Roommate Surprise: Abby and Kate

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I opened the apartment door quietly, hoping to hear moans coming from her bedroom. On the drive home options of what to do ran through my head, but I had decided I would simply walk into Abby’s bedroom and join in whatever she and Kate were doing. But I was completely caught by surprise when I turned to the living room and was greeted by the sight of Abby spread eagle, tied to the dining room table. Naked. Blindfolded. End of a vibrator sticking out of her pussy. Kate nowhere in sight.

2 hours prior.

It was Friday evening. I’d had a killer last few weeks at work. Huge project had just wrapped up. Everything complete and double checked, customer signed off, boss happy, all t’s crossed and i’s dotted, making the countless hours of overtime and weekends worked almost feel worth it. A bonus was clearly in my near future and hopefully a big promotion not far behind. The stress literally melted away as I arrived to my apartment. Finally a weekend free with nothing to worry about except which six pack to crack into first.

Opening the apartment door I was greeted by my roommate Abby. It felt like I hadn’t seen her in ages with all the overtime I’d been pulling. She was parked on the couch game on tv beer in hand. Without asking she tossed me a beer. A smile broke across my face. Her anticipation of my needs, my ability to finally relax, and the jiggle of her tits under her tight tank top from the throw all adding to my joy.

We’d been roommates for a few months now. Setup by mutual friends. Somehow we just clicked and were perfect roommates for one another. The right amount of interaction, shared interests, and respect for each other’s space. Didn’t hurt that she was drop dead gorgeous. Tall, almost as tall as me, definitely taller once she put on heels, legs that flared up into a smackable ass. Tight stomach from all the exercising she did. Smile that lit up a room. But her tits were by far her best features. Round and full, had to be at least a d, perky nipples always straining against whatever she was wearing. The type of tits just begging to be squeezed and tweaked. Cleavage built for tittyfucking…

I’d zoned out thinking about her body. Hadn’t resisted what she’d said. My blank stare probably told her that much. “Glad you are finally done.” She repeated. Staring was a common enough occurrence and she seemed to enjoy teasing me. I sheepishly grinned at being caught fantasizing, nodded, and slipped next to her on the couch.

The next half hour was bliss. Zoning out watching the game, deicing what takeout to order, and chatting and catching up with Abby. My stomach dropped when my phone rang. It wasn’t so much a conversation with my boss as a directive.

“Customer says something’s wrong. Doesn’t know what. Needs the system online now.”

“It worked when we delivered it. They signed off it…”

I was cut off with” Doesn’t matter they need it now”

“This is why we don’t go live on Friday’s. They knew the risk of putting this online over the weekend but against our judgment they demanded it anyway” I started, but was again cut off with another, “I know, doesn’t matter, they need it up now.”

When all I did was let out a soul crushing sigh my boss softened, some. “I know. I know what the last few weeks have been for you. But we need this now. Just one final push. Get it back up and running tonight. Then we’ll discuss that promotion and you won’t need to deal with this crap.”

Not much I could do, hadn’t been since the second the call came in.

Abby didn’t say anything just shook her head at my misery. I apologized for ruining our plans of dinner and a chill night. Our food was on its way already. She said not to worry, laughed and quipped that she’d find someone to fill in for me for the evening. I trudged off to the bathroom to shower and dress for a long night. She waved on my way out the door, breasts swaying hypnotically.

Walking out of the apartment I stormed down the stairs. Rushing through the lobby I didn’t see Kate, almost bumped into her. She was Abby’s friend, maybe girlfriend, maybe not. I hadn’t asked, neither of them had said. Kate spent the night gaziantep jigolo often enough. When she did Abby’s room emitted plenty of passionate screams. But there were also nights when Abby came back with random guys resulting in different volleys of sounds…

I didn’t know Kate too well yet, but we seemed to get along well enough so far. She gave an apologetic smile. Not as stunning as Abby’s, but then again most of her wasn’t. Kate was good looking don’t get me wrong, but she just wasn’t as sunning as Abby. She’s Asian 5’3″ smaller but proportional boobs, makes up for it by always having them out and on display. Slim hips. Hair and piercings that allude to her feelings towards girls. As she spoke she stepped close. I had to look down at her, eyes drawn down her blouse, “Sorry you have to rush off. Abby said something about filling in, or filling her. Could have been fun with you here too.”

It wasn’t so much an innuendo as an invitation. One I would be an idiot not to accept. She looked up at me tongue tracing around her lips. She smirked at my lack of response. “Hurry up at work maybe we’ll still be going at it once you get back.” She said as she reached out and grabbed my crotch. If I hadn’t been able to respond before there was nothing I could do now. One quick squeeze and she stepped past me towards my apartment.

I stood rooted to the spot in disbelief. Tongue probably lolling out of my mouth. She’d never flirted with me before, let alone proposition me. Getting with Abby had always been a fantasy but we had a good roommate relationship going that I hadn’t wanted to disrupt. I almost turned and followed her upstairs. But this work project was too crucial to my career. And I was sure waiting and teasing was part of Kate’s game anyway.

Fantasies tore through my head on the half hour drive to the customer site. Abby fucking Kate. Kate fucking Abby. Strap ons. Tongues. Clits. Orgasms. Me added to the mix. I assumed Kate took control of the sexual relationship, but who knows maybe Abby wore the strap on. Once I arrived at the customer site I had to wait a few minutes to collect myself before heading in.

It was a simple fix. Customers were idiots. System couldn’t work without internet and their router had stopped working. Obviously they hadn’t noticed. Was in no way shape or form my problem or related to my work. Why they couldn’t figure that out and had to rely on me I’ll never know. Yet here I was on a Friday night instead of at home balls deep in one if not both of those women…

One phone call to my boss (filled with colorful expletives about customers intelligence) and I was on my way back home.

I opened the apartment door quietly, hoping to hear moans coming from her bedroom. On the drive home options of what to do ran through my head, but I had decided I would simply walk into Abby’s bedroom and join in whatever she and Kate were doing. However, I was completely caught by surprise when I turned to the living room and was greeted by the sight of Abby spread eagle, tied to the dining room table. Naked. Blindfolded. End of a vibrator sticking out of her pussy. Kate nowhere in sight.

It was my first time seeing Abby naked. There’d been glimpses here and there. But nothing like this. I paused to take her in. Even flat on her back her tits still stood tall and firm. Pale pink areolas transitioned into achingly hard nipples. Begging to be sucked. Her tight stomach showed just a hint on abs. Long legs spread wide, tied around her ankles to the table. Small patch of pubes above her pussy added some contrast but hid nothing from view. The end of a purple vibrator stuck out from her pussy. Lips wrapped around tight, gripping, pulsating slightly. Soaking wet, a small line of moisture leaking out around the toy. Clit just barely peeking out. Firm ass spread slightly just able to make out her ass hole.

The vibrator hummed softly. If you looked close you could see it lightly buzzing inside her. I had no idea how long she’d been left like this. But her pussy was swollen and juices were leaking. She was breathing heavily breasts rising and falling. jigolo gaziantep I quietly took a step closer. Still not sure what to do. Since she was blindfolded I don’t think Abby had noticed me yet. Before I reached her I looked up to see Kate walking into the room.

She smiled and quickly raised a finger to her lips telling me to keep quiet. All I could do was nod. Kate was naked too. Small breasts capped with dark nipples and silver piercings. She walked over to Abby. Ran a hand along her side causing her to shiver. Kate’s hand moved to Abby’s breast fingers tracing along her nipple. Abby squirmed. Kate’s fingers tightened squeezing and pulling the nipple. Abby moaned. Kate continued to pull, the breast rising to follow the nipple. Abby just moaned louder. Kate held her there for a few seconds before letting go. Abby’s tit fell to her chest jiggling before coming to a rest.

“Mmm you’re close aren’t you?” Kate purred. Abby took a deep breath and nodded. “Too bad I told you not to cum till he gets back.” Kate continued. “Who knows how long that might be.” Her hand seeking Abby’s other breast. Abby looked as if she was about to talk but was cut off by Kate reaching her other nipple. While that one was tweaked and played with Kate’s other hand trailed down Abby’s stomach. Resting just above her mound. Abby humped up slightly. Clearly needing more contact but Kate pulled away. Abby groaned and all she could manage was a faint “please”.

Kate kept for hands off her for a minute that must have felt like an eternity for Abby. She then reached out an clicked the vibrator up a setting. Abby jumped. Straining against the ropes. Legs fluttering but still held wide open.

“Please” Abby asked again a little more desperate than before.

Kate said nothing but stepped closer to me. Her lips met mine as her hand grabbed my crotch. I shuddered and kisses back. Our tongues playing over each other’s. She broke the kiss and turned back to Abby. Bending down to kiss her giving me a nice view of her ass. It was cut all too short when Kate pulled away from Abby leaving her gasping. She walked around the table until she was between Abby’s legs. She gently kisses each thigh.

Abby jolted when Kate touched the vibrator. Turning it, rotating it slowly. Another set of soft kisses on Abby’s thighs then Kate pulled the vibrator. Abby’s pussy clung on. Lips gripping as the toy was slowly pulled out. Kate stopped just before it was fully out. Tip buzzing at Abby’s entrance. Kate held it there before slowly pushing it back in. Once Abby was filled Kate clicked the vibrator up another setting. “Fuck” was all Abby could manage.

Just as slowly as before Kate pulled the toy back out. But this time she kept going until with a soft pop the toy came out. Abby’s pussy was spread open pulsing slightly. Juices leaking, clit jutting out. “No no no. Please. I’m so close” Abby begged. Kate chuckled but didn’t help. Running her fingers along Abby’s slit. Grazing over her clit. Through her pubes grabbing and tugging slightly. Then kate stood up turned to me and slipped the vibrator into my mouth.

Abby tasted irresistible. I almost moaned but caught myself, keeping Abby in the dark. Kate pushed the vibe deeper, eyes drilling into me as she filled my mouth. Abby’s juices overwhelming my senses. Kate held it deep. I was close to gagging but with a smile she removed the toy before I made too much noise. Quickly her mouth replaced the toy. Pulling me down to meet her mouth. Tongue snaking in to replace the vibrator. Her hand roughly pulling my hair forcing me down to her level and tight against her. My world shrank to just us, until Abby started begging again.

“Kate please. Baby. I’m so close. I need it so bad.” I could feel Kate smiling as she continued to invade my mouth with her tongue. I needed air. Needed a breath. But Kate kept me tight against her. I started to squirm. She held me tight. Until finally with a light shove she released me. Turning back to Abby she brought the still buzzing vibrator towards her splayed legs. Abby could hear it getting closer and tried to make contact. She gaziantep escort strained against the ropes holding her. Trying to have her pussy make contact with the vibrator. Trying desperately to cum.

Kate held the toy just out of range. Enjoying Abby squirming and straining. Finally she relented. Nudging Abby’s pussy ever so slightly. Abby moaned. But the toy was quickly removed. Kate leaned forward. Tongue making contact just above Abby’s pubes. Kate licked upwards along her stomach. Slowly working up her body. Along her ribs. Slow wet licks along the underside of Abby’s fantastic breasts. From one to the other. Teasing up closer to Abby’s nipples already standing up hard. Kate teased around Abby’s breasts never quite making contact with her nipples. Just barely grazing across the edge her areola. Abby tried to shift. Guide Kate’s mouth to her needy nipple, but tied as she was she could never quite manage. Kate kept teasing. Keeping her mouth just out of reach.

Kate then looked back at me then leaned the vibrator against Abby’s slit. Kate let go. The vibrator sat there. Lightly vibrating. The tip buzzing against the table the length nestled along Abby’s dripping pussy. But with no one holding it there wasn’t enough pressure to accomplish what Abby needed. She whimpered.

Kate left her like that. She turned back to me and grabbed my pants. Almost too fast for me to register she’d stripped me down. Cock bouncing as it sprung free. As she grabbed it Abby’s whimpering increased. She desperately tries to hump up against the vibrator but it proved fruitless. Simply teasing her more. “Kate babe. Please. Baby. I need it so bad.”

Kate had her tongue out quickly flicking along the head of my cock made me shudder. “What exactly is it that you need dear” she asked abby as she teased around my head.

Abby whined. “Babe you know what I need.” Kate ignored her and wrapped her lips around me. “Kate” Abby was getting desperate now. Kate sucked me in filling her mouth. She slowly pulled off of me. “Tell me” she instructed.

Abby was panting. Breasts bouncing as she struggled with frustration. “Fill me up. Fuck me. Make me cum.” Kate smiled up at me. Opened her mouth sucked me deep. She filled her mouth. Kept going. Slipping me into her throat. She bottomed out. Held me there. Then slowly pulled off. “Please” Abby said again.

Looking up at me Kate finally relented. “Yes dear. Since you asked so nicely.” She grabbed my dick. Slick from her deepthroating. A few quick strokes then she pulled me towards abby. Kate took the vibrator. Circled around Abby’s opening. Collecting the liquid that leaked out of her. She pushed barely penetrating. Held it there for a few long seconds. Then moved higher right to her clit. Abby was almost there. She’s been so close for so long. But Kate once again pulled her back from the brink. She turned off the vibrator and set it aside.

“One more time my dear. What is it that you need”. Abby groaned at Kate’s demand. Kate grabbed my dick. Positioned my head inline with Abby’s quivering pussy. Just as abby began to repeat “Please. Make me cum. Fuck me.” Kate shoved my hips. Forcing me deep into abby.

My dick was enveloped in the hottest wettest pussy I’d ever been in. Abby tensed. She’d been expecting the vibe. She didn’t know I was there. Kate laughed and kept pushing, bottoming me out deep in Abby’s pussy. Abby screamed. All she could manage was an “oh fuck”. Kate’s hand shot out. Grabbing Abby’s nipples. Tugging and twisting. Abby was already there but the extra stimulation ensured she went over the edge. Laying helpless she came. From a single thrust. Pussy spasming around me. Squeezing. Pulling me in deeper.

Abby flailed. Orgasm ripping through her. After an eternity it eventually subsided. Her body trembled and slowly began to relax. I hadn’t moved still burrowed as deep as I could between her legs. Kate hadn’t moved fiercely gripping Abby’s nipples. Pinching and forcing her breasts high off her chest.

Abby finally regained her breath and came back to reality. She purred lightly. Kate and I both remained still. Keeping her filled and nipples taunt. Abby started to moan. It started off as pleasure but began to get more and more desperate as Kate and I held firm. With a ragged voice Abby began “mmm guys enough I need a break it’s too sensiti….”. Only to be cut off with a laugh as Kate pulled and twisted a little harder on her nipples. “Oh dearest we are just getting started.”

To be continued.

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