Sara’s Reawakening

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My name is Sara. This is my story of how a former friend and lover re-entered my life and changed it forever.

Liz and I had been fast friends in high school. She was two years ahead of me and I pretty much worshiped her. She was definitely the leader, I the follower. She introduced me to a lot of things including sex. I was always grateful that I had someone older to show me the ropes but it was in the area of sexuality that Liz really exerted her control over me. As time went on, our sexual encounters were basically me pleasuring her, and her friends. Which I didn’t mind at all because I loved pleasing her and it was quite a turn on for me also.

After she graduated and went away to college we lost touch with each other. I had no more lesbian encounters and in fact married shortly after high school. Well that was ten years ago and I was shocked when I ran into her in a large city not too far from our small hometown. Liz had gone on to run her own successful business and was doing quite well, so it came as a mild surprise that she wanted to catch up on the last ten years.

We had lunch, talked and laughed about old times. Liz told me what a great pussy licker I was. I laughed and told her that my husband thinks I’m a great cock sucker too! I said “I guess I’m just at my best on my knees. We had a great time and agreed to get together on a regular basis.

It was after about two or three of these meetings that Liz told me she had something special planned for our next get-together. She was going to take me shopping and said I should wear something easy to get in and out of. My curiosity was aroused and I was so excited that the next two weeks really dragged by. My husband had become a workaholic and we have no children so I had really begun to enjoy my time with Liz. Well the big day finally came. Liz took me to an exclusive shop. She and the sales clerk , Julie, and whom Liz apparently knew, took me to a private dressing room. Julie already had several items of clothing in the room and Liz told me to hurry and get out of my dress. As soon as I had set it aside both women started commenting on what a great body I had and how fun this was going to be. At this point Julie unhooked my bra. Liz then ran her hands over my breast and said she’d forgotten how lovely they were. By this time I didn’t know what to think but I had become very aroused and my nipples were sticking straight out!

Julie, who was behind me then reached around, cupped my breast in her hands and said they were going to look great in the bras she had picked out. Her hand then snaked down my belly and she commented how flat it was. At this point I couldn’t do any thing but put my head back close my eyes lick my lips and enjoy the sensations I was feeling. Her hand traveled right on down to my pussy. She stuck a finger in my slit and my knees went weak. She snapped me back though when she said we had to get down to business and that those cotton panties had to go.

Liz told me to go over and lean on the couch. I soon felt Julie slide gorukle escort bayan down my cotton panties and toss them aside. Her hands then ran up and down my thighs and legs. She commented that my legs were much too nice to be covered by that long dress. She slipped a pair of high heels on my feet. Meanwhile Liz had come over and was casually rubbing my ass and fingering my pussy. Once again I was in a total state of arousal. Here I was elbows on the couch, ass high in the air, and two women fondling my body! What a trip! I wanted it to last forever but Liz said we had places to go. She then tossed my garments in the trash, said “I wouldn’t be needing them any longer” and that from this day on I was to wear only thong underwear so I could show off my ass and be reminded of her. She also said that “today in fact I wouldn’t be needing any underwear at all”! I was then dressed in a short flirty skirt and a short crop top that barely covered my tits! I felt deliciously exposed! Liz then suggested that I show my appreciation to Julie by giving her a taste of my oral talents. I was immediately on my knees, brought Julie to a quick orgasm and we were on our way.

As we walked down the street Liz said she had scheduled an appointment to have my “mousy brown hair” cut and dyed, and asked if I had a problem with that? I was in such a dreamy state and enjoying the day so much I think I would have agreed to anything. In the hair salon we were led by the owner Simi another friend of Liz’s to a station in the back that was partitioned off. Simi efficiently did the cut and dye job then laid the chair back and said she was going to give me a facial. She applied a masque and covered my eyes with a cloth. I was so relaxed and had pretty much forgotten about the sexual activity earlier in the day when Liz started running a vibrator up my legs.

This brought my senses back to red alert! She ran it up and down my thighs a bit and then slid it up to my aching twat. I was letting out low moans when Simi started sucking on my nipples! I was almost out of control but tried to remember where we were. Liz then began teasing me by sliding the vibrator back down my legs. I wanted that thing in my pussy so bad I could scream! Liz said if what she was doing to me felt good that I shouldn’t hold back my emotions and should be very verbal. I let out a guttural groan and she began moving it back up between my legs. The closer she got the more I moaned.. I was out of control now! I decided to forget where I was and enjoy the moment. As she was sliding the vibrator up and down my slit Simi picked up the pace and was devouring my tits. Liz asked me what I wanted. I told her I wanted her to fuck me with that dildo! She kept saying she couldn’t hear me until I was practically screaming at her to FUCK ME! Finally she was ramming it in me and I was lost in the wave of an overpowering orgasm that seemed to go on and on. Needless to say, all eyes were upon us when we left the salon. I knew that I must have had that just fucked look, nilüfer escort bayan but I was so drained and feeling so good that I didn’t even care.

The next stop was Liz’s apartment. There was a male associate of hers from out of town that was staying with her for a few days. We had a couple of glasses of wine and were making idle chit-chat when Liz brought the conversation around to sex. She asked Tim if he thought I was sexy. I don’t think she even had to ask because he had been constantly stealing peeks at my nearly exposed tits and pussy ever since we’d arrived. Anyway, she told him I was rumored to be a great cocksucker, and would he like to help substantiate those rumors? Although I’d pretty much been acting like a slut earlier, and instantly got a feeling in my stomach like I really wanted to go for it , I was reluctant. I had been caught off guard, and for some reason this really seemed like cheating. I told Liz I really didn’t think I could and she told me I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to. After that the conversation got really strained and Liz soon took me home. For the most part the ride home was pretty quiet. I tried to apologize but she said there was no need to. It was my choice. She just thought I’d be more appreciative of the things she’d done for me, and that she thought I was rather enjoying her manipulation. When we parted there was no mention of a our next get-together and this was very upsetting .

Two weeks went by. No word from Liz. I leave a message on her recorder. A couple of days pass, there has been no response. I leave more messages at her home and on her voice mail. No response. It’s been three weeks. I know what I want. I know how I feel when I’m with Liz. I’ve gotten a taste of submitting to her and realize I love it . I’ll know now I’ll willingly do anything she wants and love it. I leave many more messages relaying this and begging her forgiveness. Finally! After nearly a month she calls and tells me how I embarrassed her, and she’ll not have it happen again. I swear to her it won’t! She tells me that if we resume our relationship there will be no pretense. I will be her bitch, she my Mistress. I will do what she wants, when she wants, who she wants, and was that understood? Another fuck up by me and our relationship was over. I profusely thanked her for the second chance, told her I trusted her completely and understood perfectly. She said she would contact me later with instructions. It wasn’t until I hung up the phone that I realized how wet I was!

It was the following Friday that Liz left a message for me. I was to be at her apartment at 1 P.M. sharp on Saturday, and plan on staying the weekend. Not that it made any difference, but it worked out perfectly because my husband was going away for the weekend. I would have made up some sort of excuse anyway. She told me to wear my new sheer red bra and matching thong underwear. I was also to wear a garter, stockings, heels, one of my several new short skirts, and a quite sheer bursa otele gelen escort bayan blouse. When I reached her building I was to take off my top and skirt when I got on the elevator. I didn’t know how she would know when I took my clothes off, but I intended to follow her instructions to a tee.

When Saturday finally came I was so turned on. I couldn’t wait to get to Liz’s. I knew it was going to be one wild erotic weekend. I arrived at her building right on time. When I entered the building there wasn’t anyone around and the elevator was empty. As soon as the doors closed I removed my clothing. I thought I was going to make it to her floor but a woman got on two floors before hers. I smiled sheepishly and told her I was going to a lingerie show . She just kind of raised her eyebrows. I had to wait a little before Liz answered the door but no one entered the hall. Once inside Liz greeted me warmly. Julie and Tim were also in the apartment. Liz took my things and told me to take my bra off. She sucked briefly on each nipple until they were rock hard. She then slid her hand down the front of my panties. I was sopping wet. This pleased her very much. She then told me to get on my knees and start sucking Tim’s’ cock.

I’ll tell you there was no hesitation this time. I was down there in a flash, undoing Tim’s pants and was soon slurping on his fairly good sized cock. It didn’t take long before I was deep throating him. He really got into that because he grabbed me by the hair and started really fucking my face. He was going so hard and fast that I could only get a breath here and there, but I was going to be the best damn cocksucker I could, to please Liz. Just when I felt Tim was getting close to cumming Liz said that Julie was feeling left out. She told me to crawl over to her and take her panties off with my teeth. Julie was laying on the floor and this was no easy task. I was finally able to inch them down and off with a little help from Julie. Liz then told me to lick my way up to her cunt, which I did with great enthusiasm. Tim was behind me now. Liz said, “Get that ass up in the air.”

I got up on my knees. Tim entered me easily and started pounding me from behind. Meanwhile Julie was really getting worked up. We all had a nice rhythm going when I felt something cold on my asshole and Liz’s finger enter me. I gasped in pleasure and momentarily raised up. Liz took her finger out and I felt a stinging slap on my butt. Liz said to concentrate on Julie and Tim’s pleasure and not worry about myself. She started finger fucking my ass again and it felt so wanton and good. Soon Tim let out a groan and started filling me up. Julie wasn’t far behind . I was pumping my ass into Tim and eating on Julie for all I was worth. When Tim had deposited the last of his load in my cunt Liz told me to turn around and lick him clean. She then told me to lick up all the cum that had dripped to the carpet. After I had done that she offered me her finger which had been in my ass and I greedily sucked it clean. Did I feel nasty!

After Tim and Julie left Liz told me she was quite pleased. The rest of the weekend was more of the same and I pleasured Liz time and again. My life and lifestyle has changed dramatically since that weekend, but that’s another story. Lets just say that I’m her little cock sucking, cunt licking slut, and I love it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32