Saturday at the Sex Shop

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After a thoroughly predictable Saturday morning, filled with the usual chores – laundry, cleaning, even starting my taxes, ugh – I decided I owed myself a treat, a trip out of the house to do something interesting. And given our conversation earlier in the week, the perfect idea presented itself: a trip to my local neighborhood sex shop. Of course, I don’t really have a local neighborhood sex shop – this town of mine isn’t exactly Amsterdam. But there is that chain store that’s quite well stocked…

On my drive towards the mall, I played through our last encounter in my head. You had asked me to touch you, to stroke your cock until it was hard, and then to go to work pleasuring you, alternating between my hands and mouth. And you loved to make me work, to prolong things as long as possible. You asked me to talk dirty to you, to describe in detail all of the naughty activities I’d gotten up to since you saw me last, as I continued to stroke and stroke and stroke.

And then you had given me a challenge: to find an appropriate lubricant that would facilitate these long hand-jobs you loved, and yet was also safe and pleasant to taste, should you want me to go down on you. I promised you that I would have such a lubricant the next time we were together, and so, my visit to the sex shop today had a specific and definite purpose.

I smiled as I caught myself scanning the parking lot for any familiar cars as I arrived at the store. I wasn’t ashamed to be there, but I also wasn’t particularly looking forward to running into someone from work; I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want to run into a co-worker who is shopping for vibrators, or perusing porn videos?

Luckily, the store was fairly deserted that early Saturday afternoon. Not being familiar with the layout, and not wanting to wander randomly through aisles nearly as large as those at Costco, I walked up to the counter to ask for help. The pimply, greasy-haired kid at the counter, who I pegged at nineteen, smiled, oh-so-obviously checking me out as he pointed me towards the corner of the store where I could find a wide selection of lubricants.

Once there, I was a bit overwhelmed at first. Yikes, what a selection. Silicone based, water based, flavored, flavor-free, thick, thin, gel, liquid, huge-ass tubs clearly marketed to gay men. Wow, I had no idea. Fortunately, there were tester bottles for many of the selections, so I would indeed be able to experiment until I found the one that I thought would meet your requirements.

I set my bag down on the floor and scanned the shelf, deciding to start with a flavored variety to see what those were like. I squirted a drop of cherry onto the back of my hand, rubbed a finger around in it to determine its consistency, and then tentatively brought my hand up to my mouth and licked. Ewwwwww! Yikes, that was sweet. Who were they marketing to, tweens? I tried a few other flavors, and then noticed a man watching me from the next aisle.

I smiled at him, then went back to my exploration. A few moments later, while I was reading the ingredients on another bottle to determine if I would be willing to ingest it, I became aware that the man was now standing next to me. I smiled at him again, this time he returned the smile, and then spoke.

“You seem to be looking Uşak Escort for something quite particular!”

“Well,” I paused, not sure if I really wanted to engage in conversation with a perfect stranger in the middle of a sex shop. But this particular perfect stranger seemed harmless enough, so I decided to have a little fun.

“Yes, I’ve been given a very specific request: to find a lubricant that will allow for a lengthy hand job, but then also be safe if I should be asked to turn that hand job into a blow job.”

His eyes widened momentarily, but he responded calmly, “Ah, I see. Well, need any help?”

I looked at him for a moment longer before responding. He was distinctly older than me – I guessed about 50 to my 25. He was reasonably attractive, about 6 feet tall with brown hair and brown eyes. There was something about his demeanor that led me to believe he wore suits during the week, but today he was in a green polo shirt and jeans.

“Well, it is kind of an overwhelming selection. And I can’t believe some of these flavors, they’re sickly sweet!”

He picked up one of the tester bottles and squirted a dab of strawberry onto his hand, and made a face when he tested it with his tongue. “Oh, wow, you’re right!”

I tried a banana flavor – seriously, banana? – and found it just as nasty and overly-sweet as all of the others. Before long, we were laughing together as we sampled many of the available flavor options, before finally agreeing that none of them were acceptable.

“I think I’ll have to go with one of the flavorless options, I can’t stand any of these.”

He picked up one of the bottles marked ‘flavor free’, squirted a dab onto his hand, and held it up for me to lick. I licked his skin clean, looking up at him with my big blue eyes as I did.

“Yes,” I said slowly, lingering over the ‘s’, as I pulled away from him again, “that will do!”

“Now, what about the other requirement?”

“Hmm?” I gave him a puzzled look, not sure what he meant.

“Well, taste was only one of your requirements, right? You also needed to make sure that it would be an effective lubricant for a lengthy hand job.”

“Well, I’ve tried this one on my hands, I think it feels good.”

He nodded, not replying but also making no move to end the conversation or walk away. I decided to go for it. The worst he could do would be to say no. And if he said yes, oh, what a story I would have to share with you!

“Would you like to help me test it in more realistic conditions?”


“Yes.” I glanced over at the pimply kid, who was occupied on the phone, and paying very little attention to us.

The man hesitated for just a moment more, then quickly reached down, unzipped his fly, and pulled out his already semi-hard cock. I squirted more of the lubricant onto my hands, set down the bottle, and took his shaft into my hands, sliding it back and forth effortlessly as he grew longer and harder between my fingers.

I kept one eye on the checkstand, making sure the kid wasn’t coming towards us, and I noticed the man check the mirrors which were placed so obviously all over the store. I’m sure they were there more to prevent shoplifting than to catch people engaged in sex acts, but the man did nonetheless shift Uşak Escort Bayan a few feet, presumably to get us out of view.

I looked down at his cock now that it was fully erect, and admired its perfect proportions. He certainly wasn’t the biggest I’d ever seen – he was around six inches fully erect – but his cock was perfectly proportioned, and the lubricant made his skin glisten under the store’s bright lights. I reached a hand down and cupped his balls, which I noticed were more wrinkled than I was used to, but then again, this was the first time I’d been with a guy this old!

After stroking him for a few moments more, I decided to take one further risk, and quickly dropped to my knees, taking him into my mouth in one smooth motion, then holding him there, the tip of his cock reaching into my throat. I knew we probably couldn’t get away with bringing things to completion, there was too much risk of being caught, but just the thought of telling you what a slut I had been for you was enough to make me wet.

I heard a noise, and unsure exactly what it was, decided to quickly pull away from him and stand back up. I was greeted with a broad smile and a whispered ‘thank you’ as he quickly re-zipped his jeans. The sound I had heard was another customer coming into the store, so we had obviously stopped what we were doing just in time!

I was flush from arousal as I looked up at him, deciding my next move. He was a complete stranger, so I would be cautious, but I really wanted to finish what I had started. I decided, once again, to go for it.

“Would you like to finish what we started?”

“Are you kidding? Of course!”

I realized as he responded what a silly question that really was. What red-blooded fifty-year-old guy was going to turn down a no-strings-attached blow job from a hot twenty-something? Suddenly filled with confidence, I came up with a plan.

“OK, here’s what we’re going to do. My car is a black Toyota, and it’s parked on the far edge of the parking lot. You leave the store first, go to your car and move it next to mine. I’ll buy this lubricant that we picked out, and then I’ll be out and you can join me in my car.”

Wow. I was impressed with my own ability to think on my feet, not always my strongest suit. I’d decided it would be safer to invite him into my car, rather than the other way around, and that his car could shelter mine, giving us some semblance of privacy.

He quickly followed my efficient directions, and I casually walked up to the counter to make my purchase. A few minutes later, I followed the man out into the parking lot, and could see that he had already finished moving his car. The parking lot had a few more cars in it than when I’d entered the store, but was still fairly deserted. And it turned out that the man drove a large SUV, which easily obscured my little Toyota sedan, just as I’d hoped.

I unlocked the car, got into the driver’s seat, and a moment later, he had left his car and joined me in mine. His broad smile had let to leave his face, and I noticed that he was already hard again, his cock bulging in his jeans.

Moving my hands to his crotch, I said, “Let’s take care of this, shall we?”

I unfastened his belt buckle, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, Escort Uşak and pulled down his boxers, giving myself free access to both his cock and his balls. After my taste-testing experience, I decided I’d had enough of lubricant for the day, and quickly went down on him, once again taking his full length into my mouth in one smooth motion.

Once there, I began a slow, steady up-and-down motion. I cupped his balls with one hand, fondling them gently, and brought my other hand to the base of his shaft. I felt his fingers gently weave themselves through my long blonde hair, which he pulled into a ponytail and held gently, keeping it out of my face and giving himself a clear view of my motions on his cock.

“Oh. My. God. This is so hot. Your rhythm on my cock is so perfect. Just keep going, yes…. that’s it….”

I knew that after all the build up, and all the excitement of the naughtiness of the scenario for both of us, that I could make him cum very quickly. But it was also clear that with this man’s age came experience, and he was capable of lasting longer, of prolonging the pleasure. I felt my hair tumble back down out of his fingers, and then suddenly felt his hand on my chest, and he began kneading my left breast, first on the outside of my v-neck sweater, then reaching inside and taking my nipple between his fingers, gently rolling it back and forth.

I slowed my rhythm on his cock and sighed. Bolstered by my response to his touch, he grasped my nipple more firmly between his fingers, and squeezed harder now, causing me to pant with pleasure. I never let his cock out of my mouth, and once again increased my tempo, determined to finally finish what I had started.

With his free hand, he once again gathered up my hair, this time clutching it a bit more firmly. I felt his hips begin to move beneath me now, as he took control of our rhythm, forcing himself up into my mouth rather than simply allowing me to bob up and down on him. Even as he did this, his fingers continued their expert torture on my nipple, which only served to spur me on, to suck and lick him with more lusty enthusiasm as he pounded my mouth.

I could feel the heat and wetness growing between my legs now, but maintained all of my focus on bringing him to climax. His motions began to grow more irregular, and I knew we were close. His hand fell from my breast as he began to pant, moving ever closer to his climax.

“Yes, yes, yes, you’re going to make me cummmmm! Do you want to swallow?”

“Ummm hmmmm,” I tried to answer in the affirmative without leaving his cock.

“Yes, that’s a good girl. Swallow every drop.”

He thrust furiously a few more times, slamming into my throat, before I felt his hot cum shoot into my mouth. I continued to hold him in my mouth, savoring the taste of his cum, swallowing it all, before finally sitting back up and relaxing into my seat. I straightened myself back up, adjusting my bra back to its normal position, as he pulled up his boxers, zipped his jeans, and fastened his belt.

“Wow. Thank you. That was the best blow job I’ve had in a long time.”

“My pleasure! And thanks for your help with my purchase!”

He smiled, took my hand in his and gave it a gentlemanly kiss, and without further conversation, opened the car door and got out, closing the door gently behind him. I watched as he walked around to his car’s driver’s door, got in, and drove away with a wave and another smile.

Wow. That was fun. And now I can’t wait to tell you this story, preferably while I’m stroking you.

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