Rowan Ch. 02

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She was sitting in a booth, facing the front door. I walked up to her and smiled. She was still beautiful, maybe even more so. Her hair was not as long as she wore it when she was a young woman; now it was just above her shoulders in a very chic, professional cut. She had a few lines around her pretty eyes, making her look like a woman who has experienced life. She smiled at me and stood to greet me. I came to her and we embraced. Her soft scent perfumed the air around her and I was instantly overcome with a sense of familiarity and comfort; the memories of our friendship flooding my thoughts. We parted and our eyes met. We both had tears.

The waitress came over and we ordered our lunch. While we waited she caught me up on her life. She had gone to University and studied Philosophy and English and had succeeded in getting her Masters degree. She was now teaching. I told her that, along with being a mother of twin 8 year old girls, I was a psychologist and worked mainly with children and teens. She told me she had never married but did live with her partner for 10 years before he left her for a new relationship, only a few months before. She said that although it was a sad time, she realized after he left that it was for the best. They did love and respect each other, but there had been no passion, never had been. She was grateful that he had the courage to move on. I told her that I was married and that my husband and I had been together for 13 years. We had met in University and we married 2 years after we had finished our degrees. He had his Master of Architectural Degree I told her. He traveled around the world; in fact he was currently working in Dubai.

Our meals came and we ate and talked and laughed and reminisced. It was as though no time had passed, that we were able to pick up where we left off, as if our souls had never parted way. Although our conversation had been natural and comfortable, I could not help but wonder if she remembered that night we had spent together when we were teenagers. I had never forgotten it. It was one of the moments in my life that molded me into the woman I became. On many occasions, it was her I thought of us my husband was making love to me. It was her mouth that was kissing down my body; her tongue parting my folds and teasing my clit. It was her I thought of as he brought me to orgasm. I had never been with another woman after Rowan, but I often fantasized about it. I definitely had a desire for the softness of the female body. My husband knew that I fantasized about being with women; in fact it was often part of our bedroom talk. He would whisper all kinds of naughty things about women in my ears during foreplay; things that would heat me up faster than anything else would. He loved that I was turned on by the thought of fucking females. What my husband did not know, was that I had been with a woman; that I had lost my virginity to Rowan. I never told him. It was not that I was being discreet about it; I simply wanted to keep it for myself. It was mine.

Rowan stopped talking for a moment and held my gaze. She had just a slight smile on her pretty face. I knew then that she was thinking of that night. I felt a flush rise up to my face and suddenly felt very warm. She reached across the table and put her hand over mine. She bahis siteleri told me that she owed me an apology. She said that she always regretted how she handled things; that she had been young and inexperienced. She had so many mixed emotions after that night and she did not know how to cope with them. She had felt so connected with me, in every way and that making love to me that night really confused her. I told her that I understood. My feelings had confused me too. I felt remorseful that we had grown apart but I never, ever regretted that night, I explained. She smiled at me and her green eyes lit up with joy. She told me that she was glad to hear me say that.

We left the restaurant and stepped out onto the street. After an awkward silence she asked me if I would like to spend more time with her. I told her that nothing would make me happier and asked her to come to my home for coffee. As she had taken a taxi to meet me; we drove home together in my silver Mercedes 500 convertible, our hair blowing untamed in the wind. I felt a growing sense of excitement as I anticipated how the afternoon might unfold.

When we got to my home, I made us coffee and we sat on the back deck that overlooked the gorge. My husband had designed our home and I had just finished showing her around. It was a peaceful, warm afternoon and we sat in the shade of a linden tree. She talked to me about her work and her life. Professionally and socially, she really seemed to have it all together; but she was lonely. The longer we sat together, the more I felt myself drawn to her. Her laughter was infectious and I found myself feeling more relaxed than I had in years. It felt good to not only connect with her again, but to also re-connect with myself. For those few hours I was just allowed to be me, not someone’s wife, mother or counselor. I was able to think about things that didn’t pertain to taking care of others. I could think about my own desires, serve my own needs. It was a breath of fresh air. I was suddenly relieved that my Mother-in-law had offered to pick the twins up from school and take them to her home for dinner; and because it was Friday, she would keep them until the morning.

I wanted her.

My eyes must have revealed my thoughts because suddenly Rowan caught my gaze and smiled sweetly at me. She asked me what I was thinking about that brought a blush to my cheeks. I looked down and felt the heat rising up my neck. She seemed to know that I was fantasizing about kissing her; she seemed to be reading my mind. She put one long finger under my chin and raised my face so that our eyes met. She softly spoke my name and then brought her lips to mine. I let her kiss me, so I could gauge her passion. The heat of her kiss was undeniable. She had been thinking about this a long time. I stood from my chair and put my hand out to her and wordlessly she followed me to my bedroom.

Once inside we kissed again, this time with a fervor that quickly fired us up. Her hands roamed eagerly over my body as she kissed me all over my face and neck. Her perfume softened the air around us, arousing me further. I was weak with desire. She was consumed with passion; she took control. Her confidence was sexy as hell. She led me to the bed and gently pushed me into it. She undressed online casinolar me slowly, whispering to me about how beautiful I was. She removed my clothing piece by piece, her caresses making me tremble.

Once she had me undressed down to my bra and panties, she began to undress herself. I asked her if she would allow me to do it and she smiled and nodded. I took my time with her as well, slowly peeling off each garment, enjoying revealing her beautiful body. I kissed her often while I undressed her, unable to resist her delicious, full lips. She was wearing lovely matching, pale pink bra and panties, but as sexy as she looked I just had to remove them. I unhooked her bra and tossed it aside; I brought my mouth to her soft nipples and tongued each one until they grew rigid in my mouth. She sighed deeply and ran her fingers through my hair. I asked her to please lie back on my bed and she quickly complied. I kissed her while I allowed my hand to travel down to her puss. I felt her through the softness of her silk panties, tracing her clit with my finger tips. She purred her approval which encouraged further exploration. I slipped my hand into her panties and to my pleasant surprise, she was completely smooth and hair free. I don’t know why but this sent a jolt of heat through my belly and I felt myself grow wet. I ran my fingers through her folds, her warm wetness coating them. She spread her legs open a little more, wordlessly begging me to continue. I slipped a finger into her and gently explored her hole. She moaned quietly and whispered my name.

I loved listening to the sounds of her rising passion. I managed to pull myself away for just a moment, long enough to peel her panties off her body. She raised her hips to me to allow me to slip them over her ass. I inhaled deeply as she was revealed to me. The musky scent of her permeated the air and I was anxious to taste her. I positioned myself between her open legs and kissed her mound. She mewed quietly. I used my fingers to gently open her folds and then ran my tongue from her clit to her opening. She responded by gently rocking her hips, inviting further stimulation. I increased the pressure of my tongue on her clit as I slipped my two fingers into her. I searched for her g-spot, to give her the most pleasure I could. I knew I had found her pleasure point when she let out a low rumbling moan and dug her heels into the mattress. I concentrated on bringing her to orgasm with both my fingers and my mouth and tried to match her motions to ensure a build up of intense pleasure. I could tell from her body language that she was close. I placed my free hand just over the mound of her pussy and gently pressed down. This motion always pushed me over the edge when my husband did it to me and I was certain it would do the same for Rowan. Unable to hold back any longer, she surrendered to the pleasure and let out a deep, lusty moan. I could feel her pussy tighten around my fingers and my mouth filled with her warm spice. I eagerly took it all in, incredibly aroused by the taste of her. My bed sheets were saturated with her cum. I pulled my fingers out of her and licked her cream off my fingers.

She leaned back against my pillows. Breathlessly, she whispered to me how amazed she was that gerçek para casinoları I seemed to know exactly what would bring her to orgasm. I crawled up the bed beside her and lay my head on her shoulder. She gently stroked my hair. She told me that while she loved fucking men, she always craved the touch of a woman. She motioned for me to come to her and I obliged.

She kissed me, hard; as if she wanted to consume me. Her passion was contagious and I found myself completely conceding to her. Her hands roamed over my body, slow and intentional. After removing my bra, she played with my breasts, my nipples and I felt my breath quicken. She whispered her naughty intentions in my ear and I was secretly thrilled that she was a dirty talker. She slipped my damp panties down my legs and tossed them aside. Suddenly she stopped and looked at me with a playful expression. She asked me if I had any dildos. I giggled and told her that when you have a husband that travels as much as mine, a girl has to have a drawer full of them. She laughed and quickly opened my bed side table drawer. Delighted, she pulled out my favorite, a silicone dildo that felt close to the real thing. It also worked with a strap on. I had purchased it a few months ago so that I could try and convince my husband to let me fuck him. Although he was insanely curious, he had not yet worked up the courage.

She looked at it closely, raised her eyebrows and smiled at me naughtily. She picked it up and ran her hand slowly up and down the shaft, gently mocking me. When she teased me with dramatic fuck me eyes, I laughed at her mischievousness. She giggled and told me to lie back so she could fuck me. Of course, I did as she asked. She said that she thought my trimmed pussy was pretty. She placed her hands on the inside of my thighs and opened my legs; nestling between them. Her warm tongue slid between my creases as she explored my folds. She moaned quietly and I felt the sensation tingle through me and I released a warm gush of wetness. She focused on pleasuring my clit and I responded by knitting my fingers through her hair. She gently nibbled and sucked on my button and I could feel myself starting to peak. I whispered my approval and encouraged her to stay the course.

When she added her fingers and began to tease my hole I couldn’t restrain myself any longer. I grabbed hold of the bed sheets and came so hard I could barely catch my breath. Just as I was riding the wave she took the toy and slowly pushed it into me. I was so wet that it easily slipped into me. I could see the arousal in her eyes as she played with the toy. She continued to talk naughty to me while she screwed me; her words an incredible turn on. I began to rock onto the toy, encouraging her to fuck me harder. She easily picked up on my signals and worked the dildo against my G-spot, making me bear down even more. She sensed how near I was and began kneading her thumb against my clit, whispering to me how she wanted me to cum for her. This sent me over the edge and I was rewarded with another powerful orgasm, my juices spilling out onto the sheets. She had accomplished something I had never experienced before; she had made me ejaculate; something up until then, I had thought only an urban myth.

She smiled sweetly at me as I focused on the after trembles. Putting the toy aside she crawled up the bed towards me and I held my arms out to her. It was that moment that I caught the movement out of the corner of my eye. My husband was standing at our bedroom door, his suitcase in his hand, mouth open.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32