Sammy’s Cafe

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This is my first story so please leave feedback so that I can improve on my stories or yeah…


It was hot, as in ‘I think I’m going to melt’ hot. So I show up for work in a light orange singlet and denim shorts, not the best combination for work but I have no other choice.

“Hi Sammy. It’s really hot today isn’t it?” I say, looking at my hunk of a boss. Sammy’s 19 to my 18 but is probably the hottest guy in the mall. He has amazing brown hair that flops around when he laughs and is ever so tall.

“Yeah, it is. And I see that you’re dressed for the weather? You look like you’re going to the beach straight after work!” Sammy says, looking me up and down with a look in his eyes that I’ve never seen before.

“Haha, yes I am. But you look like you’re ready to return back to your apartment.” I reply with a wink.

Straight away, a customer walks in, a male one, he walks in with an amazing guitar. I want his guitar.

“Hi,” I say, smiling. “What can I get you?”

“Hi, uh.” He starts, looking me up and down. From the way that I’m standing, he can almost see all of my 34C boobs, but I don’t move when I see him try to adjust himself. “Could I get a decaf please?”

“Yep sure.” I say “Would you like to wait here for it or would you like me to bring it over to your table?” I ask

“I’ll Avcılar Escort wait here thanks.” He replies

“Sure.” I move over to the coffee machine and bend over to get a cup from the sink, giving him a good look at my ass. “How’s the weather outside?” I ask when I get back up.

“It’s boiling. Half of the people out there are shirtless.” He laughs

“Well, I guess I’d be useless out there with all the competition!” I join him in laughter.

“Hey Kylie!” Sammy yells from the kitchen. “Can you come in here for a moment? I need to talk to you.”

“Sure thing!” I yell back. I slip my number next to the guys coffee and leave to the kitchen. “What’s up Sammy?” I ask.

“I’ve… I’ve got something to tell you. But I don’t know how you’re going to take it…” He says, unable to take his eyes away from my boobs.

“Well, tell me! You know I can’t stand not knowing something.” I reply.

“Okay, I’ll tell you, no actually, even better, I’ll show you.” He says, he starts to lean in. He smells like roasted coffee.

Before I know it, he kisses me, deeply and hungrily, and next thing I know, I’m kissing him back.

Sammy lifts me onto the table. “Are you okay with this? I don’t, I don’t want to be accused of rape or anything.” He looks away.

I grab his head and turn it so that Avcılar Escort bayan he’s facing me. “I guess I have something to tell you too. I want you.” I whisper into his ear.

Before I get the last word out, he’s taking off my singlet, revealing my bare breasts. He starts to massage them, licking them and pinching my nipples at the same time.

I moan loudly and he takes off his shirt, showing off his amazing tanned body and his six-pack. I trace my fingers from his collar bone down to his belt. Slowly, I take them off.

“Be fast Kylie, make it nice and fast.” He moans

So I take his jeans off revealing his boxers. I start to kiss his semi-hard 9″ dick through the thin fabric while he works on my shorts.

I lift up one leg after the other when the shorts reach my ankles. He starts to rub my clit through my thin cotton panties.

“Mmmm…” I moan, unable to control myself.

He pushes my panties aside and starts to lick my clit, gently, too gently.

“Ohh,” I moan, “Please Sammy, please go faster, I can’t take it anymore!” He quickly obliges and starts to lick me till I cum and he licks up every drop.

To return the favour, I bend down, slowly and sensually, pulling down his boxers at the same time.

I start to lick the head of his dick and light up when I hear him start Escort avcılar to groan. I pick up the pace and put the whole thing in my mouth. Gosh, he’s so big! I think to myself. Just then, I feel that he’s about to cum and get up.

I bend over and hold onto the table. “Sammy, please, please take my virginity.” I say.

“Are you sure you want this Kylie? Because I want you to be sure that you want me to do this.” Sammy replies, his eyes shining with lust and desire.

“Yes Sammy, I’ve never been so sure of something in my life before.” I say.

“Then it’d be my honor Kylie. Are you ready?” I nod in response.

Sammy teases his way into my pussy. He’s so big. Eventually, he gets half of his dick in and my pussy is pulsing around it.

“Put it in Sammy! I want all of it!” I yell, barely able to stand up.

“Okay.” He says, and he starts thrusting. I feel his balls slap against my ass, keeping perfect rhythm.

I start moaning, louder then ever before and before I know it, I’m cumming, harder than ever before. Sammy goes even faster, hornier than I was earlier.

He shoots his load up my pussy and we both slide down onto the ground.

“I-I…” Sammy says. “I don’t know why…”

To shut him up, I lean in and kiss him. “I’m falling in love with you Sammy.” I whisper into his mouth.

“Excuse me!!” A voice yells from outside. “Can I pay for my coffee now please?”

We get up, Sammy deciding that he’ll go outside this time.

Oh no, I think, I’m going to go on a date with the guy outside and I just told Sammy that I loved him.

Part 2 coming soon: When Boats Collide.

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