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Solo Male

It was three weeks before we were all free so that I could take the promised photos of Jane and Sharon, but in this time, Roanne had earned enough money on her back to be able to pay the deposits for all three girls’ trips round Europe.

In that time, one of her regular customers had let on that he was from the local police and was checking that her ‘business’ was according to the law.

In the UK, prostitution is legal provided that the woman providing the service is not being forced to do it by a pimp or such; is not working from premises use by multiple sex-workers; and that nobody else is making any money out of her work.

Pete, the policeman first discovered the service Roanne provided from her web-site and was interested in the amount of money I had charged to take the photos and create the web pages as if I had charged her, that would have been illegal. On being told that I did it in return for multiple fucks, Pete’s investigations came to an end. Roanne offered Pete a highly discounted rate for regular sexual relief if he would watch out for any trouble coming her way. Pete was in his mid twenties and very fit – the sort of bloke who Roanne normally went for, so she looked forward to his weekly visits as did the single Pete.

As pillow-talk one afternoon, Roanne told Pete that Jane and Sharon intended to join her business once they had located a suitable house to rent.

“Don’t do it.” said Pete. “Once three girls are working out of the same premises, it’s classed as a brothel and I’d have to arrest you all.”

“That’s a shame.” replied Roanne “Is there any way to get round that?”

“I’ll have to have a think. I would be gutted if our arrangement had to come to an end.”

Roanne turned so that her naked backside was pressing against Pete’s dick and wiggled it. Pete’s dick came to attention and she moved so that it slipped into her willing gash. “My left wing friends have always me told to fuck the police and they’re right, it’s really good fun.”

The following Saturday, Jane came to my house to have her photos taken. We had already chosen the styles of photos that she would like on her web page and the wording, so as with Roanne we visited the pub for several drinks to relax us followed by a trip to my living room where Jane got fucked until her face,chest and neck gained the rosy glow of a woman in heat.

Taking the photos was routinely simple, though after half an hour I noticed that Jane’s sex-flush was fading. When I mentioned this to her she said matter-of-factly “Well you know how to bring it back.” She flipped her skirt up and leant over the sofa with her bum in the air. I plugged my tool into her exposed cunt and gave her a good rogering. Within seconds, she was mewling, soon gasping and a couple of seconds later I heard “Oh Ghod, Oh Ghod, harder, Hans. Yes, yes yes. Fuck me. Don’t stop. I’m nearly there… aaagh..FUCK.” The muscles inside her cunt spasmed as she experienced the first of two orgasms. My dick was going inside her from my helmet down to my balls and back again, repeatedly.

She twisted her neck and upper body round so that she could kiss me with me supporting her gorgeous body with a breast in each hand. I could see that the flush had returned to her face and neck. “Let’s take the rest of the photos.” I said to her.

“Can’t we continue what we’re doing now?”

“Why not? It’s more fun than working and I haven’t cum yet.”

“Take your weight off me so I can face you.”

I withdrew my cock and Jane scooted her bum onto the sofa so that I could lie on top of her. “69?” asked Jane.

I turned round so my head was facing her feet and once we had aligned ourselves to the other, Jane started sucking my stiff tool while I lapped her mingue with my tongue. I could taste the saltiness of my earlier emissions amongst the familiar taste of Jane’s juices. Jane’s tongue licked the underside of my knob while the suction of her mouth gave me more pleasure than her slack cunt had. My tongue lapping Jane’s clit was producing the desired effect on her.

“You’re really good at this, Hans.”

“I would hope so. I’ve been practising for many years.”

I stuck my tongue up her love hole then lapped her clit and slit on long sweeps. I could barely concentrate as her mouth brought me to the boil.

My tongue detected quivers in her vagina which let me know that she was starting to cum, so, knowing that her gag reflex is very low, I pushed my entire todger into her mouth and unloaded my balls in several spurts down her throat.

“Tasty. Thank you.” said Jane when she had eventually finished cumming. “Again?”

I continued lapping at Jane’s willing cunt until she shuddered with a further climax.

Jane was still lying on her back with both knees in the air. I reached back with one hand and massaged one of her large tits. My tongue was not yet tired so I continued bringing her to another couple of orgasms as her body wroth beneath me. At one point, my fingers became involved as well, tickling her G-spot while my mouth sucked aliağa escort on her clitoris taking her to ecstasy several times.

“That was a great fuck. Once we’ve recovered, can we do it again?”

“When the photos have been taken.”

Jane chose a revealing bikini to wear and we went into the garden while the sun still shone to take photos on the lawn with a tank top and a long skirt with a split from thigh level to the hem. After I had taken a couple of dozen shots I had an idea “Let’s have some pictures of you performing a strip-tease for the camera.” I opened the kitchen window so that we could hear the hi-fi inside while Jane got dressed in some suitable clothes such as a matching bra and panties with a silk blouse and an Indian wrap-around skirt.

I put on an early Pink Floyd CD ‘More’ which has some music that’s particularly good for stripping to and started shooting photos.

The skirt flapped about revealing more and more bare leg. When that had come off showing her white lace panties, the blouse started coming off revealing the pink flush that was still evident on her neck reaching right down from her cheeks to the top of her tits. She kicked off her sandals and started loosening the straps of her white satin bra. Jane reached behind her and unclipped the bra. She exposed first her left breast then the right one and dropped the bra onto my lawn. The sight of her 34D boobs jiggling was turning me on and once her panties had made their way to the ground I told her “Great, now get upstairs and onto my bed before I cum in my pants.”

“Can I have some more wine first?”

“Of course. You deserve it. That was a good session.”

I grabbed two glasses and a bottle of sparkling wine from the fridge and went upstairs to where a very attractive young girl was lying on my king-sized bed completely naked waiting for me to fuck her again. Which, of course, I did many times before we went to sleep exhausted.

She woke me up by giving me a blow-job early the following morning. “You have morning wood.” She breathed into my ear. “Let me take care of it for you.” We passionately kissed while she took the tube of lube from my bedside table and spread some on my cock. dangling her firm boobs over my dick, she pressed them together, trapping my cock between them. Moving to and fro, I received a great tit-wank.

“Let me know when you’re cumming.” Jane asked. Whenever her tits reached the bottom of my tool, she would lick my knob as it appeared from between her large orbs. After a few minutes I told her “I’m nearly there.” At that, she rolled off me and instead straddled me, facing me so I could see her beautiful body as she plugged my member into her shaven slit and started humping me. “I’m not going to last long.”

“Neither am I.” She replied, intensifying her movements bringing us both to a climax. “It’s only eight o’clock. I’m not ready to go home yet.”

“I’ll go down and make some toast and coffee.” I offered. “By the time we’ve had breakfast I’ll be ready to service you again.”

“Don’t put it like that, Hans, by saying that you’ll service me you make it sound like a business deal.”

“Well, if you think about it, it is. Fucks for Photos.”

“I think of it more like giving a good friend a treat, as do Roanne and Sharon, but you give us a treat at the same time.”

“You know that I’ve got Sally, my long-term girlfriend, for that but she lives and works in London so she’s not always available. Having you girls at the college gets me through the times when we’re not together.”

“In that case, there’s just time for another screw before you take me to college and then have a shower to remove the scent of a rampant woman before you drive up to see her.”

I accepted the offer of another bonk to keep Jane happy before I took her back to her room where Roanne was still in bed being fucked by her Saturday night date.

At the end of March, spring had finally arrived when I arranged with the fabulous blonde twenty year old Sharon to take her photos. As with both Roanne and Jane, I took her to the pub where we both had enough to drink to relax us and remove our inhibitions. We discussed the sort of photos she would like taking. It was a warm sunny day and I thought of a wood a couple of miles away that at this time of the year is carpeted by bluebells. As a background to Sharon’s long blonde hair, decent pair of knockers, Revealing white dress, Perfect. We walked back down the hill to my house where I collected my camera for the shoot, while Sharon changed into the clothes we had decided on and Sharon collected the clothes to strip from and we were ready to leave. “Isn’t there something you’ve forgotten?” asked Sharon. “My friends boasted that you got them relaxed in the pub then took advantage of their willing bodies. What’s wrong with mine?”

“I was just looking forward to seeing you strip amongst the bluebells. But if you insist?”

“Let’s do the deed out on the lawn in the sun.”

I think that Sharon is the most attractive izmir rus escort girl in her year. Certainly prettier than Roanne and a bit prettier than Jane. Her long blonde hair cascades down her back and she’s not as slutty as the other two. I was really looking forward to seeing her naked in the sun. Her 36Bs are a real delight, and her yoni is a lot tighter. “OK, let’s go out to the garden.”

I picked up my camera and we went outside. “Let me help you take off your clothes, Hans.” I was only wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Sharon unzipped my fly. I sat on the grass and took my shoes off before removing my jeans and boxers while Sharon lifted my T-shirt over my head.

“That’s not fair. I’m already undressed while you’ve still got your clothes on.”

“That’s a problem that’s easily solved.” stated Sharon as she lifted her dress over her head to reveal that it was the only garment she was wearing apart from her sandals.

I stood up and french kissed her. Our tongues tangled around each other while I stroked her back. “Mmmm…You know how much I like that.”

“Lie down on the grass and I’ll give you a back rub.”

Once she had laid herself face down on the grass, I kneaded the muscles in her neck, shoulders and down her spine. “Yes… Keep going.” I kneaded her bum, ensuring that I pulled the skin at the top of her legs gently, so the movement pulled the flesh tight around her pussy.

She turned over so her pudenda was facing the sky. I continued massaging her firm breasts (taking care to pinch each hardening nipple) then squeezed her mound of venus which was starting to glisten in the sun as the folds behind the blonde curls of her pussy became damp.

“Use your tongue, please.”

I took each nipple between my lips and nibbled it briefly. Her hips started fidgeting so I stuck my tongue into her slit and licked upwards until it reached her clit which was hidden by it’s pink shroud. A dozen or so licks later, her magic button was making an appearance. I continued licking while my hands reached up to her nipples and rolled them between my thumb and fingers.

“I want you inside me now, Hans.”

My todger was ready for action so as soon as she had parted her legs, I slipped it into her waiting receptacle. Sharon was much tighter than the other two so fucking her was more pleasurable. I rolled onto my back and Sharon got onto her knees and rode me until she was satisfied.

“I love making love to you, Hans. I remember the first night you spent with me. I’d only been at college for five days.”

“Yes you were the first girl in your year to seduce me. It was another term before Jane had her way with me and Ro another couple of months later. I remember it well. You exhausted me. When you’re ready, let’s drive to the woods.”

Sharon went into the house to dress in the clothes we wanted in the photos and we drove two miles to the bluebell woods. The sun was lighting the bluebells with dappled rays where it could get through the leaves above. I took photos of her in a low cut white dress that emphasised her boobs with her blonde hair hanging across her face to preserve her anonymity and after she had removed her bikini bottom and sat on a log, ones looking up her short dress with her blonde curly écu on show.

After the bikini had been replaced, we spent another half an hour taking photos of her stripping off her white dress followed by her bikini top; then bottom; then gallivanting around the wood completely naked.

“This is making me feel so horny, Hans. How soon before we go back to your house?”

“And the bed? How about now?”

We reached my house where I put on a ‘Bloody Moos’ LP and started shagging. We were both feeling extremely randy, so almost as soon as we had started fucking we both came. The album had finished side one and the needle was clicking on the centre track so I flipped the album over then went to the bed where I flipped Sharon over and started screwing her from behind. “Wrong hole, wrong hole!” she reached behind and fed my prick into her pussy.

I was fucking Sharon, but she was making love to me. I could see the love in her eyes when she rolled me over then mounted me and rode herself to the big ‘O’. She’s such a pretty girl, with fabulous tits on a body that still has a layer of ‘puppy fat’ padding it out. I could easily imagine her as a younger girl and I was certain that she had fallen in love with me, and I shot a load of cum up her cunt.

As we were coming down from our aroused state, Sharon told me that ‘Policeman Pete’ had come up with a solution to the problem of the three girls working from one house. If the address was 73 Paradise Street, for instance. They would put three bell pushes on the door, One labelled 73A, another 73B, and the third 73C. By ensuring that they always gave their address as the appropriate flat, it would get round the law.

As Pete was the copper who would be enforcing the law, and because they would not be operating as the normal type of brothel where izmir escort punters would just turn up and be offered a choice of girl, this would work. They would only be accepting pre-booked appointments.

“Kiss me, Hans.” I kissed her lips and tangled tongues with her. “And here.” She pointed at her breasts. “…and here.” this time she indicated where her neck meets her shoulder. “What about here?” this time she pointed at her pussy.

As I kissed each place, I was aware of my tool becoming interested again. “It’s my Willy’s turn.”

Sharon deeply kissed my mouth before transferring her attention to my now erect dick. As she took my prick into her mouth to plate me, her bum raised into the air and my right hand started tickling her pussy. A deep intake of breath was inhaled as my fingers found the right place. She scooted her knees round so her nether regions were aligned with my face and we pleasured each other with our mouths until I shot yet more cum down her throat. By then Sharon sounded as though she was cumming several times.

We went to sleep in one another’s arms and slept throughout the night.

It was the summer term and the coven of three potential amateur prostitutes had returned to college. Before the Easter break, they had given up their college rooms, and carloads of their junk were stored in my house. They had rented a four bedroom house on the edge of town. It had three large double rooms each with its own en-suite bathroom. Two of these shared a bathroom which has a full sized bath and the third just a shower. The fourth bedroom was smaller, though it was still large enough for a small double bed.

I drove their belongings to their new house.

Their trip round Europe was eventful. “I slept with thirty one men” boasted Jane.

I only slept with twelve.” said Jane “but there were another fifteen who I didn’t allow to get to sleep.”

“My score was only a dozen,” said Sharon “Though I did screw Angelo in Rome on four separate nights.”

At their first lengthy stop in Germany in Cologne (Köln), they stayed in a hostel for two nights where a Dutch football team were staying. Both Roanne and Jane were fucked by the entire team, whereas Sharon was only screwed by three of them. You two are such whores.” commented Sharon.

“Look who’s speaking…” said Roanne “You are the only one who screwed for money during the holiday.”

“Yes but I only charged at the end of the holiday when we were running out of money. I thought “a hundred euros from a bloke I didn’t fancy much for an entire night was a good deal. My charges are in inverse proportion to the amount I fancy the punter. So, for instance, I’ll never charge Hans if he wants me, but a fat old man like Mr. Watson’s fee to bonk me will be more than he can afford.”

“Are you falling in love with Hans then?”

“Not really. He has Sally whenever he wants her, but can have me if she’s not around.”

“So, on holiday in two nights, three of the Dutch had all of us, but the other eight only had Jane and me.”

“Yes” said Jane “But we did have them all at the same time.”

“That was a hell of a party, Two of us with three fuckable holes each – Sharon only fucked one on the first evening then two at the party.”

“I’m not like you two. Am I Hans? My pussy is still nice and tight. My pussy gets its money from quality not quantity.”

“I would be happy to take you all to bed at any time.”

“How about now, Hans? It’s been four days since I last got screwed. Jane? Sharon? How about it.”

“Mmmm… a foursome with Hans. Who’s room shall we christen?”

“Mine is nearest.” said Sharon. We all traipsed up the stairs discarding clothing as we went.

First I fucked Jane while kissing Sharon and fingering Ro’s nipples. When Jane had cum twice, I transferred my attentions to Roanne’s pussy, while still kissing Sharon. “I need your prick down here.” gasped Ro.

I screwed Roanne while rolling her clit between my thumb and one finger as she became more and more excited. Ro’s tongue tangled with mine while she took deep gasps of breath through her open mouth. Her jaw started trembling and my tongue which was between her teeth almost got bitten off when her orgasm took control of her compact body.

Sharon pulled me towards her, mounted my body and rode me to a climax. She continued to ride me as her tight cunt gripped my dick softly so that I could feel her muscles rippling while I still went in and out of her love canal. My left hand squeezed her left nipple as she rode me to another successful finish. This time, I exploded inside her filling her with what felt like a pint of cum. As I stopped my twitching, Sharon asked “Who’s got the tissues?”

“I don’t think we’ve bought any yet.” said Roanne “Though there’s probably a small pack in my bag if you can wait.”

We watched Ro’s tight little arse as she went to her own room to get them.

I must remind you of how these girls looked. They are all twenty years old and members of the college Netball team so are extremely fit. Roanne (known as Ro) has an athletic body with a tight arse. She is petite and bubbly with 32B tits and a nice body. She is extremely fit and has dark brown hair. Her pussy is frequently shaved completely, or sometimes left with a landing strip. Her voice is pleasant and fairly classless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32