Sarah’s Mom Gets Matt First Pt. 01

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Linda Myers had it well planned. When Matt brought her daughter Sarah home from their date, she waited until they were momentarily apart.

She motioned him aside, and he followed eagerly. She was the MILF of his dreams, nice and thick in all the right places, that solid body that looked like the ultimate pleasure ride.

“After you say goodnight, I want you back here 30 minutes later.”

Matt was puzzled, but intrigued, and at the allotted time, he pulled back up. He went up the walkway, and the door opened for him, and there she was. Damn, her silhouette was amazing.

“Come in Matt, I need some assistance.”

He happily followed her nice, juicy ass, and before he knew it, he was in her bedroom. She turned to the door, locked it, and turned to face him.

“So Sarah tells me that you and she are virgins, and now that you are both 18, you plan on giving it up to each other. Is this correct?”

The direct gaze pinned him, and he knew better than to deny it.

“Hmmmmm, interesting. Now, I need your opinion on something.”

She suddenly pulled off her blouse, cooing, “Do you like my big 38D tits?” Matt’s mouth dropped open as those succulent melons were just a couple of feet away. He was spellbound, his eyes devouring the sight, those jugs were spectacular, standing up proudly like the nose cones of a missile. Big silver dollar size nipples, fat and juicy tips, like big suckable gumdrops. His mind was doing its best to store away all the views for masturbation fodder. His 7 inches was roaring up like a runaway rocket.

She smiled at the eager rise, that bulge quickly growing, and cooed, “How about the rest of me?” She yanked her skirt off, and Matt’s loud gasp sounded, holy fuck, his girlfriend’s Mom was naked right in front of him. His mind went into overdrive, god, he was going to be getting off lots of loads to this amazing sight. He gaped at the voluptuous, naked curves of Ms. Myers. Her tummy was mostly flat, with just a touch of a soft swell down below her belly button. He saw a thin gold waist bracelet, circling just below her waist and above her hips. Those hips swelled outward nicely, framing her perfectly smooth, hairless pussy with its tight little coin slot tucked between her supple thighs. Her legs were long and full, and he saw a gold ankle bracelet around her left ankle. Having just a couple of bracelets on, and nothing else, made it seem even hotter. She did a slow turn before him, showing every facet of her naked form, including her perfect, high, rounded ass, which somehow looked both tightly firm and squeezably plump at the same time.

“Now, I want you naked, and on my bed.”

“Ms, Myers, I don’t think…Sarah’s just a few doors away….we want to give it up to each other…” his voice trailed gaziantep escort off.

“Well, Sarah is fast asleep, I gave her a cup of cocoa with a valium dissolved in it, so she’s taken care of. Secondly, I just want to help you get out the load, rather than stroking off when you get home, I can stroke it out for you. And please, call me Linda.”

To his lust-addled mind, that made perfect sense and he stripped, his cock felt like a piece of steel, he saw Linda checking it out, a smile on her lips.

He lay back and watched as she rose, her big jugs swaying heavily with her movements as she climbed aboard him, sitting astride his upper thighs. She grabbed his dick and lowered herself closer.

Matt watched, his breathing heavy, as she spread her outer labia lips and surrounded his cock shaft with them. She started to move up and down, his cock was being stroked, he looked down, saw the waist bracelet dangle slightly as it moved with her body, his cock head appearing and disappearing as her labia lips stroked at his prick, almost like a hand.

“Oh fuck, feels so good, so hot!”

She knew he wouldn’t last long, and she was thinking, ‘This will feel even better to him, I’ll bet.’

Linda loved taking the virginity of young men, and it gave her a rush every time. From her younger brother, who she had made into a man on his 18th birthday, to her 3 cousins, who at the age of 18, got their introduction to manhood, and her nephew, who got his when he came home from college at semester break when he was 19. Her pussy was creamy wet, taking the cherry of her daughter’s boyfriend, really had her heat going, her cunt was a raging center of pink heat.

She grabbed his dick, lifted slightly, and in one swift motion, she drove her seething cunt down on his dick, letting out a grunt as his thick 7 inches spread her open. Once he was buried balls deep, she held steady, watching his eyes flare open, his gaze locked on the sight of his girlfriend’s Mom, naked and very horny, perched on his cock.

OH MY GOD, he realized what was happening.

“Ms. Myers, what…what are you doing?”

“I’m taking your cherry Matt, Sarah will just have to settle for being second. And call me Linda, anyone who’s going to cream my cunt should know me on a first-name basis.”

“But, ummmm, we were supposed….oh fuck, to…to…”

“Matt, virgins fucking together is not the romantic shit that you see in a movie or read in a book, it’s clumsy, messy, and almost always, nowhere near to being the best time. A virgin needs to get his first time with someone who is experienced.”

She flexed her inner muscles, enjoying the look on his face as he got his prick squeezed, and purred, “Now, do you really want to wait and have a clumsy first time with Sarah, or would you like me to finish what we started?”

Matt felt his resolve crumbling away, Linda was a certified MILF, the sight of voluptuous, naked curves, the sexy swell of her hips astride his pelvis, her big 38D boobs, fat and juicy nipples, like big suckable gumdrops, almost in his face.

His resolve gone, he grunted, “Fuck me, Linda, take my cherry!”

He saw her big smile, and she started to ride his cock. Her lust was at a fever pitch, getting Sarah’s boyfriend to give up his virginity to her was a most heady rush.

She growled, “How does it feel Matt? Tell me, and be explicit!”

“Oh my god, your cunt is so hot, so tight, make me cum Linda!”

“Let’s make it even tighter, cum Matt, don’t try and hold back, just explode it!”

Matt growled, oh fuck, her cunt was getting even tighter, muscles massaging his prick, the milking pull built up to the breaking point.

She grunted, “My exercise routine, the Kegels need to be kept in shape, let it go, Matt, CREAM ME!”

Matt growled, “Cumming, oh fuck cumming fuck fuck FUCK!”

As she drove down hard, her arched up to her, and she felt his prick burst, pulsing wildly, a rush of spunk filled heat being pumped all over her insides, the pussy creaming pleasure, ahhhh, so warm, she adored the feeling of a hard eager prick bathing her cervix.

As the orgasm ebbed, Linda purred, “That was just part 1, I’m not done with you yet Matt Bevins!”

As she lifted off, she grabbed the towel that she had put on the bed in preparation, swathed it around her vulva, and as she moved down, she felt a thick glut of wetness dribbling out into the towel. Thank god, the way he went off, she had a feeling that there was a lot deeper inside her, ready to pour out. As if it had heard, she felt another huge glut spurting into the towel, he had really creamed her.

She slid down, and saw his cock, half-hard, on yeah, being all of 18, he’d be easy to bring back up. A hot suck job, but she wanted to do it in the classic subservient cocksucker position. She was quickly on her knees, urging him on.

“Matt, I want to suck your cock, and do it like a subservient little cocksucker, ready and eager for every cock to plunder my mouth. I love to suck a cock that’s just fucked me, the mingled tastes make me so fucking hot!”

Matt scrambled into position, and Linda smelled the mixed essence of hot fucking coating his dick. She didn’t want to miss a drop, and she went at his dick with long, lingering licks, her tongue eager to taste all of it. Up and down, his cock was quickly growing back, and she opened her mouth wide, slid his cock inside without making contact, then she brought his lips together, and pulled back with a tight milking pull, her body tingling from the taste sensation. Keeping her cocksucker lips tightly around his shaft, Linda took a sliding ride on his pole.

Matt grunted as Linda ran her tongue all over the head, making it wet and slippery, then swallowed him down again and again, right to the balls. His girlfriend’s MILF sure knew what she was doing. This was his first blowjob, the most he’d gotten from Sarah was a handjob after their dates. He’d fantasized, and stroked out many a load to what a blowjob might feel like, but his fantasies were a pale imitation of the real thing. The hot swirling of his tongue around his dick, the way her wetly sucking lips pulled and milked at his cock, and the feeling of the rising need, and the idea that he was going to flood Linda’s mouth, oh yeah, way beyond any kind of fantasy.

Linda’s mouth glided up and down, feeling his cock straining. she loved the heady sense of power she felt, in control of his dick. Linda clamped her fingers around his balls, coaxing him to explode, while her mouth, molded around his throbbing cock in a tight, sliding ring, pulled and milked at him.

Matt gasped, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna blow!” and his cock exploded, his load gushing into Linda’s hot, sucking mouth, while Linda nursed contentedly on his prick, her tongue rubbing against the underside of his cock head, she felt 5 thick ropes of semen spewing all over her tongue, and she swallowed every drop, keeping him in for a little while longer, to catch all of the late swimmers.


In the shower, Matt was once again brought to a hard and ready state, and once out of the shower, she welcomed him in with open arms and open thighs, and she let out a pleasure-filled moan as Matt mounted her, and drove his rock hard cock back in.

“Use me as you want Matt, let your cock take over!”

Matt grunted as he felt the tightness of her walls grip at his cock as he pushed in, not stopping until all 7 inches were stuffed up her pussy. He drew back, grabbed her legs behind the knees, and as he surged in with his second thrust, he pushed her knees up until they were against her tits. He was as deep as he could go, letting out a loud grunt as he bottomed out, relishing the feel of her tight snatch as he started to ride her sexy body. As he fucked Linda, he could see her eyes were open, filled with the fire of lust.

Linda murmured, “Yeah…oh yeah, ram me, use me as a live fuck doll, I love it.”

The hot, frenzied sounds of hard fucking filled the room, Linda’s cries, moans, and squeals of pleasure mingled with Matt’s lust grunts, the hot wet squelchy sound of Linda’s creaming fuckhole being pounded, over and over. Thanks to being drained, Matt’s cock took a while to recharge, and Linda got a long hard fuck, riding a string of orgasms until Matt roared, and his cock blazed with sensations as he unleashed a last volley into the demanding heat.

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