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Big Dicks

Sean slipped his hand round Julie’s waist as they walked to the lift. I watched them together as if they had been an item for ever. Their instant chemistry was a shock. I considered calling the whole thing off but there was a distinct possibility that they would ignore me and that would not be a joy.

The lift door closed and I heard muffled grunts and the sound of cloth on microphone. Then they were out of range.

I ran to the lift. I waited for what seemed an eternity and then began to ascend. As my lift door opened I heard laughter and peeping round the door I was in time to see Sean usher Julie into our room. I walked briskly along the corridor and let myself into the adjoining room. All the time bombarded by muffled moans, hard breaths and giggles. Julie has the sexiest giggle on the Planet.

I had left the adjoining door ajar. I peeped through. julie was perched against a desk with her legs open. Sean was docked between her thighs pressed into her body. They were locked in a passionate embrace with their mouths locked together.

Julie threw her head back and laughed. Sean kissed her neck and slipped her dress aside so that he could kiss her shoulders. He began to grind himself against her and her low guttural moans stirred him on. She pushed his jacket off his shoulders and began to undo his tie. He hung his jacket over a chair, undid his belt and his trousers slid to the floor followed by his shirt. His chest was broad and brown with a dusting of dark hair. His nipples stood out like buttons.

Julie looked bahis firmaları down at the impressive lump in his pants. She cradled it in two hands and nurtured it to full manhood. Sean’s body shivered at her caresses as she released him. She cupped his cock an touched his tip with one cool fingertip.

Julie felt her vagina liquefying and teased her dress open to reveal herself. She reached down and stroked her labia and then dipped a finger into the warm wetness.

She offered the finger to Sean. He took it between his lips willingly and sucked on it with gusto. Julie told him there was plenty more where that came from and leaned back on the desk. Sean removed the last vestiges of his clothes and knelt down between her thighs.

At first his tongue flickered like a snake’s tongue over her labia until his finger parted them and penetrated her. Then he began long wet strokes with his stiffened tongue over her clitoris triggering little yelps of delight.

My cock was utterly rigid and I could feel the juice begin to flow.

I undressed quickly and quietly then resumed my watch.

Sean stood up and took hold of Julie’s thighs in his hands. His distended cock unerringly found its target and his arse pulsed gently as he lubricated himself with Julie’s copious oils. Julie egged him on hoarsely and he entered, pushing to his hilt in one long slow thrust. Julie gasped and her voice trailed off into a small whinny of pure pleasure.

They froze like that. A naked man fully embedded in a woman clad in scarlet. Her legs wrapped kaçak iddaa round his firm hips. Sean pulsed his cock deep inside and Julie made answering squeezes with her vaginal. Sean whispered that he needed to see her nakedness.

Julie sat up and wrapped her arms around him in a heartfelt clinch, her eyes closed savouring the moment. She opened them and saw me watching through the door. She stuck her tongue out coquettishly.

She told Sean to get on the bed. He did as instructed.

Julie then began a sinuous striptease.

Parting the folds of her dress she rubbed her pubic mound with both hands facing Sean. She undid the gowns three front buttons and slipped it off her shoulders. Stepping out of her high heels she walked to the bed and leaned over Sean with her silk slung 36 D’s. She asked him if he would like to release them. Sean laughed and reached up for the clasp between her tits. It separated easily and she flowed out in a cascade of warm flesh. Sean nuzzled her and thrust his hand between her legs to reignite her lust. Sean’s cock stood upright, a monument to arousal. “Straddle me!” he hissed urgently.

Julie stood over him like a colossus of sex and he took her hands and pulled her down till she was impaled on him.

The sight of it nearly made me cum on the spot and I had to pinch myself painfully to decelerate myself as my wife’s lovely breasts dipped onto his mouth and the muscles in her arse undulated on him. She began to move up and down on his shaft.

After a while, Sean asked her if she would turn kaçak bahis round so that he could fondle her cunt and tits. She swivelled round and just as Sean and I had planned she was facing me in the doorway. When she saw my naked body and my hand holding my erect cock she smiled and licked her lips.

Sean opened his legs wide and began hip thrusts up into Julie’s body.

I advanced across the room. Julie smiled so beautifully at me. Sean’s eyes were closed. I knelt on the bed between his legs and kissed my wife on her eyes, her lips and then bent down to kiss her cunt. Sean’s cock was sliding in and out lathered in cunt juice.

Holding Julie’s thighs, I buried my face in her and began to lick her clitoris. very quickly she became frantically aroused. Sean lengthened his thrusts under my tongue and increased his tempo grasping her breasts for dear life.

Julie began to cry out as spasms of pain and ecstasy thrilled her. Her orgasms were noisy and disorganised but came in fleets. I felt her vagina pulse and her clitoris engorge. Sean gasped and I felt his spunk coursing up thro his cock in a salty flood.

Julie subsided forward onto me like a stringless marionette. Slowly I released myself and stood looking down on the sexual wreckage. Julie cuddled in next the Sean and I returned through the adjoining door.

I had a hot shower and was soon fast asleep. Morning sounds filled the corridors as I felt and smelled Julie getting into bed with me.

“Sean said Thankyou very much!” she whispered.

She pressed her tits against my back and looped her arm over me to draw me in.

My cock twitched and I wriggled into her embrace. She found me stiffening and clasped me. “Happy Anniversary Wife!” “Happy Aniversary Husband”!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32