Room 448 Pt. 02

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Author’s note:

I hope this works for all. I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks,



We showered, dressed for dinner and met in the living room. Guys wearing their best suits and girls in their gowns.

“So, guys how do we look?” Sharon asked as she and the other girls twirled around.

“Gorgeous! Beautiful!” Dan said.

Nancy looking us over, “You guys clean up great too.”

“Let’s get going. We don’t want to be late.” Greg said.

I opened the door for everyone. Nancy kissed me as she passed, so did Greg for that matter. We made our way to the clubhouse, where everyone was settling in for the dinner.

“Courtney, Courtney!” Two guys came calling.

“Oh, hi guys! Great to see you all well rested and cleaned.” She said.

Turning to us, “Guys this is Joe and Gary. The couple you saw when you checked in.”

“I recognize you now. That was a great show.” I said.

“Thanks, we came about three times. Unfortunately, it was after you left.” Joe smiled.

They walked off hand in hand. We made for the dining room, all roommates were to be seated at the same table. People watching has always been fun for me, so I made the most of it. Looking the room over I saw a tall blonde woman with blue eyes, and a well-toned body sitting with Joe and Gary.

At the main table a man stood and addressed us, “Hello all. My name is Peter, I am sure that you are all wondering why we’re having a formal dinner, when we will be walking around in loin clothes the rest of the time. Well, it’s good to have one or two nice dinners. They take the pressure off.” He smiled, “I will be around to most of the rooms to enjoy the company. Most of the time I will be here in the main lobby engaging in the nightly shows and games. Twister I think is first. Now, let’s get this party going!” He raised his glass.

We raised our glasses in a toast to him and kick off the evening. The evening went well, and the food was excellent. There was small talk among the guests. Nancy was talking with Peter, Joe, and Gary showed some promise that they may come over to our room.

“Hi, I’m Susan.” The voice came from behind me, turning I saw the woman who was Joe and Gary’s roommate holding out her hand.

Shaking her hand. “Jonah, nice to meet you.”

“I hear that you guys enjoyed Joe and Gary’s show.”

“Yeah, we did, and it was magnificent. Which room are you in?”

“Room 460. We share it with a few others. Tonight’s the big twister game in the lobby, are you going to be there?”

“I think a couple of us will be later. Not sure though.”

I saw Courtney and Sharon were coming over to us. They had a look in their eyes that Kurtköy Grup Escort said that they wanted to leave for the room.

“Hi guys, where are the others?” I asked.

“Oh, they’re still mingling with others in this huge group.” Sharon mentioned.

“Oh, where are my manners? Have you all met Susan?” I asked gesturing to her, “Susan this are Sharon and Courtney two of my roommates.”

“Hi, guys I hope is haven’t taken Jonah away from anything. We were just talking about the Twister game tonight. Are you guys coming?”

“That does sound like fun, but we may just relax tonight, I understand that they play twister every other night, right?” Came Nancy’s voice, “Your welcome to come with us.”

“I’d like that, but Gary and Joe are really into the game. May I take a raincheck?”

“Yes, you can, the next morning would be a good time for coffee. We could relax and soak a bit.” Nancy smiled kissing her to seal the deal.

“We’d better get going, Don and Greg are starting to jerk each other off. If you’ll excuse us?” Sharon said looking at me.

We found them in a corner with the other’s cock in hand. They look like they were in their own world. We interrupted them, just as Don was going to take Greg’s ebony cock in his mouth.

“Let’s get you guys in a more comfortable room and bed. Those suits look confining.” I said.

They smiled and zipped up. We all walked out into the night air towards our cabin and to cool down. I took a large breath of the air, there was a refreshing taste to it. We made small talk about the dinner as we walked.

I piped in,” Susan seems nice. She’d be a good one to have come over.”

“Her roommates are Joe and Gary, why not have them all come over?” Don said.

“She may come in the morning, we did give her a raincheck.” Nancy smiled.

Upon reaching our cabin, we went in to change out of our suits/gowns. We went into the living room to spread out. My cock was getting its blood back and was going to semi status again. Looking at beautiful women always did that to me. Sharon walked over and sat down next to me, she laid her head on my chest and her boobs rested on my chest and arm. My right hand was on one of her hips. I felt her give a sigh of relaxation.

We looked over and saw that Don and Greg were going to give us a show themselves. They got up and kissed each other deeply. They were kissing as they went to the floor. The four of us watched in appreciation. Don leaned up and went down on one of Greg’s nipples. He sucked one and pinched the other. Greg’s eyes and mouth expressed his approval.

“Suck that nipple! Don, it feels so good.” Greg moaned.

Don Kurtköy Manken Escort sucked harder and his hand went down to find Greg’s cock. We saw that Greg was leaking pre-cum as Don was rubbing the mushroom head a little. That was all it took for Sharon, she moaned and found my cockhead.

She stroked it slowly at first, then made her way to my balls. She tweaked those as she watched Don take Greg’s cock in his mouth sucking on him in a rhythm. Don went back to the head and licked the mushroom tip.

“Oh! That feels great. Keep going.” Greg let out.

“You’re not getting away with just that alone, buddy.” Don said.

With that he moved his body and positioned his knees on either side of Greg’s head and fed him his cock. He went back down on Greg’s now hardened black cock. Moans from all around made for the perfect music.

Sharon’s stroking of my cock got more intense and I moved my hand across her hip to find her leaking cock. I smiled never taking my eyes off the scene before us. I stroked her in unison with the show’s rhythm. Her lips found one of my erect nipples which she sucked greedily. Moaning I arched my back, I gave a look across the room and saw that Nancy had Courtney bent over the dinner table and began to enter her ass.

She began pounding her ass hard. Courtney’s cries of ecstasy were loud.

“Fuck me Nan, fuck me harder. Give me your cock!”

“Take it, take it all baby.”

Sharon looked up at me and winked. She got up and walked over to Nancy and Courtney while stroking her cock. She kissed Courtney and looked up at Nancy.

“Turn her over.” She said.

They turned her onto her back. Nancy continued to fuck her while Sharon placed her cock into Courtney’s warm mouth. She slowly worked her way in and out of her mouth as I watched as she smiled at me. I felt a hand against my balls; looking down I found Greg’s hand squeezing them.

I moved to the floor to join Don and Greg. They welcomed me by removing my cloth and sucking on my nipples as I moved to lie on the floor. Both had a mouth on a nipple as I lay down on my back. Placing both hands on the back of their heads I pushed them into me. Their hands moved down my stomach and found my hardening cock. They stroked it together.

I was kissing their foreheads as they continued stroking. One hand moved to my balls and pulled down on them. Don moved down my stomach, sticking his tongue into my navel as Greg moved up and forced his tongue into my mouth. I sucked on it and our tongues were battling it out I our mouths.

“Fuck me Nancy, keep it in!” I heard Courtney.

Don was down on my cock sucking it in time with their moaning. Greg Kurtköy Masöz Escort moved up and I sucked on a nipple.

“Take it, suck it hard.” He whispered in my ear.

I found his cock with my hands. He was leaking pre-cum as I stroked his long hardening shaft. he moved further up and placed the large cock on my lips, Don bent my knees to move my legs up and have easier access to my balls and my ass ring. I moaned as Greg moved his cock further in my mouth.

“That’s it baby, moan with that cock in your mouth.” He said.

Don’s finger found my hole and moved in a circular motion. This opened it up and he moved forward while sucking on my cock. Greg continued to face fuck me slowly, both hands on my ears. I had to relax as Don put his tongue in my ass.

“I’m cumming, Nancy keep fucking me!” Courtney yelled.

I glanced over and saw three cocks streaming cum over their bodies. Then those bodies collapsed onto each other. They were in a heap, mouths sucking on boobs and any free cock available.

“I want your ass now,” Greg whispered into my ear.

Don said, “He’s ready and he’s nice and tight.”

Greg laid on his back as I got to my knees and straddled his waist. He put in two fingers in my ass, to try it out.

“Oh, yes that is tight and will wrap around my cock nicely.”

I made my way down to his legs and raised my ass over his cock. Don was there guiding his cock into my ass. he placed it at the ring. I felt the tip and didn’t think it would fit.

“Keep coming back, Jonah. His tip is big, but it’ll fit.”

“Ahh, so big.” I tried to relax. I felt a pop and he was in me.

“Oh, that was tight!” Greg moaned.

He stayed there a bit and then slowly started to move up and in. Don came around to my face and kissed me. He stroked my cock a little. I leaned back more to rock my pelvis on this large pole in my ass. Greg found his rhythm and was moving faster in my widening hole.

“Let’s move you to all fours on the floor.” Greg said.

I moved forward and was on top of Don as Greg re-entered my ass. Don and I were 69ing it, while Greg pistoned into me like a jack hammer. Don’s cock tasted great, as I licked his big mushroom tip and continued to lick under its hood, to which he moaned. He had my entire cock in his mouth, wrapping his tongue around it. Greg’s cock tightened up a bit in my ass and he was about to cum.

“He’s going to cum in me.” I moaned, “Don, pull on his balls.”

Don did and with a few more thrusts Greg couldn’t take it anymore. He slipped out and came all over Don’s lips and my ass. I came in the mouth I was fucking as did Don. His hips gave two great thrusts and he hit the back of my throat. Greg fell on my back.

“Your ass is nice and tight. We will fuck again.”

“You got it, I will have your ass as well.” I said.

We moved around, and the girls handed us some warm moist towels, breathing heavily. we wiped each other off and laid in a mass of bodies.

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