Ruby’s Red Lipstick

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Ava Addams

Ruby looked at her reflection in the mirror and felt a thrill whizz through her. She had managed yet again to bag a new date, her third that week and it was only Thursday. Looking at her reflection she marvelled at how plump and luscious her lips were and how the red lipstick boosted them.

Frequently she was asked if she had actually had her lips enhanced which she hadn’t but still, that was a compliment by any woman’s standards. Today she had opted for what she called her porcelain doll look, foundation that was two shades lighter than her natural skin tone that made her look like a china doll along with a smattering of charcoal eye shadow that enhanced her eyes that were as blue as bluebells and gave her the innocent look that she far from deserved.

Ruby could still remember the first blowjob she had given but little did she know at the time that it was going to precipitate a yearning for the act for the rest of her adult life hence her obsession with red lipstick. Ruby put the lipstick in her handbag and then opened her bedside drawer where there lay at least fifty red lipsticks all of the differing shades and with what she thought had very pretty names.

There was Ruby red her favourite for obvious reasons, blood red (the one she wore when she was feeling particularly dominant) then there was sangria, garnet, brick red and the list went on and on. Each shade was used for a different kind of sucking because Ruby always approached an imminent session with plans as precise and thought out as any military procedure.

Today she was meeting Tim. Tim who looked fairly innocent in the photo he had posted on the dating site. He also looked like he hadn’t had a decent pair of lips around his cock in his whole life.

As she made her way downstairs Ruby again felt her stomach leap and twirl with excitement. The first time she met someone was always the best for her, she easily became bored of the cock but rarely did she become bored of the compliments she received. Compliments that were always inevitable because in the cock sucking stakes, Ruby was definitely ahead of her game, a game that Tim was going to partake in and she would have added whether he liked it or not, but what guy turned down a blow job?

Making her way through town, Ruby was aware of the male attention she was attracting. With her dark hair scraped back in a bun and her striking makeup along with her tight black mini dress, it was inevitable that she would attract attention.

She had agreed to meet Tim for a drink in The Bar, and as she swung open the large glass doors she spotted him immediately, with his caramel coloured skin, his large stature standing at the bar looking slightly nervous.

As she made her way over to him, Ruby could only think about was Tim’s cock and what it would be like. She did have her preferences in terms of cock, she was particularly partial to the circumcised variety but at the end of the day cock beggars couldn’t be chooser but this was always her favourite part, the wondering as to what she was actually going to get.

An hour later, she and Tim had exchanged the usual pleasantries and Ruby found herself relaxing in his company because although she was cock crazy, not every guy she met would be privy to her skills. She had a whole list of things on a tick list in her mind that could put her on someone, for example, if the guy was socially inadequate or showed the intelligence of a gnat then Ruby simply wasn’t interested.

It had happened only a handful of times but when it had she had just got back on her phone, on her favourite dating site and looked for her next potential victim.

Three hours later and Ruby found herself suggesting that maybe they should go back to Tim’s place.

‘That’s a bit forward don’t you think for a first date?’ Tim asked, his eyebrows arching. However, the fact that his tongue surreptitiously licked his lips told Ruby that although he might have indeed found her a little forward, he wasn’t exactly complaining or running for the hills in fear.

As they drove across town to his apartment, Ruby stroked his thigh and allowed her hand to slyly move from his athletically toned thighs that were encased in stonewashed denim, heading right for his crotch area. She gave him just the slightest of strokes, so light and feathery he may have imagined it.

Ruby always found that this particular tactic worked, put it this way, she had been in countless cars going across countless towns and she hadn’t been booted out of anyone’s car to date.

Tim’s apartment was probably the untidiest she had ever come across Trabzon Escort so it was a good job that Ruby was never particularly bothered about her surroundings.

‘I didn’t think we would be coming back so I didn’t get chance to tidy up.’

Ruby watched as he hurriedly moved the pizza box and cans of beer from the night before.

‘Make yourself comfortable,’ Tim insisted as he made his way through the kitchen, the rubbish clutched close to his chest.

Ruby sat down on the black leather settee before opening her bag and taking out her lipstick. Quickly she reapplied it with such expertise she didn’t need a mirror. She looked at her watch and registered the time, 17:59, she then clicked on reminders and set it to 18:30, and felt her pussy tingle with a frisson of delight; this too was all part of her game.

Tim returned five minutes later with a bottle of wine and two glasses. Sitting down he poured two hefty measures before handing one to Ruby.

‘Cheers,’ he said lifting his glass before taking a sip and promptly putting the glass down on the coffee table.

Ruby suspected that Tim wasn’t a wine drinker, that he was the type of guy who had probably won it in some raffle at the office and had kept it for special occasions. Ruby smiled to herself, this was going to be a very special occasion and the fact that Tim didn’t know it yet excited her even more.

‘May I just say, you have beautiful lips,’ Tim commented before rubbing his hands together nervously, seemingly embarrassed by his compliment.

‘You look like you have a nice cock,’ Ruby said boldly enjoying seeing his face flush with embarrassment, his features contorted in shock. The look on his face made Ruby even more determined to suck him so hard and good that for the rest of his life he would remember their ‘date’.

Not that there would be another. Ruby only saw the special few more than twice, the rest were used and abused and discarded because that was part of the kick. Knowing that the guys she met were going to be blown away and then would spend an inordinate amount of time texting and asking to see her again. T then eventually moved into begging mode which only served to feed her ego.

Her therapist had once asked if she considered herself a sociopath.

‘I don’t know do you?’ Ruby had asked as she had flicked her nails, causing the scarlet nail varnish to chip slightly.

Jenny had then chosen to bore Ruby rigid with psychobabble as to maybe she had attachment issues, possibly a sex addiction?

‘I like sucking dick Jenny, it has fuck all to do with attachment issues. Do you like chocolate?’

Jenny had looked suitably embarrassed, her ginger hair had looked as if it was twining itself into knots as a deep red flush crept up her cheeks, cheeks that were splattered with tiny freckles and reminded Ruby of the dot to dots she used to do as a kid.

‘I do like chocolate Ruby actually,’ Jenny had admitted. ‘However, this session is more about you than me.’

Ruby had suspected at the time that Jenny had bisexual tendencies even if she wasn’t admitting them to herself because as well as cock, Ruby was at times quite partial to a bit of pussy as well.

‘I know it’s about me,’ Ruby had sighed, stretching out her legs and giving Jenny just a slight surreptitious glance of her pussy, ‘But you tell me the one thing you can’t do without. I bet you are quite partial to a bit of chocolate fudge cake with a slight drizzling of cream all over it.’

‘I do like chocolate fudge cake too,’ Jenny had said slowly and Ruby had noticed her eyes travelling over her stocking clad legs before quickly averting her eyes.

‘Right, well, some women crave chocolate when they are hormonal am I right?’ Ruby had asked knowing that she was being facetious.

Jenny had nodded, ‘I suppose that’s correct but like I said..’

‘Yeah I know the session is all about me, well when I’m hormonal I like to eat cock, I find it more satisfying than chocolate, it’s as simple as that. Don’t judge me Jenny; you’re not here to do that.’

Jenny had been rubbish because no matter what they covered in their sessions, there was clearly no way that Ruby was going to get over her cock addiction and if she was a female sociopath so be it. Life was for living and as Ruby looked across at Tim, she couldn’t wait to give this one the time of his life for sure.

‘Where’s your loo,’ Ruby asked, standing up and straightening her dress before picking up her handbag.

‘It’s the second door on the right in the hallway.’

‘Right,’ Ruby said, making sure Trabzon Escort Bayan that she was sashaying just enough to grabs Tim attention to her legs and arse.

Once in the bathroom, Ruby removed her bra and played with her nipples getting them hard so that they showed through her dress before removing her knickers and pushing them in her bag. Her experience was that the majority of men liked the stockings and suspenders with no knickers gig.

Quickly she sprayed herself with some more perfume and applied another layer of mascara onto her eyelashes. As well as lipstick, mascara was too her secret weapon. Satisfied with her look, Ruby gave her reflection a smile before flushing the toilet chain to make her visit to the bathroom appear viable.

Returning to the living room Ruby noticed that Tim had relaxed even more and that made her heart skip, he was here for the taking for sure. Putting her handbag down on the floor Ruby sat down beside him and draped her arm around his neck, looking deep into his eyes.

‘You know when you said you liked my lips?’

Tim nodded as Ruby moved herself closer to him, ‘Well kiss them then.’

Ruby shut her eyes and puckered up adopting her familiar look of sheer innocence, and as always, it worked a treat as she felt Tim’s lips on hers. That was another thing Ruby loved on her cock sucking missions, that first kiss, and to all intents and purposes, Tim was a very good kisser. His lips felt as soft as marshmallow and Ruby gasped as their tongues entwined. Involuntarily, as if it had a mind of its own, her hand strayed to his cock.

The simple action was enough to make Tim groan as Ruby rubbed against the heavy stitching of the fabric that was housing her newest conquest. Pulling down his zip, Ruby felt the familiar eagerness and the need to test his cock in her mouth overcome her. Pulling Tim’s cock from the constraints of his boxers, she slowly started to wank him making him hard within her hands.

‘Oh God,’ Tim groaned. ‘Do you really not think it’s a bit soon for all this?’

Ruby shook her head before sliding herself off the settee and kneeling in front of him. Pushing his legs apart she ripped down his jeans and made herself comfortable. Her mouth was inches away from his cock and again she felt her insides ping and fizz. For her, this was always the best part, when she got to appraise the cock for the first time. Briefly, she leant back and feasted her eye on Tim’s and she had to admit it was pretty impressive.

Ruby felt her nipples harden as she noticed that times cock was already glistening with pre-cum and she hadn’t even given him any serious action yet.

Slowly Ruby lowered her mouth around his cock taking his whole length in one effortless stroke. As she tasted the saltiness of his pre-cum, she felt pussy twitching and softly pulsating in response.

She moved her mouth up and down his cock for a few strokes before paying attention to the tip of his cock that was a sizeable and firm circumference. She twirled her tongue around the base of it before clamping her lips around it and giving it a hard suck that caused Tim to gasp with veritable pleasure.

As her mouth worked its magic on Tim’s his cock, Ruby’s hand strayed down to her pussy and in time with the rhythm of her sucking, she rubbed the front of her pussy, before dipping her finger inside to measure how wet she was and she was getting very wet indeed.

She felt Tim’s hand on her head as he pushed her down, his fingers entwining themselves around her hair and giving it a tight tug. Now that wasn’t what she had been expecting, Ruby had a sneaky suspicion that possibly Tim wasn’t as innocent as she had first thought.

Moving her hand from her pussy, she moved her hands underneath Tim’s ass to give him more leverage. The action made him moan even louder.

‘Oh my God that is so dirty,’ he lustily groaned as she moved her finger around to his hole, all tight and enclosed like a puckered clam. She took her hand out from under him and gave her finger a dribble of saliva that would hopefully help her to gain easier access.

Slowly Ruby pushed her finger inside him and felt Tim’s butt cheeks clench, but Ruby wasn’t perturbed, she found that this was pretty much the norm for most men. Briefly, they would feel uncomfortable, no doubt thinking in the back of their minds that the fact they were finding it enjoyable made them homosexual somehow, but Ruby always ensured they overcame that particular line of thought.

As Ruby moved her mouth deep down Tim’s cock, she felt that familiar glorious Escort Trabzon feeling of her saliva gathering in her mouth before seeping down onto his balls, no doubt creating that lovely white foam that always reminded her of the crest of a wave suddenly crashing over a beige coloured sand off some desert island.

Knowing that no doubt Tim was preoccupied with her cock sucking skills, Ruby moved her finger deeper inside his ass that had miraculously relaxed. Further and further she probed him, knowing that her goal was to find his own particular g spot. With ease, she found that special walnut that with a little caressing would give Tim the best orgasm of his life.

‘Oh I’m going to cum,’ Tim grunted and Ruby’s lips momentarily moved away from his cock as she felt herself smile.

Of course, Tim wasn’t going to shoot his load, not yet anyway. She felt him arch his back as an orgasm cascaded all over his, his cries and gasps of pleasure filling the room, his pleasure bouncing off the walls of his apartment.

With her aim achieved Ruby slowly pulled her finger out of him, her hand gripping his hard cock using her own cock as a lubricant like a virgin would use baby oil.

She looked up at Tim, her mascara had started to seep at the side of her eyes with the deep throating she had given him and she knew that the rivulets of black horniness along with her red lipstick was going to completely blow his mind. Ruby watched as Tim’s face exploded with pleasure and amazement closing his eyes.

On her part, Ruby could feel his cock twitch and pulsate, telling her that his cum was imminent. She felt him grip her head tighter as she pushed her mouth onto him, his hand moving her head up and down as he fucked her mouth. Faster and faster he moved her until he suddenly reached the abandon that was always delivered by a guy ready to cum. Suddenly, even before Ruby had expected it, Tim shot his thick hot cum into her mouth, filling it with his delicious juices.

Ruby took it all before leaning back and opening her mouth, swirling the cum around her mouth so that Tim could see how much she had enjoyed his delivery before drinking it all down in one, revelling at the feeling of feeling the hot liquid pour down her throat.

Tim looked at her in astonishment before closing his eyes as he allowed his body to relax and enjoy his post-coital bliss. Ruby wiped her mouth and looked down at her hand, the familiar streak of red left by her ruby red lipstick that always seemed like a badge of honour.

Standing up she excused herself and went to the bathroom, picking her handbag up on the way. Once in Tim’s bathroom, Ruby washed the lipstick smear off the top of her hand before reaching down into her bag and pulling out her bottle of emerald green, peppermint mouthwash.

Pouring some into her mouth she swirled it around her mouth and enjoyed the minty tingle on her tongue and inner cheeks before spitting it out into the sink. Turning on the tap, Ruby swilled away the liquid before looking at her reflection in the mirror.

As she had predicted earlier, her mascara had seeped down the corner of her eyes. Quickly she wiped them away before reapplying her make. Giving her reflection a self-satisfied smiled she left the bathroom and returned to the lounge where Tim had managed to pull up his pants.

He smiled at her as she entered the room and Ruby felt the familiar sense of dread because she knew what was coming next.

‘Shall I get us some more wine?’ Tim asked.

Ruby obtrusively looked at her watch, ‘No, I can’t, I’ve got to go.’

She watched Tim’s face fall with disappointment, ‘Surely you can stay for one more drink?’

Ruby shook her head, ‘No can do, can you order me a cab, please? Or give me the number of one and I’ll call my own?’

‘I will call one if you insist?’ Tim’s mouth knotted with regret.

Ruby nodded and pointedly didn’t sit down; this was the bit she hated about her addiction, the goodbyes and the swift exits. The pressure of trying to make her escape as fast as possible was the only downside to her sexual penchant.

Fifteen minutes later Ruby was on her way home, looking out of the window she watched the city pass her by and she smiled to herself feeling sated. However, within an hour of arriving home, she found herself horny and once again needing cock.

Lying in her bedroom with a cool beer, Ruby went back to the dating site, looking for her next conquest like the sexual predator she was. Before doing so, she ensured that Tim had been dutifully blocked from contacting her, just like all the rest had. After all, there were so many cocks and so little time

At ten pm Ruby received a message of Guy.

‘Hey babe, what are you up to? Do you fancy meeting for a coffee?’

Ruby jumped out of bed and opened her drawer, now what lipstick would suit Guy?


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