Ryan Family Ch. 04

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Chapter 04: Carol Watches

She turned around and straddled my upper thighs, facing me. “I heard that girls’ tits get flushed after an orgasm. What do you think? Am I flushed, because that was one hell of an orgasm.”

I told her I couldn’t tell. “Put your hand on them,” she said. “Do they feel warm?” She moved up my body as my hands closed on her breasts. Her wet pussy brushed against the base of my cock, which was already becoming hard again. She felt it too, and began rubbing her pussy against it. More like grinding against it. Then she started lifting herself up just enough to spread her pussy juices halfway up the base of my cock.

“We can’t do this,” I said.

She rubbed her pussy the full length of my cock. I don’t think we could get any closer to fucking without actually fucking. “I’ve never come by fucking before. Not the way you made me come twice already today. I’ll come like crazy if you fuck me now.”

“I can’t. I promised Carol. We’re going to be each other’s firsts.”

Whatever she was going to say next was cut off by a beep coming from my computer. She got to my desk first, since she’d been on top of me. It was Carol, home from her evening out and ready for a videochat. Dina clicked “connect,” and Carol appeared on the screen. And Dina appeared on hers, naked.

I was so busted. “What the fuck…” I could see Carol saying.

“Don’t log off,” Dina typed. “I can explain.”

“You can try.”

“Okay, first of all, Mark and I just sucked each other off. He didn’t break his promise to you. No fucking. İstanbul Escort And it was all my doing, so blame me. You hate me already, so that’s okay.”

“I think I might hate both of you right now.”

“Carol, be realistic: I know you love Mark and he loves you, but you live hundreds of miles away from one another. You have no idea when you’re going to see one another again, and eventually one of you is going to need a good fuck. You know it’s true. Somebody’s going to break the promise.”


“I’m offering you a chance to at least watch Mark’s first fuck. Be a part of it.”

“What??” I said and I could see Carol mouthing the same word.

“Okay,” Carol typed after a long pause. “How are we going to work this?”

Dina told me to lie back down with my head on my pillow, and positioned my laptop videocam so that Carol could see both of us and I could see her.

“Get naked,” Dina typed. “Mark will be fucking me, but he’s going to be thinking about you.”

Carol hesitated, then began to undress. My cock might have deflated when she caught Dina and me naked, but watching her was getting me hard again.

“Now I want you to play with yourself. Get your pussy juices all over your fingers.”

“WTF??? I’m not doing that in front of you.”

“I have a reason. Trust me,” Dina typed and she began playing with her own pussy. Carol started as well. I could hear the slurping sounds coming from Dina, and imagined they were coming from Carol.

When Dina’s fingers were slick with her juices, she Escort Bayan told me “Pretend this came from Carol’s pussy,” and rubbed them all over my cock. Carol saw what was happening, and started finger-fucking herself much harder, and smearing her own pussy juices all over her small breasts and hard nipples.

Dina straddled me, making sure Carol could see. “I hope some day you’ll really get to fuck Carol,” she said to me. “When you do, I’m guessing she’ll really like this.” She took my hard cock and brushed it against her clit. “Mmmm,” she purred. “this thing’s good for more than just fucking.” she rubbed my cock hard against her clit, as if she were masturbating with it — I guess that’s exactly what she was doing — and said “oh god, fuckfuckfuck, fuck!” She took a moment to catch her breath, and said “Okay, this dick of yours just gave its first orgasm to a girl. I’m good and ready to be given a second one.”

“If your cock thinks it has pussy juice on it now, just wait until it sees how wet I am.” She lifted her body, guided my cock to her pussy lips, and lowered herself down, taking just the head of my cock inside her at first.

It felt amazing, better than anything I’d imagined, better that oral sex which I’d thought was the greatest feeling possible. Dina lowered herself a little more, allowing me to impale her maybe another inch. I looked over at the computer monitor. Carol was fucking herself with.. a vibrator? I assumed it was a vibrator, I’d never seen one before, had no idea Carol even owned one. She was fucking Eskort herself very slowly. That was so hot.

Dina looked over to the screen to see what I was looking at. “Who’d have thought?’ she said. “I wonder if she’ll go faster if we do.” and with that she pushed her body down, letting me fuck her with my entire cock. Then she started bouncing up and down quickly, her breasts swaying. It felt as if her pussy were contracting, sucking my cock deeper into it.

I looked over at the monitor. Carol was really into it now, using the sex toy to fuck herself harder and faster. She shook her head back and forth sideways, which I knew meant she was cumming, but she didn’t stop fucking herself.

“Do it,” Dina said. “don’t wait. Fill Carol’s pussy with your cum. I’m on the pill, so you don’t have to worry. Pretend I’m Carol. Give it to me, fill me up, make me pregnant, make Carol pregnant, it’s okay.”

I groaned and spurted into Carol’s pussy, into her womb — I mean Dina’s — once, twice, three time, four times until I felt drained. I couldn’t believe I could come that much, just minutes after Dina had sucked me off.

I could see Carol catching her breath after another big orgasm. She held her wet vibrator up to her computer’s camcorder so I could see it.

Dina had come moments after I had. She rolled off of me, not as out of breath as Carol, but tired and contented.

She picked up her panties, wiped her hands clean on them the best she could, and typed on my keyboard, “Carol, we might not like one another, and I’m not sure how you feel about what just happened, but I’m going to figure out some way to get Mark over there to see you. You guys need to be together.”

Carol took longer than she probably needed to cleaning her own hands, before she finally typed “Dina… you come too.”

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