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She must have tried on everything in her suitcase at least three times now. Nothing seemed to look just right. How would he see her after all this time? Would he still think she was attractive, desirable? Would he want to kiss her? hold her? make love to her? Her heart was pounding — with need, fear, desire, want, anticipation.

Standing in her undies looking at all the clothes laid out there was a knock at the door. A quick glance at the clock said the time was still early. She wouldn’t be meeting him for another hour or so. A look thought the peek hole made her heart stop. He was standing there, outside her door. Oh no — she wasn’t dressed and it wasn’t time… the only thing she could do now was open the door…

…so slowly she opened the door, just wide enough to peer out. The smile on his face was magical.

“Well,” he said, “going to let me in?”

A blush spread across her face as she said “I’m not dressed and you’re early.”

As the words escaped her mouth she knew they sounded accusing, and that wasn’t what she wanted the first thing to be said when they met again.

All he did was smile more at her and say, “It’s ok my darling, you are beautiful no matter what you have on; or don’t have on.”

Like always, he knew exactly what to say to make her relax and know that everything was going to be okay, so she opened the door. Instead of black undies it was white lace this time. His smile could not have gotten any wider then it was and his reaction was immediate. He reached out, pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her as he gently backed her into the room. His mouth fastened on hers. His tongue probing her mouth, demanding — his need apparent.

Breathless she whispered, “Miss me?”

The times they had spent together had been so wonderful. She seemed to know about him in ways that no one else had ever known. And then they argued. He was committed to another and would not leave, she was hurt and said she never wanted to see him again. But then her letter came. She would be in the city again, alone, would he be there? Why did she come back to him? Why did she forgive? What did she really want from him? Sometimes he thought he knew, but then… Who ever really knows what a woman wants or is thinking?

He couldn’t get enough of her. God, the feel of her, the smell, the taste. It seemed as if he were touching her everywhere at once. She felt on fire. The bahis firmaları ache in her groin was consuming. Her panties were wet with her desire. When he slid his hand inside her panties and touched her, her knees almost buckled. His mouth was on hers, his tongue in an intimate dance with hers, his fingers touching, rubbing. Her breath caught in her throat and her fingers went to the buttons on his shirt, quickly undoing them.

He smiled against her mouth as he whispered, “Miss me?”

He lowered her to the bed and she watched as he took off his shirt, then his pants. Her eyes were glued to the bulge in his underwear. She smiled and licked her lips in anticipation, remembering the feel of him from before. He was huge with desire and the need to fill her. As he stood before her, she reached out and slowly and provocatively slipped her fingers into his underwear and slid them down past his hips. His hands reached out and gently caressed her hair, as her tongue flicked out and teased him. He couldn’t wait to feel her mouth on him so he twined his fingers into her hair and gently puller her toward him. He gasped as her mouth closed around his hard cock. Her hands reached around and grasped his butt, pulling him even closer. His knees locked and he arched his back as he strained toward her warm, welcoming mouth. She sucked him as he had not been sucked in a long time. He filled her mouth with his hard cock as she gently squeezed his balls and sucked him deeper into her mouth. The taste of his cock in her mouth was pure heaven. She remembered him being big, but god, he was huge in her mouth. He tasted so good. Then with out warning he pulled away. She looked up at him and he pushed her onto her back. Her smile knowing, she spread her legs for him as he crawled between them. Her arms went around him as he entered her. He filled her completely. Immediately she felt the beginnings of an orgasm. His thrusts were strong, his breath against her neck quickening. She tightened her legs around him and small sounds began to escape her mouth. His mouth sought hers and his tongue thrust into her mouth and began to probe with the same rhythm as his cock in her velvet tightness. It was so erotic, the feel of his tongue in her mouth and his cock pounding into her. It felt like her orgasm was beginning in the soles of her feet. The feel of his body on hers, his cock sliding in and out, his tongue doing the same in her mouth. kaçak iddaa She moaned and arched her back as pleasure exploded in all of her. The muscles of her pussy tightening around him even more.

He pushed deep within her. The feeling was incredible. With her legs wrapped around him and the muscles of her pussy tightening around his swollen cock he felt ready to explode. When he felt her arch toward him and moan deep in her throat he knew her moment was arriving. He buried his face in her sweet smelling neck and plunged his hard, throbbing cock into her with a steady rhythm. He felt himself swell even more and knew his time had arrived too. As she was gasping with the pleasure of her orgasm his cock swelled even more and he released his hot cum into her with hard thrust after thrust.

He collapsed on top of her and she gladly took his weight. The feel of him on her was wonderful. Their hearts were hammering against each other’s chests. They looked into each others eyes and smiled. Almost as one they said, “of course I missed you.”

With a slight laugh he rolled off of her and she rolled onto her side facing him. He gently drew circles with his fingertip around one of her nipples. Her skin was sensitive and she shivered with pleasure at the feel of his finger on her. She stroked his face and it was like a lifetime melted away in that moment of intimacy. They murmured of little things, talking as lovers do. He cupped her face with his hand and kissed her deeply. It was incredible, but he was beginning to grow again. He was amazed at his reaction to her. The first time had been so quick and hard. He would make this time soft and slow, a real dance of love.

They lay facing each other, no words were necessary. As she stroked his face, tracing his eyebrows, around the curve of his lips, he let his hands caress her body. She leaned toward him and nuzzled his neck, then kissed down his shoulder and onto his chest. Her tongue found one nipple and she began to tease it, flicking her tongue back and forth across it. Her hand slid down his side and she sighed with pleasure as her hand found his hardening cock.

As her hand was lightly squeezing him, feeling him grow hard again, she knew this time would be slow. It was amazing how quickly he responded to her touch. His cock was slick with her juices from only moments ago of love making and here he was, ready again. His hands were dancing across kaçak bahis her skin with feather light touches, her flushed body coming alive again. His fingers slide down and teased at the opening of her pussy. Then he slowly slid them in, finding her clit, still swollen, he started to rub. Her clit was so sensitive and his fingers rubbing it made her suck in her breath. She knew she would cum again this way and her hand tightened on his cock..

She pulled away and quickly straddled him across his legs. Smiling down at him she said, “soooo… Have I got your attention?” as her hand caressed his swollen cock. He smiled up at her and said “I thought we might go get some dinner, I know this Chinese place that is great.” Still smiling she inched her body up his until her snatch was hovering over his hard cock, as she said, “sounds great”. His hands were already on her hips and he was lowering her onto his cock. Slowly, slowly she slid down his wonderful hardness. He filled her completely and he couldn’t believe how tight she was. Her already swollen lips wrapped around his cock and as she grinned down at him she squeezed. He wanted to move in time with her but her hands held his shoulders to the bed. This time she would set the rhythm.

Her hips would move in a steady rhythm for a few moments and then she would rise up slightly until his cock was almost free of her, then quickly she would plunge back down. The feel of his huge cock sliding into her was incredible. His hands were on her breasts., squeezing and lightly pinching her nipples. As she raised her body slightly off him she leaned toward him and just as she thrust her tongue into his mouth , she slid back down his cock. This time he did fill her completely. His tongue in her mouth , probing, demanding and his cock, swollen and ridged plunging deeply into her, his hands seemed to be touching her everywhere at the same time.

As he arched his hips slightly up his cock was pushed even deeper into her. All of her concentration was centered on her need for release and the burning need to feel him spurt his hot cum into her again.

His hands grasped her hips and he thrust deeply into her again and again and again. Her hands were flat on the pillow on either side of his head. She looked deeply into his eyes and he knew she was only a heartbeat away from an orgasm. This made him thrust even harder into her, Just as she arched her back and sucked in her breath and moaned he shot his cum deep into her. His hands holding tightly to her hips they joined in that full cry of release.

She collapsed on top of him and in a whisper said…

“Did you say Chinese?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32