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I was spending my evening like I did most evenings when I didn’t have much to do: searching the web for great porn videos to jerk off to. As a late 20’s man, I hardly think that is revelatory for anyone. I had a few choice sites I typically used where I could stream free videos and be reasonably sure I wouldn’t get a computer virus. But this time, I wasn’t finding anything that really turned me on: gangbang, gloryhole, cheating wife, it all seemed so staged and inauthentic. It began to feel more like research than pleasure.

I needed something more genuine and raw. I thought about a phone-sex line. Do those still exist? Even if they did, I wasn’t going to give them my credit card number so they could charge me for an equally unsatisfactory experience. Maybe I could call up my ex who used to like phone-sex? There was about a 15% chance she would go along with it, but that left an 85% chance of that call resulting in sad humiliation for me. I didn’t care for those odds.

How about checking craigslist? I figured there were real women who were posting personal ads for sex. Some might be pretty steamy, maybe including some personal photos? I felt a twang in my pants that let me know I might be on to something. I typed in the address and navigated through the links: personals, women seeking men, my town. Click, click, click. I scrolled down the page looking for a raunchy title or explicit photo. There were ads for “mature women looking for a relationship” and “silly girl looking for a friend” and “earnestly looking for someone worthwhile.” This was a dead end.

I surfed back to the home page to see if there was something else. “Casual Encounters.” That sounded promising. I clicked the link and then the “w4m” option. Bingo! Titles popped up like “Delicious and Wet”, “BBW looking for a playmate”, and “I luv sukking huge cockz.” I didn’t love the writing, but I wasn’t looking for spelling bee contestants.

Some had photos of women in panties pulling their legs up to their chests. Others had women taking selfies with exaggerated kissing faces. There was even one with two naked women lying next to each other on a bed with their faces digitally blurred. A lot of the ads had acronyms I didn’t understand like NSA and SBF.

The women in these ads ranged in terms of attractiveness. Some were hot, but most seemed pretty average looking. For some reason that turned me on more. It just seemed more likely that the average looking ones were real people, like someone I would pass on the street or walk by in the grocery store. Something about these women hosting this secret, sex-fueled life in private got me hard.

Scrolling through the page, I clicked on one with a naked photo of a woman from the neck down. The title was “milf Make me cum.” She wrote:

“I am so horny tonight. I’m in bed naked playing and I’m very wet. I love to be told what to do with my hands. Can your instructions make me cum?”

The women in the picture had very large tits with large, dark nipples. She was a little chubby, but it worked giving her a lot of curves. Her thighs flowed up to her hips and met in a mat of dark hair covering her pussy. I had become accustomed to perfectly manicured, ultra-tight, airbrushed bodies in porn, but for some reason this realistic photo that this woman took in the mirror of her bathroom really turned me on. I could feel my cock bulging in my pants. I went back to the search page to see what else I could find.

About halfway down the page I land on a close up picture of a woman’s face from the bridge of the nose down to maintain some semblance of anonymity. She has a cute pointed nose that turns up slightly at the tip. Her lips were a rich pink color backed by her porcelain complexion with a smattering of freckles. The corners of her mouth turned up in a playful smirk. She had a long, delicate neck that led towards a low cut top that showed small, but inviting cleavage. The rest of her body disappeared away from the camera. I wanted to be right where that camera was, with this sexy, delicate woman hovering over me. “25yo looking for fun” was the title. I clicked on the link.

“sexy girl looking for some fun with hot guy. sexting and phone sex to start. Maybe turn into something real? ;)” and then a number spelled out in words.

It seemed like a good place to start. I wasn’t going to gamble on a craigslist stranger’s house late at night. Besides, I figured this hot girl was getting a text a second from other guys looking for an easy thrill; I sent a text thinking I would never hear back.

-Hi. I think your photo is really sexy. I would love to see more of you! Danny.

I continued looking at her picture, imagining those soft lips parting for me, or that low cut shirt sliding off of her shoulders, revealing her perky tits.

*ding* My phone lit up notifying me of a new text. It was from the craigslist number.

-Hey Danny! I’m Sami. I would love to return the compliment. How about you show me your sexy bod and I’ll show çiğli escort you more of mine.

I was a little shocked she responded so quickly. I considered sending her a picture back. It meant a little bit of personal investment, but I figured I could send something pretty tame and not super identifiable. I held my phone up and turned the camera facing me. I caught my image in the screen: I was wearing a nicely fitted tank top and gym shorts. After a bit of repositioning I managed to get the lighting to be a bit more flattering. I was grateful at that moment I had been hitting the gym. I was in pretty good shape and had a couple tattoos to give the impression of an edge. I pressed the button and the image stilled on me from the chin down to my waist. Not bad, I thought. I pressed send and wrote an accompanying text:

-Hi Sami, you like?

I waited and saw the telltale “…” indicating her quick reply.

-Daaammnn, Danny, I like what you’re working with! Since I am a woman of my word…

A pictured appeared on my phone: It was of the same girl from the ad (that was promising). She was sitting on a bed in a room with yellow painted walls. Sami had long, straight, dirty blonde hair. Her eyes were an amazing blue lining wide pupils. Her lips were pursed and she was wearing a baggy sweater, and near as I could tell, only a baggy sweater. Her legs were long and supple and curled in front of her disappearing under the hem of her sweater. She looked both sexy and innocent at the same time. -I hope you like what you see.

I was definitely enjoying what I saw, I reached down and grabbed myself, trying to relieve some of the tension in my pants.

-I definitely like what I see, Sami. I wish I was on that bed with you right now. Tell me: are you wearing any panties under that sweater?

I pressed send and waited impatiently for a reply. A couple minutes later I got one.

-You tell me.

Another photo of Sami, kneeling on the bed with her back to the camera. She was pulling the sweater up at the neck, playfully covering the bottom of her face as she looked back toward the camera. The bottom of the sweater lifted up, revealing the bottom half of her tight, bare ass. Her skin was so pale, it seemed almost translucent. Her milky white thighs drawing my eyes to where they met at her round cheeks and the hint of her mound in between her legs. It is still one of the sexiest photos I have ever seen.

-You’re such a bad girl, Sami

-And you are a bad boy. I’ve given you something to play with, how about you give me something?

Admittedly, I didn’t really know how guys were supposed to take flirtatious photos. It seemed easy for me to imagine women doing it, it happens all the time in magazines and tv, but guys seem to have little between an innocent photo and a full on dick pic. I still felt a bit nervous for a dick pic, so I took off my shirt and lay back on the bed. I put one arm behind my head and pulled my shorts down just a bit to show a little more than one would see at the beach. I held the phone above me and tried to give a winning smile. After some selective flexing, I managed to take a photo I could be proud of. I even had those muscle lines where your legs meet your waist and sweep down towards your pubic area. Girls like that, right? Send.

Either Sami was going to like this or start shopping through some of the other responses she probably got.

…. -Nice, Danny! I see someone has been hitting the gym. I bet you have great stamina 😉

-Absolutely, baby. I could spend hours on that tight body of yours.

Sami sent me another photo. It was a close up of her face. She was holding a small pink dildo to her lips, licking the tip gently. Her blue eyes were staring directly at the camera. I was so hard, I reached into my shorts to give my dick a few tugs. Sami was texting.

-You’ve got me so turned on. It makes me want to use my toys. Do you want to see?

-I would love to see your toys. It helps me imagine what you would look like while sucking my dick.

I then received another photo from her. Sami was lying on the bed, with her sweater finally off. A clean white sheet was barely covering one side of her chest and flowed down between her legs giving a false sense of modesty. Her body was thin and tight. Her exposed breast was peaked with a small, pink nipple, and her skin was so pale and smooth. Her stomach was flat, fitting her slender build. She was biting her lower lip giving her an expression that made me ache.

-Fuck, Sami! You are so hot! I want to fuck you senseless and make you beg for more.

-Oh yeah? Show me what you are going to use to fuck me.

I was drunk off my arousal for Sami. Without thinking too hard, I pulled down my shorts and boxer, releasing my hard cock. After a few quick pumps with my hand, I pointed the camera down my body at my erect penis and hit the shutter button. I sent the photo along with a message:

-I want foça escort to see you ride this cock, baby

-I imagine it would look something like this…

She sent another photo of her using her pink dildo on her pussy. She was lying in front of a mirror with her legs spread and her knees pulled up to her chest. The dildo, though small, looked big compared to her tight, pink pussy. It looked so inviting, I just wanted to bury my face in it and lick the juices from her. I was slowly jerking my cock by now, completely consumed by my desire for Sami.

My phone started ringing. As in it was genuinely ringing with a phone call! Sami was calling me and I started to panic. I’d had phone sex before, but it still came as a surprise. But as nervous as I was, I desperately wanted to hear Sami’s voice. I hit the accept button:

“Hello?” Oh yeah, strong start.

“Hi, stranger.” Sami had an amazing voice: it was high and smooth, delicate but confident. I could hear her naughty smirk through the phone.

“Decided to take it up a notch from the texts?” I asked.

“Well I couldn’t very well type while I fucked myself, now could I?” She brought up an excellent point.

“Is that what you are doing right now? Fucking your pussy with that dildo?”

“Of course. I have been since enjoying that picture you sent me. You have a nice cock, Danny.”

“Thanks. Maybe you would enjoy sucking on it.”

Sami laughs. Her laugh was almost musical to me. “Mmmmmm, I would love to suck it,” she said. “But I wouldn’t let you cum until you fucked me with it.”

My hand on my cock started pumping faster. “Oooo, and how would you want me to fuck you? Do you like it from behind? Or do you love to be the one riding hard?”

I could hear her moan on the other side of the line. She manages to talk between deep breaths. “Oh I like it so many ways, baby. But first I would straddle that hard cock, taking you all the way inside of me.”

“Oh yes, Sami, you are so fucking hot, baby!”

Her breathing continued to become more intense. “And then you would flip me over, and get on top of me so I can wrap my legs around you.” She stated moaning, long drawn out moans. I could tell she must be fucking herself mercilessly. She was getting close to cumming.

“Yes, Sami, I would climb on top of you and fuck you so deep. I would take control of you and fuck you until you screamed.” My hand was jerking my cock furiously. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

“Yes! Yes, Danny!”

“I would make you beg me for more. You would beg me to fill you up with my cum.”

Sami started screaming, “YES, YES!” I heard her cumming and it pushed me over the edge of my own orgasm. “I’m cumming, Danny! I’m cumming so hard for you!” My cock started spurting a massive load all over my hand and my sheets. High arches of semen floating through the air. I hadn’t cum that hard in ages.

We were both catching our breath. “That was amazing!” she said. “You really got me going. Did you cum?”

In response I turned on my camera and took a photo of my cock with cum dripping down my shaft and on the hand that was holding it. And pressed send. “Why don’t you tell me.”

“Oh my god, you are so dirty!” she responded. “So… what would you say to taking this to the next step?”

I was still recovering from the fog of the orgasm, so it took me a moment to understand what she meant. “Do you mean…meet up in real life?”

She laughed that golden laugh, “Yeah, I mean, if you want to. I think I can make it worth your while.”

My initial apprehension gave way to unbridled enthusiasm. “Yeah! I don’t doubt it for a second.”

She told me where she lived; just a couple miles down the road from me. We arranged to meet the next evening around 8. She said her roommate would be gone and we could have the place to ourselves. I was completely reeling from this development. I hadn’t expected to actually answer a craigslist ad in person, but considering what had just occurred, it seemed like a small jump to that point.

The whole next day I was completely focused on meeting Sami. I didn’t know what the protocol was for this kind of situation: do I dress up? Should I bring flowers? Is it like a date first or are we just going to hop into bed right away? I didn’t get any work done all day, I just kept scrolling through the photos of Sami, imagining myself in bed with her. I imagined how her lips would feel on me or how her body would feel in my hands.

Finally 8PM rolled around. I was walking up to her house dressed well, but not nice. I brought a bottle of wine just because I didn’t know what else to do and I felt better having something in my hands. I knocked on her door and took a deep breath.

A moment later the door opened and there she was. She looked as gorgeous and sexy as her photos. She was dressed in tight jeans and a loose fitting white tee with a cutoff midriff, showing her flat stomach. She clearly wasn’t wearing a izmir escort bra underneath given just how easily I could make out her erect nipples poking through. Her hair was long and straight and pushed back behind her ears. She wore large, tortoise shell glasses which perfectly framed her bright eyes. She looked cute and sexy at the same time, making me flush with anticipation.

“Hi Danny.”

“Hi, Sami.” What can I say, this stuff just comes naturally to me.

She led me inside and took me into her living room. The house looked like a college house with mismatched furniture and decorations mostly consisting of vintage French advertisement posters and photos of friends.

“You brought wine! How sweet!” She begins to laugh. I wasn’t sure if she was laughing at me for being so awkward, but I didn’t mind. Her smile was dazzling. She poured us each a glass of the red wine and sat back down with me. We chatted absently as we drank, neither of us really knowing what was expected. Finally she said, “I really enjoyed talking with you last night.” She shifted her weight and leaned in towards me.

“Yeah, you were really incredibly sexy.” I hesitated, but finally asked, “Umm, have you done that a lot before? I mean, meeting a guy through craigslist?”

She laughed again. “Uhh, no, actually. That…that was my first time. I put up that ad thinking I might get some interesting responses, but I hadn’t really planned on being quite so …aggressive.”

I immediately felt better. I had been worried that I was a complete novice at this and Sami was way more experienced and I would inevitably embarrass myself. “Well I for one am glad that you were.”

She flashed that award-winning smile at me and turned away in mock embarrassment. Before I could say another word she turned toward me and leaned forward, planting a firm kiss on my lips. Her lips were so soft and she smelled of lavender and coconut shampoo. She began to pull away, but I leaned in, unwilling to let the moment end. Her lips parted, inviting me to slip my tongue into her mouth. Her tongue met mine and I felt her hands reach up to my face, holding me close. My hands reached forward and ran up the the rough denim covering her thighs.

What began as a gentle lean in started becoming more passionate as our bodies began to move and writhe towards each other. Without breaking our kiss, Sami climbed on top of me, straddling me with her knees on either side of my lap. My arms wrapped around her waist and moved in long strokes up her body. One of my hands found its way up her shirt and I felt the warm, dry skin of her back. She shivered at my touch, but then began grinding her hips into me with renewed passion. She pulled away just long enough to pull the shirt over her head. My hands explored her pert tits and pink eraser nipples. Her body looked so lithe and delicate, but her face was pure sexual desire. Sami reached between her legs and grabbed my belt buckle. She continued to kiss me wildly as she undid my belt and unzipped my pants. She thrust her hand down my pants and firmly grabbed a handful of me.

She broke away from our kiss and let out an amazing moan. “Ohhhhh! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this cock all day.” She started rubbing me in long, slow strokes. My mind was spinning. I could not believe how horny and assertive this girl was. I was overwhelmed by my desire for her. I grabbed her by her thighs and stood up, lifting her into the air. She gave a surprised yelp and wrapped her legs around my waist. She was so light, I easily carried her towards what looked like a bedroom and dropped her on the bed. I grabbed her behind her knees and pulled her towards the edge of the bed. Clumsily, I worked to undo her jeans while leaning forward and taking one of her nipples in my mouth. I began sucking and licking her tits like they were the best things I’ve ever tasted. She closed her eyes and began talking in breathy whispers:

“Yes! Yes, Danny! Touch me, please! I want you so bad!”

I was working furiously to get her pants off. They were so tight I basically had to peel them off of her legs. Underneath she was wearing lacy, teal panties. In most situations I would have admired the way they hugged her hips and accented her curves, but now they were just a hinderance, blocking me from that tight, pink pussy I saw on my phone the night before. I pulled her panties off and tossed them behind me.

Sami pulled my face away from her chest and kissed me once before looking at me, the corners of her mouth pulled up in that sexy smirk. She slid down the bed until she was on the ground, kneeling in front of me. She yanked my pants and boxers down in one smooth motion. With her hands on my hips she opened her mouth and pulled me forward. My cock penetrated those rosy pink lips and she inhaled making a loud “slurp!” sound.

I loved watching my cock disappear into her little mouth. She moved my hips back and forth, keeping her head still as I fucked her mouth. A few times I went deep enough to feel the back of her throat, but she didn’t slow down. One of her hands moved to rub my balls while I continued to face-fuck her. I just then noticed that she hadn’t taken her glasses off; I laughed to myself thinking, “I always wanted to fuck a sexy nerd.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32