Risk Versus Reward Ch. 03

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Author’s Note

Risk Versus Reward is a prequel to Girl Friday and focuses on the story of Karin, the ‘H.R. Lady’ who provided Charlotte’s rather unique interview experience when she was hired. You do not need to read Girl Friday to understand what’s going on in Risk Versus Reward. But if you enjoy this story, Girl Friday should most definitely be on your reading list.

When we last left our heroine Karin in chapter 2, she and her new friend Desi had just added a third to their merry band at the all-girls school she refers to as the lesbian Hogwarts. The trio spent a wonderful night together, but no number of midnight orgasms can stave off the coming of morning.

I hope you enjoy Karin’s continuing story.


* * * *

Chapter 3: Calisthenics

“Good morning girls, up and at ’em.” It was Miss Hendricks again, looking bright and chipper while the rest of us sort of dragged our tired bodies out into the hall to assemble. She was wearing a pencil skirt and heels again, maybe that’s all she had in her closet, I don’t know. And like last night’s attire it looked as if she had been poured into it.

She had on these black stockings too, the kind with the seam up the back that made her look just sexy as hell, even at seven in the morning. It could have been my incoherent state — the fact that I was up until all hours of the morning with Jordan’s face between my legs and Desi’s hands on my tits — but I found myself fascinated by Miss Hendricks’ legs. I wanted to crawl over run my tongue over that seam on her stockings. I really don’t know where that urge came from, but it was strong.

“There are two keys to a happy life, girls,” Miss Hendricks announced as my classmates and I stood naked and groggy in the corridor. “A healthy body, and a healthy mind. If you have these two things, you’ll find yourself wanting for nothing.”

I didn’t know about her mind, but Miss Hendricks sure had a healthy body, you didn’t need to be an expert to see that. Hell, it was pretty obvious to me and I wasn’t even fully awake yet. Very healthy. Very healthy indeed.

“And for your healthy body, girls,” she continued. “Mistress Nguyen will start today by guiding you through an hour of calisthenics.”

Miss Hendricks had pronounced our fitness instructor’s name as wee-un, which seemed to be incongruous with the way that I later found out it was spelled. Not that I was going to be the one to bring that up to Mistress Nguyen, now or anytime in the future. Mistress Nguyen looked like the gym teacher from hell and I just knew she wouldn’t appreciate me questioning her on the pronunciation of her name, or questioning her on anything else for that matter.

Mistress Nguyen paced up and down the hall a few times, like she was trying to size up the raw materials she had been given to work with. Personally I didn’t think we were too bad. I’d gotten a pretty good look at most of the girls here since we couldn’t exactly hide behind the mask of clothing, and I have to say I thought we all looked reasonably healthy. A little hung over maybe, but not terrible. Judging from her tightly pursed lips, Mistress Nguyen did not appear to share my sentiments, or maybe she always looked just short of pissed off, I don’t know.

“Here at The Academy,” she said with a slight accent that I couldn’t quite place, “We pride ourselves on always giving our students a choice.”

She hadn’t bursa escort bayan yet stopped pacing up and down the row of us, and the sound made by the swishing pant legs of her bright red track suit was kind of making me nervous. Well, that and the black leather riding crop she held tucked under her arm as she paced. I decided that Mistress was a fitting title and that plain old Miss just wouldn’t do. Commandant perhaps, but nothing as tame as Miss would suit Mistress Nguyen. I made a mental note to ask Desi and Jordan about their impressions later on, but for now I just kept my mouth shut.

“You have many choices throughout your day, girls,” she continued, “but calisthenics is definitely not one of them. Unless you are on death’s door, you will take part in calisthenics.”

She had untucked the riding crop from under her arm and was swishing it around in front of her as she paced, swatting at imaginary insects or something. Yesterday, even with all the weirdness going on with the tied up naked dinner and the one bed to rule them all scene, I was still confident that my decision to come here to The Academy was the right one. But watching Mistress Nguyen pacing and swishing that wicked looking crop back and forth as she did made me begin to question my resolve just a bit. I couldn’t imagine that the instructors were allowed to smack us around, but I wasn’t one-hundred percent sure that they weren’t either.

“Follow me girls.” Our track-suit wearing dominatrix-looking P.E. teacher fresh off the bus from hell turned on her heel and began marching down the hall. And you can bet your sweet ass that we all fell in line and marched after her too. Not a word was spoken until we reached the gymnasium.

Like everything else at The Academy, the gymnasium was top notch. It was two-levels high and we entered at the top through a windowed corridor. On the left I could see two young women, who I assumed were students like us because of their nudity, were engaged a vigorous game of squash. I saw several unoccupied courts as well. Apparently squash was big here, just not at seven in the morning. Over my right shoulder I saw a large open wooden-floored court. There were several basketball hoops suspended from the ceiling, but no one was playing. As we descended the stairway I found out why. This space was ours for the morning.

“Find an open area girls, with at least an arm’s length between you and anyone else,” Mistress Nguyen said as we streamed out of the stairwell and onto the multi-use court.

I found a spot near Desi and Jordan and after we made sure there was enough space between us I began to look around. I didn’t say anything, I just raised an eyebrow to them and they grinned almost imperceptibly in return. After that I let my eyes wander. Mistress Nguyen hadn’t expressly forbidden us to speak, but I don’t think anyone wanted to test her. I know I didn’t, so I just glanced around for a while.

There were the usual gymnasium things — yoga mats rolled and stashed in cubbies against the walls, racks of balls and various other sporting equipment — the type of stuff you’d see in any high school or college gym. But there were a few other odd looking things as well. And one other rack filled with these things — I couldn’t tell exactly what they were, kind of like barbells, but kind of not. I was just about to risk craning my neck for a better view when Mistress Nguyen spoke.

“Calisthenics is something bursa anal yapan escort you can do at any time and wherever you may find yourself,” she said. “You don’t need any specialized equipment. Or any specialized uniform.”

As if to demonstrate, Mistress Nguyen unzipped the warm-up jacket she was wearing and tossed it behind her. Underneath was only a black sports bra over smooth tanned skin, and a rippling set of six-pack abs to match her sinewy arms. And when she shimmied out of her pants to reveal a matching pair of black workout shorts that looked like they were only a small step up from being qualified as underwear, we were treated to the sight of thighs that could easily be used to crack walnuts. Somehow throughout that whole routine she managed to keep a grip on her riding crop. I stared for a moment, I couldn’t help it. And here I thought she looked scary in a track-suit.

I glanced over at Desi and Jordan and I think they were having similar thoughts, except maybe Jordan’s might have been coupled with just a little bit of unbridled lust. I’m pretty sure I caught a twinkle in her eye every time Mistress Nguyen moved and another group of muscles flexed. And I could totally understand that. I mean, if short-haired muscle-bound Asian P.E. teachers are your thing, Mistress Nguyen was certainly a shining example. Hell even if they’re not your thing, she’s still a temptation. She had a very commanding presence.

Mistress Nguyen tossed her track pants aside to land with her jacket and tucked the crop back under her arm to face us.

“During your tenure at The Academy you will do calisthenics everyday,” she informed us. “This insures that when you leave here you will be in the habit of regular exercise. Thirty minutes each morning is sufficient to keep you in top form, but today we’ll be starting you off with an hour. I want to make sure that nobody feels slighted on our first day.”

I didn’t think I was going to feel slighted, not one bit. Actually the thought of working out for an hour after last night’s indulgences made me think I might be a slightly ill.

“We’ll start up with an easy warm up,” Mistress Nguyen said, and began jogging in place.

We all sort of stood there looking around and not exactly knowing what to do. Until Mistress Nguyen untucked that crop and started swishing it around. After that we all started running in place too.

“Come on girls,” she said, “knees higher. I know it’s early, but you can do it. That’s better. That’s what I like to see.”

Soon Mistress Nguyen was no longer jogging in place, she was moving around the floor, checking our form and encouraging us to get our knees up. And that’s when I first felt the crop. I mean she didn’t whack me with it or anything, it was just a little tap, but it was on my nipple and it was enough to get me motivated.

“Come on Karin,” she said. “You’re a sporty girl. You can do better than that.”

How she knew my name I have no idea. I suppose she could have looked at all of our student files, and maybe she has a photographic memory when it comes to names and faces, I didn’t know. I wasn’t really in the frame of mind to analyze it. All I cared about was getting my damn knees up. Mistress Nguyen kept flicking my nipple with the crop as she told me that she knew I could do better, that I was sporty. In truth I had done some track and field in high school, but I don’t remember bursa rus escort putting that on my application.

“Yes, Mistress,” I said as I brought my knees up as high as I could.

That was the first thing I had said to her all morning. Hell it was probably the first thing any of us had said to her all morning, she was so damn intimidating. But I thought I saw the corners of her mouth turn up just a bit when I said it. I felt a little shiver run through me.

“Good job Karin. Keep up with this attitude and we may consider asking you back to teach the class after graduation.”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.”

I wasn’t sure if she was being serious or not, but it felt good to be complemented like that. I had no problems keeping my knees up after that. I also heard Desi let out a ‘Yes Mistress’ and Jordan, as well as a few of the other girls in my immediate area, so I think I may have started a trend. And after that, Mistress Nguyen started to look a little less scary in my eyes. It still made me nervous when she stood beside me and flicked my nipple with that wicked looking crop, but it seemed as long as I was doing my very best, she got that almost smile that let me know she was satisfied.

After a while she moved on to other girls, and other nipples.

“Alright girls,” Mistress Nguyen said, “who wants to do burpees?”

Her question was met by silence.

“Oh come on now girls, where’s your sense of fun? Let me show you how.”

And with that she was demonstrating how to do burpees the Mistress Nguyen way. It wasn’t really that different than the way anybody else does them, except that she had the riding crop to contend with. She had a plan for that though, and simply stuck it between the teeth of the nearest student. That student happened to be Desi, and I got to watch as my dinner partner and bed buddy got down and kicked her feet out while clenching Mistress Nguyen’s crop in her teeth.

“One. Two. Three. Four,” Mistress Nguyen called out. “Down. Out. In. Up.” She kept us going, glancing around to make sure no one was slacking. And at one point her gaze seemed to linger on me for just a bit longer than was necessary just to size up my form. It’s weird how sometimes a single look can communicate so many unspoken words. And in this case I was sure she was saying, “Look what I’ve got your girlfriend Desi doing — squat thrusts with my crop in her teeth — isn’t that sexy?”

I had to admit, it was pretty sexy. The way Desi jiggled and strained while clenching that black leather-wrapped handle in her mouth was starting to have an effect on me. I began to imagine that it was me with the crop in my mouth and that Mistress Nguyen was watching me like I was watching Desi, watching me strain and sweat. My nipples began to crinkle as I held the image in my mind and I swear I felt a little twinge down below. I actually began fantasizing about it. Right there in the midst of burpees, I was getting moist thinking about performing for Mistress Nguyen.

I think she knew it too. I watched her give me a little wink when she finally stood up straight again.

“Nicely done girls,” she said. “Now everybody find a partner for some sit-ups and then we’ll get to work on my favorite part of the routine — Kegel exercises.”

Well, I survived my first morning of calisthenics, and I got to figure out what those funny-looking barbells were for. I had a little trouble at first, but Mistress Nguyen was right over to show me how to do it the right way. My insides were still quivering a bit after the workout she put me through, and I found myself really craving a big breakfast this morning. I didn’t even care if I had to rope myself in with Desi or Jordan or five other girls to get it, I was famished.

* * * *

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