Riding the Stallion again

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Jocelyn is married, having relocated to Dallas to be a reporter for the local TV station. I gauranteed her husband a job also, that convinced them to move to Dallas. Jocelyn and I had a sexual encounter just after her move. She is in Argyle a small town north of Fort Worth reporting a story. She is ready to drive back to Fort Worth, it is 11 pm and the news van has left. I call her telling her to go 20 miles outside of town and turn down a dirt road for 10 miles, there is a old trailer there and I will be waiting for her.
Sometimes… a late night fuck is wanted and needed, sometimes, I do, I just want to fuck. Don’t get me wrong. I mean it’s true, I love to suck and to stroke and to lick and to bite, gnaw, nibble, to grind, rub. But tonight I want to fuck a married woman, I will not ever have as a lover or mistress. In all honesty, she is devoted to her husband and marriage, sometimes there are strings attached to job contracts.

Jocelyn’s husband did not know about the strings attached to my job gaurantee for him. I just want to fuck her again. For now I am a stallion, roaring fucking beast, a raging stallion, with a sweaty body from my head,to my toes, pressing down into the dry earth and my hard cock raw. Raw and naked bobbing between my legs the ugly veins gorged with blood throbbing. I’m in position and I wait. I wait for her so I can mount her. Jocelyn is anticipating that I will mount her roughly and hard. She loves that moment. That moment when, with nothing but a nod, a touch, feeeeeeeeeeling, electric charge, it begins. I’m waiting in the dark, calm anticipating mounting Jocelyn from behind. I hear her breathing as she enters the dark trailer moving slowly towards the bedroom. Jocelyn hears breathing, gentle, behind her, and she feels her mood heighten and heat and wet between her legs. She feels her need rising? Growing into a raging blaze, needing to be fed.

Jocelyn then feels my warm breath against her neck. Shivers running down her spine, as she hears my gruff voice. ” I can’t get those hot little panties out of my mind.” Before she can utter a word, my lips and tongue are on the crook of her neck. Jocelyn’s knees buckle with the contact, swaying back against me. Opening her body up to my searching hands, I grab her breasts firmly in my hands. Biting gently to her sensitive skin, as my hands and fingers roam over her body. Gentle but firm my hand pushes her against the wall. My hard body pressing against her roughly, Jocelyn feels my male presences on her buttocks.

Unable to stop her body from reacting, it found it’s way molding against me. Her breathing coming in rasps and short bursts. Her heart almost stops when my hand starts creeping up her thigh higher and higher. I open her legs for more access and she nearly jumps when my fingers settle on her clit. Stroking it with circular motion, Jocelyn feels herself coming close to orgasm. Mere seconds with my hand there, is better than an hour in the shower. Right before she climaxes, I ram my finger inside her, pushing her over. Gripping her G-spot, Jocelyn came all over my thrusting hand. Knees weak, she falls back into my arms until the waves subsided. Turning her around in my arms, I slowly move my hand to my mouth. Eyes locked on hers as I lick my finger clean of her juices. In her foggy mind, she may have heard me say sweet or something like that before I turn around and walk away. Leaving Jocelyn against the wall in the bedroom, bright red and glowing. Her body shaking hard from the encounter. Embarrassment making her realize what has happened and she silently admonishes herself for acting like such a slut. Only when she is honest with herself, secretly dying for more.

Walking out of the room is hard for me, figuratively and literally. Her sweet taste still on my tongue driving me crazy, but no thought of washing it away. Bringing my finger to my nose, smelling her scent. I made the decision that I must have this woman again tonight. Never considered hooking up with one of the other women I can call 24/7, I learned a long time ago, no one acts like their true selves in front of the boss. My choices have saved me a lot of money and gotten rid of several who needed to go. But my position over Jocelyn may be a problem. Tasting her and remembering the noises she made the first time, made the decision for me. Watching her finally leave the room, standing here in this house trailer locking the door, I turns around to see Jocelyn coming down the hall. Everything that woman did, seemed to be a sexual offer. Enjoying her hips swaying as she walked, my dick responding just to her sight. Knowing we were alone in a rural area, nobody around to hear her screams. I turn the lights out.

Eyes adjusting quickly to the semi-darkness, I reach her pulling her down to the floor. Crushing my body on top of hers, breaking Sex hikayeleri her sound with my mouth on hers. Feeling her resisting, I pry her mouth open with my tongue. Hands running down her length, my forearms holding her upper body down. ” You know you want this again, no need to fight Jocelyn.” I whisper softly in her ear. Hearing my voice seems to stop the resistances, her body now responding instead of bucking. Jocelyn’s lips and tongue now moving with me at a frenzied pace. Fingers entwining in my hair, pulling me down on top of her once again. Jocelyn’s hips keep coming up against me, grinding my aching member. Jocelyn opens her legs further wrapping her silken thighs around my torso, enabling the head of my cock to press against her mound. My trousers are getting wet through her panties. The smell of sex is strong in the air as our readiness grew. I slide down the length of her body, till I’m eye level to her white panties barely visible in the low light. Jocelyn’s smooth legs now resting on my shoulders, I lean in to lick the wet fabric. A few dry licks, before I peel her panties to the side to get a full taste of what was earlier on my finger.

Tightening my tongue to a point, I slowly trace Jocelyn’s lips with it. After a few rounds finally dipping in the middle, stopping to lap at her clit for a moment. Watching her body react with the contact, I fasten my mouth on the sensitive area and begin to suck. Jocelyn starts crab walking and screams, the sudden gush of fluid tells me she has already had her second orgasm of the night.
Chuckling a little as I drag her back in place, lowering my mouth to tease her some more. Licking and sucking her to the brink several more times before I finally let her cum again. Undeterred by her small hands pushing back against me, I continue to suck hard on her clit as she came again. Licking up all her juices, I finally pull off of her, Jocelyn’s voice almost like a strangled cry. Rising up and sliding back to claim her mouth, she eagerly kisses me back. Her hips constantly grinding on my waist, a few little squirms as well.

” Please, I want you inside of me. I can not take anymore of this. It has been a long time since you have fucked me.” Her eyes begging for what her mouth requests. Leaning over her face, my cock grows harder at the request. Not being very specific, I decides to use that pretty mouth of hers first. Placing my knees right above her shoulders, I press my huge cock into her protesting mouth. All that could be heard in seconds is choking and gasping on her part. I grab her hair from the back of the head, forcing her face up closer to my balls. Each attempt to force myself half way in, results in hitting the back of her throat. Even with her gag reflex, I’m only admitted another inch before I must stop. Grabbing the sides of her head, I start to face fuck her rather rough. I caught myself slowing down a few times to stop the waves of orgasm from cresting. I did not want to cum this way, but God her mouth is like a little slice of heaven. Reluctantly pulling out of her mouth, I slap her with my hard dick in the face. Jocelyn starts breathing hard, catching her breath. Not giving her time to regain composure, I line up swiftly with her soaked pussy.

Pulling my pants down completely, I rub the large head on her weeping slit. Jocelyn starts to pull away from my pursuing cock, forcing me to grab her hard around the waist. Unable to stop myself, I slam fully into Jocelyn’s ever so tight pussy. Groaning as her soft silken walls crush and squeeze my cock from all sides. Having to not move for several moments to collect myself, her cunt feeling like a sixteen year old virgin’s. Smiling at my good fortune and find, I start to slowly pull out to bury myself in her once more. With my first penetration, Jocelyn thought she was split in two, my monster cock ramming into her is the biggest she has ever seen, let alone had. As she screams in surprise and pain, I cover her mouth with my hand. Even in the darkness, Jocelyn can see the sex-crazed look in my eyes. After a few stretching strokes inside of her, I grab her hips to pin her down. Jocelyn tries to buck me off of her with each slow stroke, my dick is going so deep.

” Just relax, it will fit.” My words did nothing to qualm her fears, pain rushing to her with each thrust. Jocelyn can feel one of my hands snake off her waist and start rubbing her clit with that magical touch. Pain turning to pleasure, she starts to relax, taking more of my huge dick inside. She hears me groaning, the fact of my holding back obvious. Wrapping her legs around my waist, pulling my body closer to her. Kissing me hard on the mouth, my tongue dancing as I’m inside of her. Never speeding up, just the same slow strokes as if I’m afraid to break her. Feeling use to my huge dick now, she starts bouncing against Sikiş hikayeleri me to pick up the pace and go deeper. A small moan of displeasure when I wouldn’t go faster, her eyes asking for it all. ” I don’t want to hurt you Jocelyn.” ” It has been so long John, I don’t need love making, I need to be fucked.” Hearing her words whispered in my ear is my undoing, pressing deeper into her enjoying her sudden intake of breath. I’m not fully in yet and hitting bottom. Pulling out roughly, I push her back down on the floor. Grabbing her upper thighs in a bear hug, I yank her lower body up towards my face. Burying myself in her pussy, suckling her hard. Holding my grip firm as she tries to get away, I nibbled and licked her till she is a mass of gasps and pleas. Pulling her legs further up, I slide back into her pussy with ease. I push further in, until my balls are resting on her ass. My dick throbbing at being fully sheathed and squeezed so tight. Jocelyn’s eyes had glazed over.

Unable to resist any longer, I start fucking her hard and fast. I hear her screams as if far away, I’m fully focused on her wet pussy. The feel is amazing and I’m close to losing it seconds in. As I cum I continue to pump inside of her, our cum mixing together in her womb. Slowing the pace but never stopping, I feel my dick growing hard once more. Jocelyn hoping for a reprieve starts pushing against my chest saying, ” No more.” Opening her legs to slide fully between her smooth thighs, I moan as I’m fully inside again. I’m hornier now then when we started, I start my fast pace in her vice like crevice once more. I feel myself about to lose it again, so I pull out slowly. Standing her up and pulling her up with me, I press her body down to the counter. Face down with her ass up as an offering, I can not help but slap it sharply. Gaining a curse from her grabbing a hand full of her long blonde hair, I jerk her up against me. Biting her where her neck and shoulder meet, taking the moment of her struggling to slam back into her. With a roar I pummel Jocelyn, her body knocking against the wood counter. Grabbing one of her nipples with my free hand, I twist ruthlessly on it. Feeling Jocelyn release more cum, lubricating and turning me on further. I continue to slam her harder and harder, until I’m close once again to my end.

I slow down the stroke to lessen the friction, her pussy is still milking my cock. Leaning back, now playing with her ass. I slowly slide a finger into her tight ass hole, Jocelyn comes up quickly trying to twist away. ” No, not there!” Pressing her roughly against the counter, my cock trying desperately to enter. I’m up against an impossible hole, it is certainly untouched territory. As she tightens up, my head is squeezed almost to the point of pain. Grabbing her up, shoving my finger in her mouth to gag her. As her whole body convulses to choke, her ass opens up to me like a blossom. Her scream pierces the air as I slowly enter her. Stopping half way, I feel her tensing up. ” Just relax. It will fit.”

Fingering her pussy fast, my palm rubbing against her clit. Not moving in her ass, I wait for her body to release and loosen up. As her body climaxes, I quickly pummel the rest of the way in. Holding her body tight against my chest, my hands moving fast on her clit. As her body adjusts, I fuck her as I have longed to do again for two months now. Jocelyn’s cries of protest has melded into a soft purring sound that drives me crazy. Sliding into her a few more times is my undoing. Crashing into her, I blasted my seed inside of her. Her moans cresting with me as we find bliss together. Sweat dripping down my face, I swipe it away as I pull my cock out of her. I had to catch Jocelyn as her body almost crumples to the floor. Letting her down easily on to the floor, I sit down on the old coach and Jocelyn gets up off the floor joining me. Kissing her gently on the mouth, I whisper in her ear. ” If you want to take tomorrow off, I am sure the boss won’t mind.” Jocelyn is startled and confused by my last words. Her body is still visibly shaken and she is unsure if she is able to drive back to Dallas. Leaning her head back against the coach, she replays those hot moments until her body is humming for more. Opening her eyes and looking at me. Never giving her consent, she wonders if that is what it feels like to be taken. She wants more.

Suddenly my rough hands are on her, pushing her against her the coach. My hands roaming over her, under her ripped skirt. Turning her around, I jerk her hands behind her back. Jocelyn cries out in surprise, my hard bulge pressing menacingly against her ass. Her heart sinks when she feels and hears the cuffs click closed. Pushing back in protest, my hand clamps over her mouth to shut out any noise. I’m very horny again I must have her again tonight, I drag her towards the bedroom Erotik hikaye in the back. Jocelyn knew she should have left. She is turned on again, my chuckle sounds harsh to Jocelyn, her fear is rising by the moment. Pushing her quickly inside the bedroom, I wait a few seconds before pushing her on to her knees. Jocelyn, almost fell all the way over when she went down, my guiding hand saves her. Eyes growing big, she watches as I pull my huge dick out of my pants again. Her eyes widened with the length and girth again. Pussy responding immediately to me in front of her again. Knowing exactly what she is to do, she leans forward to take my throbbing dick in her mouth. She hears herself moan as I slid inside of her mouth, my hands deep in her hair. Pushing her forward, making her take more of my cock in her mouth. Overwhelmed again by my length, she pushes against me to breathe.

I give her a moment to breathe before putting my length back down her throat. My hands grip her head tighter and she is caught up quickly in my fast pace. My moans fueled her desire, while knowing this is pure craziness. Breathing through her nose, she swirls her tongue along my cock as it enters and exits. Feeling my cock throbbing, ready to cum, she finally adds the suction needed to put me over the top. Smashing her face against my pubic hair, I stream load after load into her mouth. Finally pulling out of her mouth, Jocelyn gets a moment to breath.

Her head hanging down, she feels her cuffs being taken off, pulling her hands around rubbing her sore wrists. ” Thank you John.” ” What are you thanking me for, I gave you a chance to leave. Now I have only began Jocelyn.” Pushing her up and across the room, I bend her over the edge of the bed. Pulling her skirt the rest of the way down, I slap her ass. I pull my pants down, unbuttoning my shirt, pulling that off as well. Walking back up to her, I grab both her arms pulling her torso up. Her ass pushing further in the air, Jocelyn hears a growl before I plunge into her pussy. Grabbing her arms, I feel Jocelyn’s hot pussy opening. I can’t stop myself from slamming inside of her again. Her answering scream almost brought me over the edge again. Gritting my teeth, I let go of her arms pushing her face into the mattress. Her screams now only partially muffled, grabbing her hips, slamming into her. Pulling out of her completely to plummet into her again, her pussy fully engulfing my rock-hard cock. I’m slamming into her from behind. . She looks back at me, her face reddens and looks away as she screams her orgasm. Moments later her pussy is milking my cock, I flood her pussy with cum. ”

” Did you like that little slut, did you have fun?” Before Jocelyn can answer, she is lifted into my arms. Under my command, she wraps her legs around my waist. My wide cock, ramming into her, taking her breath away. Carrying her over to the wall, until her back is pressed against it. I slam into her at a frenzied pace, the look on my face is animalistic. I now look very much like the Wolf I’m named. I’m inside of her so deep she thought she would burst. My large cock is bruising her inside, she is beyond sore at this point. ” Please stop you are hurting me,” Softly crying against me, Jocelyn begs. My response is to some how go deeper inside of her, knocking her head against the wall with the force of my thrust. Through the pain, she squirts all over my cock. Tears streaming as her body is racked with orgasms. I rip my dick out of her pussy, pushing her around on her knees.

“Suck me bitch, clean my dick of your cunt juice.” Quickly complying, she swirls her tongue around the head, before passing my cock fully in her throat. The sweet taste of herself turning her on through her fears, enthusiastically giving me head. ” That’s enough,” I say gruffly, pulling out. Turn around, she spreads her legs wide. I come up behind her. She tenses as she feels my cock at her ass entrance. ” No, John please, not again!” Slamming into her fully, I groan at how tight she is. Her ass didn’t even reflect the ass rape she got earlier. It feels as though it is as tight as before. I slam into her as hard as I can. Fucking her ass like a man possessed. Tuning my groans with my pleasure, I fuck her long and hard. I slap her hard on the ass. I wrap my hand around her hair pulling hard. Jocelyn screams with the pain and cum in the same instance. Letting go of her hair, I place them on her hips gaining leverage. Jocelyn crumples against the carpet, begging for me to stop. I go faster, enjoying fucking her. Enjoying her pulsing ass clamping against my intruding cock. ” Fuck…AAaaahhhh,” I growl.

Pulling her off of me before I’m done, I push Jocelyn down flat on the carpet as I continue to slam into her tight ass. I slide my hand under her to stimulate her clit. Knowing I did not have much longer, I shimmies her fast to cum with me. Feeling her convulse again is my undoing. I growled as loud as she did as I crumples on her, my dick still lodge deep in her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32