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It was one of those days. Cold and dull. Sarah wished for the day to be done already. It was a Saturday and the roads were quiet. Everyone probably took extra advantage of this kind of weather, snuggled beneath a blanket with a mug of streaming coffee and no cares in the world…And maybe a warm body beside them…and warm arms around them… Sarah’s mind began to fantasize. She closed her eyes for a second and imagined all the pleasures her body would get in that warm bed with a loving body and the smell of coffee wafting around the bedroom. Suddenly, exhaust-fumes filled her lungs and she began to choke. Back to reality, she rolled her eyes in annoyance and continued staring at the road ahead, searching for the bus. Usually, the sun would warm her skin and give her straight-hair a reddish glow. She shivered under the bus-stop shelter, tucking her hands further into her jacket pockets for warmth.

“I hate this job”, she muttered under her breath, thinking about her boring office job that forced her to work overtime to make a decent salary.

“Join the club”, someone replied.

Surprised, Sarah quickly turned to see someone standing beside her. He kept his eyes on the road, but had a smirk on his face. Sarah couldn’t make out more than his tall frame because he had on a thick jacket and a hoodie covering his head. She cleared her throat and straightened her shoulders. She had thought she was alone. Finally, the bus arrived and they were the only passenger’s to hop on.

“Good morning”, the driver greeted them both happily.

Sarah didn’t see anything good about this morning and grumpily sat at the back of the bus. There were four other passengers all with the same tired looks on their faces, worn-out with the week’s work. The tall, hoodie-guy sat in the seat infront of her. He had taken off his hoodie and was bent over, looking at his cellphone. His hair was black and he had a neat beard. From what she could see, which wasn’t much, he looked handsome. She remembered his smirk. It gave his features a sexy appeal. Sarah found herself fantasizing again. This time, about the stranger in front of her. The skin on the back of his neck looked so smooth, and she imagined kissing him in that exact spot, feeling it’s velvet smoothness, tasting his saltiness, and inhaling his masculine scent. Then, she imagined what it would feel like to sit on his lap, right there on the bus, and grind herself against him until he became hard… She groaned in frustration and turned her attention to the traffic out the window. She scolded herself for behaving like a sex-deprived teen. The bus had stopped and one of the passengers in front began complaining to the driver.

“Looks like we’ll be stuck here for a while. There’s an accident and the road ahead is closed”.

Sarah sighed. The day kept getting gloomier. She should’ve stayed home with her collection of . After 5 more minutes of stand-still traffic, the guy infront of Sarah stood up, threw on his hoodie and headed to the door. Two other passenger’s followed, and Sarah, pushing aside her instinct to stay in the bus, joined them out of the warm bus and back onto the cold pavement. She forced herself to shove away her pride and walk the 15 minutes left of her journey to work. As she passed by the traffic, a car hooted. Sarah jumped with the sudden loud sound and turned to look at the driver. He opened his window and winked at her.

“Want a lift, babe?” he asked.

Sarah turned and continued walking. What a jerk, she thought. She looked ahead to where the hoodie-guy was walking. If she could catch up to him no one would bother her. She hurried along, her high-heeled boots tapping on the pavement as she tried to catch-up to the tall stranger.

“Hi, I’m Sarah”, Sarah greeted as she struggled to get some oxygen into her lungs.

Her feet hurt already and there was still a long way to go. He turned to look at her, nodded and continued on his way. He seemed to take two steps for every step her feet took. She found herself stumbling to keep up.

“My office is just a couple kilometres away. Toyota Dealership. Where are you heading?” she asked.

“Prospecton”, he replied, eyes straight ahead.

Argh, this guy takes stuck-up to a whole new level, Sarah thought. She ended up following behind him as her heels didn’t allow her to keep up with his pace. The chill in the air seemed to have decreased, and with all the physical activity her body was doing, bostancı escort her blood pressure increased and she began to sweat. Wow, look at that ass, Sarah marvelled. It was tight and firm in his uniform, bouncing as he took each step. It had to be the exercise that was making her warm and wet between her thighs, not the fact that she hadn’t cum in 3 weeks, right? She wondered, as she watched his ass. Suddenly, without warning, big, heavy drops of rain began to pour from the sky, and the sound of it hitting the tar became deafening.

“Oh my God!” Sarah screamed as she began to run.

Up ahead was Toyota South, and it was her only hope of shelter from the stinging rain.

“Here!” The stranger had finally taken notice of her.

He held out his hoodie-jacket and wrapped her up in it. They rushed through puddles and the pelting rain, until they reached the glass doors of the Dealership. Sarah looked down as she dripped water onto the clean tiles. She was thoroughly soaked, and the stranger’s jacket had taken most of the down pour. She removed his jacket and held it out to him not really sure whether to hang it to dry or hand it back.

“Th-thanks,” she stuttered through gritted teeth. “H-how about s-s-some coffee?” She offered as she shivered uncontrollably.

The stranger seemed to hesitate, then, just as he was about to say something he turned to the window to observe the storm and then looked at the calm, reception area. He nodded and ran his fingers through his wet hair making it stand on end.

“Coffee sounds good,” he said, looking at Sarah for the first time.

She smoothed her now-messy hair self-consciously and headed for the elevator.

“Follow me,” she said.

She nodded in greeting to the receptionist and hit the button for the second floor. As they stood side by side in the elevator Sarah began to feel insecure. It felt odd having a stranger over at her office for coffee, and it was even worse knowing she had just fantasized about him. Plus, her hormones were running wild and it just didn’t feel like a good idea. Saturday’s were quiet at the office and Sarah saw that only two of her fellow colleagues were at their desks. She waved to one of them and headed to her office. Although she was just an assistant with a ton of responsibilities and a low pay, her job did have it’s perks. She shared a private office with it’s own coffee machine and a decent view of the highway below. She loved watching traffic go by as it helped her to de-stress.

“So, what do you do?” Sarah tried to make conversation whilst pressing buttons on the coffee machine.

“Engineering,” he replied.

It seemed impossible to have a conversation with this guy, Sarah thought. When she had introduced herself what did he say his name was? Sarah looked up at him as she handed him the steamy coffee but quickly turned away when he made eye contact. He seemed so mysterious.

“Have a seat,” she pointed to a leather chair facing the window. “

Mmmm. Nice view,” he commented as he sipped his coffee.

Sarah bent to remove her socks and shoes. Everything was wet and she just couldn’t seem to get warm. Even the coffee didn’t help much. She unzipped her jacket and used her face towel to dry her hair. The tiles felt cold beneath her bare feet and she wished for a hot bubble bath. The stranger seemed to have taken her undressing as a que and removed his shoes and jacket. Sarah watched his muscles flex under his wet t-shirt as he unbuttoned his uniform jacket and felt herself getting hot. She tried shyly to look away, but her body wanted to see more.

“I’ll leave just now. As soon as the rain slows,” he absent-mindedly said as he tilted the water out of his shoes. “Thanks for the coffee.” He finally met her gaze.

Sarah’s cheeks flushed pink with embarrassment as he caught her in the act of staring at him.

She looked down at her coffee and took a sip, “No problem. The weather is so unpredictable.”

She walked over to the desk and sat in the chair behind it, trying to camouflage her raging hormones and keep a neutral expression. When she looked at him again, he was staring at her, with an unreadable expression. She frowned, confused, then followed his gaze to her chest. Her white shirt was slightly damp and it stuck to her body, exposing her black lacy bra. Sarah gasped and jumped up to get her jacket to cover up. The stranger stood up too and sighed, doing his ümraniye escort bayan best to avoid looking at Sarah.

“I’d better go then”, he turned to leave.

Sarah didn’t have time to think twice and grabbed his arm. “No…don’t…” She blurted out.

Her fingers were cold against his warm skin and as he turned to look down into her eyes questioningly, she stood on her tip-toes and pressed her lips against his. He instinctively pushed her away.


Sarah didn’t let him finish his sentence. She shoved him hard in the chest and he stumbled back into the leather chair.

“I’m sorry, I’m not this type of girl but… I’ve been wanting to do this.”

Sarah was breathless and she couldn’t believe what she was doing. She sat on his lap and bent her head to place her lips on the side of his neck.

“Mmmm” she moaned as she tasted him.

He smelled and felt exactly as she imagined he would. Without thinking, she licked his smooth, warm skin and that’s all it took for him to moan softly in pleasure.

“I’m married…” he mumbled, eyes half closed.

His hands were still pushing her away but his strength was lost in pleasure. Sarah sat up to look him in the face, pressing her pelvis against him. She could feel the round tip of his growing erection against her thigh.

She studied his handsome features, his eyes full of desire and his lips stained with her lipstick and replied, “I need this. Please.”

Her body wasn’t allowing her mind to think rationally. All she knew was that her body needed him. Wet clothes, beard and married, it didn’t matter.

The stranger thought the entire scenario was crazy. He didn’t even know her, the weather was bad, he had to get to work and what about his dear wife? His dick had other plans. It grew hot and hard quite fast, and pressed uncomfortably against his pants. Here was this pretty girl, who was cold and had the scent of sexual need all over her perfect body. He needed to help. Without warning, he stood, picking Sarah up in his strong arms and rammed her against the window overlooking the highway. The glass was cold and Sarah pressed her body closer to him, enjoying the feel of her soft curves against his hard chest. As he sucked at her neck roughly, his fingers began unbuttoning her blouse.

Sarah moaned with pleasure. Finally, she was getting what she’d been craving. She slid her fingers through his hair and wrapped her legs around him tighter. She could feel herself dripping between her thighs and the heat and hardness of his cock rubbed her aching clit. Suddenly, her nipples were exposed to the cool air and she gasped as he placed his warm lips on one and began to lick and suck, sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout her body.

“Ohhh, God, yesss!” She moaned, tugging at his hair and clenching her pussy, climbing to an orgasm.

She pulled his face up towards hers and hungrily kissed him, loving his masculine taste and the feeling of his body against hers. The passion in her seemed to fuel his fire and he moaned into her mouth. His mind told him that it had to end here and now, but his dick wanted to take her deep and hard until it reached it’s release.

“Enough…” he pulled away weakly, closing his eyes to resist her gorgeous body.

She slid until her feet touched the cold tiles and stood in front of him, disappointed. He felt her hair tickling the side of his face as she rested her head on his shoulder. Their breaths were rapid and it echoed between the white walls of the office.

“I’m so wet”, she whispered breathlessly. “I’ve never been this wet before…”

His cock pulsed, begging for attention, as she spoke. Her hair smelled like the rain and his hands wished to touch every inch of her flawless, cool skin until she was hot and moaning his name. Her nipples were rosey-pink and her breasts filled his hands in just the right way.

Sarah was awestruck with the way her body was reacting to this stranger. He had transformed from a mysterious, up-tight guy into a sexy dominant freak. She was on the verge of an orgasm yet he hadn’t even penetrated her and their clothes were still on. Her skin tingled with heat wherever he touched her and her nipples still ached with pleasure from his rough kisses. The stranger took a step back and cleared his throat as if to say something, but thought better and turned away. He leaned over the leather chair to get his jacket and shoes. Sarah kartal escort felt like the further he went away from her body, the more she lost a part of her soul. She felt cold and exposed and even a bit emotional. The stranger had reached the door and seemed unsure of whether to turn to look at Sarah one last time or just walk out. That’s when he heard it. A faint sniffle. Sarah couldn’t believe herself. Tears had suddenly spilled from her brown eyes and down her checks. It must’ve been the hormones and being so so very close to an orgasm then , having it denied. She began fumbling with the buttons on her shirt trying to cover herself. The stranger swore silently and turned around. He hadn’t meant to make her feel rejected.

“Listen, I’m sorry…” He hated it when girls cried.

She held up her hand and shook her head, staring at the floor. Sarah felt very vulnerable crying in front of a stranger. She just needed to be alone so she could pull herself together. She yanked her shirt in frustration. Damn these buttons! She couldn’t see clearly through the tears. Warmth covered her fingers. Sarah looked up into his dark eyes. He had returned to satisfy her. He slowly traced her skin with his fingers, grazing her nipples then lifted his hand until it was around her neck. He squeezed gently, making her gasp in surprise. He pushed her until her back hit the window and bent forward to kiss her. One hand pinched her nipple and the other continued to rest around her delicate neck. Sarah’s tears had disappeared and she could hear herself moaning with pleasure from deep within her chest as he kissed her. He rubbed his body against her and left her mouth to bite her other nipple.

“Ohh please, please…” Sarah was muttering incoherently as her mind became overloaded with endorphins.

That’s all it took for the stranger’s dick to take total control. He dropped his hand to his pants and finally set his aching cock free. He left her neck for a few seconds and bent to roughly pull down her pants, then returned to gently squeeze her neck and suck her nipples.

“I’m gonna cum” Sarah said softly.

Her eyes were closed and her pussy was clenching with need. The stranger groaned, realising he wouldn’t last any longer either, and with one hard thrust, he entered her. They both froze for a moment, not breathing, realising that this was a point of no return. His hot, hard cock had forcefully stretched it’s way deep into her dripping pussy and hit the spot that ached to be touched. For a second there was a stillness, like the rain storm outside had vanished. Sarah’s eyes were open wide in surprise and pleasure, and she found herself looking into his partially closed eyes, full of lust and desire. In that moment, he owned her. He was her master and she had to bend to his will. Then, it hit her like a tsunami. Waves of pleasure exploded from deep in her pussy, rippling through her tummy and straight to her head. She bit down hard onto the muscle of his arm to prevent herself from screaming, until she tasted blood. The stranger felt her orgasm begin as her pussy tightly squeezed around his dick. With the last ounce of willpower he possessed, he pulled out and pushed back in with three deep, fast strokes, his muscles burning with strain. Her body jerked with each thrust, and through his wet t-shirt he could feel her hard nipples, like pebbles, rub against his chest.

He hadn’t had sex with anyone accept his high-school sweetheart, whom he married. This was any guy’s fantasy, a hot, gorgeous girl needing his dick right there in the office. The stimulation of her on his lap humping him, then grinding against her up against the window, and finally, her pussy spasming around his cock had caused unbearable pleasure. All he needed was a release from the throbbing burn deep within him. His one hand digging into her thigh and the other squeezing her neck, he tried to catch his balance as his world began to spin. He pulled out and released four powerful shots of thick, hot cum. The first, hit her sensitive clit, making her shriek with delight. The rest landed on the window and slowly dripped down to the floor. They were both breathless and barely conscious when Sarah began to choke and cough for oxygen. The stranger, realising his grip was still on her neck, quickly let her go and placed his hand on the window for support. Sarah sank to the floor, exhausted and satisfied. Suddenly, a vibrating sound filled the room.

“Shit!” The stranger muttered, pulling out his cellphone.

He pulled up his zip and straightened out his clothes, then hurried towards to the door.

“Wait! I didn’t get your name?!” Sarah called.

He turned to her and smirked, then picked up his jacket and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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