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Chapter 01: Hotel

Bright red knickers.

The skirt was short, the stool was tall. Her head and body were turned to the bar but her legs were twisted towards me. I was sat perfectly in line with the small square of silk.

The rest was black and red: patent black high heels, sheer black tights, a velvet skirt and a red silk Japanese shirt with a high buttoned collar. Her night-black hair was tied up at the back and her eyes were framed with liner. She left a deep red lipstick smudge on the side of the glass as she drank her vodka and tonic.

The hotel bar was busy with pre-dinner trade, businessmen were eyeing her up, husbands were sneaking peaks via the mirror behind the bar. Her face was blank.

She shifted her legs slightly further apart and I could see how she had ripped the tights in order to reveal her underwear.

I stood and walked to the bar. Standing alongside her I called to the barman for a beer and a vodka.

“I can see your knickers.”

She drained the last of her drink then took the shot from the bar where the barman had now placed it and downed that as well. Then she slid from the stool and walked behind me, in the direction of the restrooms.

I paid for the drinks and left a key card under the empty shot glass before returning to my seat.


She eased herself back up on to the stool.

Shaved pink cunt.


Two men, early twenties, expensive suits. They asked if the spaces around my table were free.

“For sure.” I said, pulling one of the spare chairs out a little.

“Sit down and enjoy the show.”

Suit One gave me a raised eyebrow look while Suit Two dragged a chair across from the adjoining table. I pointed at her.

Suit One followed my finger, I watched him scan her from face, to chest to skirt and then heard a quiet “Fuck me!” as his eyes caught sight. This got Suit Two’s attention, he followed his friend’s gaze.

“Happy, happy, days” smiled Suit Two, taking a long drink from his bottle of beer. He turned to me.

“She been here long?”

“She was here when I arrived.”

“With anyone else?”

“I haven’t seen anyone else.”

They looked at one another. It was the sort of thing that didn’t present itself every day. I touched Suit Two on the arm.

“I think you have caught her attention.”

He turned back, she was staring straight at him. Her face was still a mask but her eyes were on fire. She pulled her legs wider apart, I could see her cunt lips.

“I would say that was a pretty open invitation.”

Suit Two paused for just a moment before bahis firmaları pushing his chair back and walking towards her. She was off the stool before he made it half way, knocking his shoulder as she passed him. He stood, confused, turning to follow her path and watching her walk back out towards the restrooms again. Five steps and she stopped, turned, looked at him and flicked her head towards the door. She turned, he followed.

Suit One looked dumbfounded, I smiled.

“My time to leave. Have a great night.”

“Cheers, yeah… cheers…”

I walked in the opposite direction, to the lifts in the lobby.


I heard the lock click and the door sigh open. The hotel room was shaped like a musical note, long and thin from the entrance, passing a door to the bathroom before opening out in to the bedroom. It was simply furnished: a bed, a desk, two easy chairs, the end wall was a ceiling to floor window. From the window you could see the other hotels in the district, many with windows just like this one. It was dark, the room lit only by the glow from the city. I was standing in the bedroom with my back against the wall facing the window – she wouldn’t be able to see me.

I could hear her heels pressing in to the carpet. She paused right on the threshold of the bedroom before stepping in. As she passed me I came out and behind her, right hand across her mouth, left hand pushing hard between the shoulders. Our momentum took us up to the window. She was tense but didn’t struggle, no sound from behind my hand as I jammed my legs in between hers and pushed them wide apart. Pinned between me and the cold glass, I used my left hand to pull the tiny skirt up over her arse. Pulling at the hole in her tights I ripped a passage clear. I pulled my zip down, took my cock out and stuck it up her cunt.

“You’re dry?” The first surprise of the night.

She tried to turn her head towards me, eyes on mine, mouth pressing against the hand that was gagging her.

“Do not talk.” She shook her head, I took my hand away.

She twisted her head more, bringing her lips to mine. I kissed them and she kissed back, opening her mouth she filled mine with something warm, wet and salty. Her lips left mine with a smile.

“He came quickly.” She whispered, before turning back, placing both hands above her head and on to the glass to steady herself and then pushing back on my cock. I swallowed and then started fucking her:

I kept my dick deeply buried and slid both hands up over her shirt. Even through the silk and bra I could feel the heat of her breasts kaçak iddaa as they filled my palms. I massaged them slowly as I mashed my hips in to hers. Her nipples were hard, so I took thumb and forefinger to each and pinched sharply, demanding them to stand stiffer. She stretched her neck to the left and pushed her arse back against me, I pinched again and she moaned gently. My hands went to her neck, circling it like a choker before undoing the top two buttons from the shirt, then taking material in each hand I pulled down hard, popping the studs to her navel. I pushed my hands up under the bra and again took a breast in each hand, pulling us tight together.

She pushed back on my cock, I pulled away, almost out of her. My cock was slick now. I held just the tip inside her, enjoying the quiver of her lips. She pushed back again, trying to take me in. I slapped her hard on the right arse cheek.

“Remember.” I whispered, pressing my mouth close to her ear.

She leaned back towards the window, returning my cock to the tip of her cunt. Slowly now I slid back in her, before withdrawing again with the same long solid stroke. Working her with this rhythm I could feel each ripple of her cunt walls as she gripped me, the suction pulling against me as I withdrew and the welcome as I pushed back in. Tentatively she rocked back and forth to match me as we slow fucked.

After ten minutes I paused, my cock again on the threshold. I could feel her heart beating. Abruptly, I rammed hard, my balls smacking against her lips. Pulling out slowly I paused again before ramming in again. Each thrust pushed us in to the window until she was squashed between the plate glass and my cock. Pinned in position I fucking her fast now, kneading her breasts at the same time. She responded by arching her head back and sighing the air out through her mouth. I took my hands down from her breasts and with my left pulled the front of her skirt up, with my right I spread her cunt lips between forefinger and ring finger, rubbing the exposed clit with my middle finger.

On every stroke she was grunting now as I pushed her towards coming. Her clit was hard and slippery, my balls were wet with the juices being pushed off my cock by her firm grip. I let my middle finger slip down past her clit and pushed it up inside with my cock, stretching her out.

Pumping in and out of her, her hips were a mirror of mine, the sound of wet slapping matching her groaning. I pulled the finger out of her cunt and tasted her sweetness. After the finger I wetted my thumb, covering it in saliva and then taking kaçak bahis it down to her arse, letting it hover at the entrance to her anus. At the same time I took her clit in my between the thumb and forefinger of my left hand.

Her ragged breathing missed a beat, she paused.

“I told you not to talk.”

With that I forced the thumb up her arse, pinched her clit and hurled my cock inside her.

She took a sharp intake of breath, gasping as I pounded her cunt. Furiously fucking her she began a long moan, bent by the beat of our bodies smashing together. She got louder as I rolled her clit. She swore as I crammed more cock in her. As I pushed my thumb up to the second knuckle she came with one long high-pitched scream. Her legs buckled beneath her so that it was mine keeping her standing, her head falling back on to my shoulder, her chest rising and falling against the glass. I held her there with the night pouring over us, the only movement for minutes was her cunt pulsing on my cock.


Pulling out my thumb broke her trance. She took the weight on her own feet as I slid my cock out. I kicked my shoes, socks and trousers off, turned and pulled one of the easy chairs to the side of where she stood. I sat and spread my legs wide.

“Turn the lights on please.”

Our room lit up to the outside world.

“Face the window and take your clothes off.”

She undid the remaining buttons on the shirt and slid it off her arms. The bra she unhooked and let fall. The skirt, pushed high around her waist, she took off by pulling up and over her head.

“That’s enough.”

She faced the outside with high heels and tattered tights.

“Suck me off.”

She turned, sank to her knees and took me in one. Her cheeks were hollows as she ate the length of my cock, her Adam’s apple rising and falling as my tip touched the back of her throat. Then she started to rock back and forth, pulling my balls up slightly with every upswing, before her lips met with my base on the way down. Moving her right hand to the bottom of the shaft, she gripped and stroked me in time with her lips; with her left she cupped my balls. I undid the clip holding her hair up and let it fall down over her face. Taking a handful I pulled hard and the wig came away in my hands. She was a natural brunette. I threw the wig to one side and then used my hands to press her head deeper on to me. With my orgasm close I held her still while I fucked her mouth, she held her suction tight on me, her hand on my base and then, just as I came she squeezed my balls hard. I threw my body back in the chair and exploded inside her.

When I’d finished coming she pulled off me, her mouth still full. Looking up she swallowed once, smiled, then stood and walked to the bathroom. She turned the lock behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32