Scarlet Woman Pt. 03

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Scarlet Woman (Part 3)

‘Looks like it is just you and me left, Lucas’ Slipping onto one of the bar stools I place a bottle and two glasses on the bar.

‘Nearly done here Scarlett. I can lock up if you want to head off?’

‘No, I need a little time to unwind. Sit, have a drink with me’ I say, pouring generous measures of the expensive whisky into each of the glasses.

Giving the long mirror on the wall a final wipe he places the cloth on the bar, picks up the glass I slide towards him and sinks down onto the stool next to me with a relieved sigh.

‘Long night?’ I ask

‘Busy night — fell like I haven’t stopped since I got here’

‘Well you’ve certainly earned this’ I say, refilling his glass. ‘You kept things running for me tonight, gave me a chance to stay out on the floor, socialise a little’

‘I enjoyed watching you… work’ he replies with a smirk.

‘I know’ I smile, moving my hand towards the zip on my dress. ‘I could feel your eyes on me, devouring me, undressing me…’ Holding his lust filled gaze I pause, waiting for a sign he wanted me to continue.

‘Here, let me’ he replies, slipping down from his stool and standing so close I can feel the heat of his body as he eases the zip down tantalisingly slowly. Standing, I let out a gentle sigh as the dress slips over my body and falls to the floor. Uşak Escort Naked but for my stockings, heels and bra, I feel the cool air of the air conditioner caress my bare skin. Crossing my legs demurely at the ankles I lean back against the bar, fully conscious of the way this pose arches my back and thrusts my breasts up and out, showing them off to their best advantage. He takes a step back to take in the tableau I am presenting, his gaze drifting appreciatively over my semi-naked body, head tilted to one side as if assessing where and how to touch me first, his desire evident in the huge bulge in his pants.

‘Turn around’ he murmurs, his voice gruff with lust. Slowly I pull myself upright and begin to turn, looking over my shoulder as I do so to register his reactions. Stepping closer he gathers up my hair and sweeps it forward so it falls over one shoulder, the ends tickling my breast as it settles. Wordlessly he runs his fingers lightly down my spine, pausing just above my cheeks where I am most ticklish, and I fight the urge to wriggle away from his enticing touch. Lifting my head I meet his gaze in the mirror and give a gentle nod of assent as he slips a foot between mine, pushing my legs apart.

The faint metallic clink as he unbuckles his belt and the whisper of fabric as his trousers drop to the floor is followed by a rough sigh Uşak Escort Bayan of relief as he releases his cock from his pants. I can’t see it, but I can imagine it clearly; hard and thick, aching to be buried inside me. Desperate now for him to fuck me I let out a wanton moan as I squirm with desire and lift my hips towards him, undulating gently at first then more urgently. As the anticipation becomes almost unbearable a long, frustrated sigh escapes my lips. He responds with a rakish grin, placing his hands on my hips and with a single powerful thrust buries his cock deep inside me.

This is what I had been waiting for all night, building up to; the feel of a big, hard, eager cock filling me, and Lucas was satisfying me on every level. I close my eyes and luxuriate in the physical sensations flooding through my body – the cold marble of the bar top seeping through the flimsy lace of my bra, chilling my nipples to stiff, sensitive points; the rough heat from Lucas’s hands as he slides them up and down my body, finally resting on my hips and holding me firmly in place as he thrusts at a teasingly, frustratingly steady pace. Pushing back against him, willing him deeper, I try desperately to up the tempo, to release the orgasm I can feel building, but sensing what I am trying to do he slows and starts to pull out. I let out an involuntary whimper Escort Uşak and he eases his cock back inside me, leaning forward to whisper in my ear: ‘I’m in control now, Scarlett’. For a moment I am tempted to rebel against his dominance, but the feel of him inside me is soooo good, and the thought of him stopping is too much to bear so I surrender to him.

‘Look at me’ Lucas demands. ‘No, in the mirror’ he says, as I start to turn my head to look over my shoulder. Watching him watching me this way is such a turn on; a strange remote intimacy, making us observers in our own private sex show. I become distracted by my own reflection, intrigued to see my own reactions for the first time. Completely absorbed in the experience I almost forget about Lucas; everything is about the sensations flowing through my body, watching myself as I respond to his caresses and his relentlessly thrusting cock. Eyes closed now, I am overtaken by an intense wave of pleasure starting deep inside of me, pulsing outwards, flooding through my veins. I cry out, knees weak, only Lucas’s firm hold on my hips preventing me from sinking to the floor.

Lying breathless across the bar I slowly return to reality, a growing awareness that in this moment the dynamic between Lucas and I has shifted and I am no longer in control, and I am surprised to realise I quite like the feeling.

‘You enjoyed that didn’t you, you little minx!’ Lucas whispers in my ear as he lifts my head so our eyes meet once again in the mirror. ‘You enjoyed watching us. I think maybe you have a secret voyeuristic streak. Maybe that is something we should explore…’

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