Santa Baby

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We gave up on trying to get pregnant. My sperm count was tested and found remarkably high and lively. Her eggs were extremely fertile. No matter how often we tried, it never happened. Rachyl even participated in a new In-Vitro innovation which failed. Nothing seemed to work until that one Christmas Eve night.

The office party itself was another dull affair. I do believe Rachyl enjoyed it more than I did. Rachyl had taken off the day before to prepare. Considering she was the mild, meek accountant of the firm, the one everybody forgot about, her desire to symbolize the holiday was foremost in her preparation.

Being Christmas Eve, Rachyl had wanted to go all out. Her normally straight blonde hair had been shampooed, cut, and styled with soft flowing curls to garner attention. The manicure gave her long, shiny nails, painted gaily in bright red, with flecks of white, giving them the resemblance of snowflakes.

Heads turned as we were walking into the party. Her red miniskirt had a red frilly lace tulle fringe under the hem; the top was cut to show her cleavage, as well as her tight, taut abdomen, all held together with a candy cane and bow. Four-inch patent leather black open toed heels held her up, while the mid-thigh red and white striped stockings were buckled with a belt, gift wrapping her legs. She topped it off with a red Santa shawl, fringed in white fur and tied with a ribbon. She looked like the sexiest Mrs. Claus you could imagine.

She paid no outward attention to the glares from the women, or the leers from the men. She held on to my arm lightly as she swayed her sweet ass walking in the grand hall. I carried our presents for the Children’s Charity and we made our way to the massive Christmas tree in the back. Once we reached the tree, I allowed Rachyl to place the presents underneath.

Taking each from my arms, she slowly bent over at the waist, keeping her legs separated shoulder width and her knees straight. Knowing the crowd would get a magnificent view, I chose to focus on the tree. Each present was placed carefully, taking ten to fifteen seconds locating the exact position. Mind you; Rachyl was wiggling her sweet, tender ass side to side, and I could hear a pin drop from the lack of sounds behind us.

Oh, did I forget to mention? Rachyl had left an incredibly special gift unwrapped.

Once completed, we wandered off to the bar and buffet. Rachyl accepted a flute of champagne while I asked for a double Glenmorangie 30yr neat. With drinks in hand, we lightly filled our saucers with the different offerings, taking minuscule measures. Neither of us was hungry, but considering there was alcohol, it was a sage thing to do.

During the passage to our assigned workbench, we could sense the others at the party. Whispers and titters from the ladies, gasps, and quick intakes of breath from the men, Sefaköy Escort each drove us on with ever growing joy. Once we sat and began to enjoy our dinner, we chatted about the various looks and whispers we encountered. Each, in their way, helped us relax and enjoy the party.

Over the next few hours, many more drinks were enjoyed by all present, with the crowd getting more relaxed as the evening wore on. Some of the ladies even came over, leaving their husbands behind, to mention they were jealous of Rachyl. Not of her beauty, which she had, but of her courage. Each of them wanted similar regalia, they inferred, but we knew it was the alcohol doing the talking.

Santa arrived right on time, prancing down the red carpet and positioning himself on the mantel of his throne. Decked out in his bright red fur suit and shiny black boots, he looked the part. His silky snow white beard looked real, as did his rosy cheeks. His clear silver eyes bestowed a glint of joy, along with a hint of hidden mischievousness. No one knew who he was or if the firm had hired him.

It was easy to tell who was in attendance. Based on our count, everyone was there. Rachyl and I both looked among the men in the room to see if someone was missing, but it seemed every male was in the audience, from the lowly mail clerks to the CEO.

One by one, Santa called the ladies up to sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted Christmas morning. The first of the ladies sat daintily on Santa’s knee, whispering in his ear only to recoil in shock when Santa announced to those in attendance that she wanted an outfit just like Rachyl’s. The ladies in the crowd all chattered and cackled, while the men laughed uproariously looking back and forth between her and Rachyl.

Each lady in succession had a chance to offer up a playful craving, some more exotic than others. After spending about ten minutes on Santa’s knee, laughing and playing with his beard, it was time for the next lovely lady. The men were shocked at their wife’s hunger and yearning, other times they were embarrassed. As evidenced by the all-encompassing grins, there were a few who were exceedingly pleased.

As the night wore on and got closer to midnight, it soon became apparent Rachyl’s turn was last. At the appropriate time, standing up and smoothing down her miniskirt, Rachyl sauntered up to Santa. I’m sure the men were hoping for something salacious, while the ladies waited with breathless anticipation on what Rachyl would ask Santa.

Once she arrived, rather than sitting on Santa’s knee, she straddled his lap, placing her cute ass squarely on Santa’s bulwark. Wrapping her arms around him, she leaned in for a kiss. Soon it was apparent there was a tongue battle for reign, with Santa enveloping Rachyl in his arms while his mouth and snowy white beard enfolded hers.

As Escort Bayan they continued their duel, Rachyl leisurely maneuvered her left hand down between them, so it nestled in Santa’s lap. Slowly and deliberately, she unbuckled his shimmering silver belt buckle, released the trouser hook holding the top closed, and unbuttoned the breach gaining access to his rapidly growing member. Reaching in and wrapping her delicate fingers around his pole, she lifted slightly and targeted his entry into her blazing chimney.

She slowly slid down Santa’s baton, coming to rest on his thighs. Though it was evident she settled on the hearth, Santa lifted slightly and put the last touches on the final landing with an audible sigh. Santa lowered his hands to Rachyl’s firm ass, gripping it firmly as he gaily lifted her up.

With nary a care nor a worry, Rachyl and Santa’s actions presented us with a view the crowd found hypnotizing, while I just watched in pure amazement. Not a soul was stirring, not even the house staff. We became a captive audience as the two frolicked on Santa’s throne.

Using Santa’s manual assistance, Rachyl placed her hands on his broad shoulders and jockeyed his pole, flying through the stages of exhilaration with enthusiasm. Gasping and groaning, faster and faster, the dance of lust became a blur of emotion and glee. Rachyl’s molten core was flowing, covering Santa’s rod with a blizzard of her essence and roasting his chestnuts.

The two of them were caught up in passion, love was nowhere evident, as it became rapidly noticeable Rachyl and Santa were ardent lovers. She threw her head back, mouth opening with only ethereal sounds emanating. The hunger and fervor of the moment ensnared her whilst he began lifting his ass as she lowered herself.

This exhibition of lust was no ordinary love making session, nor was it mere fucking. His cock was ravaging her pussy, but this was pure hunger on a grand scale. Each thrust of his hips drove his organ deep, splitting her labia apart. On the flip side, Rachyl was grinding her clit against his pubis with each crash of her hips onto his.

Rachyl’s pussy was flowing with each descent. The secretions oozing as she plummeted downward soon coated his trousers, the wetness spreading further as time passed. His tube plundered her opening, driving deep and filling her completely.

Suddenly, an incomprehensible sound radiated throughout, and the room filled with a blinding light. Nothing moved, nor could I hear a noise except for what I thought was a distant roar. I looked at my watch, seeing hands strike midnight.

As I looked up, silver and white shrouded the hall, and neither Rachyl nor Santa was anywhere in sight. I failed to see anything or anyone, including the rest of the partygoers. A sudden maelstrom had hit, obscuring everything in sight.


Around istanbul Escort 5:00a Christmas Day, I awoke to the jingling of bells. I even heard what I swore was snorting, nickering, and whinnying outside. Shaking my head to clear the newness of arousal, I could only remember arriving at the Christmas party the previous evening with Rachyl by my side. Reaching over I found the bed empty. I was alone.

Throwing the covers back, rolling over and standing up carefully, I grabbed my robe and went to the front door. Opening it wide, the sight on the front lawn was wondrous indeed.

There was Santa in all his regalia, the bright red suit, shimmering silver belt buckle holding his polished black belt around his belly. There was his glorious golden sleigh powered by Rudolph and the gang. They were pawing at the ground, rooting for food or grass to eat.

There was my loving wife, Rachyl, cloaked within a glowing aura, her cheeks slightly pinkened from the sleigh ride. Shaking my head, memories came cascading back to me. There she was, vigorously enjoying herself on Santa’s lap.

Her beaming face told me all I needed to know.

“Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!” exclaimed Santa, as he was stepping down. Walking around the glowing sleigh, Santa reached up to hoist Rachyl down from the parapet.

“Now, my dear, remember. No sweets until later,” Santa voiced.

“Of course, Santa. No sweets until later,” Rachyl coyly replied.

Walking arm in arm up to the door, the two made quite the couple. Rachyl’s beauty obscured Santa’s rotund physique. Her hair truly glowed with a gilded aura, her eyes twinkling with ravenous appetite as she looked up at Santa’s face.

I removed my robe, wrapped it around Rachyl’s shoulders and stood there in awe. She lifted on her toes, reached up to Santa’s face, drew him down and gently kissed him on the lips. As she came down from her kiss, Santa reached around and affectionately massaged Rachyl’s ass in one hand.

“Thank you, Santa,” she whispered. “For the most miraculous gift of all.”

Letting go, she held tight to my arm, and we stood on the doorstep together watching Santa climb back into his sleigh. After making a few preparations, he grasped his leather whip and cracked it in the air with the sound of lightning.

“Now! On Dancer and Dasher, Prancer, and Vixen. On Cupid and Comet, Donner, and Blitzen. Please Rudolph, won’t you hear my call. It’s time to dash away, dash away, dash away all!” With a wave of his hand, another crack of the whip, Santa and his sleigh turned and disappeared into the early morning sky.


As if planned, midnight on September 24, Rachyl went into labor. Quickly gathering up her bags, we headed to the hospital. At 5:00a September 25, Noel came into our lives. Such a lively baby she was, with a full head of hair, and beautiful silver eyes. She was all the doctors could manage as Noel was fidgeting to get back to Rachyl.

Once Noel nestled in Rachyl’s arms, I swear I heard in the distance, “Merry Christmas.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32