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Aurora felt his intensity as soon as he walked in the room, even though she could not see him. It surrounded her completely filling her with a sense of ownership, even though she knew nothing of him. The one rule of the club was to not look up from where you stood in line until you were directly spoken to. She took a chance and peeked up through her lashes to see him. She gasped silently but knew she could be heard, as she saw his head swiftly turn in her direction. She blushed as she quickly looked down again. She felt her club hopes shatter in that split second to get a look at a man whom she felt compelled her to do so. The tears began silently to fall on their own reminding her as the tears wobbled on her chin that her status in the club was wobbling unless she was chosen.

The tears fell faster in intensity down her cheeks to end up on her chin before they fell as her heart sank with each individual one. This was hardly her first time here at the club, but it was her first time inline to be chosen by a Sadists as they made their way in to the club. It had taken her a few visits to realize that she wanted to be used as all the other girls had been used in the scene that she had watched as it intrigued and aroused her endlessly.

She continued to stare down at her feet. A movement from her left side caught her attention as a black pair of shoes came into her view. Her knees almost collapsed on her, she figured they were there to remove her from the club. A hand reached out, grabbing a handful of her hair pulling her face up as her eyes looked into a very green pair of eyes intently watching her. He quickly removed his hand from her hair to grasp her neck tightly in his hand as his words, “this one” came off his lips surprising her. Aurora went numb with relief as excitement took over her completely.

She was moved forward by him a couple of steps as a blindfold was placed over her eyes and a gag fitted to her mouth. The gag was uncomfortable but she wiggled her mouth some to relax it and it relieved the discomfort. She did not like it that the drool soon gathered at the sides of her mouth to spill over and drip onto her chest rolling down onto her nipple.

She turned her thoughts back as they started moving in another direction. She listened to his footsteps as she mentally counted them to know which direction they were headed into. He had moved his hands down to hold her wrists within his and directing her across the floor as continued forward. She realized from her count that they are heading toward the dungeon. She shivered at hearing his low grunts, bahis firmaları making known the door to the dungeon was being opened. It was a huge oak door that took strength to open it. She shook slightly as chills broke out on her skin, causing her nipples to tighten and harden into small points. Her feet also got suddenly cold as they stepped onto the cold concrete steps that lead into the dungeon.

This caused her stomach to clench in excitement as her pussy dripped with her arousal. She trembled not knowing what to expect this night. She had seen him briefly but was enough to see he had dark short black hair, a mustache with a goatee that enhanced his features into that of a very handsome pirate. He had stood out and appealed to her as no man has ever had before. That is what caused her physical reaction right away.

She was very happy she had decided to come this night. She had debated for a few hours and then got into her car and drove. When she got to the club, she stayed in her car wondering if she was doing the right thing or not. It was a fight to the end in which she got the courage to finally come in and stand inline for usage. She was very much into Sadist. She had not known when pain became a craving for her, yet she knew it was from her last boyfriend and she was grateful that he had taught her. Now she stood at the entrance to a dungeon with a Sadist Master. She groaned softly as she heard the door swing shut and the cold air hit her all over from behind.

He tightened his hand on her wrists and pulled her in front to walk behind her as he pushed her forward down the stairs into the inner sanctuary of the dungeon. She stumbled a few times but then got a rhythm going to keep her from falling down the stairs. She did not think she would ever get rid of the chills on her skin that caused her to shake from it. He knew she was cold as he grasped a robe from the wall hanging that he stepped down to. He laid it over her shoulders, chuckling as he felt her tense when he placed it on her.

Just as she became warmer under the covering, she was forced by him with his hand on her neck and the middle of her back to lay forward. She followed his lead with her head lying sideways with her belly and breasts on the rail of the horse as her legs were spread wide to the sides of her. Her pussy was on the edge of the horse with it dripping in arousal. Her clit was pressing into the horse throbbing with need as she heard the chains being rattled as he attached her ankles into cuffs with the chains attached to the ring in the floor. Her wrists followed suit kaçak iddaa to be down by her sides attached with the cuffs and chains.

She groaned and tried to move to get a little more comfortable, but the chains would not give they were tight. She sighed and listened as he began to whistle as he moved around. She could also hear the soft hum of the air conditioner as it switched on sending chills over her body with the cold air. She also heard a radio playing soft music in the background as well. She closed her mind to tune it all out except him. She shivered in anticipation of what was to come. She heard him grab something but was unable to identify the sound. She heard a light but sharp whistling as if it was overlapping itself. She realized it was a flogger and shook with deep arousal waiting for it to land upon her skin. She kept listening to it strike through the air, making her arousal go higher and higher.

He looked down between her spread legs to see her pussy and thighs drenched in moisture waiting for the first strike. He knew he was teasing her and chuckled out loud when she flinched as he struck his leg with the flogger. He knew if he did not use it correctly he could hurt her. He lifted his arm and flipped his wrist just right to see it splay across her skin as he wished it to do so bringing a cry out of her from the sting. He removed it and did so again higher above her tail onto the small of her back where she screamed out with the strike. He grunted with his own arousal at her cries from the pleasure and pain. The hits came slow as welts appeared upon her redden skin. He would soothe the spots with his hand as he rubbed her where he struck her to do it all over again. She kept crying out into the gag as spit rolled down the sides of it to land on the floor.

He stopped briefly to strip out of his shirt and his pants to relieve the ache that his hard cock was giving him being confined. He grabbed it, squeezed then stroked it before letting go to get back to what he was doing. He laid a few more strokes across her ass to make it a brighter red as he noticed how intensely her body was reacting to his flogging when he looked to see a puddle of wetness on the floor and more dripping. He put down the flogger to pick up the cane as he moved to give her a few strikes on her thighs. She screamed from the intense pain that was building into a heavy arousal storm inside of her. She crawled deeper into her mind to focus on the pleasure as the strikes ended. He placed the cane down as he reached down to stroke his cock that was engorged and dripping with pre-cum.

He kaçak bahis walked around the horse to the head of her stroking himself as he smacks her behind with his open palm to hear her cry out as his hand landed on the cane marks. He keeps stroking himself as he walks further up beside her head where it was turned from him. He reached out by grabbing a handful of her hair turning her to face him. He removed the gag and not giving her time to close her mouth he shoves his cock in hitting her throat gagging her as he moves back out while moans emanate from her throat before being cut off again. Her eyes water like crazy as she tries to lick and suck his cock as he uses her mouth. She is unable to and relaxes her jaw to take him further into her mouth and down into her throat.

He uses her throat brutally, groaning as he continues until he bows back bellowing out as his orgasm spews forcefully from his cock into her throat, emptying himself completely as he shakes from his release. She gasps over and over until he pulls his cock out of her mouth as she runs her tongue over her lips, gasping for breath. She could not grasp what was sitting at the back of her mind, but it was waiting for her to catch on to it.

He finally removes the chains and cuffs from her ankles and wrists as she moves slowly to get the circulation back into her ankles and wrists. He allows her to sit up slow as he helps her get off the horse and stretch herself. He places a posture collar on her neck with a corset on her body to shape her as he wants her. She looks up slowly from his lower legs to his thighs, cock, stomach, shoulders, to see the hood that covered his face. She froze unable to move as her heart accelerated and her body broke out into a sweat.

He stood still watching the reactions come over her all at once and watches her body sway as it falls into a faint. He grabs her and carefully lies her on the floor on the robe he retrieved for her as he gets his pants and shirt back on. He carries her up the stairs to the main room where no one was around lying her on a couch. He says a few final words to the hostess on his way out without a backward glance.

Aurora feels the darkness coming at her at lightning speed as the images of him taking her from the restaurant and forcing her into the alley way to take from her then as he did here at the club and leaving her behind to try to catch him to lose him in the crowd wondering who he was. Now here he is standing in front of her with that hood on again not believing it was really him. She knew it was him from all the signals her body had given her and the sudden reaction she had to him when he walked in the club. She let the darkness take her into its hands and let her escape it all with the name she came to call him, “Sadistic Throater.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32