Save The Best For Last

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(A sequel to Maybe Porn.)

“Hey you,” I greeted Donna as she came through my front door.

“Evelyn,” Donna said with a smile as she came up to hug me as I closed the door.

“What’s new with you?” I said as Donna followed me into my den. My parents went away this weekend. And I invited Donna to sleep over. I wanted to use this time to tell her that I want us to be all out lovers, exclusive lovers. We both are hot for each other, and we get along so well, it just makes sense. Furthermore, I’ve shopped around and I know what I want.

“Oh, uh, nothing, I had sex,” Donna said as she sat on the other side of the couch so we could easily engage in eye contact.

“I thought you were saving it for me.” I was hurt and totally being selfish. But, I really thought she was and just thinking about that started to make me upset; did she not want me anymore?

“Well, I’ve saved something for you. But…anyway, it just happened and I want you to try to forgive me, especially since you didn’t save yourself for me.”

“I just wanted you to be with me so much that I had to look else where when you kept saying no. I mean, think about it, no one wants to be pushed away, especially by the one they want to hold. Who’d you give it up to, it better not be Reagan, I see the way that she looks at you when your running or breathing.” My olive skin was beginning to flush around my neck and cheeks.

“God, no, honey calm down. Before I tell you I just want you to forgive me, because I want you as my lover but I don’t want us touching anyone but each other. I love you Evelyn and nothing is ever going to change that.” Looking into her eyes I knew she meant, I was reassured that she still did.

“Donna,” I said as I moved closer to her on the sofa. Before I resumed speaking I made sure our thighs were touching and I was her holding her hands. She’s such a patient girl and so soothing in her quiet manner. “I love you too. And I want us to pursue this new avenue together. Now tell me who it was.”

“You know, I never thought I could make you bursa otele gelen escort jealous,” she said with a smile. But I didn’t fully appreciate her stalling and squeezed her hand to signal her to continue. She looked away before she spoke, “It was my mother.”

I was totally flabbergasted. “You fucked your mom!”

“Well she initiated it.”

“Why are you telling me this.”

“Because you’re my best friend. I tell you everything. It just happened, my mother was asking me about my sexuality and then she and I…. You forgave me remember?”

“Yes, so you liked it?” I was getting all turned on. Thinking about Donna and her mom, Jesus, they’re both very attractive. But, Donna’s such a good girl, she probably felt so disgusted that she became sexually stimulated.

“Yes, but I felt so dirty afterwards. I knew that I shouldn’t be doing what I was doing but if felt so good. And when I looked down and saw my mother working my body, it made me shiver with perverse pleasure. Taboo sex can be very erotic.”

“Let’s go to my room,” I said holding her hand leading her up the stairs and down the hall. I wanted her to show me how sorry she was.

“Did my story turn you on?” Donna said smiling and moving closer to me so our bodies could press together. I leaned in to kiss her as I glided my hands down the sides of her body until they landed on her round ass. As our tongues danced I squeezed both cheeks. Donna positioned more of her weight against my frame as her hands stroked my back. We began to undress each other as we made out. When we were naked our hairless mounds pushed on each other. I remembered when I helped her shave. When I told her that I liked not having hair there, she wanted to try it as well. I pulled away so we could look at one another.

“Do you want to show me how sorry you are?” I said as I caressed her left nipple and breast.


“What do you think I want?”

“Everything I can give.”

“You know you’re my good girl. Lay on the bursa eve gelen eskort bed.” Donna did as she was told. I was getting so wet thinking about what I was going to do to her. I positioned myself on top of her stomach. My wet pussy was leaving a damp patch on her skin. I began a back and forth motion along her stomach. Donna slid her hands along my bent legs up to my ass to fondle it and guide my movements. I noticed her starring at my slit. She was licking her lips. “You got something to say honey?”

“Are you going to let me show you how sorry I am?” I nodded as I slid my body up her torso, leaving a wet trail, to position my pussy on her mouth. Her hands were on my ass when our lips made contact. First she slid her tongue along the length of my slit, up and down until I started rocking on her face then she began to suck my opening pushing her nose against my clit making me release a throaty moan. In no time she had me grunting and humping. She was making those sexual noises as she swallowed my juices. Donna used that tongue to fuck me until I came twice. I was feeling so sensitive that I removed myself from her face and laid down next to her. I kissed her and could taste myself on her lips and tongue. In no time our hands were all over each other. We took turns sucking and biting each other’s nipples.

“Donna, I’ve got to get something, I’ll be right back.” I left the bed and went to my closet to retrieve my strap on.

“Evelyn, what are you getting, a toy?” Donna said while smiling.

“You’ll see, while you wait for me get on your knees.” When I finished putting on and lubricating the strap on I turned around to see that Donna knew how to obey orders. I walked over to the bed and got on my knees as I positioned myself behind my baby.

“Are you going to-“

“-Fuck you with a dick? Yes, this is what you left for me right?” I said as I had one hand on her ass and the other rubber her clit. She was wet enough to handle these seven inches.


“It’s bayan escort bursa mine right?”

“All yours, honey.” I placed the head of the dildo near her opening.

“You’re such a dirty girl, fucking your mother and then leaving me the left-overs,” as I said the last word I hump her hard, shoving the dick all the way in.

“Aaaahhhh,” Donna screamed. I reached forward to grab her locks and pulled them towards me, making her body have a beautiful arch. I kept still for a few moments to let her body adjust. Then I began humping her slowly, her moans filling the room, echoing in my head, coaxing my ego. Her right hand had a hold on my right ass cheek telling me to fuck her harder.

“You want more, huh?” I said as I grabbed both her ass mounds and began to increase my pace.

“OH, baby! Give it to me, keep fucking me Evelyn.” Donna was grunting in between her words. She was pushing back on me with every thrust I made.

“Donna,” I said as I watched her body shake and vibrate from my humps. I leaned over her so my breasts pressed onto her muscular back. I cupped her breasts with my hands. I squeezed them then pulled on her erect nipples. Donna was gasping, grunting and moaning, interchangeably. Listening to her, feeling her was driving me crazy.

I began to whisper in her ear, “I know it feels good. You feel good. And to think, it’s only the beginning.”

“Ooohhh,” Donna said as she raised her back to press onto my body.

We fucked until she begged me to stop. When I pulled out, Donna’s body went forward so her shoulders were supporting her weight, with her head turned to the right side. Both hands went to her pussy to hold it and she moaned when they came into contact. She was panting and recuperating. I took off my strap on and then laid next to her. And ran my hand from her ass to her neck. “Let me hold you,” I coaxed and she began to lay down completely and turn her body towards me. I wrapped her in my arms and she laid her arm over my waist. We snuggled close, our bodies lubricated with sweat and cum.

“Can I taste you, baby?” I asked, just thinking about it made my mouth water.

“My pussy feels like it still has you inside and it’s sore. Is tomorrow okay?” She said with a smile.

“Yeah, just don’t keep me waiting for too long,” I said smiling as she nudged me with thumb.

“Believe me, I won’t, I know you’ll know how to love me.”

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