Sam Steals Her Dad Ch. 02

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I sat in the back of my sister- in-laws station wagon holding Samantha, my 18 year old daughter, as she slept, like the precious cargo she was.

My mind was blown. Sammy had just sucked my cock, not once but twice! I was shaking like a leaf still at the thrill. I was ‘in love’ with her and had been for months. Samantha and I had always been close because she was my girl but in the last four months since her birthday our relationship hit overdrive!

Sam started working out with me, running every day, having stimulating conversations, Sunday snuggles…sports. I work from home half the time so I’m around a lot. At first I noticed I had different feelings for Sam and I was confused. But as the days slipped into sultry summer I realized that my relationship with my daughter was everything my marriage to her mom wasn’t. I felt guilty but my loyalties had changed.

Hayley, my wife, and I were passionately in love at one time. We were highschool sweethearts and had Samantha very young. For a long time Hayley and Sammy were my world. But as we ‘grew up’ we changed into entirely different people. I couldn’t stand the woman my wife had become. At 34 she was a shadow of the woman I had loved and given my life to.

Hayley didn’t shave anything. She was a new age spiritualist. Everything had to be natural. That’s fine but it’s not what I want in a mate. She was two years younger than me but looked 45 easily. It’s hard to stay in love like that.

I knew I wouldn’t leave her but i wasn’t happy either. I was in a mild depression over the whole mess actually. Then Sam bounced into my workout room. “Dad?” She batted those green eyes at me. The very same eyes as mine. “Can I work out with you?” I’ve had a perpetual hard on since.

This was only partially my fault. I hadn’t touched my wife sexually in a year. Hayley used to be a hottie. Raven hair and eyes. 5’5 and 100 lbs of curvy softness. Now she was going grey rapidly and had put on 50 lbs.

The adult Sam came along at the peak of my sexual hunger. She was stunning. Long blond hair, green eyes. 5’7 and 125 lbs. her waist was so tiny my two hands could span it. As we worked out she developed a heart shaped hard butt. Her beautiful breasts were a DD for sure. Her tummy hard and flat. My daughter was the ideal woman.

The other part was şehitkamil escort the teeny tiny workout clothes she wore. I’d have to be dead not to get hard watching her. But the nail in the coffin of my love for my wife was her indifference. She didn’t love me anymore. Sammy adored me. Her world revolved around me. She made me feel like a hunk. I was 6.5 of solid muscle. I took real good care of my body and at 36 could pass for 28 easily. My blond hair and green eyes had women staring all the time. Sam says I’m ruggedly handsome. I would be anything for her.

I looked down at her and discovered she was awake. My wife was driving with her crazy sister up front. Sam and I were alone in the back of the wagon. Her green eyes penetrated mine. My heart sunk. It seemed my daughter felt guilty for giving me the greatest pleasure I had ever known.

She whispered “Do you still love me daddy? Even though I was a bad girl and sucked your cock twice?” I hugged her close and told her I loved it and I loved her. She sighed happily. “Good because I don’t want to stop!” I was hard again. Sams warmth on my lap, her naughty words, her sexy body and my love for her all conspired against me in that moment.

Her hand found me and began to massage my rock hard cock. Sam started a naughty litany about wanting to rub her wet pussy all over me and wanting me to suck her hard nipples. I couldn’t last. “I’m gonna cum all over you Sam” I whispered. She slunk down and swallowed every drop. My heart was pounding. This was who I wanted. My sexy adventurous daughter. I wanted to be in her, around her and with her for life.

At the first hotel my wife announced that her and Margaret were sharing a room. That Sam and I could hunker down without her. Was she blind and stupid? Could she not see what was going on right under her nose? Or did she just not care? I slammed the motel door. We couldn’t get two adjacent rooms so our room was on one side, my wife’s on the other. No sooner than I turned around and Sam leapt into my arms. Her happy giggle tickled my neck. “Alone at last” she sighed. “Daddy? Will you fuck me?” I stilled in her arms.

“No baby girl” I said. “I will make love to you.”

I kissed her deeply for the first time. My tongue filled her mouth with strong şehitkamil escort bayan sweeping strokes. I knew I was overwhelming her as she gasped for breath but I couldn’t help it. My baby girl wanted my cock in her. And I was going to feed it to her too. How could I do anything but?

I started removing her clothes. She was right with me pulling my shorts off. As we got naked I slowed down. I wanted to relish my first view of my daughter, my lover. Her tits were better than I had imagined. I couldn’t have made up perfection like that. Her little pussy was clean shaven and the lips glistened wet in the light. My hard rod jumped and reached for her.

I pulled her into my arms. I was shaking. It was partly excitement but if I was honest it was fear too. I wanted this so bad and I didn’t want to screw it up! We moved over to the bed. I picked her up and laid her gently on it. Her eyes shone with love for me. God how I loved this woman! She waited to see what I would do. I climbed over her and she reached for me.

“No baby. This time it’s all about you.” She pouted a sexy pout. “But daddy… I want us to make love to each other.” I shook my head no. “I need to do this for you baby.” She gave up with a sigh, opened her legs and nestled back into the pillows. I made slow love to her all night long.

I started by kissing her mouth. Sweet soft kisses. My hands held her head still. As the heat built I kissed her in long passionate kisses. She started to wiggle underneath me. Her hand reached for my nine inch steel rod. I playfully slapped it away. I kissed down her neck and then sucked her nipple into my mouth hard. She nearly came off the bed. She moaned as I suckled the other tit and squeezed and rolled each nipple in turn.

I could smell her arousal. Her pussy was calling me so I licked and kissed my way south. My tongue entered her slick folds. My first taste of heaven. I sighed. Her hands captured my head. “No one has ever done this to me daddy” she said. “Your my first.” My mind boggled. I lifted my head. She smiled that sexy smile. “the most I’ve ever done is masturbate to your handsome face and suck cock.” I proceeded to lick and suck her virgin pussy.

I rolled my tongue over her hard clit and sucked it into my mouth rubbing escort şehitkamil it with my tongue. Then I slid my tongue down into her wet hole a wiggled it, lapping up her juices. She came all over my face. I was so turned on by her that I wanted her to taste herself on me so I kissed her passionately.

Then I slid my mushroom head into her still pulsating pussy. It was so tight I could hardly get in. I stopped at her hymen. I slid gently in and out amidst her pleasure cries. Sweat was beading on my forehead. The effort it took not to simply slam into her virgin body and rock my cock. I pushed gently. “Baby this is going to hurt. There is no way around it…”

“Just do it daddy, break my Virgin cunt.” I slammed home. I took her cry of pain into my mouth and laid very still while she adjusted to my cock in her tight wet hole.

Slowly I began to rock as I suckled her breast. After a minute she gasped and started rocking back. I increased the tempo, slamming in harder and harder. I couldn’t believe she could take my full length! Her tits were bouncing as I drove into her. She grunted and moaned as my tip mashed into her cervix over and over. Her tight pussy exploded milking my cock. I swallowed her cries with my mouth as I shot my load into her freshly deflowered womb. We were both panting. I was still rock hard!

Sam slipped out from under me wincing. She lowered her head and cleaned me off with the comforter. The blood was there right in the middle. “Let’s shower.” She took my hand and led me to the bathroom. She turned the shower on hot and slipped in. I climbed in behind her.

My cock was looking for her but I knew she would be to sore so I grabbed the soap and lubed up my solid member. Then I reached out and spread her ass cheeks. I soaped her up good. I slipped one finger into her. She grunted but tried to relax. I slid two fingers in her and sawed them in and out with my soapy hand. Then three fingers. When she was comfortable I lifted her onto my slippery cock. I watched her tight ass eat my cock.

It was sooo hot! I ravished her asshole. It was so tight and so good. I slammed her down on my cock over and over. She bounced around on me as water slid down her. I couldn’t hold out long. I was on my fifth orgasm of the day! I shot my full load. My flaccid cock slipped out.

We washed each other up and towelled off. We fell exhausted into bed. As I spooned my daughter I realized that I had taken every virginity she had. I was her first everything. I felt my cock stir again. She wasn’t my first love but she would be my last. Loosing her would kill me. I fell asleep with my wood between her legs and my heart in her hands.

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