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As a helicopter pilot you always end up setting up static displays at different air shows throughout the country.

When I got to my first command I was designated “The Air Show Bitch” meaning for the next six months I would be flying from air show to air show every weekend. I didn’t mind doing it because I was single and I figured maybe I would get laid by an air show groupie.

After the first couple of air shows I started losing my confidence about finding a woman that just wanted to fuck for a night or two. All of the women I met were looking for a husband that made a good living and could support them.

My next air show on the roster was in Bay St. Louis Mississippi and I figured that this would have the same outcome as all of the other ones with me and my hand making the most of the weekend. Boy was I wrong.

We arrived at the airport on Friday at around 1400 (2pm for non military types). We buttoned up the Huey helicopter and started walking to the registration area to pick up our credentials and get our hotel room keys.

As we were walking a golf cart pulled up beside us with the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was in her late 40’s with long blonde hair pulled into a ponytail. She was wearing a sleeveless pink tennis shirt with a white tennis skirt. Her legs were long and tan and looked like heaven. She had a nice set of tits that looked to be 34DD. Her skirt was short and you could see most of her upper thighs. She had the most beautiful hazel eyes and her smile was amazing.

She asked if we needed a ride and assumed we were going to registration.

I was the senior person of our group so I took the front seat beside her. She introduced herself as Jeana and stuck out her hand. The first thing I noticed was the huge diamond ring and the second was her perfectly manicured nails. My cock started to thicken as I shook her hand hello.

She drove us to the registration area making small talk along the way. Come to find out her law firm was sponsoring the airshow and her husband was the Grand Marshall.

I assumed at that point that I wouldn’t be fucking her while I was there but I also knew that I would be thinking about her as I stroked my cock that night.

During registration she stayed pretty close to me and kept up idle chit chat. It seemed she was flirting a little but I wasnt sure. I am a big guy with a lot of muscle and my flight suits are pretty tight on me so she could see my size. She kept squeezing my arms and lightly brushing against güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri me when we were close.

I had forgotten something at the helicopter so I asked if I could borrow her golf cart to run back and fetch what I needed. She said no but she would drive me over there and back. While we were driving there she reached over and put her hand on my leg and squeezed my thigh. She told me she was really into muscle bound guys because they could really fuck hard and could toss her around. She said her husband was a tiny man in all areas and she was with him because he had money.

By this time the sun was starting to go down so I leaned over and kissed her. You would think she hadn’t been kissed in years because she grabbed the back of my head a shoved her tongue into my mouth. I put my hand on her thigh and slid it under her skirt to her pussy. Two things I noticed was she was soaking wet and she was wearing a thong that was very sheer.

I stroked her pussy through her panties and she spread her legs wider so I could pull her panties to the side. I slid my middle finger into her and damn her pussy was tight. I played with her clit with my thumb while I fingered her pussy. She got wetter and wetter and moaned uncontrollably. After a few minutes she broke our kiss and pulled my finger out of her pussy. I brought my finger to my mouth and tasted her. She tasted amazing.

Jeana started stroking my cock through my flight suit and asked if we could get in the helicopter. She said we couldnt fuck but she would give me a blowjob.

I opened the helicopter and we got in. There isnt much room in the Huey so I sat in a troop sheet as she kneeled in front of me on one of our kit bags. I unzipped my flight suit from the bottom and pulled out my hard cock. She grabbed my cock at the base and started stroking me using my pre-cum as lube. She then lowered her head and started licking up and down my shaft. She would alternate licking the head of my cock and using her lips to spread my pre-cum up and down my shaft. She looked into my eyes and slowly slid my cock into her mouth. She only took about 3 inches in but while she was doing this she was using her tongue to swirl around my shaft. I was in heaven. I reached down and started playing with her tits and pinching her nipples the best I could through her shirt and bra. As I was doing this she started moaning and stroking my shaft harder. She also started deep throating my cock. There was saliva running down my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri cock collecting at my balls . She noticed this and pulled my cock out of her mouth with a pop and licked down my shaft. As she got to my balls she gently sucked one after the other into her mouth and licked up all of her saliva. By this time I was ready to cum and told her so. She quickly took my cock back into her mouth and started sucking on it like it was the last cock on earth. I stiffened up and grabbed her ponytail pushing my cock as deep as I could and shot my first volley of cum. She tried to swallow but it was too much so she pulled off my cock just as I shot another huge dollup of cum. It hit her on her left cheek and she jumped like she had just been slapped. I kept cumming as she took my cock back into her mouth and swallowed the rest of my cum.

After I was done cumming she licked my cock clean and kissed the head. I couldn’t believe my luck. She reached up and scooped the cum that was running down her cheek with her fingers and stuck it in her mouth. After she had licked her fingers clean she leaned up and gave me another passionate kiss. I rubbed her back down to her ass and smacked her ass hard as I grabbed a handfull of her right cheek. Jeana moaned into my mouth but pulled away and said we needed to get back.

We got out of the bird and I closed it up.

As we drove back I had my hand under her skirt stroking her pussy through her panties.


I was sitting in my room that night drinking a beer when the phone rang.

When I answered Jeana was on the other end of the line.

She said hello and that she couldn’t stop thinking about what we did earlier.

I immediately thought oh fuck she is feeling guilty and is going to tell her husband and he is going to call my command and I am screwed, but I was wrong.

Jeana was breathing kind of heavy over the phone and she said she needed me to fuck her. She said since she got home she had fucked herself with her dildo and had cum multiple times.

Jeana told me to meet her in front of the hotel in 30 minutes.

Jeana pulled up in a roomy Ford Expedition and motioned for me to get in.

We drove back to the airport and parked in a secluded spot at the approach end of the runway.

She folded the second row seats down and we got in the back. We started kissing and undressing. As soon as my cock was out she grabbed it and sucked into her mouth to the base. I pulled her güvenilir bahis şirketleri ass around to me and had her straddle my face. She lowered her pussy to my mouth and I licked through her wet lips. I sucked her clit into my mouth and as I did she deepthroated my cock. I slid a finger into her as I licked and sucked her clit.

She continued to lick my shaft and suck my balls as I fingered and licked her pussy. All of a sudden she stiffened up and her pussy started to quiver. She pulled off my cock and yelled “Fuck I am cumming” at the top of her lungs.

She quickly spun around to face me and lined my cock up with her tight pussy. She rubbed the head through her lips and slowly inserted it into her tight cunt.

Jeana was so tight she could only get about two and a half inches into her at first but she was a trooper and kept working down until she was sitting down on me with my whole cock in her.

She started slowly grinding on me as I reached up and grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples. She was moaning uncontrollably as I pulled her down so I could suck her nipples. I licked and sucked her nipples as she road my hard cock. She was having orgasm after orgasm.

I told her I was getting close and she stopped moving. She pulled up and off of me and got between my legs and took my cock in her mouth. She sucked it slowly alternating licking my shaft and jacking my cock. She said she loved how her pussy taste on my cock.

As she was saying that I started to cum. The first shot went straight up and hit her in the chin. She got her face closer and I shot the rest of my cum on her cheeks, nose, and lips. She rubbed my cock all over her face, through my cum and then sucked my cock into her mouth.

As she was licking me clean she kept mumbling how good our encounter was.

We kissed some more when she said she needed to get home.

We got dressed and she took me back to my hotel. We kissed passionately and I got out and went to my room. I slept great that night.


The next day I didn’t see her until the afternoon. We snuck away into an office and I fucked her hard from behind bent over a desk and then again that evening in my hotel room.

As we were getting prepared to leave on Sunday she pulled me into a restroom in one of the hangers and started sucking my cock. When I was ready to cum she stood up, turned around and told me she wanted my cum in her pussy. I drove into her hard and she yelped. I pounded her for about a dozen strokes and exploded inside her pussy. She started to cum when I did.

When I pulled out she quickly slid her panties in place and said she wanted my cum to stay in her as long as she could.

We kissed passionately again and left the bathroom.

I got in the bird and flew home never to see her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32