneeled beside him.

“Let’s see what we’ve got here…”she said, and rubbed the bulge in his pants.

His dick became hard as a rock, and his breathing got a bit ragged. Joanna unzipped his pants and pulled them off together with his briefs. His dick jumped up and smacked against his stomach.

“Now I see why you call him midget!” Sarah giggled.

Jonathan closed his eyes and sighed miserably. He was too small! He knew it!

“Ah, we can still have fun with him!” said Joanna, and took his dick into her mouth.

He gasped for breath, and whimpered as she started bobbing her head up and down.

“Oh, God!” he said.

“You like that, don’t you?” said Sarah.

“Yes!” said Jonathan. “Oh, God, yes! I… I… oh, no!”

Joanna flipped her tongue along the edge of the head of his dick, and he sprayed her face with sperm. He felt like an idiot. Even though he didn’t like these girls, he was so horny that it didn’t matter anymore. He wanted to fuck them, wanted to finally get rid of his cherry, and here he was, the virgin, with the unique possibility to fulfill every man’s dream of having sex with two women at once, and now he had blown it. Joanna would never stop teasing him about this!

“I’m sorry!” he said. “I couldn’t stop it!”

“Don’t worry,” said Satah. “We’ll get you back in shape!”

“Lie down!” said Joanna, wiping her face clean with her top. “Sarah, sit on his face!”

They got into position, and Jonathan had his face full of Sarah’s pussy. He was a bit worried that her fat thighs would suffocate him.

“Lick my pussy!” said Sarah.

Jonathan had no idea how to do this, but obediently stuck his tongue out and lapped at her moist lips like a cat drinking water.

“Not like that!” said Sarah. “Part the lips! Lick my clit! Suck on it!”

She instructed him how to get it right, and he sucked on her tiny button, causing her to moan.

“Yeah, that’s it! Go for Escort avcılar it, boy! Suck on it! Aaaaah, I’m coming! Don’t stop, damned it!”

Jonathan was distracted by Joanna parting his legs and sucking his limp dick and small balls. He felt his dick react when she took both of his balls in her mouth and sucked on them and played with them with her tongue. Within a minute, his dick was hard again.

“He’s all yours, Sarah!” said Joanna.

Sarah moved backwards and positioned herself over the tip of his dick, then sank down on it. Jonathan trembled when his dick was swallowed up by her tight, warm, wet pussy. She bounced up and down on him, and her large tits bounced along with her movements. He panted loudly. His eyes were glued to her tits, followed them; up, down, up, down… Joanna monitored his arousal, and when he felt that he was about to come, she grabbed his balls and tugged them lightly. Suddenly, the orgasm wasn’t all that close anymore.

“Oh, here I come!” Sarah grunted. “Yes… yes… now! Ooooh..!”

Jonathan grinned sheepishly. He had actually made a girl have an orgasm! Well, she had done most of it herself, but still…

“My turn!” said Joanna, and Sarah got off him.

Joanna straddled him and rode him in a fast rhythm, grinding her clit against his pelvis. Sarah wiped her forehead, She was red with effort.

“Don’t you have a toybox, Jo?” she said.

“In my drawer!” said Joanna, slightly short of breath.

Jonathan had no idea what she was talking about, but Sarah disappeared and returned with a large box that she placed on the table. She took out a dildo from the box and switched it on. It started humming, and she held it against her clit and moaned happily. She switched between letting it vibrate against her clit and plunging it in and out of her pussy. She groaned as she had another orgasm.

“Sarah!” said Joanna, with a wicked grin. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Sarah’s evil smile told her she did. Before Jonathan had realized what they were up to, Joanna had changed position, lifting his legs up so that she could hold them up with her arms, at the same time as she held his wrists in a tight, hard grip.

“What are you doing?” he said.

Sarah sat down behind him. She sucked on one of her fat fingers, then pressed it into his anus.

“Ow!” he shouted. “No! Don’t do that! Please, I don’t like it!”

“Too bad,” said Joanna. “WE like it!”

Sarah moved her finger around inside him, and found a magic spot. Jonathan groaned, and his dick turned into a piece of burning wood.

“Please..!” he said. “Oh, please, please…”

But he wasn’t sure what he was begging for. He had never felt that horny. His eyes were beginning to water. His hips thrust on their own, upwards, towards the pleasure they were giving him. Joanna sucked him again, and Sarah pulled her finger out a bit, then pushed it back in. They worked together like that for a while, with Joanna sucking him and Sarah fingering him, and just when Jonathan thought he was going to pass out, Sarah pulled her finger out and replaced it with something bigger and harder.

“Stop it!” he shouted. “That hurts!”

“You have to relax,” said Joanna. “If you’re tense, it hurts more.”

How was he supposed to relax when Sarah was fucking his ass with that oversized thing? It hurt for each thrust, and he struggled to break free, but Joanna was too strong for him. Then Sarah switched the vibrator on and turned it up to maximum speed. Jonathan felt his entire ass tremble heavily as the vibrations tickled every nerve ending, making his balls scream for a climax, and he whimpered loudly while Sarah fucked him with the dildo, and then the vibrations hit that sensitive spot, and his dick exploded, sending jet after jet of thick, sticky sperm down Joanna’s throat. Sarah turned the vibrator off and pulled it out. Joanna let go of him, and wiped her mouth on the already dirty top. Jonathan collapsed against the pillows, totally spent.

“Well, not bad for a first time,” said Joanna. “I think you liked getting that dildo shoved up your ass, didn’t ya, Midget?”

He opened his eyes and looked at her.

“Joanna?” he said. “Shut the fuck up!”

She smiled, looked at his dick, and then looked him in the eyes.

“Why don’t you make me, Jonathan?” she said.

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