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Welcome to my first ever story. As with a few other stories on this site, this is designed to be a slow burn, lesbian romance. There are no sex scenes in this chapter, which is quite short, as I’m hoping to get feedback on writing style and flow as I write the following sections. Whilst not all chapters will contain kink, this is amongst other things a D/s story, the themes of which will develop as we go. If that’s not your thing, then you might not like the story. Please rate and leave some constructive criticism as you are willing and able!


The dull sound of my head hitting the table went unnoticed amid the typical noise of a full bar on a Friday evening. I rested my forehead on the smooth surface, taking a deep breath before sitting up again and emptying half my glass. I closed my eyes, letting the dark rum warm me, and breathed out some of my frustration. By the time my eyes were open again, Kate was sitting opposite me, looking at me with concern, and some pity.

“I think you just set a new record Samantha. 10 seconds sat down, drink untouched, and back out the door.” Typical Kate, trying -succesfully- to make me smile, and let humour diffuse the situation. I sighed, and gently pushed the untouched glass of red wine towards her: “You might as well drink it Kate, since it’s been paid for. One of us should get something out of this..”


“I was going for fiasco, but disaster works just fine” I replied before taking a more measured sip of my glass. I looked around the bar, seeing only a few people turn away suddenly. My leaving less than 60 seconds after walking in had been so obvious, I was surprised more people weren’t staring at me. Kate drank some of the offered merlot, and asked gently: “Did she say anything?”

I looked at her, feeling my cheeks flush at the all-too-recent memory. “She did. Nothing worth repeating”. Kate, as usual, saw right through my avoidance tactic, and put her hands gently around mine. “let it out hun. You’ll just repeat it over and over otherwise, and you don’t need that”. She must be worried, since she used the heaviest argument first. She has always known exactly what I’ll do, and how my mind works.

I took another sip of rum, closing my eyes again before repeating the sentence. “You’re not pretty and passing enough for me to be seen with you”. Another breath, shuddering slightly, as I felt the corner of my eyes sting a little. Kate moved herself around the table and took me in her arms, holding me tight, letting me process. “Don’t you pay any mind to her now, hun. You know that’s total bullshit!” I nodded slowly, feeling two tears escape my eyes as I struggled to not just bawl my eyes out in the middle of the bar. Kate hugged me tighter whilst I took a deep breath, and then nudged me over so she could sit properly.

I took solace in her arms, for just longer than necessary, and then sat up straight again, tightening my shoulders to let her know I was okay. “Thanks Kate. I’ll be okay, I think. Better to know straight away, right?”

She gave me a thin smile and nodded. I could tell she wanted to say more, but had stopped herself — we had gone down this road far, far too many times. “Best get back to your boy now hun — I’ll be fine now she’s gone. Thanks for being here, again” — I pushed a stronger smile to her as I said the words, to let her know I did actually mean it, and she didn’t have to stay.

“Oh Samantha… fine, I’ll go, but you’re coming over tomorrow for lunch. Promise?”

I smiled again as I replied “of course — I always come for lunch on Saturdays, remember?”

She laughed, squeezed my shoulder, and stood up to leave. “See you at 12 then. Don’t drink too much!”

I snorted as she left, laughing at me over her shoulder. We both knew I was just as likely to run home now as I was to sink another 4 drinks just to get over my abysmal evening, and she’d find out which it was when I showed up tomorrow for my near permanent invitation to lunch. I closed my eyes and took another sip of rum, trying to decide which it was to be myself. When I opened them again to scan the room, I saw Beth the bartender talking with another woman at the bar. Just as I went to look past them to the wider room, Beth looked at me for a second, then back to the woman, shaking her head. The woman’s body language changed from relaxed to surprised, then back again, and I saw her look at me. After a few seconds she turned back to tuzla escort Beth and ordered another drink, so I took my phone out to see a text from Kate saying she’d got home safe. I saw a shadow over the table as I put it away, and looked up to see the woman from the bar standing next to me, holding another glass of rum, and her own drink. She tilted her head at the empty chair: “May I Intrude?”

I nodded briefly, and she sat down gracefully before placing the rum next to my now empty glass. She raised her own in a toast which we shared, but then stayed silent, looking at me place my glass back down. Before I could get a firm hold on my temper, I said: “Thank you for the rum. Why should I answer your questions?”

I’d expected surprise, confusion, maybe even recoil. Instead the corner of her lips barely twitched, and her eyes narrowed a fraction. “To distract you from how terribly you’ve been treated so far, of course”.

I smirked slightly, and replied back “Are we including you trying to get the lowdown on my life from Beth in that statement?”

Now I had her, or so I thought. She stayed quite still, and then placed her hands on the table on either side of her glass. “Yes, we are. I should have just asked you, but hadn’t wanted to make your evening worse. Should I leave you be now?”

I looked at her for a second too long, which she must have taken as a yes. Before she could stand up fully, I quickly said “please stay”. She looked at me and hesitated before sitting back down again, and waiting. I knew the game we were playing, but for once didn’t care for it much. “I’m sorry. You’re right that I’ve had a rough night, but I shouldn’t take it out on you. Let’s start over — I’m Samantha.”

She smiled, a natural, pleasing smile, and now placed her hand on mine, giving it a small squeeze. “Think nothing of it Samantha, I’m sure you can make it up to me..Later. I’m Louise”.

I raised my eyebrow at her comment: “Oh, there’s going to be a later, is there?”

She smiled some more now: “Well, that’s why you were here tonight”.

I realised it hadn’t been a question. “Yes it was, though I like my… “laters”… to happen quite a bit later”.

This was the first test tonight, and I found myself hoping she passed it. She must have sensed it too, despite not hesitating. “Quite a bit later then”.

I let out the breath I was holding, and took another sip of rum. “What was it you asked Beth?”

“What your story was”.

I let out a small surprised laugh. “Such a small question!”

“She normally answers it with a lot of insight. You must know her well for her to refuse”. Her tone was curious, revealing just how surprised she’d been at Beth’s silence, but not upset.

“We both do, apparently.” I took another sip of rum, and then cut to the chase: “so Louise: why should I answer your questions?”

Her smile reassured me my boldness was welcome: “Because unlike your abortive meetup, I do want to get to know you. I know that your curls are natural, you like rum, your friends are loyal, and you’re not desperate for attention. Just enough to tantalise me”

I grinned at her cheekiness. “I wouldn’t want to just tantalise a confident, self-assured woman who normally gets everything she wants, now would I?”

“Assuredly not Samantha!” she smiled broadly now. “You might find yourself having to make up for a lot…. Later”.

I laughed louder now, enjoying the slight verbal sparring, which seemed superficial but which we both knew, instinctively, wasn’t. I kept smiling and raised my eyebrow again: “You’re tempting me now. One question then, before I go”.

Her own smile was bright, full of humour, as she tapped her teeth pretending to think. I was focusing on her nails, of a lovely deep purple, when she stopped, looked straight into my eyes, and shocked me for the first time.

“How many other people know you’re submissive?”

Several things happened all at once, which anyone caught in an embarrassing situation will be familiar with. My heart rate sped up, my insides felt like they were both freezing and boiling all at once, my brain slowed down, and the only thought I could produce was something along the lines of how could she possibly know that!?!?

From her perspective of course, I imagine the only obvious signs were my possum-in-the-headlight look and the flaming red of my cheeks. I’ve always blushed easily, especially from embarrassment, and this time it felt spectacular.

Knowing pendik escort how lost I could get in my own mental meanderings, I tried to buy myself some time (and maybe uncover some teasing on her part) with an eloquent “I’m sorry, what?”

Louise leant forwards a fraction, and repeated her question, though a touch more slowly. “How many other people know you’re submissive?”

Her smile remained, but the humour there had been replaced with a fragile intensity, which told me that whilst she was fairly certain that I was in fact submissive, a sliver of doubt remained. This, more than anything I think, made me pause again.

I took another sip of rum, realising that my glass was nearly empty, and tried to infuse my voice with as much confidence as possible given the way the evening had gone so far. “Four.”

Her eyes widened at my statement. She clearly thought I was submissive. Was she surprised at the precise, small-ish number? Perhaps she’d not expected me to acknowledge I was. Her gaze never faltered, but she seemed to hesitate now, and took a deep breath herself, before settling. “Thank you for being honest”.

I nodded, acknowledging her thanks. I was very slightly taken aback at the lack of a follow up, and thought for a second before I gave her a small smile: “That gets you a second question, but then I get two of my own.”

This time she didn’t have to think at all. “Why tell me the truth?”

I pondered that, mostly because I wasn’t sure of the answer myself. I glanced down at my hands, trying to not fidget too much, then back at her. She was still leaning forwards, but trying not to show just how interested she was in my answer.

“I’m not sure, actually. Nobody’s ever asked me that particular question before. You… you’ve been nice to me, thoughtful, honest, and…direct, and it’s made me want to repay you in kind I suppose.”

She tilted her head at me, her smile widening a little bit. “I always find niceness and honesty are key in any… conversation”. The way she said it made me think maybe it wasn’t a conversation she’d been thinking of, and I was about to comment when she leaned back and picked her glass up to finish it, giving me a slight wink in the process “Your turn, Samantha. Two questions… Any questions”.

It was my turn to sit back, and pretend to think about what I wanted, although I’d already made up my mind when I’d suggested the reciprocity. “Why does that information matter to you?”

She had already opened her mouth to start replying and then stopped herself, as though the question was not quite what she’d expected. “That’s a very good question, so I’ll be honest in turn — most unattached submissive women I meet are either new to this world, with very little experience of exploring their kink with others, or have gone through so much experience that they carry a tremendous amount of … let’s just say baggage. I’m at the stage of my life where I don’t have the energy for either extreme.”

I remained silent for a while, thinking about her answer, before I stood up quickly and told her I’d be back soon. Walking to the bar, I took a second to measure my breathing, and asked Beth for a refill on both our glasses. As she handed them over, I tilted my head back in Louise’s direction and engaged the bartender in an exchange which we’d both become quite familiar with.

“Is she safe?”

Beth nodded once. “Very. Model behaviour, never heard bad things”.

My heart rate sped up a bit. “Player?”

“No. Meets people here but treats them like people, not objects”.

“Is she… open?”

Beth looked at me, uncertain for the first time. “I don’t know. I’ve never seen her interact with another trans person”.

“Thanks Beth. 2 out of three ain’t bad” I smiled and walked back to Louise, placing her drink in front of her and raising my glass again. This time she beat me to it, with another slight smile to take the sting out of her words: “Beth was more forthcoming for your questions then.” Her tone made it obvious it was a statement, not a question, so I just grinned in reply, and savoured the warmth of the rum on my tongue before reaching forwards and let my hand rest face up on the table. “She was indeed, and helped me decide on my last question”.

She leant forward to gently place her hand on top of mine, not in it, but far enough that her nails settled on my palm, and spoke in a stage whisper: “If I can answer your next question before you aydınlı escort ask it, do I get another one?”

I laughed as I opened my palm further, letting her in, delighting in our easy banter. “Yes, but if you get it wrong I get a third question instead!”

She smiled widely, and I quickly noticed her perfectly symmetrical canines before she turned my hand around on the table and held it between both of hers. Her touch had gone from a teasing caress to a reassuring pressure, and I found myself hoping the next question topic would be my gender. It was only for a second, but it surprised me, before the rest of my brain argued that such a topic so early meant I clearly wasn’t passing as much as I’d like, and therefore was best avoided.

As it was, Louise’s next words were completely different: “I’m after a relationship with… a balanced energy exchange. I want to give as much as I take, to learn as much as I teach, to have emotions and needs match on both sides of the scale. If that’s not you at this moment in time, then no harm done, and we can get to know each other without the pressure of where we might be headed. If it is you…” Her words trailed off, and her touch returned to teasing as she slowly scraped her nails across my palm and down the length of my fingers, resting her hand on the table afterwards.

I shivered. My skin has always been sensitive to light touches, and I knew as she glanced down she could see my entire arm covered in goosebumps. She smiled again, a more simple, happy smile, trying to lighten the mood: “well, did I get your question right? Did I?”

That made me laugh again, and I nodded, caught up in her enthusiasm. “You know you did! Now ask your next question already!” I finished by slightly poking my tongue out at her, matching her previously childlike tone.

“Now, now, Samantha, mind your manners!” She scolded me gently, still smiling, and sent shivers down my spine. It was a light teasing tone again, but underneath, at its core, I heard something I’d not heard from her before. A deep, strong center of self-confidence, of strength and determination, around which a multitude of emotions, of tones, of actions could be built. It was the kind of voice I’d heard only a handful of times before, and only one other person had ever used it with me specifically. Hearing it again made my body respond more than I expected, and I realised just how much I wanted to be spoken to in that voice some more.

Louise saw it all, and looking at her I realised the incredible exchange we’d just had in just a few seconds. Having established that I was a submissive, Louise had just shown me that she was a dominant, and from the look in her eyes, it had been very deliberate. She only moved her hand, placing it over mine again, and her touch now held the same confidence as her voice. I marvelled at how much information, how much emotion she could convey through her touch and her facial expressions alone. “Will you have dinner with me tomorrow Samantha?”

My breathing was fast and shallow all of a sudden, and I realised that in that short moment, I’d lost most of my confidence. I quickly grounded myself, and felt my imaginary armour snap back into place, though I knew it was neither as strong nor as complete as I was used to. I squeezed her hand back and was relieved to hear my voice didn’t waver: “I’d love to Louise. Shall we say here again, at seven?”

She seemed a bit surprised at my response, and hesitated for an instant. “That sounds great. I have to leave, but I didn’t want to miss out on the chance to spend more time with you.” Her voice had gone back to the tone it had had all evening, and she gave my own hand a very brief touch as she grabbed her handbag to stand up. “I look forward to continuing our questions tomorrow.” She winked and smiled again before heading over to speak to Beth, and then leaving the bar, waving at me as she went.

I’d barely got over my shock at her very sudden departure before Beth slipped into the chair in front of me and spoke in her typically fast, no nonsense voice: “Samantha? You Ok? What just happened?”

I gave her a slightly disconcerted chuckled as my breathing started up again. “I’m okay thanks Beth. I think… I have a date tomorrow, and I’m much more confident about this one!” My smile grew as I spoke, and the look of hope I gave Beth must have been obvious given her return smile. “I can guarantee you the food will be good!” she quipped before we both laughed, and I felt my emotions dance a little within me. I had a date for tomorrow! With a self-confident, dominant woman who could literally take my breath away. I downed the rest of my rum, trying to not panic all of a sudden.

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