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anonymous said: Can you write a story about a young girl on Spring Break in Aruba who has sex with a stranger on the beach? I’d like to see her be skeptical at first but he’s a smooth talker and gets her to do it but maybe borderline nonconsent. I’ll leave the ending to you! Thank you Jenn.


Was I ready for my vacation to Aruba? Fuck yeah, I was. I had been working hard as a waitress saving my tips for this moment. The other girls in my sorority were talking amongst themselves as we slowly boarded the plane. It was only a 3-hour flight from Brighton, which had been my home since I was a child. I had never left the state of New York in all of my twenty-two years and I was excited to finally be seeing the world, even if it was just a tiny slice.

Seven glorious days in Aruba was exactly what I needed. My parents weren’t thrilled about it and warned me about the dangers of dealing with strangers in foreign countries but I wasn’t afraid. I felt almost invincible, even though a part of me knew that I wasn’t. My friends talked animatedly to one another and I tried my best to laugh at the right parts and pretend I was listening, but my imagination was going wild with all of the possibilities my vacation held in store for me.

By the time we got to Aruba my heart was thudding in my chest. Was I ready for adventure? Hell yes, I was! I couldn’t wait to get my vacation started as we traveled from the airport to Palm Beach. By the time we got to our mid-grade resort and I’d had a chance to take in the crystal blue water and the tropical air, I was starting to realize that this vacation was worth every penny I had worked so hard to save. The world was so much bigger than I’d ever dreamed. There were so many people and many of them were speaking languages I didn’t understand. I couldn’t wait to get out to the beach in my bikini.

The first few days in Palm Beach were fantastic. We took a shuttle all over the place and went to lots of different clubs each night. During the days we had long, leisurely lunches at restaurants with beachfront views and lounged on the beach where tons of beautiful people seemed to be gathered to worship the sun.

“Did you tan before the trip, Emily?” my friend Gretchen asked me.

“Yeah, at the tanning salon, of course. I didn’t want to burn out here in the tropical sun. I needed a base tan.” I took another languid sip of my tropical drink. I had lost track of how many drinks I’d consumed but I felt okay.

“Your skin is the perfect shade. If only I could get my white ass to look like yours.” She was wearing an orange bikini that was the wrong shade for her skin tone but I didn’t say anything about it to her. I looked down at myself, trying to see what she saw. I didn’t feel like I was the perfect shade of tan. In fact, I felt very wrong and out of place here in Aruba. There were so many women who looked like models and that was probably why no one had flirted with me the whole week. I was a bit disappointed by this. I had visualized myself meeting a hunky guy with rippling muscles and maybe even a winning smile. In my fantasy, he was the perfect mix of sexual and respectful and I found my mind drifting to thoughts of him as I fell asleep in the sun.

When I woke up there was a cool breeze moving over me. I felt woozy and so I opened my eyes and was shocked to see that all of my friends had left me and I was laying alone on my towel in the dwindling afternoon sun. The crowd on the beach was starting to thin out and I knew I’d had too much to drink because I could barely stand up. I tried my best, reaching down for my towel and losing my balance.

“You okay there?” a sexy, male voice asked from behind me. I froze, not sure if it was real or if I was still dreaming. I turned toward the voice and saw the most handsome man I had ever seen in my entire life. He had light skin that had been browned by the sun and dark hair. His eyes also looked brown but it was hard to tell because my vision was a bit blurry.

“Yeah, I’m just a bit dizzy. I don’t know where my friends went and I had too much to drink,” I confided in this man even though he was a complete stranger.

“You shouldn’t be alone here,” the man warned me, “there are a lot of bad people looking to harm a woman as beautiful as you.” He was flirting with me, that much I could tell.

“Well, I’m glad I came across you and not some scary guy, then.”

“You’re American?” he asked me.


“I’m Venezuelan. I am called Jahzeel.” I could hear his thick Spanish accent now that he was speaking more candidly with me. He didn’t reach for my hand to shake it but he waited patiently for me to respond as I pulled my towel from the sand and the wind hit it. I wrangled the towel until it was back in my control and turned to look sheepishly at Jahzeel.

“Jahzeel is a really nice name. I am Emily,” I kartal escort bayan found myself gesturing to myself as if that might enhance his understanding of my English.

“Nice to meet you, Emily. You are quite beautiful. What is a girl like you doing here in Aruba?” His English was pretty flawless, unlike many of the workers in Aruba who only spoke enough English to get by.

“You speak English so well,” I praised him.

“Thank you.”

“I’m here on vacation with my friends. We are all in a sorority together.”

“What is a sorority?” he asked and I realized that there were a lot of things about American culture that people from Aruba might not understand.

“It’s a club for women who go to college. We become close friends and do things for our community to make it better,” I tried to explain.

“It seems like things would be better wherever you go. You are so beautiful you bring light into the world wherever you are,” Jahzeel smiled warmly. He was totally flirting and I have to admit, I was flattered. This man was built like a Greek god, his muscles rippling beneath the barely-there tank top he was wearing. His shorts were much shorter than those men wore in the states and though I tried my best not to look, I noted that his cock was pressed against those shorts so I could see the outline of his dick when I looked at the material. I was instantly turned on.

“Thank you,” I said as demurely as I could. I knew I was blushing and I hoped that the twilight hid some of my childish embarrassment. I hadn’t had a lot of boyfriends. I was shy and socially withdrawn compared to most girls my age. Joining my sorority, Eta Pi had been my attempt at trying to find friends in college but I had never really felt a part of it like the other girls seemed to feel.

“Care to walk on the beach with me?” Jahzeel asked and offered his arm to me. I thought about it, all the dangers of trusting foreign men that my parents had told me about flashing through my mind. Ultimately, my libido won out and I grabbed Jahzeel’s arm.

“That sounds lovely, thank you!” is what came out of my mouth. I held onto the towel, not knowing what to do with it as he led me down the beach.

“There is a lovely place I’d like to show you,” he pulled me along and we made conversation about the weather and other random things you talk about when you don’t know what else to talk about. There was an easiness between us that made me let down my guard. He led me past a series of cones and signs that warned tourists to turn back.

“The sign says to turn back,” I said uneasily but Jahzeel smiled warmly,

“This is an Aruban secret. Only the locals know about this beach and not too many people come here anymore.”

“Why not?” I asked, a bit scared. My parents had warned me about foreign men trying to sex traffic me and maybe I was falling right into Jahzeel’s trap if that was even his real name. He smiled warmly like nothing was wrong and I wondered if the fear gripping me was out of place. I had always been timid in social situations, especially those with hot men. Jahzeel was one of the hottest men I had ever seen but I was skeptical. What did he want with a girl like me? I was just a plain, regular girl. Something was off.

“It was popular for a few years but as it grew more…um….how do you say? Uhhhh, crowded? Yes, crowded. People stopped coming here and started going to other places. I still come here because it is close to where I work.”

“Where do you work?”

“At the resort,” he explained. The sand was less packed now and more powdery, making it difficult to walk. I so desperately wanted to be sexy for Jahzeel but I wasn’t a very sexy girl, at least I didn’t think so. My brown hair was rather plain and my body was generically skinny in a way that made me look like I had anorexia. I was self-conscious in the tiny bikini I was wearing. My coverup shorts were long forgotten in the sand where I had fallen asleep. This guy was throwing me off of my game and making me forget myself.

“Here it is, Emily. What do you think of this secret beach?” He gestured with his arm, as if opening a door to a new world full of wonders.

“Oh my God! It’s beautiful!” I had never seen anything so breathtaking before, the untouched sand meeting the lingering waves before they rolled back out toward the pure, blue water. I had never seen anything so perfect and I decided that anyone that could lead me here must not be all bad.

“I knew you would like it,” he grabbed the wadded towel I’d been carrying gently from my grasp and he spread it out on the sand. There was nothing but us and the beautiful Aruban rhythm of the ocean tide. He sat down on the towel and gestured for me to join him and sit between his legs. I hesitated for a moment, but then I shook off my fear. I was being silly. This guy worked at the hotel. He couldn’t be all bad.

“This is nice,” I sighed as I sat down between his legs and let his arms encircle me. The feel of his arms escort maltepe wrapped around me is one I will never forget. I instantly felt security with Jahzeel that I had never felt before with any other man. The waves rolled in and out as he whispered in my ear.

“You are very beautiful, Emily. I have never seen a woman with such perfect beauty as yours.”

“Um…thank you?” I wasn’t sure if he was being entirely serious. I knew I wasn’t beautiful but I also appreciated that he was willing to tell me that I was. I had been dreaming about meeting a sexy man on my trip and here he was. Why couldn’t I just enjoy it? Why did I feel so uneasy? I cursed my parents for putting negative ideas in my head about foreign men.

“Would you be opposed to if I kiss your neck?” Jahzeel asked and I could tell that his English was disintegrating a bit as he got horny. I was sitting with my butt pressed close to his penis. I could feel it stiffening as he leaned in further and brushed my hair back from my ear so he could breathe right into my ear.

“Oh my gosh! That feels good!” I exclaimed, knowing that I was no match for this man. He had probably had sex with thousands of women working in the hotel. I was probably just another conquest in a long line of conquests but the way he was breathing right into my ear was making me lose my mind. I couldn’t think clearly with him doing that. My pussy was starting to respond when he took it a step further. His mouth had found my neck and I realized that I was about to get it on with a Venezuelan man.

“Do you like this? And this?” he asked as he planted kiss after glorious kiss on my neck. I turned back to look at him and he took that as an invitation to kiss me. I was not prepared.

“Oh my!” I exclaimed, my body responding so quickly and easily to him. There was no way I could say no the way his lips were sucking and kissing my neck but once he kissed me, it was game over. I was definitely all in. I kissed him back, my body turning more and more toward his. His cock was rock solid and I couldn’t help but notice that it was so big that part of it was sticking out of the top of his swim trunks.

“You like?” he asked me, his mouth curling slightly to one side and his eyes narrowing into a sensual invitation.

“Yes!” I was shocked as my hand instinctively moved toward his cock, gripping it through the material of his swim trunks. It was so thick that I could barely get my small hand around it and from what I could tell, it was nice and long too. I was no longer thinking coherent thoughts. Gone was my reserved character and timid fear. In their place came a sex-crazed, horny, slut that I didn’t recognize. People told me that traveling would change my perspective and expand my horizons. They were absolutely correct!

“I love American girls,” he whispered between kisses. His hands were all over me, touching my tits, my ass, and even my pussy. I let him slide a finger into my pussy as we continued to kiss. He obviously knew what he was doing to an extent the other men I’d had sex with had not. He was passionate, sexy, and I wanted him inside of me, except I didn’t have a condom with me and I knew that I was going to have to stop. There was no way I could have sex with a total stranger in a foreign country without a condom and I knew that I should have stopped him then when I first had that thought.

The problem was, I didn’t want to stop. The further I let things go, the further I wanted them to go. He had two fingers inside of me now. I opened my eyes and saw that his eyes were closed. He was full of passion and I could feel it through his fingers, electricity rolling from my pussy up to my brain and then spreading with erotic pleasure through every nook and cranny of my being. I sighed, then moaned as the feelings multiplied. I was having an orgasm on his fingers. No man had ever done such a thing to me and I was loving it.

His hand was pulling the strings on my bikini top and before I knew it, he had my tits on full display. I paused, lifting my hands up to cover my breasts and looking around. What if someone was watching. I couldn’t see anyone but I was afraid. I wasn’t the kind of girl who just got naked in the open like this. I wasn’t this kind of girl.

“Not here!” I cried, panicking and pushing him away.

“It’s okay, Emily. This is a very private beach. Only a few people come here, usually in the mornings. It’s afternoon now. It’s okay. You can be free here, I promise.”

“I’m just not the kind of girl who does things like this. I don’t get naked outside,” I tried to find the words to explain what I was feeling but he didn’t let me think too hard about it. His mouth was back on mine and his hands were on my breasts, fondling my nipples and squeezing. I could feel his strength and I became lost in our make-out session again until his fingers started to untie my bottoms.



“I can’t do this. I left my shorts back at the resort beach and I need to pendik escort go see if they are still there.” I tried to stand up but he held me in place next to him. He pulled the string on one side of my bikini bottoms and I gasped as the material fell. “What are you doing?”

“This.” He pulled the other side’s strings and to my horror, the entire suit lost its structural integrity and the front fell forward, baring my pussy while the back fell backward, baring my ass to the world. I understand that a bikini bottom is rather small and doesn’t cover much, but I was a modest young woman and I wasn’t the type to run around outside naked under any circumstances. I had never felt so exposed. I wanted to run but I realized that I had no idea where my top had gone. I imagined running away from here completely naked, my hands covering my lady bits as families gawked at me.

“What are you doing? I just said I don’t want to be naked in public!” I grabbed for the fabric, trying to pull the pieces back together again.

“This is a private beach. You don’t need to worry.”

“What if someone is watching?” I protested.

“Then they will see a truly spectacular body, just like I do but don’t worry. No one is watching. This is just between us.”

“Are you sure?” I wanted to believe him, but I was skeptical. I was naked and vulnerable and there was a part of me that was terrified. There was also a part of me that needed this man inside of me. It had been almost a year since I had sex and the last guy wasn’t anything near this caliber of man. Jahzeel would easily be the hottest man I’d had sex with if it actually happened. I had a way of ruining my sexual opportunities and that may be the reason I didn’t protest too much.

“I’m very sure, my dear,” his eyes locked onto mine. I could feel him willing me to let him do what he wanted to me and my body was definitely saying yes. It was just my mind that wasn’t letting me enjoy it. I was about to get up and tie my bikini back together when he grabbed my ass and pulled me to him so that I was sitting on his lap. My bare pussy rubbed against his shorts, which were still on. I could feel the hardness of his dick as his kisses fueled a fire deep inside of me that I could no longer ignore. I was fucking horny and I needed release. I needed this man. I didn’t care what it took.

The head of his cock was poking out of the top of his shorts. My pussy somehow found his head and I ground my wetness against his dickhead, taunting him with my pussy as we continued our deep, fervid kisses. His cock was starting to go inside of me and so I swept my pussy up a bit until it was back to just barely touching his cock. I wasn’t expecting the long, hard thrust from below that sent the full head of his penis into me. I was disgustingly wet. There was no denying that I wanted his dick and that his kisses had melted my willpower into a puddle of my own juices. I couldn’t stop it from happening. It simply happened.

Something inside of me took over, something that I can’t explain. I had never been so brazen before, completely naked and riding this strange man I had just met in Aruba. The sand was flying as my feet dug in so I could get more leverage. I tried my best to just fuck the tip but of course, I lost that battle too. He thrust his cock up into me with a dark force driven by lust. I opened my eyes, looking into his with questioning shock.

“How does it feel?” he asked me.

“What about a condom? Do you have one?”

“It’s too late for that now, Emily. I’ve already entered you.” He was still inside me as he said this and I knew that it was too late to argue about a condom. I couldn’t lift myself off of his dick any more than he could have pulled out of me. We were going on instinct alone, moving with the force of genetics clamoring to complete their only task of procreation. I knew the lust had taken control of my brain. I had read about this sort of thing happening in romance novels but those seemed a lot more romantic than what was happening to me. I was purely in lust with this man.

I admired his body, the hard contours of his chest and abdomen pressing against my small tits. He was strong underneath me and he held my body up with his own as I struggled to move my pussy up and down the entire length of his cock. Nothing before this had ever felt so good. Nothing I had ever done could match the chills that were now running up and down my spine. Nothing could prepare me for the carnal desires Jahzeel provoked within me. I was at his mercy, my pussy filled with all of him.

I had finally let go. For the first time in my life I understood why people did crazy things, why they lost control, and why they let go. I don’t think I had ever fully let myself be free, not even once in my life leading up to Jahzeel. I was learning now, my body stroking his cock with my pussy. I let go of all the emotions inside of me, an amalgamation of all the worries and restraints finally set free. This was joy. This was bliss. This was the everchanging reality of perception spread out before me for the taking. I was changing with every pump of his cock.

“Emily!” Jahzeel’s voice hit me hard in the middle of my reverie. “Get on your hands and knees. I would like to give you some pleasure.”

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