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Charlie had just showered and dressed at the country club after a Saturday afternoon round of golf with his buddies Karl, Duke and Willy. Normally they would tip a few in the club lounge after playing eighteen holes but this day was a little different. It was Karl’s fortieth birthday and he had just recently separated from his second wife so the guys decided that on this day the nineteenth hole would be at a strip club on the other side of town. Across the tracks. The red light district. Titty City.

Charlie was definitely up for it because he and his wife Alex had been in a rut lately and she had already told him that she was going out with a friend. They were both now over forty themselves and things had been tense between them recently. He thought it sadly ironic that now that their two kids were finally out of the nest and off to college and they would finally have the house to themselves, is the time when they would be having marital difficulties. Their next wedding anniversary would be their twentieth. Even though they were both still slim and trim and in excellent shape, a handsome couple in almost anyone’s estimation, he didn’t feel like they would have much to celebrate.

Willy drove them all to the club in his car because he wasn’t that big a drinker. He’d have a couple light beers and then switch to Diet Coke. It took them about a half hour to get there. The club was dark inside with strobe lights flashing and music pounding. The place was only about half-full, so they took a table close to the stage and runway, which the long bar curved around. There was a cute black girl with a bubble butt grinding upside-down on a pole not ten feet in front of them. Another caramel cutie appeared out of thin air at their table and they proceeded to order overpriced drinks.

Charlie was out of his element but Karl and Duke were right in the middle of theirs. They were hooting and hollering in no time and soon were shoving bills into G-strings. The black dancer came to the table and Willy told her it was Karl’s birthday. That got her a seat at the table and a big tip and Karl got a hand job under the table.

The next dancer hit the stage to ZZ Top, a petite brunette with huge tits and enough eye makeup to choke a giraffe. She did her set, shaking her booty and her boobs at top speed and getting quite a rise from the customers.

The next girl was a redhead with long legs and six inch heels. She humped the pole for a while then faced away from them and bent over forward as she took off her sequined skirt, which was about three inches long, and then her thong. They watched her asshole open as wide as a silver dollar and then close tight, and she did this over and over as the guys cheered. Then she turned around to face them and did the same thing with her twat.

Then a skinny Asian girl appeared…evidently the club believed in variety…and she was incredibly lithe and flexible. She contorted herself in various ways, like those freaks in the circus, fingering herself and sticking a dildo up her ass, and rubbed oil all over her tits and licked it off with her tongue.

All this time the boys were enjoying the ladies, putting away drinks and throwing away money. After almost three hours they finally realized they had better wrap things up. The place was filling up and it was getting toward Saturday night. As they were settling up their tab a new girl came to the stage.

She was blond. Twenty-something, tall and slim athletic body, tan, toned arms and legs, and tight defined abs. Her hair was a medium-length bob parted kind of in the middle and wrapped around her sexy high cheeks. All of her fingers and toes were polished red, matching her puffy lips. She used every inch of the small stage and moved with a smooth physical grace. A shiny, transparent net draped her upper body covering her skimpy outfit. She tore off the net with her teeth as she sashayed around above them.

Charlie took special notice of this gal. She seemed to be a cut above the others, classier, with more finesse and without the crudity. But that wasn’t all. She seemed to be looking right at him, smiling at him, but hell, he thought, maybe every guy feels that way. He knew her from somewhere, he was sure of it, but he couldn’t place her. He could swear she was staring right at him as they walked out of the club.


Charlie went home in an alcoholic haze. Alex wasn’t home yet, which was a good thing since he was blasted. He washed and flossed and brushed, took four aspirin and got into bed.

He lay in bed thinking about the blond. The way she moved, the way she looked, the way she smiled at him. He couldn’t get her out of his mind. That face, he knew it from somewhere. He knew this girl and he racked his brain but he couldn’t remember from where.

Alex came home. Charlie said Hi when she entered the bedroom, but didn’t say anything else because he didn’t want to slur his words. But he was pretty sure she was half-lit too by how loud and clumsy she was as she got ready for bed. By the time she climbed in beside him he was nodding off and thinking about the young blond again.

He slept soundly straight through the night. When he awoke early in the morning his head was clear again. As he stood in front of the bathroom mirror brushing his teeth it came to him in a flash. He knew who the young blond dancer was.

She was Scooter.


Her real name was Sara. Everyone called her Scooter because when she was a teenager she was often seen riding her motor scooter. She would ride it everywhere, to school, to the community pool, to the country club, to her jobs. Charlie, in fact just about any healthy male, would stop in his tracks when Scooter motored by. She’d often speed along wearing just a bikini with her long blond hair trailing in the wind behind her. She was a popular, pretty, athletic girl with an exceptional body. As a teenager she was on the swimming and diving teams at the high school and had been a dance student as well.

Scooter used to babysit for Charlie and Alex when their two children were young. Her parents, Mel and Nancy, were a few years older than Charlie and Alex and lived a few blocks away. They all knew each other from the country club and Charlie had played golf with Mel a few times.

Charlie hadn’t thought about Scooter for years. The last he had heard she had graduated high school near the top of her class and had gone off to college on a scholarship. But that had been six or seven years ago.

But now he couldn’t get the image of her out of his mind. What a beautiful young lady she had become. She was in her mid-twenties now, and her body, oh God. And she recognized him, he knew that now, he wasn’t imagining her staring at him or smiling at him as he had left the club. He only wished he hadn’t left right after she’d started and missed her act. He would have to rectify that.


Charlie went back to the strip club one evening the following week. The place wasn’t that busy so he sat at the bar. He watched a couple girls do their acts. He made small talk with the bartender a couple of times but he didn’t ask questions about the dancers because he didn’t want to seem like a lecher. He did casually say to him, ‘Hey, I was in here last Saturday and there was a cutie up there, a knockout blond with a fishnet wrapped around her’… ‘Sexy Lexi’, the bartender said. ‘She’s off tonight. She’ll be here tomorrow night. Comes in at six’.

Tomorrow night it is, Charlie thought.


The next day Charlie told his wife he’d be late, he had a meeting after work. Not a lie, he thought. He wasn’t sure why he wanted to go see Sara, or what he expected from her. But things were weird at home, so what the hell. He already knew she was a hot, sexy fox. He wanted to see her show. See her strip. See her tits and ass.

At a little after six he strode into the club. It was early so the place was pretty dead. He sat on a stool at the almost-empty bar and the bartender brought him the same beer he’d ordered the night before and then disappeared. A black chick was doing a mambo on the stage. Charlie noticed a man and a woman at the far end of the bar who both seemed to be getting into her.

“Hey Sara,” the bartender called back into the dressing room.

“Yeah?” Sara said. She was sitting on a chair polishing her nails.

“I think you might be getting off to a good start tonight. There’s a guy at the bar who was in here last night asking about you. You want to go next?”

“What’s he look like?”

“Older, dark hair, good-looking. You’ve done worse. He likes the net.”

“Okay, I’ll go next.” She turned to a strawberry-haired bean pole to her right. “That okay with you, Tiff?”

“Sure, go ahead,” Tiffany said, and downed a shot of vodka.

Charlie was enjoying watching the dark meat cook on the stage in front of him. She danced like she was in the Soul Train finals and shook her ass a mile-a-minute. Her pussy was huge. He was in a trance staring at it when the bartender returned.

“Your girl is on next,” he said.

“Alright, thank you,” Charlie said.

He watched the rest of the dancer’s set and then watched her retrieve her heels and clothes and slip offstage. She reappeared on the floor shortly thereafter and started working the couple down at the end of the bar that had been digging her. He ordered another beer and waited for, even though it was barely six-thirty, what for him would be the main event of the night.

A couple minutes later a sultry swampy groove suddenly kicked out of the sound system and Sara sauntered out onto the stage. She wore heels and her long legs were sheathed in shiny red slacks with a nonexistent crotch, making her black thong plainly visible. Up top she wore a skimpy waistcoat that matched her red pants, and underneath it a black bikini top that matched her thong. The flimsy net covered all the goodies.

She sure moved well, Charlie thought. She made eye contact with him almost immediately, pantomimed him a hello and blew him a kiss. Then she proceeded to give him what seemed like a private show.

He watched her prance around and hump the pole and chew on the net until she ripped it open and he could hear the Velcro screech as she whipped it off. Her pants came off, then her waistcoat. She humped the pole a few more times and did a split on the floor and rolled over on her knees and bent backwards all the way. Her pussy was just a few feet in front of him and he could see her cameltoe outlined through her minuscule black bottom.

She had a tight stomach with a silver waist bracelet wrapped around her and a leafy belly button ring dangling from her navel. She continued her sexy, slimy dance, movin’ to the groovin’, until off came her black top displaying her perky tanned tits with rings in her nipples and she swung her breasts and fondled them. Then finally off came her thong and Charlie watched for the next few minutes as Sara danced for him, and swung her hips for him, and rotated her hairless groin for him, and shook her ass for him, and spread her buttocks for him, and winked her asshole at him.

When the music stopped and the show was over, Sara gathered up her assorted garments and ran off the stage naked. Charlie looked up and the bartender was smiling at him.

Not long after Sara slid onto to the stool next to him. She wore her crotchless red pants and the black thong and bikini top.

“Hi, Mister Charlie,” she said.

“Hi, Scooter, uh, I mean Sara,” he said. “Or is it Lexi?”

“It’s Sara to you. For anybody else I meet around here, it’s Lexi. We all use phony names around here: Sexy Lexi, Randy Brandy, Franny Fox, Lily Lush. I haven’t heard Scooter for years. I drive a car nowadays.”

“Sorry, the picture is etched in my brain. You zipping up and down the road on your motor scooter in your bikini with your long hair flying out behind you.”

“So, you were checking me out? Thanks, Mr. Charlie,” she said.

“Just call me Charlie,” he said.

“Okay, Charlie. I saw you in here last Saturday with your friends. I didn’t think you recognized me.”

“I recognized you, but I couldn’t place you right away. It struck me later on.”

The bartender appeared before them.

“Buy me a drink and I can hang out with you for a little while,” she said into his ear.

Charlie nodded. “Another for me and a drink for the lady,” he said.

“The usual, Max,” she told the bartender.

“So how’re you doing, Charlie?”

“I’m doing okay. Work and play golf. The kids are away at college.”

“Wow, that’s hard to believe. They were such little guys when I used to babysit them. How’s Miss Alex doing?”

“She’s okay too, I guess.”

“Does she know you’re here?”

“Ah, no,” he said.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell. Do you ever see my father at the country club?”

“Once in a while.”

“Don’t tell him either. He might have a stroke.”

Their conversation paused while the bartender delivered their drinks.

“So. What’s a nice guy like you doing in a place like this?” Sara asked.

“Came to see your show. You’re very good.”

“Thank you. But tell me,” she said, and took a sip of tonic water. “Did you like watching me dance? Or seeing me naked? Or is there something else?”

“I don’t know. Something drew me here to see you.”

“You don’t seem like a strip club kind of guy. The other day you were here with a group.”

“Yes, a friend had his fortieth birthday so we took him out.”

“Coming in a group is one thing. But coming back on your own, that’s different. It’s flattering, but I want to know what you really want.”

Charlie took a swallow from his beer, uneasy, suddenly in no-man’s land. Sara turned on her stool to face him.

“What did you like most, Charlie, when I was up there dancing? I don’t think it was my dancing. I’m a good dancer, but that’s not it. Was it my tits? My ass? Or was it my pussy? Did you like that?”

He nodded and took another sip.

“Did that turn you on, Charlie?”

He nodded again. His cock was hardening as she spoke.

“Am I turning you on now?”


Suddenly dance music emanated from the speakers as the next dancer made her entrance. Rose Bush. Charlie felt Sara’s hand slip between his legs. Her fingers surrounded his cock and rubbed it.

“Ooh, Charlie, you are turned on, aren’t you? And well-endowed too, it feels like.”

Charlie was impressed with how deftly and quickly her fingers on one hand unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants and opened his fly. She threaded his cock through the slit in his shorts and held it in her hand.

“You have a nice cock, Charlie,” she said directly into his ear, and started stroking him.

Right in rhythm with the dancer on stage and the music coming from the speakers, an uptempo shuffle, Sara wanked Charlie’s cock.

Charlie’s forty-two year old weenie was having a good old time in Sara’s twenty-five year old hand.

“You like this, Charlie?”

Charlie nodded. Her lips were an inch from his ear.

“Is this what you came for, Charlie? Or was it something else? Something more.”

“I don’t know…”

“Have you thought about putting it my mouth?”

“Ugh,” Charlie grunted. His cock was close to erupting.

“How about my pussy, Charlie? I’m wet, you know. Or are you an ass man?”

Charlie groaned as his cum rose up through his shaft and Sara stroked him hard and fast, emptying his cock and sending his semen outward splattering over his lap and shirt.

When it was over Sara released his drained member and and scooped a lump of cum off of his boxers with her finger. She took a taste and then put her fingertip to Charlie’s mouth and rubbed it into his lips.

“I have to go back to work,” she said. “See you next time.”

Sara kissed him on the cheek and disappeared into the dressing room.

Charlie looked around the dim bar nervously. No one seemed to have noticed or cared Escort Çankaya what had just happened. He tried to discreetly put himself back together. He tucked his shirt in and buckled and zipped up. He paid his tab…outrageous, he thought…and left the bar with a soggy, sloppy mess in his pants.


Alex was taking a hot shower. She scrubbed her body clean, especially her pussy, inside and out. She noticed there was a bruise–a hickie!–below her navel where Justin had sucked too hard. She hoped Charlie wouldn’t notice. She had just gotten home from Justin’s condo, where she’d fucked him for the fifth time.

She still couldn’t believe what she was doing. She was ashamed of herself on one level. Here she was having an affair, cheating on her husband of almost twenty years. Her husband would be devastated. Would he divorce her? She didn’t want that, but things between them had been strained recently. What would people say? What would her children think?

But on another level she was kind of pleased with herself. She was forty-one years old and she knew she looked good. She had a good body and had kept in shape, and men appreciated a tight body with firm tits and a nice ass. She was proud of the fact that a handsome young man thirteen years her junior had found her so attractive and had pursued her. It was flattering and exciting and daring. Not to mention she liked having a new cock inside her.

Justin had been calling on the company where she worked for some time, and after a while he started flirting with her. He asked her out for a drink after work and kept on asking even though she demurely declined a number of times. Then one time she surprised herself and said yes.

Nothing happened that first time other than an uneasy kiss at the end. But Alex could tell he wanted her. The ring on her left hand certainly did not deter him and she knew in her heart that if he asked her again she would go to bed with him. The next week Justin asked her out again. They skipped the drinks and went to his condo and fucked.

That was five weeks ago. They’d fucked after work on the same day each week. She knew it wouldn’t last and knew things would end up awkward in the end. Justin was no great lover but it was something new and different and she found it exciting being bad.


Charlie got home and went into the bedroom to change. He put his soiled clothing in the dry cleaning bag. He hoped Alex wouldn’t notice. He could hear her in the bathroom and thought it was a strange time to be taking a shower. Still naked, he considered going in there and getting into the shower with her. But he didn’t. It would be out of character and he was sure that she would see through him and recognize his guilt and know that he’d been up to something naughty.

He told himself he would stay away from the strip club. But he didn’t.


The next week there he was again, seated at the bar. Sara smiled and gave him the eye as she did her act. She was dressed differently this time and he watched her as she peeled off piece after piece until she wore nothing but a G-string the size of a postage stamp and two pasties on her nipples. And when they finally came off Charlie watched her sway her open gash and dilating asshole in front of him with a coy smile on her face. He had his hand in his lap massaging his stiffened cock.

When her set ended Sara walked off naked. Not a minute later she walked up and sat next to him at the bar. She wore a lightweight blue wrap pulled tightly around her foxy frame.

“I was hoping you’d come back,” she said, turning on her stool to face him.

“Couldn’t stay away. You were great. You are great.”

“So tell me. Why did you come back? What do you want?”

Charlie was tongue-tied. He shrugged and sipped his beer.

Sara put her hand between his legs and felt his cock. She stroked it like she had the last time and felt its hardness straining against the fabric of his pants.

“Ooh, Charlie, it looks like you really are glad to see me. What do you want me to do with this bad boy?” She stroked it more strenuously.

He looked right into her eyes. They were wide open and looked like round olive green pools. She started to move her face toward his. He thought she was going to kiss him but she didn’t, she put her lips to his right ear.

“Do you want me to suck it?” she asked. She didn’t wait for an answer. “Because we can make that happen, Charlie. We have private rooms in the back. You’d have to pay for it, but we could be alone. Would you like that?”

Charlie nodded.

“Good,” Sara said. “Come with me.”

She took his hand and led him around the bar to a locked door. He felt like everyone was watching and his hard-on was sticking out like a sore thumb. Sara punched in a code on a keypad and unlocked the door. They walked down a short hall and then through another door into a small room. There was a pole in the center and a couple of banquettes against the walls.

“Have a seat, Charlie.”

Sara didn’t mess around with the pole in the center of the room. But Charlie’s pole was a different matter. He was going to get a lap dance without the music. She untied her cloak and slipped it off. She was 100% naked underneath. She moved in and put her knees on the cushioned bench, straddling him.

She pushed her pierced nipples into his face. Charlie sucked one into his mouth and tasted her sweet and sweaty flesh along with the metallic tang of the gold ring attached. He held her bare ass in his hands as she ground her naked mound against his girded cock through the taut cloth of his trousers. Her nipple hardened in his mouth and his cock pushed hard against her bald, twisting twat. Charlie switched nipples and Sara pushed it into his mouth while she clamped her hands on the back of his head and pulled it to her.

“Ah, you’re good at that Charlie,” she said. “I’m supposed to be turning you on but you’re getting me all wet.”

After a few minutes of that and with her nipples hard as Super Balls Sara lowered herself and sat next to Charlie and put her hand on his cock.

“Ooh, Charlie, I think it’s time let this monster out, don’t you?”

He nodded. She unbuckled his belt and opened his pants. He lifted his butt slightly and slid his pants down and over his knees and she held his cock in her hand. She looked into his eyes.

Then Sara did something she had never done with any guy she’d ever met at the club. She put her lips on his and zoomed her tongue into his mouth.

They kissed with a locked, intense passion and Charlie put an arm around her and pulled her close. Their lips were meshed and their tongues explored new mouths and Sara was shocked not only by the fact she’d done it, but also by how long it went on and how much they both were into it. She’d been thinking about him the last few days and had hoped he’d come back. And she knew she would see him again after this night, but not at the club. She was going to be his lover. His mistress, his paramour, his concubine, his doxy, call it what you will. He might be married and almost as old as her father but she wanted to fuck him, and not just once, and not just in the backroom of a strip club.

“Damn, you’re a good kisser,” she said. Then she lowered her head into his lap and took his firm, rigid cock into her mouth.

Charlie was impressed by Sara’s flexibility. Her butt was seated flat on the cushion next to him facing forward but her torso was twisted toward him and bent at the waist and her face was in his crotch with his dick in her mouth. Charlie massaged her shoulders and upper back as her head bobbed up and down sucking him. He tried to swing his meat into her in time with her movements.

It was almost like his brain was in a trance or he was having a dream or his dick was a character in a movie. This beautiful young lady who used to be his babysitter years ago was now sucking his dick. And she was damn good at it.

Sara wanted his cum, wanted to taste it and swallow it. If his wife wouldn’t take care of him she would. She liked the feel of his hands roaming her flesh and the heat of his cock against her tongue and the walls of her mouth. His balls were now like acorns in her hand so she knew his horn was about to blow.

Charlie groaned loudly and deeply when he let it fly. His cock shot streams of his saved-up semen and Sara sucked it all into her lockjawed mouth. His groin vibrated throughout his eruptions but she held on until the ride was over and swallowed most of what he gave her. Finally she lifted her head and looked at him. They both smiled and Charlie pulled her head to his and kissed her and she sucked his tongue into her cum-glazed mouth.

“Damn, Charlie,” she said, as she stood up.

“Damn, Scooter, uh sorry, I mean Sara,” he said.

“You can call me Scooter if you like.”

She kicked off her heels and then hopped up onto the cushioned bench and stood with her bare feet on either side of him and her cunt inches from his face. She looked down into his eyes.

“You like to eat pussy, Charlie?”

He nodded and croaked an ‘Uh Huh’.

“Good,” she said. “Eat mine.” She put her glistening gash to his lips.

He licked her labia and sucked on her swollen clit. When she felt him tongue-fucking her liquid tunnel Sara humped his face up against the wall behind his head. He spread his hands around her buttocks as she fucked his face and squeezed her ass until he felt her butt flesh ooze between his fingers. Soon it was her turn to come.

“Oh Fuck, Charlie!”

She pounded his face harder with her groin and he dug his fingers into the crack of her ass for a better grip. Then, she came. Her cum rushed out of her onto Charlie’s face, into his mouth and dripped from his chin. She leaned hard against him in case her legs buckled. She moaned as the waves flowed out of her.

In her days as a stripper as far as Sara had been willing to go with customers were hand jobs and the rare blow job if the guy was attractive and she was in the mood. She never kissed the customers. And she had never had an orgasm. Now with Charlie she’d done all of it. And she decided she was going for even more. She was going to fuck him too.

She lowered herself onto her knees facing him. Charlie kissed her with his mouth open and their tongues slithered through a long, slow dance.

“Fuck me, Charlie,” Sara said softly.

Charlie nodded. He felt her fingers on his erected cock and her cunt lowered and surrounded it. Just like that he was balls-deep into her. She put her arms around his neck and moved her pussy up and down and squeezed his cock with her vaginal muscles. Up and down, over and over, hugging his cock with her cunt, her dewy eyes locked onto his.

After a couple minutes of watching Sara bounce up and down Charlie took control. With his dick still embedded inside her he lifted her and pivoted their bodies around so her ass was on top of the seat back. He started fucking her up against the wall.

“Ugh…Ugh…Ugh,” Sara grunted with each plunge of his cock into her. “Yes, Charlie. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

Charlie banged her like he was beating on a bass drum. He felt her cunt tighten around his cock with every stroke. He was thinking that this was a cunt he could get used to.

Sara suddenly realized they were making a lot of noise. She was groaning as she was getting fucked and Charlie was pounding her back into the drywall behind her and the banquette was creaking along with them. She knew she would be taking a razzing from the girls because this was so out of character for her.

“I’m gonna come,” Charlie hissed into her ear, slowing down a bit.

“Yes. Give it to me,” Sara said, speeding them back up.

Charlie bellowed when he ejaculated his cream into her. As he was giving Sara the tail end of his load she moaned and bit him on the shoulder.

“I’m going to come again,” she whispered.

Charlie held her quivering body as she came with a series of shaky, wet spasms. Once she was still he pulled his cock out of her and stood up. His pants were a twisted wreck around his ankles.

“So, Charlie, have you had enough Scooter Pie, or would you like to see me again?” Sara said as they dressed.

“I’d like to see you again,” he said.

“Good, I’d like to see you too,” she said. “But not here.”

Sara reached into the small pocket of her wrap and pulled out a business card and handed it to him.

“My cell number is on this card,” she said. “Call me.”

Charlie looked at the card. “Human Services Counselor?” he said.

“Yeah. Fancy words for Social Worker.”

“You’re a Social Worker?”

“Yep, that’s my day job. I work for the state. You didn’t think I stripped for a living, did you?”

“I had no idea.”

“I do this because the money’s so good. Social work doesn’t pay all that well. I’m also taking classes working on a masters degree.”

“Wow, you are an impressive young lady,” Charlie said, and felt like an old fart as soon as the words were out of his mouth.

“Thank you, Charlie,” she said, and kissed him. “Wait till I get you in bed.”

She said she had to get back to work and left. He promised to call. He went to the rest room. He settled up his tab. It wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be.

On the drive home he felt good from what had just happened but he also felt like a heel because he loved his wife and he had cheated on her. He didn’t want to hurt Alex but he was already looking forward to getting another taste of Scooter Pie.


Alex continued to ‘work late’ one night a week at Justin’s place. They had their routine down pat, the same night each week. Alex would show up at the same time, get undressed, neatly hang up her clothes and lie in his bed. They would kiss, then she’d suck some cock, get her pussy licked and get laid. They were usually done in an hour and a half.

That was the same night of the week that Charlie would ‘work late’ at Sara’s apartment. He’d usually bug out of work a little early and go to Sara’s place. She was usually dressed in something skimpy and sexy when he got there and had various oils and lotions and candles burning in her bedroom. They’d be naked in the bed in quick fashion and they would plunge right into some kind of kinky, savage sex which would lead to loud, ecstatic orgasms. Then as they lay in bed resting they would talk about anything and everything. Then they would gradually get back to kissing and fondling and licking and sucking and it would culminate in more conventional fucking and climaxes.

The first time at Sara’s she spent the first half hour sucking on his balls and playing with his asshole. With his cock like a hot rod in her hand and his balls swiveling in her mouth Charlie ejaculated all over himself without even inserting it. Then she sat on his face until she came, sucked his cock, then fucked him.

The next week they did anal. The week after that Charlie got a blow job and a dildo up his ass at the same time. She licked his asshole; he licked hers. There were oily massages, slick bodies rubbing and hot candle wax sizzling on sweaty flesh. Every week was exciting and there was always a surprise.

But what Charlie began to treasure as much as the sex were their interludes. He enjoyed their conversations during the rest time between their opening and closing acts. She was so easy to talk to and not afraid to open up. Which helped him open up.

He learned that Sara had gone to college on a scholarship and had started stripping on the weekends for extra money. She graduated with honors and then came home and got the job as a social worker. The pay wasn’t great so she got the job dancing at the club. She could make twice her social worker salary by stripping three shifts a week. She was working on a masters degree in Psychology. She was bisexual. Her last two sexual relationships before Charlie had been with women.

Charlie opened up to Sara quite a bit as well. Sara instinctively Çankaya Escort knew that his marriage must be on the fritz; she didn’t think he would be coming to her apartment to fuck her once a week otherwise. After a couple months of their weekly trysts Charlie was holding Sara in his arm and her head was resting on his chest when he finally told her what she already knew.

“My wife is having an affair,” he said.

“So? That’s what you’re doing,” she said.

“Well, I mean she was having an affair before I ever came to your club.”

“Is that why you’re fucking me?” she asked.

There was an awkward silence while Charlie tried to figure out what to say.

“Uh, no,” he said. “At least I don’t think so. I only went to that club to celebrate a friend’s birthday, not expecting to find a woman. Especially our old babysitter.”

Sara squeezed Charlie’s penis.

“What would she do if she knew about us, Charlie?”

“I don’t know. Depends how guilty she feels about what she’s been doing, I guess.”

“Do you love her? Do you want to keep her?”

There was another uneasy pause as Charlie hesitated.

“Yes,” he finally croaked.

“Does she feel the same way?”

“I really don’t know.”

Sara shifted her weight and looked at him. “May I make a suggestion? A couple suggestions, actually.”

“Sure,” he said.

“First, you need to find out. And we have to stop. And she has to stop. If she feels the same way you do then you both have to work together to fix what is broken. I remember you and Alex as a happy, beautiful couple. Do you want to get that back?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Then you need to get busy. I like fucking you, Charlie, but I never expected it to last. I figured maybe you guys were through, but if you’re not I don’t want to be responsible for keeping you apart.”

Charlie shook his head and laughed. He kissed her on the forehead.

“So this is what it’s like to be in bed with a psychologist!” he laughed. “Constantly being analyzed.”

“You should bring her to the club,” Sara said.

“Yeah, right,” Charlie said.

“No, I’m serious,” she said. “It happens a lot. Couples are in a rut, they come in together, get a private show, watch each other getting off and then all of the sudden they’re in love and fucking like rabbits again.”

“You kidding me?”


Charlie was getting hard again. He kissed Sara, and she kissed him back, but in a way it was a kiss goodbye. He put his hand between her legs but she brushed it away.

“What’s the matter? You got me horny for some more Scooter Pie.”

“Go home, Charlie,” she said. “Your anniversary is coming up in a few weeks. If you want to stay together, get to work. Bring her to the club and all three of us will get off.”


Charlie got home earlier than usual. Alex was already home and settled on the sofa in the family room. She had a book in her hand, a drink on the table and a pot of chowder simmering on the stove.

Charlie didn’t know that Alex had ended her affair the week before. She and Justin had been in mid-fuck in his bed when a crazy woman started banging on his front door and screaming and cursing. She was calling him a bastard and a liar and a shithead and a no-good prick loud enough for the whole building and half the neighborhood to hear. It couldn’t be ignored and she wasn’t going to stop. So they threw on some clothes and Justin answered the door. The woman ranted and raved and screamed at both of them, called Alex a slut and a whore and asked Justin if she was the other married cunt he was fucking. The woman picked up lamps and various items and started throwing them around the living room. Good old Justin had been screwing this woman every week on a different night. Alex told Justin to go fuck himself and got out of there pretty damn quick before the cops showed up.

Charlie walked into the family room and sat on a chair facing his wife.

“You’re home already. You didn’t have to work late?”

“No. Hopefully I won’t have to put in the extra hours for a while,” Alex said.

Charlie nodded his head. “What are you reading?” he asked.

“Library book,” she said. “An old Pat Conroy.”

“Ah. So,” he said, and cleared his throat. “Tell me something. Did you end it, or did he?”

Alex’s face shriveled and saddened and she exploded into tears. She sobbed uncontrollably for several minutes and cried ‘I’m so sorry’ and ‘I hate myself’ a couple dozen times. When her weeping was reduced to a whimper Charlie got up and sat beside her on the sofa. He put his arm around her and pulled her close. Her tears soaked into his shirt.

“It’s okay,” he said.

“No, it isn’t,” she said. “I’m such a tramp.”

“You are not,” he said. “You made a mistake. Everybody does.”

“How did you know?”

“It was a hunch. Things have been off between us for a while, we’ve been kind of distant, you were coming home late. It added up.”

“I’m so sorry, Charlie. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“Do you still love me?” he asked.

“Oh, yes,” Alex said, and sat up and looked at him. “You still love me, don’t you?”

“Yes, very much. And I don’t want to lose you.”

They kissed. It was a kiss like they hadn’t shared for a while and their tongues loitered in their mouths.

“I haven’t exactly been an angel lately either,” Charlie said.

They proceeded to have one of the most intimate conversations they’d had in years. There was plenty of pain to go around for both of them but as they cleansed their consciences they opened the doors to a fresh start.

Alex told Charlie about how it had started. Justin was young and handsome and he would come into the office and hit on her. She was now in her forties and it felt good to be wanted by a guy still in his twenties. She had been flattered but still turned him down many times. Until one time she said okay, she’d have a drink with him after work. And one thing led to another and they were having an affair. It really meant nothing and wasn’t meant to last. And then she finds out the son-of-a-bitch is fucking at least one other married woman at the same time.

Charlie told Alex about the birthday party for Karl. They’d taken him to a strip club because Karl is into that scene. They hung out a while and as they were leaving he’d noticed that the dancer that had just come on stage looked familiar but he could not recall from where or when he knew her. Then it came to him. He went back on his own, the first time he’d ever set foot in a place like that without a group of guys. He talked to her. It wasn’t intended, but it happened.

“You had an affair with a stripper? And it’s somebody you knew? Who is this chick?” Alex asked.

“It’s somebody we both know,” Charlie said.

“Huh? Who is it?”

“I’m not going to tell you. But I will show you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I want to take you to the club. She’ll dance for us. You know, a private show.”

“Are you crazy?”

“Still crazy after all these years,” he said. “About you.”

They kissed again, another soft, long one. Charlie loved feeling and tasting her mouth again.

“Will you go with me?”

“You mean you’re really not going to tell me who it is?”

“I want you to see her do her thing. You won’t believe it.”

Alex smiled and shook her head.

“Well, since we are being so open and close tonight, I don’t want to have an argument. So I guess I will go,” she said. She smiled and hugged him close.

“How long has it been since we made love on a couch?” Charlie asked, after a moment of silence.

“God, I don’t know,” Alex laughed. “Years.”

They were soon making out and their clothing came off a piece at a time. Then they were naked and their clothes were in a heap on the wood floor and they had sex on the sofa. Although it may have lacked the kinky wildness Charlie had enjoyed lately, it felt like a long-awaited welcome-home party to him. He luxuriated in the familiar smell of Alex and the taste and feel of her skin and her curves and her sweaty flesh and the piquancy of her pussy and the snugness of her lips around his cock, and remembered all the reasons he’d fallen in love with her twenty-some years before.


The next day Charlie called Sara and set up a private party for the three of them.

“Are you looking forward to it, Charlie?”

“Yes, very much so.”

“Is Alex looking forward to it?”

“I think so. I hope so.”

“I hope so too. Because I am.”


“What should I wear?” Alex had asked Charlie.

“Whatever you like. Wear something sexy and comfortable,” he answered.

It was Friday after work. Charlie came home and grabbed a beer and waited for Alex as she showered and changed clothes. Charlie was not disappointed when she appeared. She had on her sexy black dress that showed off her long legs and slim physique and its low-cut top did the same for her top half. The soft, black fabric subtly outlined the perky contour of her bra-less tits.

“Damn, I think I might have to cancel tonight. Stay home and rip your clothes off!” Charlie said, as he took her into his arms. She smelled great. It was a fruity fragrance he’d given her on her last birthday.

“Uh uh, down boy, that’ll have to wait till we get back. I’m too curious about what you have in store for us,” she said.

“I don’t know exactly what is in store for us, but I don’t think we’ll be disappointed,” he said.

They were rather subdued during the drive to the club and Alex seemed concerned when they crossed into the older, seedier part of the city.

“Where are you taking me?”

“We’re almost there,” Charlie said. “Just relax.”


They walked into the club hand-in-hand and stopped just inside the door to survey the place. The joint was already jumping with the Friday after-work crowd. Most tables were filled and music was cranking. They found seats at the bar and Charlie ordered a beer for himself and a white wine for Alex. He mentioned to the bartender that they had a reservation for the back room, and gave him his name.

On the stage before them a skinny girl was almost down to her birthday suit. She didn’t have much up top but had a nice ass and was swinging it pretty good. She seemed to take special notice of Alex, and was looking right at her and smiling when she peeled off her thong. She started humping in their direction with her naked snatch and then spread it open for them with her fingers.

“Oh My God!” Alex said.

The girl turned around and jutted her ass out in their direction and winked her asshole at them a few times.

“Oh My God!” Alex said again.

A young redhead tapped Charlie on the shoulder and said to follow her. They grabbed their drinks and were led through the door and down the hall to the same private room he’d been to previously. Candles emanated a soft glow around the room and soft, swampy music was playing.

“Have a seat, make yourselves comfortable. Lexi will be with you shortly,” Redhead said. “Enjoy.”

“Lexi?” Alex whispered, as they sat in the banquette.

“Sexy Lexi,” Charlie said. “Stage name.”

“This is so weird,” she said. She sat close and hugged his arm.

“Just relax, go with it. You look fucking great. You already had the dancer on the stage hot for you.”

“Oh, please…”

“I’m serious.”

The door opened and Sara walked in and across the small room. She turned the music up slightly and turned to face them. She wore a turquoise wrap that was layered around her lean, foxy bod. She kicked off her heels. Barefoot, she stepped forward and linked an arm around the pole in the center of the room and faced them.

“Hi Charlie. Hi Alex,” Sara said.

“Scooter?” Alex blurted, and turned to her husband. “You had an affair with Scooter?”

“She sent me home to you, Honey.”

“I had to. He loves you, Alex. He told me so.”

Scooter spun around the pole a couple times and then acrobatically leaped up feet first and scissored her legs around the pole and twirled around upside down before throwing her legs over her head and landing upright on her feet, facing them.

“You didn’t come here tonight to see me hump a pole, did you?” Scooter said. She stood immediately in front of them as she shucked the wrap off of her body and tossed it at the pole. She wore a short, silky black skirt and a silky black bra.

“Who wants a lap dance?” she said.

“Charlie,” Alex said.

“Are you going to watch, Alex? Or are you going to participate?”

“I like to watch,” Alex said.

Scooter sidled over directly in front of Alex. “Do me favor, would you? Unbutton my skirt.”

She turned to her left. There were three small buttons on her right hip. Alex looked at Scooter tentatively and then leaned forward, unbuttoned the skirt and handed it to her. A flimsy black thong barely covered her sex. Scooter tossed the skirt at the pole and climbed up onto Charlie’s lap facing him and rubbed his cock with her pussy and thrust her breasts in his face.

Charlie’s cock was hard and he pushed it into Sara’s grinding groin as he sucked on her pierced nipples through the thin fabric of her bra. She held his head in her hands as she fed him tit. Soon the bra was drenched so he slid it aside and took nipple and gold ring into his mouth. Alex watched in awe as her husband sucked like a thirsty camel on the stripper’s tits.

“Ooh, that feels good, Charlie,” Sara said.

She leaned toward Alex with her arm around Charlie’s head. Her other hand went onto the seat on the other side of Alex for support.

“Unhook me, Alex.”

Alex reached behind Sara and unhooked her bra. She threw it in the direction of the pole.

“Thank you,” Sara said to Alex. Then she kissed her.

Alex hesitated at first but Sara’s tongue was forceful and she opened her mouth to accept it. She was not accustomed to kissing other women and had not come to the club expecting to be french-kissing their old baby-sitter, but watching her husband sucking this attractive young woman’s tits had been a turn-on.

“Don’t be shy, Alex,” Sara said. “You look way too fucking hot to be shy.” They kissed again.

This time there was no hesitation. Alex went with it, her lips eagerly opened for business and her tongue twirled in Sara’s mouth. With a mouthful of nipple and gold Charlie watched them and tried not to smile.

Alex put her arm around Sara and rubbed her back as they kissed. Charlie played with the thong strap that was sunken in the crack of Sara’s ass. He put his other hand between her legs. Her thong was damp. Sara arced her cunt into his hand.

Charlie stopped sucking tit long enough to pull Sara’s thong down to her knees. She was now naked in their laps. He inserted two fingers into her pussy and two fingers into her asshole and started finger-fucking her from both directions. It was easy because her asshole had already been lubed. Sara moaned but kept kissing his wife. He went back to tit sucking.

“Ah, Charlie’s in my ass already,” Sara said, and gnashed her asshole on his fingers. “Your husband loves my ass.” Then she slid the straps of Alex’s dress off of her shoulders so her tits were exposed.

Alex jabbered a squeaky sigh when Sara licked her naked nipple, and then another when she sucked it into her mouth. Charlie took his left hand away from Sara’s crotch and scooted himself closer to Alex and as soon as he was close enough his wife sucked his tongue into her mouth. All three bodies were a leaning, twisted form on the bench: Charlie passionately kissing his wife while she was having her tits sucked by a foxy young lady who had his fingers up her ass. Meanwhile, Charlie’s compacted swollen dick was dying to get out of his pants.

Sara’s lips and tongue and teeth paraded over Alex’s nipples, which were now hardened nuggets in her mouth. She put her hand between her legs and up under her Escort Bayan dress and found that Alex’s panties were wet.

“Ooh, somebody’s ready,” Sara said. She scooted down onto her knees in front of the seat.

She lifted the hem of the dress up, yanked Alex’s soaked panties to the side and licked her drippy twat.

“Oh My God!” Alex slurred, with her husband’s mouth covering hers.

Sara drove her whole face into Alex’s gash, ramming her tongue into her open bowl and chomping on her ripe tamale. Alex leaned her cunt toward the source of her pleasure.

Charlie had his wife’s tongue in his mouth and her breast in his hand when he felt Sara’s hand start rubbing his inflated cock. It was time to let his horse out of the barn. He unbuckled his belt and opened his pants. His cock sprung out and upward like the needle on a magnetic compass six blocks from the North Pole. Sara stroked it as she continued chowing down on Alex’s saturated muff. Alex put her hand on Sara’s and they jerked him together.

Alex’s body shimmied and she emitted a shrill moan.

“Oh, shit!” she said.

“What’s the matter?” Charlie asked.

“I’m going to come.”

Sara gave Alex’s clit several solid sucks before she sprayed. Charlie felt his wife’s hand tighten around his cock as she came, and she moaned and her body shook as her pussy unleashed. Her cum covered Sara’s face in a gush like Charlie couldn’t recall.

“Oh, God, Scooter, I’m sorry,” Alex said.

“Sorry? Sorry for what? That was fantastic, that’s what we’re here for. What’s wrong, don’t you do girls?”

“I do now,” Alex said, and pulled Sara’s head up to hers and kissed her like it was the most natural thing she’d ever done. Charlie watched their long kiss, and his boner, with Alex’s hand still wrapped around it, waited patiently.

“You and me are having all the fun,” Sara said. “Wanna suck some cock?”

Alex said yes and they both got up and yanked off Charlie’s pants and shoes. Then they knelt on the floor in front of him. His cock stood erect like a guided missile ready to blast off.

Sara was first. She licked his shaft and took his cock into her mouth, then Alex took a turn, and they went back and forth a few times. Then Sara took the whole damn thing into her mouth and throat.

“Oh, wow,” Alex said when his cock disappeared. Then she took his cock and did almost as well, took most of it before she gagged.

Charlie sat back moaning and groaning as Alex sucked his cock and Sara teabagged his balls. He knew he would come in a New York Minute and he did. He shot his load into Sara’s mouth, and she held on for all of it, and then with a mouthful kissed Alex and jettisoned her tongue into her mouth. He smiled at the sight of his wife and his ex-mistress french-kissing with his cum seeping from between their lips.

His cock didn’t get much of a break, though. Charlie ate a couple pussies and then he was able to stick his dick into both as well as the girls sat side-by-side making out. And the grand finale was sublime. He fucked his wife doggy-style while she had her face in Sara’s crotch eating Scooter Pie. Sara just looked at him with a dreamy smile on her face until she came.


When the show was over Sara kissed them both goodbye, picked up her clothing and was gone. Charlie and Alex took a couple minutes to get dressed and then both went to the restrooms. Their plumbing had a few leaks.

On the drive home they held hands; They couldn’t remember the last time they’d done that. Back at the house they showered together; They couldn’t remember the last time they’d done that. And they fucked in the shower; They couldn’t remember when they’d last done that, either.

They drank wine and ordered Chinese food to be delivered. As they ate dinner they talked about their night. Charlie told her how turned-on he had been watching her getting it on with Sara, kissing and eating pussy. Alex said she got off on seeing him fucking and eating Sara, too. Charlie asked her if she’d like to do it again sometime. She said maybe she would.

They went to bed horny as hell. Alex had some unfinished business. She wanted to give her ass to Charlie just like Sara had.


Sara had been right. Their crazy three-way night had ignited their sex life to a new pinnacle. They were both thankful to have each other back. No sneaking around, no lies, no pretending. Alex had a fresh, new desire to suck Charlie’s cock and take it up the ass. Charlie wanted to fuck her, eat her pussy and lick her ass all the time. They were hungry for each other again. They made plans.

But Alex took something else away from that night, too. Sex with Sara had been brand new and exciting. Her orgasm when Sara was going down on her was one of the most explosive ones she’d ever had. And eating her pussy! It was her first time but she knew what to do. And she wanted to do it some more. She could close her eyes and breathe in and smell Sara’s delicious cunt.

Over the following weeks Charlie and Alex were insatiable, sex became part of their day, like eating dinner or brushing their teeth. But Alex was checking out other women too, watching them, taking in their curves, wondering what it would be like with them. Would they be up for it? But she wouldn’t know how to approach it and she didn’t want to have a secret affair with a woman. No, if she was going to fuck women, it would have to be with Charlie. Or at least with his consent.


Their lines of communication had never been better. Alex and Charlie had both briefly strayed, but they had come back together stronger than ever. Their sex was more intense and more often than ever, and they agreed that their experience with Sara was monumental in contributing to their newfound togetherness and might even have saved their marriage. They agreed they should come up with a way to show their gratitude.

“She’s a hell of a social worker, in more ways than one,” Charlie had said.

Alex couldn’t shake the memory of the excitement she’d felt when Sara was licking her and eating her and sucking her and the sudden fierceness with which she had come. She knew she had to get another woman down there. She wanted some pussy and found herself checking out women she’d see everyday.

For their anniversary Alex and Charlie went away for a week to a resort down by the coast. Celebrating twenty years of a successful marriage…except for a few weeks there when they both went sideways before getting back on track. Whenever they weren’t in the room fucking they were out by the pool or in the lounge or on the grounds where they would be checking out all the women. Alex was starting to get cross-eyed from staring at so many crotches.

The next week Alex called Sara’s cell phone. It went to voicemail so she left a message asking her to call. The next day Sara called back. They said their hellos and then Alex got to the purpose of her call.

“Sara, I called to say ‘Thank You’. Charlie and I agree that the night with you was amazing and has had a profound effect on both of us. We might have lost our way a little bit but we are back on track now, much thanks to you. We are so close again, in and out of bed.”

“That’s good, glad to hear it,” Sara said.

“Anyway, we’d like to take you out to dinner. To stay in touch, and to say Thank You.”

“Oh, Alex, that’s not necessary.”

“But we’d like to. To express our gratitude. You helped to save our marriage, we believe that. And if we can ever do anything to repay you, you just have to ask and we will be happy to.”

There was a pause on the line while Sara hesitated, thinking about the invitation. There had been recent changes in her life that Alex didn’t know about.

“Okay, let’s.” Sara said. “I’d love to.” She was thinking it might be a good time to ask them to return the favor if they were serious about it.

“Great!” Alex said enthusiastically. “It will be nice to see you again.”

They set the date for two weeks hence.


Charlie had made a reservation at a riverfront restaurant that was highly-rated and known for steaks and seafood. Alex wore her hottest, sexiest jumpsuit that showed off her cleavage and her shape, hoping Sara would notice. She had no idea how the night was going to turn out, but if the opportunity for another threesome presented itself, she would be ready.

Alex and Charlie got there early and were seated at a choice booth with a river view. They told the server they were waiting on one more and ordered drinks. They had just taken their first sips of their cocktails when Sara entered the room.

She looked different than she had at the strip club, but stunning nonetheless. Tight black skirt, red silky top that clung to her, golden-brown legs with well-defined calves. Her blond hair had a new wave and was freshly-cut, barely reaching her chin.

Alex was relieved when Sara didn’t hesitate to immediately embrace and kiss them both before taking her seat and ordering a gin tonic. There was small talk at first: You look great, so do you, how have you been, this place is great, thanks for coming, thanks for having me, etc. The server returned and they ordered a second round and placed their dinner orders. Then Sara redirected the conversation.

“I quit stripping,” Sara said.

Alex and Charlie’s eyes popped and their jaws dropped. They were too surprised to say anything.

“There’s a man in my life,” Sara continued. “Or back in my life, I should say. An old boyfriend from college, we went together for two years. Arlo. Very good relationship, we loved each other. But he had a little problem with the bi- thing, which he’s gotten past, but he had a bigger problem with my stripping. We broke up. He graduated and went off to medical school.

“The night the three of us shared at the club, that was a first for me. I know I was a stripper for several years, but I was not a whore. All I ever did were lap dances and hand jobs. Until that night with you two, I had never kissed a man or a woman from the club, I had never fucked a man or a woman from the club, and I had never had an orgasm with a man or woman from the club.”

Sara drained her gin and tonic. The refills came and no one spoke while they waited.

“I learned something from you that night. I was turned on and I went with it. But the sex was only part of it. I was turned on because you two were so into each other. I remembered how hot and happy you looked when I used to babysit for you. And you went through a rough patch but Charlie didn’t hesitate when I asked him if he loved you and wanted to keep you, and that night it was obvious how much you love and care about each other. I admired it and I envied it. But it inspired me. After that night I thought about Arlo and what we once had, and whether we could still have it. I got up the nerve and contacted him. He still loves me. I still love him.”

Sara paused and sipped her fresh drink. Charlie and Alex were speechless.

“So anyway,” Sara continued. “You said that if there was anything you could do for me, to ask, right?”

Alex said yes, that was true, and Charlie echoed her.

“Here’s the thing,” Sara said, and took another sip. “As I said, Arlo’s okay with me being bi-, in fact he’d like to see me with another woman, and participate. We’ve talked about bringing another woman into our bed. And now, Arlo is very bi-curious himself; and I have to admit I wouldn’t mind seeing him with another man…and participating, which would mean bringing another man into our bed.

So I thought, why not kill two birds with one stone? Four way, full swap. But it would have to be with a couple we are attracted to and can trust. That’s where you two come in.”

Sara sat back while she let those last words sink in. She looked across the table. Alex had a shy, subtle smile on her face. Charlie looked like a deer in the headlights. Alex turned to Charlie.

“I’d be up for it. What do you think, Hon,” she said. She was thinking about getting into Sara’s knickers again, not to mention the bonus action.

“I don’t know…” he said slowly.

“What’s the matter, Charlie?” Sara said softly. “Think of the possibilities. You’d get to see me and Alex going at it again, I know that turns you on. I get hot just thinking about it. And you would be able to have your way with two foxy ladies at the same time, right Alex?”

“Right. Sounds like a hot time to me. Charlie gets to watch his wife with another woman; I get to watch my husband with another man.” She squeezed his hand under the table.

“I don’t know,” Charlie said again. “I don’t know anything about that…”

“What’s the big deal, Charlie?” Sara cooed, leaning close. “Just go with it. Arlo just wants to see what it’s like to suck a cock, Charlie. You let me suck it, Alex sucks it.”

“I know, but that’s a little different.”

“What’s the difference? If it feels good, who cares? You got turned on watching Alex and me. Now you have a chance to turn us on.”

“Why don’t we do this,” Alex said. “Why don’t you and Arlo come over to our house. We’ll relax, have a couple drinks, meet Arlo and see what happens.”

They agreed to the plan and scheduled the get-together for the following Saturday evening. Alex figured she had nearly a week to get Charlie primed and ready.

They said goodnight in the parking lot. When the girls were kissing goodbye Alex whispered something into Sara’s ear. “Don’t worry, I’ll work on him,” she said.


When they got home and inside their front door Alex kissed Charlie and told him to go get naked and lie on the bed. She said she was going to give him a blowjob and would be there in a minute.

She went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. She pulled out the crisper drawer and found a large, even-shaped zucchini, eight inches long. She went to the bedroom. She could hear Charlie peeing in the master bathroom so she put the squash on the end table, undressed and lay on the bed. Charlie was naked when he came out of the bathroom and got into bed beside her. Immediately they started kissing and Alex’s hand made a beeline for Charlie’s cock. She massaged his balls and lightly caressed his dick and within a minute he was rock-solid.

“I’m going down on you now,” she said. “Watch.”

Down she went. She kissed it, licked it and took it in her mouth. She stuck her finger in her pussy and swished it around, then glided it into his asshole. She sucked him as she reamed him from behind.

Charlie moaned and swung his meat into her mouth in sync with the finger throbbing his ass. After a couple minutes of moaning and boning Charlie came, and Alex sucked it in as it pressured its way out of him.

Alex lay back beside him and reached for the zucchini.

“What’s that for?” Charlie asked.

“Practice,” she said.

She lowered it to her pussy and jammed it inside. She stroked it in and out of her a number of times, sighing with each plunge. Then she took it out, raised it to her face and sucked the length of it into her mouth, in then out, several times. Charlie watched her with a smirk on his face. She rammed it back into her twat and spun it around, getting it good and wet and funky. She handed it to Charlie.

“You try it,” she said.

He laughed but went along. He sucked a couple inches into his mouth and pulled it out. Alex egged him on and he did it again, then again. He had a big mouth so most of the zucchini had disappeared behind his lips.

“Oh, that’s hot. You’re going to do fine,” she said.

She lowered it again to her pussy and shoved it in several inches. The bulk of the veggie protruded from her twat.

“Turn me on, Charlie,” she said. “Suck it. Take it out with your teeth.”

Charlie shook his head and laughed. She pushed him in that direction. He swiveled down and around so his face was between her thighs and looked up at her and laughed again.

“Go ahead,” Alex said. “Make my day.”

She watched Charlie open his mouth wide and wrap his lips around her ripe appendage, and smiled. She was already looking forward to Saturday night.


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