Robin’s Anal Bitch

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Robin always perked up with Jim came into the store. He was a Friday regular, and despite the ring on his finger they shared some good sexual tension. He complimented her tattoos, laughed about seeing all of them, and had that twinkle in his eyes that she really loved. It didn’t hurt that he was about a foot taller than her, fit, and always well dressed. Boys her age hadn’t learned that men look good in a suit.

For her part, Robin was 21 years old, 5’2 and thin, and worked the register at her uncle’s convenience store to help pay for college. She was pretty, sexy, and knew how to use both to her advantage.

But she was surprised by the past few minutes. Jim loitered around so he was the only customer in the store, and then made his pitch. $300 cash to play a role he thought she’d enjoy, and boy was he right about that. This was right down her alley. He even gave her $100 down. Robin couldn’t stop thinking about the unusual offer, and found herself wishing away the remainder of her shift.

Jim didn’t usually enjoy the long nights at his wife’s boss’s house, but tonight was going to be different. The parties were fine – it was the 75 minute drive back home that was the problem. They both liked to drink and it was too far to Uber. So they took turns driving home. Tonight, Susan was supposed to drive.

Jim and Susan were in their early thirties. Both professionals, but she had the bigger paying job, selling insurance to small business owners. She was smart, strong, and dedicated to getting the best for her clients. They loved her tenacity and her quick responses when they had questions. Her boss loved her ability to close the sale. Petite, fit and with a 36C cup bra, her looks were quite an asset to her mostly male clients. Her brown hair fell to her shoulders, perfectly framing her pretty face. She was shorter than most at 5’2″ but had toned legs, tight abs, and Jim couldn’t keep his eyes, or hands, off of her perfectly rounded ass. He knew he was lucky.

Jim, a former swimmer, was no slouch himself. Long, lean, and with dark hair, he’d been described as ruggedly handsome. He had a strong chin, brown eyes wide shoulders and a muscular body. Jim was active, and managed to stay almost as fit as when in his athletic prime. He didn’t fit the stereotype, but was a very good accountant. Another year with the big firm, then he planned to open his own practice.

It was Friday night, and they were both cleaned up, and enjoying a drink before leaving for the party. Jim was dressed in pants and a cashmere sweater over his white t shirt, while Susan was wearing a black bathrobe and nothing else. As he poured her a glass of wine, Jim said, “Suze, I’ll make a deal with you so don’t have to drive.”

“I’m listening.” came the reply as Jim saddled up behind her.

He hugged her from behind, then reached under her robe to massage her left breast with one hand. “I get 100% complete control of everything you wear for the entirety of the evening. If you agree to that, I’ll drive both ways.”

“I don’t know babe – I can’t have you embarrass me at a work party.” said Susan as Jim slid his hand down her body, forcing her robe to fall open. He reached around with his other hand, slowly caressing the outside of Susan’s pussy.

Susan felt a warm tingling, and pushed her ass backwards against Jim’s crotch. Jim slipped a single finger inside Susan’s moistening pussy before withdrawing it and sliding it up towards her clit, circling the hard nub.

“You know I wouldn’t do anything to embarrass you. It’s just before and after where we’d have some fun.” He whispered in her ear, “I want to play some new games with you.” He knew Susan found that hard to resist.

The couple enjoyed an active sex life, and role playing was a prominent theme. Susan, needing to be so powerful at work, relished the opportunity to follow Jim’s commands at home. “Hmm – and what would you have me wear?” asked Susan, still enjoying the intrusive finger.

“That red and black polka dot dress with the spaghetti straps and the uneven hem. The one you think is out of style and too tight. You still look great in it.”

“Oh, that’s not so bad.” replied Susan as Jim removed his finger from inside her, and spun her around. Gazing into her hazel green eyes, he leaned in and kissed her.

Susan poured another glass of wine.

“I laid it all out for you upstairs.” winked Jim.

She smirked, and headed upstairs to find the dress laid out on the bed for her. Beside the dress was a sheet of yellow legal paper, with a carefully scripted note reading ‘Choose Wisely’. She lifted the note to reveal a new sexy black lace panty and strapless bra set, but that’s not what caught her attention. Jim had pulled out her set of stainless steel butt plugs. 3 sizes, each with a different color heart shaped jewel on the end. They hadn’t played with those in several months.

She picked up the middle sized plug with a pink heart, and was lost in thought. She knew that it was about 1.25 inches in diameter because she was the one who bought Tekirdağ Escort the set. Smiling, Susan walked into the bathroom.

When they were about 30 minutes from their destination, Jim said, “Well Suze – I think it’s time to start collecting on the bet. Pull your panties down to your knees.”

“You’re so predictable.” sighed Susan. “But, a deal’s a deal.” Susan unbuckled her seatbelt, lifted her ass slightly off the seat, reached under her dress, hooked her thumbs under her panties and pulled them down to her knees.

Jim glanced over smiling. “Sometimes predictable, sometimes not. Lift your dress to your waist so your bare ass is on the leather seat.” he ordered.

“Yes sir.” said Susan with a laugh.

Susan slowly lifted her dress over her hips, and felt the soft leather against her naked skin. Suddenly inspired, she lifted, then twisted her ass towards Jim showing off the pink plug.

“Do you like it?” she asked.

Jim caressed her ass cheek with one hand. “Such a good girl tonight.” smiled Jim.

It had been a long time since Susan was nearly naked in a car, and it brought back pleasant memories. For the second time that night, she felt a familiar tingling between her legs. Seconds later, Jim turned the vented seat on, blowing cool air between her legs.

“Oooh… That tech wasn’t around the last time I was like this in a car.” They both laughed. The cool air enhanced the sensitivity between Susan’s legs, and she opened them wider as Jim reached over with one hand and caressed her inner thigh. He slid his fingers along her thigh, stopping with his palm pressed into her pubic hair. He placed his fingers just outside of her pussy lips, and applied some light pressure without penetrating her moistening folds.

“Good girls shave their pussies.” said Jim, lightly pulling on the hair. “Open the glove box.” he said. “There’s something in there for you.”

Susan reached for the box, finding a small box shaped present, wrapped with red paper and a white ribbon tied in a bow. She pulled it out, “What’s this?” she asked surprised by the gift.

“Call it…. an accessory.” he said.

Susan united the ribbon and ripped the paper open to reveal a white box with a pink Lush brand vibrator inside.

“Jim…. I’d be… too full… I don’t think I can do that.” said Susan.

“100% complete control – that was the deal. It’s already synced with my phone.” said Jim smiling. His hand was still between her legs. Susan gasped when he said, “It’s going to go right here.” pushing his middle finger down and inside her wet pussy. He pulled his finger out and slipped his hand deeper between her legs. Tapping the pink jeweled plug he said, “It can’t go here since that spot is already full.”

Jim slid his finger back into Susan as she held the device. She moaned with pleasure at his soft touch.

“Put it in your mouth, get it good and wet, and then put it inside you.” he ordered, still sliding his finger up and down her wet slit. She rocked her pelvis forward into his outstretched hand, grinding against it.

“I can’t. I… can’t believe we’re doing this.” said Susan as she raised the lush to her lips.

“That’s my good girl. Get it nice and wet and show me what you can do.” as Susan sucked on the vibrator.

Jim slipped his wet finger out and tapped on her pussy. “Now right here.” he said.

Susan slowly pulled the wet Lush from her lips, as Jim moved his hand back to her thigh. She rubbed her pussy with it, lifter her hips slightly, then pushed it inside. She could feel it pressing against the plug in her ass as it slid inside.

“So… full.” Susan breathed.

Jim smiled, activated the device with his phone and it pulsed on low inside her.

“You’re a devil.” she said, eyes closing to enjoy the soft sensation. She rocked in her seat, loving the way the plug and vibrator worked together inside her.

Jim let it run on low for about a minute before he switched it off. “Well, I gotta say I’m looking forward to the ride home.” They both laughed.

“Me too.” Susan replied.

After a short pause, Jim pushed the Fireworks setting saying, “A taste of what’s to come.”

“Oh my… god.” breathed Susan. “Jim… w-wow.” She writhed in her seat with pleasure for a couple minutes before Jim switched off the device. Susan was breathing heavily. “Do it again.” she said quickly, catching her breath.

“Only if you’re a good girl. We’re 10 minutes out – you better straighten up, but leave our two accessories right where the are.” said Jim.

Susan pulled her panties up, and straightened her dress, and checked her face in the mirror until she was satisfied that there was no evidence of their activities. She was nervously excited, very conscious of the plug and vibrator inside her, and more than ready for another glass of wine.

As soon as they arrived, Susan headed straight to the bar. The wine calmed her nerves, and for a few moments she fell into standard cocktail party conversation. Her boss always did things right Tekirdağ Escort Bayan – plenty of drinks, and great food for a sit down dinner.

The party progressed uneventfully until dinner.

As soon as Susan sat down, Jim announced that he had a small issue at work and needed to text a colleague. He stepped away from the table, and pulled out his phone. Susan was talking with one her friends, when Jim activated the Lush at maximum power. She let out a little squeak as her hips pushed back almost involuntarily. Jim immediately dialed it down to low, as Susan faked a cough to cover.

“Ok babe?” he asked as he approached the chair beside her, still holding his phone.

“Yeah” touching her throat, “Just a little tickle.” as she looked into her husband’s playful eyes.

“I thought I had this covered, please excuse me another minute.” said Jim as he again backed away from the table. He traced in finger in a slow wave pattern, and watched Susan struggle to hold it together. It went on like this for only a minute or so before Jim deactivated the device and returned to the table.

“All straightened out.” he announced as the food was served.

Susan playfully kicked on his foot, saying “OK mister, keep that phone in your pocket or you’ll be known as a rude guest.” The table laughed, and the rest of the evening was uneventful.

The boss usually shut down around 11, and tonight was no exception. Jim made sure he had a water for the long drive home, and surprised Susan by grabbing her a couple White Claws on the way out. “Making sure you stay hydrated for the ride home.” he smiled. “Drink up.”

They were barely out of the driveway before Jim said, “Pull those panties back to your knees, and lift your dress back up over your ass. I love the thought of your plugged ass naked on my leather seats.”

Susan complied with the request. Jim had manual control of the lush, and left it on low, with an occasional spike when he could divert his attention from the road. After a few minutes of fun, he turned it off completely. “We can’t have you cum too soon. I may give it to you again in a few minutes if you’re a good girl. Drink up.”

Susan drained the White Claw before reaching across the seat to massage Jim’s already hard dick. “Mmm babe, I want you to come out and play.” She unzipped his pants, and pulled out his dick. “Is this what you mean by good girl?” she asked as she leaned over and took him in her mouth.

Jim had been horny all night, but he had bigger plans than a little road head. He enjoyed the blowjob, but didn’t want to cum just yet. After a couple of minutes he said, “thanks, babe, let’s give you a little more attention.” as he dialed up the vibrator again.

The couple alternated pleasing each other, until Susan announced she really needed a stop in the bathroom. The White Claws caused that effect. It was pushing midnight, and Jim agreed to pull over at the next stop. He topped off the gas, as Susan went in for the bathroom. After completing his task, Jim headed inside the store himself.

It was a good thing he did. Susan was in an argument with the clerk. Fueled by a good buzz, her tone was disrespectful. Jim took immediate action.

“Susan, your tone isn’t the most pleasant – almost bitchy.” Jim admonished, before adding, “You know bitchy girls get punished.” with a smirk. Then turning to the young lady behind the counter, he said, “I apologize for my wife’s behavior. Is there something I can do to make it up to you?”

“Jim, I really need to pee, and she won’t unlock the bathroom.” interrupted a whiny Susan.

“As I told your wife – the restrooms have been cleaned for the night. We close in one minute, and I’m not cleaning them again. She’ll just have to hold it.” replied the clerk calmly.

“Perhaps a little tip for your trouble.” said Jim, reaching for his wallet.

“I don’t want your money – you damn rich people come in here, wearing your fancy clothes, driving your fancy cars, acting like you own the place. Sometimes you need to be put back in place.” She glanced at her watch, “Now it’s midnight, and we’re officially closed, so how ’bout you head on your way.” stated the clerk firmly.

“Suze, apologize to the clerk here. Robin is it?” said Jim looking at her name tag.

“Jim?” asked Susan.

“Now.” he said sternly.

Susan cast her eyes down to the floor, slowly raised them to the clerk’s face and said, “I’m sorry I was bitchy Robin. I just really need to pee.”

“Listen Robin, I know she can be difficult. Perhaps, if we alleviate the pressing concern of her bladder, you’d enjoy some extra measures to put her ‘in her place’ as you said? I think she’ll be a bit more compliant now.”

The clerk laughed, and replied sarcastically “Ohh kay.” she said slowly. “You’re siding with me, and are going to let me take out a day’s frustration and put your wife back in her place?”

“That’s what I was thinking. And in return, you’d let her use the restroom.” said Jim.

“OK, here’s the deal. I’m about Escort Tekirdağ the same size as your wife, and have a sorority formal next weekend. I’ll take that fancy dress she’s wearing and then you’ll let me spank her ass till it’s red. Then she can pee.”

“Could she pee first, then take the punishments?” asked Jim.

“My god, you’re serious.” said Robin, feigning surprise. Pressing her advantage, she said, “I need prepayment with the dress. Can’t have y’all running out on me.” she laughed. “Then I open the bathroom door, then she takes whatever punishments I choose.”

“Susan, do you agree to those terms.” asked Jim.

“Anything, just please let me in the bathroom.” was the urgent reply.

Jim walked over to his shocked, but silent wife. “Well babe, let’s get this fine lady paid.” He unclasped the back of her dress, and slowly pulled down the zipper.

Susan wobbled, still a bit tipsy, as Jim pushed the spaghetti straps over her shoulders and lowered the dress to her knees. “Step up” he said, “and get ready for whatever punishments Robin chooses.”

Those words jolted Susan out of her shock, but she cautiously stepped up and out of her dress. Meanwhile, Robin made it over to the bathroom door, unlocked it, and swung the door open. She smirked at Susan, glancing down at the lush pushing against her lacy black thong panties. “Don’t make a mess, bitch.” she said menacingly. Susan’s eyes fell to the floor, and she walked past avoiding any physical contact. Robin winked at Jim as Susan walked past.

“I better lock this door so we’re not interrupted.” she said to Jim before whispering, “How’d I do?” with a smile. After locking the door and turning out a few lights, she pulled an old fabric covered chair close to the restroom. They was hidden from view by the stocked store shelves, affording them a bit of privacy from anyone driving by, or pumping gas after hours.

Susan emerged sheepishly from the bathroom, wearing only her bra and panties, and hiding a toy in each of her closed fists.

“As you know, I’m Robin.” said the clerk glancing down at the pretty lingerie. She grabbed a wrist asking, “What do we have here?” Susan feeling petulant again, grasped the toys tightly. Robin squeezed her wrists hard, and tapped on her fingers. Susan slowly opened her hand to reveal the lush.

“A bitch and a slut. What about that one?” asked Robin. Susan revealed the pink jeweled plug. “Oh my, my my. This is good. Put em back in.”

“Jim” pleaded Susan.

“A deal’s a deal, Suze.” said Jim flatly

Susan turned to go back in the restroom, but Robin put her hand on the door.

“Here.” she said. “Now.” she ordered. And finally, “Sit.” pointing toward the ragged chair.

Defeated, Susan sat on the edge of the chair. With Robin standing over her, she slid her panties down to mid thigh. The burgundy fabric in the chair was rough and uncomfortable. It was probably made in the 70’s, making the chair at least 20 years older than she was.

“Look at me, bitch.” said Robin.

Susan couldn’t bear to look up at Robin, but slowly raised her eyes to meet those of her tormentor. She broke the gaze, noticing Robin’s nose ring, and full lips. She was practically gushing down below, but put the lush in her mouth as she had done for Jim in the car. Susan slid her ass to the edge of the seat, before opening her legs and pressing the lush against her wet folds. It slipped easily inside.

Susan had washed both toys in the bathroom, in the false hope that they wouldn’t be noticed. “I… um.” Susan stammered. Despite her dripping pussy, she wanted some lube for the plug. “Lube.” she asked quietly, holding the plug up.

“By the condoms, behind the counter.” said Robin to Jim. “Go get her some.”

Jim did as instructed, finding the lube in no time.

“Take off that bra, and show me those perky titties.” demanded Robin.

Susan hesitated.

“Do it.” smiled Jim.

Susan complied wordlessly, removing her bra, and looking up at Robin for approval.

“You cold? or is serving me turning you on, bitch?” asked the clerk with a sneer. “Pinch those hard nubs for me and let’s see if they get any bigger.”

Susan, still holding the plug, grabbed one nipple at a time and pinched.

“Turn that vibrator on, if it’s not already.” said Robin.

“I think, Fireworks setting.” said Jim with a smile.

Susan rocked in the chair, and dropped the plug into her lap as she massaged both of her tits.

“Massage those titties baby, show me how you like to be touched.” directed Robin, getting into her role.

The vibrator was having the intended effect, and Susan ground her thighs together desperately trying for more friction. She closed her eyes and massaged her tits, circling her nipples before grasping them tightly and pulling them away from her body. She released her nipples, flattened her tits, then cupped them hard before pulling on her nipples again.

“Oh, my bitch is fun to watch, but I can’t stay here all night. Stand up, bitch, and fold your hands together behind your back.” said Robin as she walked a circle around Susan.

The butt plug fell to the floor as Susan rose to her feet without saying a thing, and clasped her hands behind her back. Robin pulled a cable tie out of her pocket and strapped Susan’s wrists together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32