School Yard BJ

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About 8 years ago, when we were in our early 40s, my wife and I went for a walk through a small forest near my son’s elementary school. It was an early summer evening, so school was out, but there were two groups of adults playing softball in the school yard. We could hear their yelling and the occasional “ping” of the aluminum bats.

My wife is an attractive brunette, 5’5″ with blue eyes, a great smile, and a delightful English accent. Sex has always been a source of great pleasure for both of us. And I constantly argue with myself as to whether I prefer her breasts or her ass – it’s a close call! I have brown hair and blue eyes as well, and about 5’11”.

This small forest is a regular trek for locals, walking dogs or just exercising. But on this night, my wife had more than a leisurely stroll in mind. We occasionally stopped along the trails, kissing, and I took advantage whenever I could for a quick squeeze of her wonderful breasts through her thin bra and shirt. She prefers to wear a bra (not my preference!), but they are always thin, soft, and sheer. Her large areolas are pale pink, and except for the summer when we did some nude sunbathing (another story?), her skin is Yalova Escort a wonderful milky white, and so incredibly soft. Her breasts, while not huge, are a nice, round handful, and certainly more than a challenge for any mouth! And my wife has never objected to a discreet squeeze or fondle, anywhere or anytime.

On this night, her breasts were particular sensitive, and I noticed a definite degree of arousal each time I enjoyed them. “Just my luck not to be at home where we could really enjoy this,” I thought.

We soon arrived near the school, behind a clump of trees and bushes, where we could easily see the softball players through the leaves. We resumed kissing and fondling, with my hand now inside her shirt, and a couple of buttons undone. Inside her bra, I soon found my goal, her nipple stiffening with every stroke of my fingers, her breast warm and yielding to my touch. Her mouth opened and her tongue shot excitedly into my mouth. I continued gently squeezing her tits, and running my thumb across her nipple. My hand soon moved down, untucking her shirt, and moving into the front of her skimpy G-string. A sudden moan escaped from her as I found her very wet pussy and slid Yalova Escort Bayan my fingers easily into that heavenly flesh between her thighs. She moved her legs a bit further apart, allowing me the true luxury of moving my finger in and out of her slick pussy; her soft, brown pubic hair damp with her own moisture. My other hand now moved behind her, squeezing her ass cheeks and pulling her closer to me and onto my finger, now pumping more and more rapidly into her cunt. In her ear, I told her how beautiful, sexy, and exciting a woman she really was. And my finger kept moving into that wonderful, warm, wet flesh.

A loud “ping” announced a well-hit ball from the playing field, and we realized that the centre fielder was now chasing that ball towards us! At that point, we could only do one thing, continue my finger-fuck, and hope the centre fielder didn’t see us through the bushes. Play continued, both on the field and in the bushes.

My wife then unbuckled my jeans, and pulled out my circumsized cock, the dark pink head gratefully responding to its full splendour. Bending over, she hungrily put it in her mouth, and I then realized, much to my astonishment and excitement, Escort Yalova that my 40-ish wife, with her shirt open, and her pants falling, was about to give me a blow job in my son’s school yard, within shouting distance of about 40 people, on a popular local walking trail.

Needless to say, our usual rather noisy lovemaking had to be toned down, but my cock didn’t know that! All it knew was the familiar exquisite pleasure of the lips, tongue, and wet mouth of my willing wife. I looked down, her pink full lips grasping my shaft, and her blue eyes flashing up at me saying – give it to me! I ran my hands down her back, playing with the smooth flesh of the cheeks of her fabulous ass, her flimsy blue panties now around her ankles.

I then placed my hands on the back of her head – as much as to keep myself standing as anything else – and ran them through her gorgeous soft brown hair. And those blue eyes! I pumped her mouth a few more times – and stifling my usual loud grunts – spurted my come into her warm wet mouth. She rose, and I was proud to kiss her and share our love. Then, remembering the ballplayers, we quickly dressed, with sheepish but pleasant smiles on our faces.

Some of my come had also landed on the ground – and whenever we walk that trail and pass by that spot, another smile crosses my face as I remember the time that the fantastic woman that I call my wife, gave me a schoolyard blowjob.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32