Sean Rides His Sister

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Hi, my name is Nikki.

This story all started when I was 20, I remember this because I was in my first year of college and I had just broke up with my high school boyfriend of 3 years. Mum and Dad went on a vacation for two weeks leaving my brother and I home alone.

My brother Sean was 2 years younger than me, he had just turned 18 at the time. He was a little guy that wore glasses and was real skinny.

He was kind of like your typical geek or nerd so to speak. Don’t get me wrong he was cute but just was no ladies man.

I am 5 foot 5 tall always hated being short even my brother is a little taller than me. I weigh about 110. I guess I’m pretty cause I always have guys hitting on me and making comments on my nice ass and stuff. My tits are not big, b cup but my ex liked them cause he said they point straight out and are perky.

My brother Sean and I were never close for being 2 years apart, we just never played together when we were younger and stuff. Lately I notice how he always would watch me and I would have to make sure the bathroom door was shut, because the pervert would always try to peek at me. I never thought much of it until my parents were gone and Sean and I were home alone.

It started out as just a tease. I was taking a shower that first morning Mum and Dad were gone and I realised I forgot to shut the door fully over. I quickly stepped aside so the pervert could not see me. I was not sure if he was on the other side so I got quiet and listened. I could hear him breathing like he was all excited. I put a towel around me and went to shut the door, but for some reason I stopped and decided to tease him. I stood in front of the mirror and pretended I did not know he was there and with the towel wrapped around me I combed my hair.

I felt this excitement run through me like I liked the thought of him watching me, slowly I got braver and let the towel drop to the floor. With my back to him I got dressed, gaziantep escortları slipping my pants on and then turned and stuck out my breast and fastened my bra.

After I got dressed I went to my room quickly and shut the door. I was breathing hard and was very excited. I can’t believe I got turned on by putting on a show for Sean. I pulled my pants down to my knees and got on my bed and masturbated. I had one of the biggest orgasms I had ever had. When I cooled off I went back down to the kitchen and ate. Sean was no where around. I could not get my mind off it. It was such a turn on to let him watch me. But more so to not let him know I knew he was watching.

I masturbated several more times that day. I could not control myself I was really turned on by it, Sean stayed in his room most of the day. That evening I put the computer on and I noticed Sean had left a window open. I started to close it but the words hypnosis and how to put someone to a deep sleep caught my eye. Sean had been looking up ways too hypnotise someone. Reading what he had been searching. The stuff he had been reading all said to induce that you needed a drug of some sort. The little pervert was wanting to hypnotise me or drug.

No way I think, then it occurred to me if he decides to try something I would play along just to see what he would do. I logged out and went to the bathroom and the medicine cabinet was open. Only thing that was in there was aspirin and cold medicine. Mums prescription for the antibiotic she was on, then I had an idea. I took out the antibiotic and put in 4 Advil.

I go to Sean. Sean were you in the medicine cabinet? Yea I got some aspirin. I wanted to make sure you didn’t take Mums prescription for sleeping. She should not leave that in there if you take one you will sleep good, but two you will be out all night and no one can wake you till it wears off. Anyway I’m fixing hot dogs for dinner want some? Sure he said.

As I was preparing dinner I saw Sean escort gaziantep go to bathroom. A little bit later the hotdogs were ready and I sat down with Sean to eat. Sean poured us some pop from the 2 litre bottle and we ate the hotdogs. After dinner I went to the bathroom and sure enough Sean had taken 2 pills and must of put them in my pop. Advil wont hurt me but he thinks he spiked me with sleeping pills. I go back out and take my pop and drink it down in front of him.

Then I go in the livingroom and watch tv. Sean comes in and sits on the recliner, I was on the sofa. My mind is in a whirl. I wonder what he will do. I go to put my night dress on, keeping my pants on but removing my bra and I come back to couch. I was excited. Sean tried to drug me to fuck me. One part of me wanted to just forget it, and the other wanted to play along.

So I slowly pretend to drift off too asleep on the sofa, as I lay down on the arm of the sofa and I close my eyes and wait.

Sean gets up and says he was going to bed. I don’t move. A few minutes later he comes back down and shakes my shoulder, then he calls my name. Then he shakes me hard and rolls me on to my back. I breath normal like I am asleep, I was trying to control my breathing. I was scared and thrilled at same time. All I can do is lay there and see what he does, do I stop him?

How far will I let him go? Sean reached down and put his hand on my leg. I could hear him take a deep breath and feel his pulse beat through his hands. they were warm and soft, he slid his hand up my leg and he pulled my leg aside then moved his hand up my inner thigh and rested it against my pants. He makes sure I’m not going to wake up one more time and then he takes my night dress and pulls it over my head. Lying there with my boobs exposed to Sean, my pants covering my modesty. He reached down and rubbed my nipples. I was on fire, the more still I lay, the more turned on I got.

He took my nipple in his mouth and sucked on it, then gaziantep bayan escortları reached down and pulled my pants off. Then I realised I went too far. I had to stop him, wake up or something. He stuck his head between my legs and licked me. My brother was eating me. Oh my it felt good, I couldn’t stop him, I came in his mouth I don’t know if he could tell I was still sleeping as i possibly could be. I peeked through my eye lids and watched him take off his clothes.

His little dick stood straight out rock hard I wanted it inside me and quick. I shut my eyes and waited. Sean pulled my legs up and lay down on me. He didn’t wait, he thrust into me at once and he felt big. One, two, three thrust in me and he came. No! Not in me, please god no! I did not think about that. He lay on me exhausted, his cock still inside me. Then all of a sudden I felt him grow again. Slowly he starts rocking in me. Oh I wanted to scream out, but I just lay limp in his arms, his pace picks up as he pulls my legs up so he can get in deeper.

I start to cum and I feel my body tense up but I keep my eyes closed, i let put a little moan. My little nerdy brother fucking the shit out of me. He rolls me over and before I know it I feel him putting some lube onto my ass, then feel his cock slide into my ass. A moan escapes my lips, just then he stops for a second, makes sure I was still sleeping and starts fucking my ass again. I feel him explode his lot into my ass, wave after wave of little bro semen.

He gets up and goes some where I don’t know. I was exhausted and must of fell asleep. I wake an hour or so later and Sean is on me again my legs over his shoulders and he’s drilling me good. He let out a grunt and I could feel his dick release, I open my eye slightly so he still can’t see I’m watching. Stream after stream of his thick cum, landing on my breasts. Sean got up put my night dress on and covered me with a blanket.

I woke up the next morning Sean was still in bed. I went to bathroom and hopped in the shower. I could feel his sticky cum on my leg and boobs, my butt was sore. Sean must have screwed me for hours last night I lost track of time, my butt was sore my tit had a bite mark on it my left thigh had a bruise where he got too rough. But I liked it, i loved it, I let my own brother fuck me. And I’m sure he did as well.

Until the next time when i tell him I know what he did 🙂

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