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It had been two months now since Scott and Candy had last seen each other. For Scott, the first six weeks were the roughest, he was unhappy in his terrible marriage and he missed his lover so much it hurt. But then, he had an epiphany. If he was unhappy, why continue to do the same exact things that were making him unhappy? Why be married to a woman who used him as a convenient handyman rather than at least get back out and start meeting new people? So on week nine of being without his Candy, he filed for divorce. He wanted nothing out of it. He didn’t care if she took the house, he had no attachments to it in the new life he wanted to create. His wife didn’t seem too surprised, and upon receiving the papers, he could have sworn she had a genuine smile on her face that he hadn’t seen in years. Maybe this could be good for the both of them.

Candy on the other hand, was slowly becoming more and more adventurous in her masturbation exploits. She was craving more and more, between her new obsession with fisting and her old love of exhibition, her summer was proving to be quite fun. Nothing too extreme, but she would go down to the beach late at night when few were around and bring herself off to an amazing orgasm, or two or three. She also found she no longer needed visual stimulation in order to get off as long as she had something else equally as interesting, like her entire hand, or a public place.

One late evening, she was feeling more daring than usual. She thought she was healing quite well from her previous relationship, sure she still missed Scott, but he didn’t dominate every single thought in her mind anymore, almost like she had been set free. She decided to test her resolve that night and made the conscious decision to go to the bay, only about two blocks from Scott’s house. If she could be that close to him without being upset, then she knew was truly in recovery.

She jumped in the car, her bag of tricks in the passenger seat next to her. Off she went to the bay, hoping that she wasn’t making a terrible decision. Even with her apprehension of the evening, she was also excited to go there, she hadn’t been back to this part of the bay in months, and she missed it. The air always felt charged with electricity down this way, or maybe she just electrified the air, she didn’t know.

She found an inconspicuous place to park and quickly headed off to the beach, a towel and her bag in tow. She walked down the dune line to a nice secluded spot where she was certain no one would stumble directly upon her without her noticing them first. She laid out the towel, grabbed her lube and new favorite dildo. Quickly she busied herself with lubing her toy and plunging it in and out of her tight pussy. She was getting more used to the assault with larger toys and appendages, it didn’t take her nearly the amount of work and shear force it originally had, and she could get off multiple times instead of just one and done. She was under her own spell and became oblivious to the world around her.

Scott was just finishing his packing. It had been a long day of cardboard and packing tape. His tow-behind trailer was almost full to the brim and his soon to be ex-wife was graciously making two rum and gingers for them. Since he had served her with papers, his life had become ridiculously simple. He was done fighting, and she being a lawyer, could appreciate a man who wanted a clean split. They were almost friendly again, actually laughing and sharing jokes together rather than pretending to be interested. He liked this new side of her, and liked knowing that he wasn’t the only miserable person in the marriage. Perhaps his previous dependence on Candy wasn’t as terrible as he thought, at least he had an outlet, his wife didn’t, not that he knew of at least.

He took the drink from her and sat down on what were now solely “her” couches with her. He took a quick look around the room to see if he had missed anything. It all looked to be in perfect order, all of her things were in their places around the room, and all of his worldly possessions were sitting in a trailer outside. “You know, you can spend the night here, Scott,” his ex-wife offered. “I know that you’re probably tired, and I don’t hate you or anything, I’m actually glad that things happened this way,” she continued.

“I’m sorry that our marriage turned out this way, I never meant for us to split up and all this mess,” Scott began to ramble.

“Scott, stop it. We both know we weren’t happy. You had your girl on the side, and I had my job to occupy every extra bostancı escort bayan second of my day. I don’t blame you for doing what you did, I’m just glad you had the decency to never go public and humiliate me. From now on, I want us to be honest with each other, as friends, never anything more,” she said earnestly.

“Thank you. That’s what I want too,” Scott said then gulped down the remainder of his drink. This conversation was getting to be too much for him, he needed some air. “I think I’m gonna walk for a few, clear my head. But I will accept the offer to sleep here, I don’t think I’d be much good trying to move this stuff into the new place in the dark,” he said.

“No problem, I’ll leave the door open for you.”

He was surprised it was this easy. She was being nice and kind to him, something he hadn’t experienced in more than fleeting moments for a long time. He opened the front door and was greeted by a warm breeze off the bay. He couldn’t wait to get down to the beach and jump into the water to wash the day’s stresses away. He began a brisk jog down the road, paying no mind to his surroundings, his goal was the water, he didn’t have the capacity to care about anything else.

He reached the dune line and kept going up and over onto the sandy beach. As he got down to the level sand, he realized instead of wallowing in misery, he should have been working out these last few months because his chest was already tight and his legs were fighting the sandy ground. He slowed his pace to a walk , there was no real hurry anyway, the beach wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. He looked out over the beautiful moonlit bay and began to consider swimming.

He saw the bridge-tunnel in the distance and laughed to himself at the thought of swimming that far; he would never make it in a million years. The soft breeze cooled his skin and he walked slowly down to water’s edge. A strange sound caught his attention, at first he thought it was a seagull screeching around in search of food. He held deathly still for a moment and listened; it wasn’t a seagull, it sounded almost human.

Candy continued her ministrations after achieving her first orgasm fairly quickly using her pink dildo, she decided to take things up a notch and use her hand instead. She grabbed the tube of lube and generously coated her entire hand all the way to the wrist. After being certain there was plenty on there to have fun with, she grabbed her vibe and turned it on full blast. Placing it on her clit, she slowly began working all four fingers into her tight snatch. She wasn’t into wasting time tonight, there was nothing romantic about what she was doing, she simply wanted to cum until her body had no fluids left.

After she was completely comfortable with the four fingers, she moved her thumb into the palm of her hand and stuck that in too. She felt a slight discomfort momentarily as her delicate skin became used to the added digit. She was moaning softly now, her voice squeaking out in between breaths.

Scott was curious now, he didn’t see anyone on the beach, but he knew there was someone else out there. He hoped they were okay since the noises he was hearing seemed somewhat strange, he couldn’t tell if they were signaling some kind of distress or not. He walked back up towards the dunes, hoping to find the source of the sounds. It was growing louder and he reached the shadowed area just below the dunes. There in the dark recesses he thought he saw the figure of a person, perhaps a woman.

Candy looked up just in time to see a male figure heading towards her. Oh shit, this is not going to be good, she thought to herself. But the thrill of being caught just heightened the sensation for her. Immediately she thought of how this would look to some innocent bystander, a random woman on the beach up to her wrist in her own cunt. The man had stopped dead in his tracks, probably analyzing what was happening in front of him, Candy figured.

Scott was floored. He could make out the facial features of this mystery woman but he was unsure as to the noises still. Then the woman moaned loudly and instantly, his heart skipped several beats, he knew who it was. It was Candy, he was sure of it, he should know better than anyone what she sounds like right before she comes. He had a serious decision to make, he could tell she had spotted him, but he knew she hadn’t realized who he was yet. He could turn and run now and never look back, or he could kneel down beside her and help her with her “work”, that is, if she’d let ümraniye escort him.

Candy could feel the man’s eyes on her, but couldn’t see a thing, the moon was behind him, so all she had to go on was a silhouette. She wondered why he didn’t leave her be, but being watched was a huge turn on for her, so she continued on without him, closing her eyes and falling back into a smooth rhythm of internally massaging her most erogenous area. She knew she was close, her hand was beginning to get sore from the contraction of the muscles around it and she could feel the intense throbbing in her clit. She repositioned the vibe and held it more firmly onto her clit so achieve the maximum stimulation.

Scott decided it was now or never. Maybe this random encounter was what he needed to finally say goodbye to her, to get over her. Here was the woman he loved spread legged on the beach in the middle of the night with her hand buried in her slit. The thought of how slutty she was acting made his cock throb inside his pants and he wanted nothing more than to fuck her. He hedged his bets, the worst that could happen was rejection, but the prize was worth the risk.

Candy felt a pair of hands firmly plant on her thighs. She gasped at the surprising contact, but kept her eyes shut. She was enjoying herself, and this stranger obviously wanted to help her, she didn’t want to be the one to stop that. She hadn’t ever done anything like this before, but she had recently learned there was a first for everything, so she allowed the intrusion. The hands kneaded her flesh roughly, then she heard the lube bottle open and felt his hands move away from her skin. He was going to join her.

Scott could tell she still hadn’t realized it was him, which worried him slightly because she was allowing a “stranger” to make sexual advances on her without question. But he didn’t care, the aroma of her pussy was intoxicating, and the sloppy sounds her hand was making as it plunged in and out were enough to make him almost cum. He covered his right hand with the lube, then proceeded to grab her fisted hand by the wrist and coax it out of her. Candy’s disappointment was obvious, she was so close to orgasm it was almost painful. She let out a long sigh, but as she did, she felt the man’s hand begin poking into her stretched hole.

She could tell he had large hands, this would definitely be the largest her pussy had ever been stretched and the thought excited her. He didn’t waste time, he could feel how loose she was with four fingers, so he added the thumb after only a few thrusts. Then, she became quite tight around his fingers. He was determined, he wanted to bring her to the most nerve tingling orgasm she had ever felt. He wanted to make her miss him, make her sorry for leaving him alone in the world.

He curled his fingers in towards his wrist as he pushed slowly forward opening her up to new depths that were previously unknown. Candy was almost screaming in pleasure by this time, she wanted his entire hand inside her at that very instant. She used her weight to push harder onto his hand, then felt a pop and knew he was fully inside. Scott was surprised by this sudden entry but didn’t skip a beat. He started twisting his hand all around inside of her, pulling out slightly then pushing back in. He could feel every part of her insides, her walls, her g-spot, her cervix.

Then he felt the convulsions start. A rhythmic wavelike contraction was rippling through her abused pussy and the blood felt like it was being squeezed out of his hand. He knew she was about to explode and began shaking his fist inside of her. Her muted screams turned into all-out wails, as she clutched her beautiful tits and twisted her nipples between her fingertips.

It was then that Scott saw something completely jaw dropping. As her orgasm continued, a thin stream of fluid shot out from between her legs and sprayed onto the sand in front of them. She was squirting! Two bursts of the clear fluid made it out and Candy was gasping for breath. Her eyes were still closed, but in the throes of passion she wondered who this man was, who seemed to know exactly what she needed and was willing to provide it. She made a decision, she wanted to see his face, look in his eyes, maybe he was as lonely as her, or maybe he was some pervert walking the beach and fisting women.

Candy opened her eyes and allowed them a second to adjust to the light level. Suddenly, her moans stopped abruptly, her breathing was halted, and her cunt muscles started to twist in an erratic escort kartal pattern at her discovery. It was no stranger at all, there was Scott, wrist deep in her battered cunt. He had seen her eyes open and knew that this moment would probably be taking a turn very soon.

Her beautiful blue eyes were locked on his face. Scott dared not move, nor speak, for fear of upsetting this precarious balance. A decision had to be made, Candy’s mind was racing. The man she had spent the last several weeks desperately trying to get over and forget was now between her legs and had just given her an incredible orgasm. Then the little devil inside of her suggested let him fuck you, that doesn’t mean you have to see him again after tonight. And the decision was made.

Slowly, she drew in a breath. Scott was thinking about how to remove his hand in this awkward moment. Candy whispered to him, barely audible, “Fuck me.”

He paused in surprise, had he just heard right? Did she really want him to fuck her? He decided he may as well give it a go, the worst that could happen is she throws him off of her. He wiggled his hand inside of her to see her response. She immediately closed her eyes and moaned loudly. With his other hand he reached forward and caressed her tender breast, kneading the fleshy skin in his palms. Slowly, he began to work his hand out of her rapidly constricting cunt. As he turned and twisted his wrist and unfolded his fingers, her moans grew louder and louder; she looked up with a pleading gaze in her eyes. She needed this and she needed it now.

As his fist withdrew from her, the skin around her pussy looked angry and red but very satisfied. She gaped open for just a second before the skin began to regain its elasticity. Scott didn’t skip a beat, there was something so strangely erotic about her being wide open in front of him, he desperately wanted to fuck her right at that moment. He yanked his pants down, cock ready and waiting to go. There was no pretense, no waiting, he grabbed his stiff cock by the base and instantly shoved it inside of her. It felt different to him, it wasn’t the same feeling as when they had fucked before, this was more desperate, more wanton, less premeditated and more victim of circumstance.

Her moans continued as Scott ravaged her insides. He leaned down from above her and clamped her left nipple into his mouth. He sucked hard as he continued to fuck her, hoping to give her another orgasm like he had just seen with his hand. He knew he wasn’t going to last very long, the marked lack of sex in his life recently had simply made him a ticking time bomb. She met him at every thrust, as though she was just waiting to be pounded more and more. He knew he at least wanted her to cum one more time before he let go, before he might never see her again.

He reached down with his free hand between her legs and began to play with her clit, pinching and torturing as best he knew how. She shrieked at first, the intrusion was unexpected, but well enjoyed. He knew she wouldn’t be much longer now, which was a godsend to Scott, because neither would he.

And all the sudden, it struck. Her pussy convulsed around his cock, her chest began to heave, and he knew, Candy was cumming. And so was he. He couldn’t stop it, the stream of ropy cum just dove straight into her horny little cunt. Stream after stream went in, he almost wondered when it would stop. And finally, when he thought he might lose consciousness, it stopped. His dick quivered inside of her.

Candy had a decision to make now. And she knew what had to be done. “Thank you, sir. But I think you had better take your leave now,” she said in the most obscure and confusing fashion he had ever heard her speak.

Dumbfounded, Scott withdrew from his favorite place in the world, and tugged up his pants with one grunt. He stopped to look at her, a pleading look in his eyes.

“Please, just go. Thank you, but you’ve done enough,” she said softly. And with that, knowing he had been rejected again, used only as an object, he tugged up his pants and zipped the zipper. This was the end for him, his “one last time”. He was grateful that he at least had this memory, but he was saddened that she still cared nothing for him.

As she watched Scott walk away, her heart hurt. She wanted so badly to cuddle next to the man she loved. She wanted to chase after him, a childish notion, that they would ever be together.

“Toughen up,” she muttered to herself. “The man put his hand in you. And that makes him what? Nothing. Just like you were to him,” her internal dialogue went slowly into the night’s air.

But no matter how strong her convictions were in leaving this man behind, her emotions still took over, and she wept. Alone, vulnerable, in the middle of the night, her tears were her only company.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32