Secuction Ch. 03

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[Refresher: Zach and Nicki are high school seniors stumbling their way through the wonders of sex with the aid of Nicki’s mother, Mandy who is using her supposed good intentions to support her own sexual desires for Zach’s ten inch fat cock. Chapter2 ends with Nicki, Zach and Mandy engaged in three way sex and both Nicki and Mandy questioning their roles in this odd relationship.]

An hour later Mandy awoke and immediately jumped into the same thoughts she was having before she fell asleep next to Zach, ‘What the fuck was she doing?’. She looked over at Zach and Nicki cuddled up together. She thought, ‘That’s the way it should be.’ She pushed herself out of bed and went down the hall to her room. She stripped her bed down to the mattress. ‘Jesus, Nicki had made one hell of a mess when she ‘squirted’ this morning,’ she thought. Fortunately, she had put a thick mattress pad under the sheets. She stripped that off too and was relieved that the mattress itself was dry. She pulled on a tee-shirt over her braless tits. Her nipples were pronounced. She thought for a moment and then pulled the tee-shirt off and put on a bra before she pulled the tee-shirt back on. There was no way she was going to be able to make herself look undesirable but she didn’t have to flaunt her body like she had been all weekend. She pulled on some cargo shorts and carried all the bedding to the laundry room.

An hour later Nicki and I came down the stairs dressed for the day. Mandy was sitting in her favorite chair in the Family Room reading the newspaper. She looked up from the paper as we came in. She said to Nicki, “Well, you look refreshed. What are your plans for the day?”

“We thought we would go over to Zach’s for a while and then go from there. Zach feels bad that he sort of deceived his dad with his note this morning. We’ll stop and have breakfast out on the way. OK Mom?”

“That sounds great. Call me to let me know what your later plans are. OK?”

“Sure mom. I’ll let you know,” said Nicki. They went back through the house and out the front door. Mandy heard Zach’s car start and as they drove away Mandy thought to, ‘Zach’s dad Mike is a nice man. It seems he and Zach has a wonderful relationship.’ Mandy knew Mike from the factory. He was a great ‘Shift Foreman’ and was instrumental in keeping everything working smoothly and on schedule. She had never had a conversation with him about anything except the job which she considered to be appropriate. Now that she thought about it, ‘Mike and Zach look very much alike in physical appearance. In her current state she couldn’t help wondering if they looked alike in for private ways.’ She crossed her legs and squeezed her thighs together.

When Nicki and I walked into my dad’s house I yelled out “Hey dad, I’m home.” There was total silence. I walked into the living room and yelled again. Just then the garage door into the kitchen opened with a bang and my dad came in carrying a box of stuff. Mike noticed Nicki standing there first and was a little startled. I walked up behind Nicki and said, “Hi dad. You remember Nicki.”

Mike said, “Oh sss..ure. Hi Nicki. Nice to see you again.” Mike brushed off his hands on his pants and reached over to shake Nicki’s hand. Mike looked at me and said, “Hey buddy, don’t forget you have a number of chores to do today.”

I muttered, “Oh crap. I did forget.” I immediately thought, ‘I was so consumed with getting out of here early.’ “Sorry dad. I’ll do them right now.” I turned to Nicki and said, “Sorry babe. It’ll take me about an hour. Can you just visit with my dad for a while?” Nicki just nodded. I rushed up the stairs.

There was an awkward silence in the kitchen. Mike and Nicki had met a few times but just in passing. They had never had a conversation before. Mike spoke first and this was even more awkward. “So, you and Zach have been dating for a while now. I can tell he adores you. Do you…umm…like…?” He stopped talking as he realized he was making an ass of himself.

Nicki looked down and said, “Yes. I do. Very much. I have dated a lot of boys but Zach and I just seem to mesh. We both like the same things. He is very sens…i..tive.” She stopped right there because she wasn’t sure if telling a man that his son was sensitive was like saying he was wimpy. She had no experience with what men thought since she had no man in the house since she could remember.

The awkward silence was back. Mike broke it again, “Can I get you anything to drink? Coffee? Soda?”

Nicki said, “Coffee would be great, thank you.” She sat down at the kitchen table. She was wringing her hands in a nervous way. Mike noticed and chastised himself for not making Nicki more comfortable. Then he realized that he always acted uncomfortable around beautiful women and Nicki was definitely one of those. He handed her a cup of coffee and poured one for himself. He pulled out a chair and sat down across the table from Nicki.

Mikelooked Escort Pendik up at her and smiled. ‘Mike’s smile was identical to Zach’s,’ she thought. She smiled too. “I’m sorry for the awkwardness between us. We should be friends. We are both fond of the same kid, after all.” Nicki smiled and nodded. Mike and Nicki conversed back and forth about a variety of things. Mike confessed that he felt very nervous and shy around beautiful women and always had. He wondered if it was hereditary because Zach had always been the same but apparently had worked his way out of it being with Nicki and all. Mike hesitated a moment and then said, “I’m very nervous around your mother. I go all tongue-tied and then get embarrassed.” He looked at Nicki and said, “You two could be sisters.”

Nicki giggled and said, “Well, you and Zach look very much alike too. I think.” They talked and laughed and an ease of familiarity settled in. Nicki wasn’t sure if she should ask but she decided she would, “Do you have any pictures of Zack’s mother? I know she died of cancer a long time ago.”

Mike’s eyes lit up and without a word he launched out of the chair and hurried toward the living room. He came back with a photo album and began flipping through the pages. He found what he was looking for and turned the album around for Nicki to see. It was a photo of Mike, Zach and his mother together with a woodsy background. She hardly recognized Zach he was so young. Mike looked pretty much the same but younger. Zach’s mother was very attractive.

Nicki looked up at Mike and said, “She was very beautiful. You apparently got by your nervousness with her.”

Mike smiled and said, “In her case I was drawn like a moth to a flame.” He laughed and continued, “She was obviously the flame.” Nicki lightly ran her fingers over the photo like she was extracting information by osmosis. She smiled again. Mike was mesmerized by Nicki’s reaction to the photo.

Mike didn’t say anything more about his deceased wife and Nicki closed the album. She looked back up at Mike and she had tears in her eyes. One tear burst out and rolled down her cheek and another ran down her nose. She wiped them both off with her hand. Mike just looked at her for several seconds. With her tear filled eyes she looked like an angel from heaven. He put his hand down on top of Nicki’s wet hand and said, “What are you thinking right now?”

She looked down at his hand on top of hers and said, “I can’t imagine my life going on if my mother had died when I was eight.” She started crying. She was sobbing. Tears poured from her eyes and fell to land on the photo album.

Mike pushed his chair back and moved to another one beside Nicki. He sat and leaned to her and hugged her close. Nicki was trying hard to gather herself. She was a little embarrassed acting this way with a man she hardly knew. As she settled down in his arms he pulled back and said, “It’s funny you put it that way about not being able to go on living. That is exactly what I was feeling after the Doctor gave us his diagnosis. She was gone two months later. Zach and I were both crushed by the weight of it for a long time.” Tears formed in his eyes as he spoke.

Mike and Nicki had been talking for over an hour when Zach came down the stairs and walked into the kitchen. His dad was sitting beside Nicki and they both had tears in their eyes. I said, “What happened?”

Mike stood up and looked at me and said, “Oh, nothing. Nicki asked about your mother and I was just telling her some stories. I guess the memories got the better of me.” He walked over and hugged me hard like he always did. “Did you finish your chores?”

“Yeah, dad. All done.” They separated and Zach said, “Hey dad, can I have the keys to the camp? I thought it would be a nice ride on a beautiful day.” I turned to Nicki and continued, “With a beautiful woman.” Nicki smiled. The light sparkled off her moist eyes. She pursed her lips and gave me an air-kiss.

My dad went to a drawer and pulled out a set of key and tossed them to me. “Enjoy. Don’t forget you have school tomorrow.”

Nicki walked over to my dad and reached her arms up around his neck and kissed him tenderly on his cheek. He responded by putting his hands around her waist. No one noticed except Mike. He had a huge boner in his pants.

Two hours later we were unlocking the door of my dad’s camp. My parents had bought it way back when I was five. I loved coming here as a kid. The backyard opened up to a beautiful lake. As I got older, other activities prevented us from spending much time here. I pulled all the sheets off the furniture and dust was flying everywhere. We opened all the doors and windows to clear the air.

We were both coughing so we decided to walk down to the water. We sat in two Adirondack chairs and looked at the water. She got out of her chair and came over and crawled into my lap and kissed me passionately on the lips. We held the kiss for a long time. As always, I was getting a boner and she felt it rising. She giggled in the middle of our kiss and pulled her head back slightly. Our noses were touching and she said, “Zach. Make love to me. Please?”

Hell. She had me at “Zach”. I put one arm under her legs and one behind her back and stood up. She threw her arms around my neck and I carried her back to the cabin. She was kissing me the whole way back. I carried her straight up the stairs to my dad’s bedroom and laid her down gently on the bed.

Nicki’s long blonde hair was spread out on the bed like a halo as she looked up at me. She had a sultry look on her face. She was hot with lust. She started to unbutton her shirt but I stopped her. I said, “Don’t. I want to undress you myself.”

In a deep husky voice Nicki said, “OK, as long as I get to undress you.” I nodded.

I pulled her up to stand in front of me. I walked around behind her and stepped in close to press my boner into her ass through our clothes. I pulled her hair back to one side and leaned in and kissed her on the neck very gently. She shivered as I kissed my way up to her ear and nuzzled my lower lip on her earlobe. She moaned and whispered, “Oh Zach. Electricity is going around and around in me.” She reached a hand up to cup my face. Her long fingers ran down my cheek and back up again.

I reached my hands around and held her tits. She moaned again. I slowly unbuttoned her shirt as I continued kissing her neck and ear. It took longer than I had planned because the damned buttons clasped on the wrong side. She turned her head trying to find a position that she could kiss me. When I finished the last button I gently pulled the shirt down her arms and dropped it on the floor. Nicki’s chest was heaving as she gasped for air. Her nipples were rigid and they were pushing out the material of her bra. I lifted my hands up to her waist and ran them down over her hips. As I raised them back over her tummy she sighed. I unbuckled her belt and struggled a little with the button. I unzipped and slowly pushed her jeans down over her hips where they fell to the floor. She stepped out of them and kicked them to the side.

Nicki turned around to face me. Her arms were around my neck. Her eyes were ablaze with lust. She radiated heat. She kissed me hard. I held her tight for several seconds. I moved my hand up her back and struggled with her bra clasps. Nicki finally reached back and with one deft motion unsnapped the bra. I pushed the straps off her shoulders and she let it fall to the floor between us. I looked down at her gorgeous tits. They were perfect in every way. Her nipples were like nails when she pulled our bodies together again.

Nicki stepped back and made a big show of sliding her thong underwear over her hips as she rocked one hip up as she pushed the thong down and then did the same on the other hip. Her thong slid to the floor and she kicked it over with her jeans. She stood back to give Zach the whole picture. She had cocked one hip high and the other low. One leg was straight and the other bent. She raised her hands behind her neck. She was stunning. Her long blonde hair fell behind her shoulders. Her already pouty lips were flushed red from her arousal. Her nostrils flared as she was breathing rapidly. Her eyes steadily stared at my eyes.

She walked across the room with her arms swinging as she cross walked like she had seen the runway model do. She had practiced it during her early teen years. She thought the walk was very sexy and there was no denying it. My cock jumped as she approached.

Nicki walked around me and brushed her hand along my hips and ass as she went by. She continued around to stand in front of me. She stared right into my face and pursed her lips and gently placed her hand on my crotch. I closed my eyes and said, “Oh Fuck.” My cock was pressing so hard on the front of my jeans I couldn’t believe it.

Nicki lifted my tee-shirt up at the waist and slowly pulled it up over my head. She leaned in and kissed each of my nipples which had already surged to attention. She made sure that her nipples dragged over my stomach.

She bent at the waist and unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned each of the several buttons with deft fingers and pulled my jeans over my hips dragging my underwear with them. She knew there was a mirror behind her and I was staring at her pussy and anus at the top of her thighs. I stepped out of my jeans and undershorts and kicked them over on top of her clothes. My cock was pointing directly at her face. Pre-cum was drooling out. She bent down and licked the pre-cum out of my piss-hole. I groaned loudly with the first contact. She looked straight up at me as I stared down at her. She was on fire.

She pushed on my hips to move me back against the bed. I fell backward to sit on the edge. She crawled like a panther up my body and kissed me hard on the lips. I held her as I fell on my back dragging her with me. Her nipples pushed down into my chest. She dragged my cock along her entire body as it stood up above me and was now right at the entrance to her pussy.

She moaned as she kissed me all the way back down my body. When her face got to my cock she inhaled it as far as she could. I thrust my hips up to push a little more in her mouth and she gagged a little. Nicki couldn’t even get half of my cock in her mouth but the sensation was mind-blowing. She bobbed up and down. Her nipples dug into my thighs. She continued with her blowjob for a couple minutes. I was struggling to hold my imminent explosion back.

I reached up and rolled Nicki off of me as I rolled over toward her. I kissed her nipples as she moaned from the contact. I moved my body down and kissed her navel and then down further. I wasn’t sure what I was doing but I had been paying close attention to Mandy’s lessons. Nicki wasn’t sure where I was going and what I was going to do when I got there.

I stopped at her crotch and kissed at the top of her vagina. I looked down and could see close-up that her blood engorged clitoris was erect. I kissed her there and her hips surged upward lifting me with them “UUUUUNNNNNGGGGGHHHH” pour from her throat. She settled back down and put her hands on my head to hold me there. I flicked my tongue lightly on her clit. Her hips launched upward again. “UUUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH,” exploded from her open mouth. “OH FUCK THAT FEELS SOOOO GOOOOD.” I used my broad tongue to lap the entire length of her pussy from anus to clit. She was bucking against me. She held my head where it was.

I formed my tongue into a sharp tip and flicked it along the outer and inner lips. Around and around I went. When I pushed my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could, she launched her hips upward and screamed, “OOOHHH…OHHHHH..OH MY GOD…FUCK…FUCK…WWWWHHAAAT ARRRE YYYOOOUUU DOOOING TOOO MEEEEEiiiiiii?” I furiously began tongue-fucking her. I didn’t know what I was doing but I figured, based on Nicki’s reaction, that I should keep doing it. She was throwing herself all over the place and I had trouble hanging on.

After two minutes of “OHHH OHHH’s”, Nicki screamed, “OHHHHH FUUCKKK, I’MMM CUUUMMMINNNGGGG. OHHH BABBBYYY.” Her hands ground my face into her crotch and then they flew up and grabbed her tits and was furiously clenching them and pinching her nipples.

I kept right on tonguing her pussy until she had mostly settled back down. She was gasping for air, “OH MY GOD ZACH. Where did that come from?” I looked up between her tits and grinned broadly. I crawled up her body and kissed each nipple and then continued up to kiss her hard on the lips. She threw her arms around my neck and pulled me in. Our lips were mashed together. She had to break the kiss to take another huge breath.

She used her athletic strength to roll me over on my back and she pulled herself up on top of me. Her knees were at my ribs and her hands were on my shoulders. Her arms were locked straight. My cock was bouncing on her ass. She acknowledged its presence and giggled as she stared down at me. “Jesus, Zach. Where did you learn to do that? That was amazing. Oh fuck, I’m still tingling all over. Did my mother teach you to do that?”

I replied, “I’m glad you liked it. I wasn’t sure if you would. No, your mother did not teach me that specifically, but I was paying close attention when you were masturbating. All these years of masturbating myself, I always imagined what it would be like to have a mouth replacing my hand. You showed me that my imagination wasn’t even close to reality. I figured it would be the same for you.”

Nicki said, “I always considered it to be kinda gross down there.”

“Absolutely not. Your pussy is absolutely as beautiful as you are. I could suck and lick and tongue your pussy all day,” I said.

Nicki giggled and said, “OOOOOOO…That could be arranged.” My cock jumped up again and slapped her ass again. She smiled.

I smiled back and said,”Knock, Knock, Knockin on heaven’s door. Bob Dylan, 1973.” She poked me in the ribs and laughed.

I rolled her off of me and I rolled on top of her. I kissed all around her tits and sucked in one nipple at a time. She moaned and held my head with her hands. I moved my hips up to rest on top of hers. My cock was poking up between our stomachs. It was rock hard and she desperately wanted it inside her. She whispered in his ear, “Baby, please put your glorious cock inside me.” I lifted my hips as she reached down and pushed my cock to the entrance of her pussy and I pushed steadily inside and as deep as I could. Nicki moaned and I groaned together. I thought, ‘Jesus, she is tight.’

Nicki grabbed my ass cheeks in her hands and pulled me down as hard as she could. At the bottom, I turned right around and pulled out again. I got into a steady fucking rhythm. Nicki groaned with each down thrust. I was hoping I could get her off again before I let loose but my orgasm was approaching very quickly and I was just going to go with whatever happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32