Ruth Fires Back at Her Stepmom

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[This is the second story in an ongoing series. It will likely make more sense if you read the first one, Ruth’s Young Stepmom Dominates Her, but you can start with this one if you wish. The stories do feature spanking, incest, and discussion of women’s bodily functions. If these things are not what you want to read, proceed no further. All characters are over 18. My thanks go to some commenters who raised the issue of why Ruth had been so pliant.]


At 25, Ruth was irate, mostly at herself, for allowing her new, and younger at 22, stepmother to take control and humiliate her. Ruth had returned from university and had secured a good job and amiable friends, with whom she enjoyed getting together. But now, her father’s new wife had taken control over the house and, in truth, over her dad.

Ruth remembered that she could hear her late mother spanking him, so she should have realized that this was the kind of woman he wanted. Melissa had subjected Ruth to an embarrassing spanking, made her go to bed immediately thereafter, and then subjected her to servicing Melissa’s lady friends orally under their card table. One of them, Leslie, even took up Melissa’s offer to let her whack Ruth and the horrid woman actually took a cane out of her handbag and used it on Ruth’s already sore bottom.

Every day life for Ruth at her own home became more and more unbearable. Melissa found an excuse to spank her almost every day. When Ruth came home from work, she more often than not wound up over her stepmother-to-be’s lap. Melissa enjoyed patting Ruth’s nicely rounded bottom. She would spank her and then run her finger between Ruth’s legs and tell her that the fact that she had become wet showed that she craved Melissa’s discipline.

Truth was that Melissa got off on putting Ruth, her elder by three years, through her paces. Melissa had had a spoiled growing-up experience, but while her mother gave her everything, she also made her humble herself by attending to Gwen’s own needs. Her mother liked nothing more than having her darling daughter lick her quim until she came.

So now Melissa had started introducing Ruth to the pleasures, for Melissa that is, of oral service. Melissa had a prominent clit, too, which responded with delight to Ruth’s tongue motion. Then Melissa would turn over and have Ruth apply those same oral talents to her bottom-hole. This repelled Ruth, but although the indignity of it appalled her, the fact that had to lick Melissa’s ass clean, because Melissa was not above failing to wipe after she had a bowel movement, so Ruth was faced with its residue in and around Melissa’s cute little anal opening.

Ruth decided to move out. She waited until Melissa had left the house and managed to get her father alone. She lectured him in no uncertain terms that he had been responsible for her embarrassment and humiliation in addition to the pain—physical and mental—she had endured.

Harold tried to remonstrate with his daughter, but Ruth was having none of it. She told him he was a disgrace. After all, he had given in when Melissa told him she wanted him to wear pink panties under his suit, and Ruth added, she was sure that he would soon be spanked just as she had been by Melissa.

Ruth knew that Harold might promise her anything to get out of being lectured by her, and that he would easily surrender to Melissa once she returned and he tried to challenge her. But he hadn’t yet actually tied the knot with her, so she knew she had a little bit of an edge. It took her about five minutes to convince her pliable dad that he needed to pack up a small valise, as she would, and they would depart. She wisely did not tell him where they would go, for obvious reasons.

Then she returned to her room, picked up the bags she had packed which contained everything she would need, summoned Harold, who picked up his valise on her bidding and accompanied her to her car. They were off long before her awful stepmother returned to the house.

When Melissa did return, she didn’t immediately wonder where either of them were. After all, they both had day jobs, while she was free to lunch and converse with her friends and later get together with whoever she wanted to see for drinks. She had not brought Harold along because she didn’t want him to be tempted by these women in any way, even if they were seemingly her closest friends.

Eventually, she started making dinner, something she intended to foist on Ruth in the future. She also wanted to persuade Harold to hire a regular housekeeper who would assume many duties Melissa had no intention of performing. After some hours when neither Harold nor Ruth materialized, she began to fret and wonder if something was up.

There was nothing happening except silence in the house. Then Melissa noticed that Ruth’s bags which she had brought home with her were gone. She rushed into her bedroom and saw that Harold had taken some of his shaving set. She started to feel herself becoming upset and tried to calm down.

Ruth had first visited büyük meme porno a battered women’s organization way across town. A charming woman who was only slightly older than she was, who immediately introduced herself as Andrea, welcomed her and her father. Ruth, who was adept at business transactions in her job and thus was well equipped to describe what had happened in an organized way, coolly laid out for Andrea the situation in which she and her father found themselves.

Andrea listened and said she understood why the two of them had left their home. She told them they had both done the right thing and that she thought they deserved praise for recognizing that they had to deal with the bad situation Harold had allowed to occur. Then she called in her colleague, Lucille, who was clearly in her 30s or early 40s, Ruth figured. Lucille was the chief lawyer for the organization.

She began asking Ruth as well as Harold very pointed questions about exactly what had happened. Ruth’s face reddened as she described how she had been spanked, caned, and humiliated in several ways by her new stepmother. Harold looked sheepish, because he knew he had contributed to Ruth’s shaming by his reluctance to speak up to his fiancée when she started exercising dominance over his daughter.

Ruth decided she needed to give Harold a bit of punishment, too. She told Lucille that Melissa had already managed to make Harold wear pink panties under his suit as an indicator of her supremacy in the forthcoming marriage and in the house. Even the seasoned attorney had to smile when she heard this from Ruth but held her tongue. It was always better to let the clients tell their stories without her interrupting them.

After Ruth had finished, Lucille told her, as had Andrea, that Ruth had done the right thing. “You were certainly not a consenting adult, so she had no right to touch you,” Lucille, a tall, lean woman with bright sandy brown hair, declared. She said that it was helpful that Harold hadn’t yet given Melissa any power over his finances, since he had planned to do that after their wedding ceremony. She said the first thing they would do would be to go to his downtown bank and give Ruth total authority over them.

She led the two to her car and they set out on this errand. While driving, Lucille assured them again that they had done the right thing. She walked them into the bank and Harold, who knew the staff from his years as a customer, took them to the officer with whom he had been dealing for a long time.

It did not take long for Lucille to lay out what was required, and Harold showed some unusual firmness in quietly supporting her in each aspect of the transfer of authority to his daughter. The bank officer was a pleasant-looking woman of about 50 who had long been fond of Harold, and she finally asked him what this was all about.

“I’ve made a mistake in deciding to become engaged to a woman who has turned out to be all wrong, and who has abused my daughter,” Harold said calmly. “I’m truly ashamed of what I permitted to occur and that my dear daughter, Ruth, was treated so terribly. So, I’d like you to transfer the authority over all my accounts here to her.” He pointed to Ruth, who gave her a small demure smile.

Frances, the bank officer, brought back quite a few forms for both Harold and Ruth to sign. They completed that in a few minutes and Frances set Ruth up also with an ATM card. Frances then asked Harold if he wanted one. He said that he preferred that Ruth have complete control over these accounts.

Lucille then shepherded them back into her car. While driving she asked Ruth if she would be willing to press criminal charges against Melissa for her abuse, and possibly bring a civil claim as well. Ruth knew enough about this from her involvement at university in women’s groups, so she said she would be willing to do both.

“Excellent,” Lucille said. “Let’s stop at the office where I will draft papers and then we will go to the courthouse. At the office, Ruth asked where the ladies’ room might be. Lucille pointed her to the door. Ruth sat down in a stall and found she was crying out of mostly happiness. She took care of her needs and washed up before returning to Lucille’s office.

They left for the courthouse. Lucille had had them sign several papers which she had made them both read before they signed. She also had Ruth and Harold sign retainer agreements so she could enter her appearance. She told Harold that Ruth would be the one who made any decisions for them and Harold signed his agreement with that.

At the courthouse, they filed a Request for a Statement of Charges against Melissa. Then Lucille had them sign and she witnessed their affidavits she had prepared stating exactly how Melissa had mistreated Ruth. The female officer handling this desk smiled and told Ruth that it didn’t matter that she was an adult.

“No one has the right to hit someone else,” Officer Kathryn told her. “If she was your mother and çinli porno you were a minor, neither of which is the case, she could make an argument, but she cannot claim any basis for spanking you,” she went on.

Ruth blushed at the mention of spanking, but Officer Kathryn told her that she had received a good number of cases in which a woman had assaulted another. She said they would be notified when they would have to appear in court. Lucille told her to notify them through her, as she was the attorney.

That done, she led them to the civil domestic office, where she filed the papers against Melissa for abuse and assault. At the same time, she arranged for the marshal to serve Melissa with the papers. Then they departed.

Finally, at the office again, Ruth asked Lucille what she owed her. Lucille smiled and said that the organization would take her case because it was different from what they usually received. They represented indigents for nothing but since Ruth had a decent job, she was asked to contribute a reasonable amount. Ruth spoke privately then to Harold and said she would start by paying Lucille $1,000.00.

Lucille let a wide smile appear and thanked her profusely but in a reserved way. She told Ruth that every such contribution made it possible for them to represent women who couldn’t afford to hire a lawyer. This did make Ruth, and even Harold, feel good.

Ruth arranged for one of her college friends for them to stay at her family’s suburban house until they could locate a place of their own, temporarily. Lucille told them she would also move to eject Melissa from the house that was still in Harold’s name, so long as Ruth agreed.

Ruth told her to go ahead, and Lucille said she would have the same marshal serve Melissa with both sets of papers.

They arrived at Ruth’s friend’s place, which was a nice suburban house. Her friend met them there and told them that the family only used it on occasional weekends and in the summer. She had cleared it with her parents and Ruth and Harold could have it for as long as they needed it. Ruth told her they would try to find something but if they got Melissa out soon, they would likely return to their home.

Left alone, Ruth and Harold fell into each other’s arms. Ruth told her dad that she was very pleased with the support he had given her and that she would hope it turned out well for him. She didn’t even want to mention her stepmother.

The next day Lucille called to tell them that a warrant for Melissa’s arrest had been issued. She would telephone again to alert them when it was necessary for them both to go to court with her.

She called them again late that afternoon to tell them that the court hearing was scheduled for the next day. They were to appear at her office by 9 and she would take them. She only added that Officer Kathryn had told her that they had arrested Melissa and that she would be held until the hearing.

Lucille had prepared affidavits from both Ruth and Harold that detailed everything important that had happened to them; then she had them served on Melissa and filed them with the court.

Ruth was nervous as the time to leave for court with Lucille approached. Lucille noticed this and sought to calm her. “You just have to say what happened, Ruth,” she told her. “Don’t get into anything else.” She added that Melissa seemed to have found her own lawyer, but Lucille had no worries. She also advised Harold that he might have to testify and to just say what he had witnessed when asked. She then warned both of them to keep their cool because Melissa’s lawyer might try to shake or frighten them. She would make sure they didn’t get bullied.

Lucille was pleased when they checked the notice board in the courthouse lobby that she knew the judge to whose court they had been assigned. They went there, sat down a few rows from the front and waited. The judge took the bench soon after 10. They also saw Melissa being brought into the courtroom with her lawyer. She apparently was permitted to sit across the room with her lawyer. The bailiff who accompanied them told the courtroom officer that Melissa had been held and was still formally in custody until the hearing was held.

It took some waiting through several cases before their case was called. Lucille was called upon to state her case and she described how Melissa had taken Ruth over her lap and spanked her. Then Lucille explained that Melissa was not yet her stepmother and now never would be. She also went into embarrassing detail about the humiliating treatment Melissa had subjected Ruth to receiving from Melissa’s friends.

It was clear that Judge Justine Stevens was not pleased when she heard the statements from Lucille. She had presided over many hearings where Lucille represented women and generally felt she was fair and reliable.

Lucille called Ruth to the witness stand and she was sworn. She related what had occurred in a very calm manner, but she almost started crying when she got to değişik porno the part about Melissa’s friends. Then Melissa’s attorney rose and began to question her.

Ruth persevered, did not look at Melissa, and concentrated on remaining calm and answer Lucille’s questions directly but as briefly as possible.

She was then cross-examined by Helen, Melissa’s attorney. She knew this would not be pleasant and Helen did have way of trying to get her flustered, but she resisted rising to the bait.

Melissa’s attorney, Helen, then was given her chance to present testimony. She first called Harold, as a hostile witness. The judge allowed her to proceed on that basis.

Harold had been prepared for this happening by Lucille, so was less worried than he might have been. He had worn a suit and stepped up to the witness chair.

Harold managed to give brief answers to Helen’s leading questions.

Lucille then cross-examined him and brought out how terribly his intended wife had treated him. He did have to explain why he didn’t break up and throw her out.

Everyone in the courtroom looked at Harold, who was well-dressed but looked the part of a browbeaten husband before he even actually acquired that status formally.

Helen then summoned Melissa who said that everything Ruth and Harold had said was entirely made up. She said she couldn’t understand at all why they did it because she had been nothing but friendly and caring to them.

Lucille cross-examined her and asked her about each incident, as a way to impress upon the judge exactly what she had done. She denied each and every allegation.

Helen’s closing argument asserted that this was a question of credibility and that her client clearly was the more believable. She said that if Melissa ever seemed to be demanding, it was because she felt she owed Harold the gift of a well-ordered home and said she loved him very much. She said that despite Melissa’s kindness to Ruth, it had been repaid by nastiness.

Lucille then was given a last chance to rebut. She reiterated that Ruth could not have been expected to withdraw from what she had felt was her own home and that she realized her father would not protect her. Lucille was pleased, she said, to advise the court that Harold had recanted and confessed he had been wrong. She asked for Melissa to be evicted from residing in the home or visiting except to retrieve whatever possessions she had there. Lucille also always asked for a protective order requiring Melissa to remain apart from Ruth and Harold by at least 500 feet.

Judge Stevens had listened closely and had everyone wait in the courtroom while she drafted an order. She then read it and it ordered Melissa to leave the home by 6:00 P.M. that day and forbid her to come near Ruth or Harold closer than 500 feet. Lucille took a deep breath, rose and thanked the judge. Helen made herself rise and offered a perfunctory thank you.

Then Helen escorted Melissa from the courtroom quickly to make sure she got herself in no further trouble by starting a fight with Ruth and Harold.

Lucille waited for them to depart and then escorted Ruth and Harold out of the courtroom and from the courthouse to her car. Melissa or her lawyer were nowhere to be seen.

They drove back to her office and Lucille had them sign the necessary papers and told them she would file a civil suit for them against Melissa. She told them this would take a while to be heard and decided, but she would keep in touch with them. She also told them to call her on her cell phone if Melissa came anywhere near them or if they had any problems when they returned to the house. She advised them to wait until 7:00 P.M.

Ruth then drove them back to her friend’s place from Lucille’s office. She finally had the chance to hug her father, who promised he would never get himself or her into this kind of situation again.

They both relaxed in the house they had been given but would not even need to stay overnight there. Ruth went to the powder room and gave herself a refreshing face wash and checked out the makeup she had downplayed for her court appearance. Harold relaxed in front of the TV, finding some sports program to watch.

Lucille called and they asked if she might come with them to their home at 7:00 P.M. just in case there was any problem with Melissa. Lucille agreed to meet them near their home and then they drove separately and parked in the driveway.

Harold and Ruth picked up their suitcases from the car and Ruth opened the front door with her key. It still worked; she was pleased to find. They entered and there was not much different. Melissa had left the sink filled with dirty dishes and silverware and cooking utensils. She hadn’t either stolen or broken anything, it appeared, but Ruth did a doubletake when she entered the upstairs bathroom.

Melissa had apparently done her business, both ways, on the bathroom floor. Ruth was surprised but not shocked at how her almost-stepmother had behaved. Then she went into her own bedroom and found that her each drawer of her chest of drawers had been left open and her clothing strewn around the room. On her bed were all her panties and other lingerie, and most were ripped. She looked at the bed and, on her pillow, found a still wet and blood-soaked tampon.

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