Seeing in Color 03

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My thanks to the staff for Checking my work and making sure that I am good enough for publication.

I would also thank my readers for taking the time to read the fantasies of a half blind old man.

Keep up the constructive comments, enjoy.


Sherry and I finally made it to her room for a shower.

We enjoyed washing each other and making sure everything was super clean.

Then off to bed for some personal time.

I sat Sherry on the edge of the bed and with her legs over my shoulders I inspected how clean I had gotten her.

I dived in to her short curls and made sure with my tongue that every fold of her pussy was clean of all soap.

Sherry put her hands on the back of my head and made sure that I didn’t miss anything.

Yeah right, with her moaning and her wetness she was only making sure that I didn’t get away until she came in my face.

“Oh Sam, fuck me harder than we did tonight!”

I stood up and buried my cock deep, then grabbing her calves I pinned her arms under them as I made her ankles touched her ears and pounded her as hard as I could.

The desires rolling off of Sherry is tremendous, and I didn’t really have to add much of anything to power us both up.

“Oh fuck Samuel, your so deep I think your hitting my stomach from inside!”

Her hole was so wet that it was making a sloshing sound as I pounded her little hole.

“Such sounds your pussy is making Sherry!”

“Oh fuck, your ripping me apart and it’s working overtime to keep up and lubed!”

“Don’t Fucking Stop!”

“Oh God, Don’t stop, ugg, ohh, I’m cumming!”

As her pussy tries to suck me inside I let loose and fill her ovaries with my baby batter.

“Boy, if it was my time of the month I’d be pregnant just from this time guaranteed!”

“You just seem to get better every time Sam.”

2 holes later we did a quick cleaning and went to bed, school tomorrow and not much to do our last week.

*Sherrys and Sams dads pov*

I felt my spirit separate from my body and when I opened my eyes I was in a rich, Kıbrıs Escort subdued decorated office or study.

I noticed a man with an ancient black Aura looking at me.

I noticed Sam looking at him relaxed and comfortable.

The energy just flowing off of him is scary and if It wasn’t bad Manners I could grow so strong or pop, I almost wet myself thinking about it but I actually felt myself getting warm, I felt the need to throw myself on this man’s cock and feel his cock in me and his powers flowing into me.

He actually winked at me.

I hear a voice in my head, “No, not going to happen young one.”

Then he speaks, “I will allow you to relax and let whatever ambient energies that you can absorb be absorbed into you as a flower sucking up the sunlight naturally.”

“Just think of it as compensation for suddenly bringing you here.”

“Don’t worry you won’t lose any sleep because of me, you won’t need to sleep much since you broke through to a beginner Immortality.”

Suddenly his Aura disappeared entirely.

“This is what you kids need to learn!”

“If I walked down the street with my full Aura shining out I would probably kill someone.”

“You kids have to learn to stay hidden by suppressing your Auras.”

“I have a technique I will share with you.”

Suddenly my mind was filled with information. It was like an entire textbook was Suddenly downloaded into my head.

“I would suggest that as soon as you get back you practice constantly until you get it.”

“Um dad? why are you doing all of this?” it felt awkward calling my boyfriends dad, dad but I had nothing else to call him.

“Dad is fine and better than 3 or 3/10, especially from you.”

“First things first kids, in our world what you did with Sherrys parents while isn’t uncommon it’s not something that has to be done, and as you’ve grown because of it I wouldn’t pay it any mind.”

“Just try to be careful to give as much as you take so as not to suck everyone dry.”

“You both have the combination of the best and strongest genetics Lefkoşa Escort combinations. You both have the best opportunities to grow into fully powerful God’s in time but not today, in a few decades maybe.”

your weren’t born Immortals so you have a lot of time to make up just to be at the same level as someone who’s been doing it for 20 years.”

“Just have fun and try not to feel like you have to compete, that could be bad.”

“Yeah one of my fears is walking out if school and leaving a trail of bodies in my wake.”

“I wouldn’t worry too much about that. people would notice and start running from the epicenter. Being you”.

“You would attract too much attention and troubles, probably fatal ones.”

“Back to my main reason for bringing you both here. You both need to practice the techniques I’ve imparted to both of you 24/7 365.”

“I’ve now given you suppressing, shielding, draining, replenishment and transferring.”

“Practice all of these constantly!”

“If there’s no more then I will send you both back”.

“Dad, I might have a few million but I’ll trim them down to a few thousand for when hopefully you bring Samuel and me back.”

“It’s weird but I feel nervous just walking past people and feeling the energy floating off of them and thinking I’m stealing life energies from them.”

“Everything living radiates life energy and you can just suck the flowing energy around you without sucking up the sources. A flower doesn’t drain the sun, it sucks up the sunlight that touches it.”

“You Sherry are a life Goddess and you feel all life energies floating and flowing you. You will always be attracted to those energies.”

“My son has to encounter people with overflowing desires but Sam can encourage, amplify those desires and feed off of them.”

“Samuel, like myself can change the energy flowing out of us as I did when I first bought you here.”

“Now back home with both of you.”

and just like that Samuel and I are back in our bodies in bed.”

“WTF, that was a trip and a half!” I Magosa Escort yelled at Sam.

“Yeah, Dad at least keeps his sense of drama personal.” Samuel interjected.

“I thought I was going to wet myself when we first arrived. his Aura was almost crushing.”

“I don’t know why but I almost came just from his power. Something inside me just, well let’s say I’m horney as hell Samuel and you need to fix this!”

Not that it takes much to get Sam to fuck me, It’s been cute and makes me feel good knowing that he won’t just rape me because he’s horney or feels the desires rolling off of me and knows I want it to, he only needs a word or small gesture to get him inside of me.

His life energy is so wonderful and unless hes in the middle of cumming inside me he’s always pumping his energies into me as he absorbs my desires for that massive and beautiful cock.

I enjoy him filling both of my holes. I feel so full when he’s inside me and the orgasms he gives me just relaxes my muscles to pudding.

Although it’s been difficult to take him fully down my throat and stop my gag reflex and when he’s just getting ready to cum he gets all puffed up and bigger no matter which hole he’s in and the pulses that his cock does as he cums just sets me off even down my throat.

I reached into my toy drawer an pull out my 6 inch vibrator and lube it up I hand it to Sam and tell him to put it in my ass and fuck my pussy hard.

I get in all fours and feel him trying not to hurt me by sliding it in slowly and turning it on. It feels wonderful when his abs bump against the vibrator as he bottoms out against my cervix. Oh God’s I’m so fucking full.

Every time he bottoms out and bumps the vibrator it’s like I’m being shocked and it feels wonderful, I’m cumming constantly now. Oh fuck a huge one is coming. I feel Sam’s cock get all puffy and bigger as he’s getting ready to cum and then everything turns blinding white and as i come to I feel so empty and I see Sam using my wipes to clean off my little vibrator.

“Leave it in on low next time, baby it feels odd I’m so empty now.”

Sam pulled out my big black Mamba dildo and smiles at me.

“Not at the moment Sam, that was fucking wonderful come here so I can clean you off, I laid on my back next to Sam as he knelt near me head and fed me his cock, Sam put his hands around my jaws and proceeded to face fuck me.

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