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Waving to the last student, she locks the door and cuts the lights closing the studio for the day. She rolls her neck and massages the tension in her shoulders. Moving through the familiar space she reviews the day making mental notes for the upcoming lessons.

Entering one of the classrooms still shining brightly, she trails her fingers along the well worn wooden barre at the mirrored wall. She cherished this time alone in her favorite space, more at home here than anyone else. Following the path of the barre to the stereo, she selects a track and takes her place before the mirror.

She reviews herself critically – her bare feet automatically finding first position, powerful legs leading to the hourglass figure that dashed her ballet dreams though her body still carried the grace of the training, toned arms leading to slender fingers, every muscle in its place and completely at her command.

Her dance skirt brushes the floor as she grand pliés enjoying the flexibility and strength in her legs, the practiced stillness of her spine. One hand on the smooth wood, her other arm curves forward, then over her head in a graceful arc. Stretching the arm to her side, it lowers with her body and rises with her once more. She turns and repeats the stretch on the other side ensuring she is loose and limber. Rolling her shoulders, her neck, Escort Büyükçekmece she steps away from the mirror.

The bass drops and her arms push out with force as her feet step wide. Her hips circle making her ample ass pop, her hands moving to tangle in her hair as she shakes her head from side to side. Her fingers trail over the curve of her full breasts, thumbs barely brushing her nipples through the old sweatshirt worn over her simple sports bra.

She imagines her lover’s hands, soft and slender as her own. Continuing down her sinuous form, hands sliding over her stomach as her hips sway back and forth to the driving beat of the chorus. Circling lower and lower, palms travel down smooth bare thighs to rest on her knees, she thrusts her hips forward before rolling her body back up to standing.

Walking purposefully, a step on every other beat, she crosses the room. Her mind wanders to her lover’s lips, full and red from kissing her, glistening, curving into a satisfied smile.

As the verse fills the room, her hand reaches between her thighs, finding it is not only her memory that has been stirred. Fingers find the warm skin of her stomach, trace up to her nipple, hard as a pebble under her bra. Indulging herself, she rubs her heat gently as she rolls her nipple between her fingers.

A Çatalca escort sigh escapes her lips at the memory of her mouth there, tongue circling her rosy peaks as she slipped her fingers between her thighs to tease and please her. Soft curves pressed against her muscled body. Though not as strong, her lover had the power to bring her to her knees. Hearing the imminent chorus, she marks the time and prepares to fly.

A deep breath to focus her mind and body and she is in motion. Legs pumping as she gains momentum and LEAPS, one leg pointed in front of her, her back arched to meet her other foot, arms out as if to welcome her lover home. As her feet touch the cool wooden floor, she channels the remaining power into a spin. Twirling on her toes, body held tight and close, she glimpses herself in the mirror on each revolution.

Salty perspiration trickles over her body as she wipes her brow, grasps the hem of her sweatshirt. She whips it over her head tossing it in the corner. She unties the dance skirt and stands in her simple black athletic panties and bra. Every inch of her strength and sex in perfect combination. Her green eyes flash and she prepares for the next journey across the floor.

This time the spin comes before the leap. Arms flung wide as she twirls across the room, she coils Esenler escort bayan the springs in her calves and thighs and thrusts herself into the air, legs straight out to her sides, fingertips grasping her toes and for a moment she is suspended, separated from gravity. Landing, she drops and rolls forward, on her knees facing the mirror.

Her heart pounds in her chest, her lover’s breathless cries echoing in her ears as she drags her hands over her slickened skin. Hips rolling as though she was atop her paramour, feeling the glory of her mouth on her wet lips, the talented tongue drawing patient tantalizing works of art. Her core aches with need and she is overcome, powerless to resist.

Watching herself and imagining her love, she removes her bra revealing her ivory breasts dusted with freckles. She moans as she watches her own hand grasp at her fullness, pinching and pulling at her pink hardened nipples. Slipping a hand under her waistband, she finds her throbbing clit, presses and circles it as jolts of electric desire shoot through her.

She bends forward, the cool hardwood kissing her breasts before she rolls over her shoulder onto her back. Eyes closing she imagines the last time they were together, how their eyes met as she slipped inside her. She presses a finger into her wetness curling it forward and urging herself on. Now two as she plants her feet on the floor and lifts her hips to meet her urgent hand.

She races headload toward the edge, her ass raises off the floor as her body bows and snaps. The hot wet release flows over her hand, soaking her panties and sliding over her thighs to the floor . . . like a river.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32