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Big Tits

Disclaimers: This is NOT a Harry Potter riff. If you’re under 18, do NOT read further.

This story contains lots of sex, orgasm control, excessive amounts of cum/semen/sperm, and mites of BE and PE as well.



Rhonda really liked the feel of the erection in her hand. It was like a stalk of a vigorous plant, growing toward the sunlight but rooted securely. Smooth, too.

Dan really liked the feel of her hand on his cock. She was smiling to herself, stroking him leisurely. But as Dan was 20, he was rock-hard from the first finger-tip touch! Rhonda was maybe just a friend, he told himself, but a really, really good friend.

They’d been pals since they were ten, and had seen each other through various crushes each had on other people. During a dry patch for them both, two years ago, they started having sex together. Not often, and seldom penis-in-vagina sex, but they did have a lot of fun. They told each other that it was to learn, to be able to be honest with someone in bed without worrying what honesty would do to a “relationship.” And it WAS very cool to get a tutorial on cunnilingus any time he wanted, it WAS very cool for her to feel comfortable around a cock, to really know how they work and what they like best.

The fact that Rhonda was a sorceress was something that she simply wasn’t going to share with Dan. Like 80% of the population, he was magic-deaf, and of course didn’t believe there was any such thing as real magic. The other secret is that Rhonda had fallen for Dan. But she wasn’t going to act on it until she knew he felt the same for her.

“So you like her?” asked Rhonda, while using a bit of pre-cum to slide her thumb around and around his engorged cockhead.

“Yeah, it’s new, but she’s . . . interesting. Different, for me.” He had his eyes shut, drinking in the feel of fingers that weren’t his own playing with his stiffy. He had passed the “oo, I could cum RIGHT NOW” part of excitement, and was in the “iron-man” phase where he felt he could keep hard and keep going forever.

“Different? You mean she’s out of your league!” Rhonda’s other hand circled the base of his cock and alternated squeezing and relaxing. She liked to see his cockhead turn colors, and the whole damn penis swelled tight when she squeezed him right.

“Out of my league? Well, okay – she’s really something. Oh, right there, Rhondy . . .”

She tried judging how full his balls were. Hard to say, until he fired off, or frothed, or oozed – then she’d know. “You mean her titties are really something?”

“Please! Breasts are such wonderful things, they deserve more respect than to be called ‘tits’.” But Rhonda noticed that at the thought of Giana’s mammaries, the pulsating prick in her hands grew a trifle longer, a bit redder.

“Okay, boobs. Breasts. Knockers. Cantaloupes. Or on Giana, her mammoth mammaries!” She was teasing, but she also was enjoying how his cock throbbed with each synonym she gave.

“All right, all right – I’m sweet on HER, not just her bod, okay? And yes, she has fab boobies, if you like. YOURS are lovely, you know that, right? You have terrific breasts.” Dan may have had more blood in his cock than in his brain, but he was still smart enough to compliment the bra-less woman sliding her hand up and down his erect pole. Rhonda’s medium-sized breasts had given him hours of fun and comfort!

“Thank you, Dan. And yeah, I don’t know Giana really, but she seems all right. If big hair works for you.” She opened her shirt a little more, she had plans for this masturbation session.

“Again . . . ah! It’s not just about her . . . uhhhf . . . looks.” Funny how he had been NOT near cumming, and then suddenly, he was. “I . . . I might make a mess if you keep that up. I’d be happy to give YOU some . . . some attention,” he managed, but it was pretty clear his brainpower was waning.

“In a bit. I want to see what happens if I do . . . THIS.” She mashed her really quite nice breasts to his face, but also – deliberately – stopped stroking him. She’d been waiting until he was getting close to try this move. She had a scientific curiosity about how he’d react.

Her young, smooth breasts had ALWAYS been able to make him lose focus – but this time the focus had been on his orgasm – and what young man can focus on anything else, when he’s close?

He plunged his face in, seeking her nipples. Her v-neck t-shirt was loose enough to let him. And before he found one, he was – without planning to – humping against her hand. She held still and let him – it was a lot of fun to see how much he needed an orgasm, once she got him this close. He barely realized he was humping, his remaining consciousness was fixated on her boobs. So she realized – rather before he did – that he was cumming!

Slick juices went right bahis firmaları up her arm, then slick spurts of it landed over her shoulder, across her shoulder, across her right breast (he’d found the left nipple) and then . . . a MIGHTY spray leapt out of him, landing who knew where. He was burrowing into her breast nose-first, so only she saw how he’d been firing TORRENTS, shooting like a bull! She watched, rapt, while the white stuff got thicker and thicker as he settled down and began merely pumping cum like a normal male. Dan put out a lot of cum, and Rhonda had to learn that some guys came more, some less, that some times a guy shot a lot, some times a guy shot rather less. But she enjoyed all the experiments!

After he had collected himself, and wiped down the top of the window that had received his spermy spatterings, he asked what she was in the mood for, today. She told him exactly what. And she got it – in spades. But there was no chat, as his mouth was full.



Next week, Dan and Giana were on their second date, and it was going well. Really well. He’d have been happy just to get to smooching . . . okay, to second base, but it seemed she was into him. When he’d found out who her favorite author was, he rushed to the library and read one of the guy’s books. It turns out it was one she hadn’t read yet, but she DID appreciate his effort.

The modern dance tickets had also been his idea. And it was a cool thing to do, but all those athletic bodies soaring about had not helped him calm his horniness. He wanted to enjoy the performance, but he was fairly distracted by how hot he was for Giana. Her raven-black hair WAS big, but not because she teased it. She just had masses of hair – and she had an hourglass figure. Her lush young body was poured into a slinky skirt-and-sweater combo that showed how her waist was overshadowed by those massive breasts. She liked Dan, and wanted to make sure to keep him interested. It was a tasteful outfit with no cleavage showing, but she had on her nicest bra – just in case.

Neither of them noticed Big Murph following them.

The third date involved dinner at his place, and her wearing her sexiest bra-and-panties set – she was going to have him tonight. The second date had lots of kissing and petting and fumbling, but he called a halt before things went all the way. She really wanted to do it, but she saw that he was trying to be a gentleman, to show he cared about her and not just sex. So she sort of had to let him. After, she regretted not just jumping him, but . . . there’d be time for that.

Now he had cooked dinner for them, and it wasn’t half bad. Each of them was careful not to overeat. It was time to let the games begin!

Neither of them noticed Big Murph, the guy Giana knew from the College of Sorcery, parked outside. But Rhonda had.

Rhonda was a sorcerer. So was Murph, though he was two years ahead of her at Fogwarts Sorcery College. Dan was not – and like the 80% of humans who aren’t, he had no idea that magic actually exists.

Giana turned the lights down low, in Dan’s place. He was surprised at how much faster his pulse went when she did that. Soon they were making out, eager and sweet.

As he hurried out of his pants, he damn near wrenched his stiff-standing cock. That gorgeous woman was wriggling out of her clothes . . . for him! Oh, she was a sight, in the dim light of his bedroom. That black, black hair was a crowning glory framing her pale shoulders . . . and those breasts! Young, firm . . . BIG! They sprang forth from the pricey bra she had chosen so carefully. She shucked it and tossed it across the room. He’d barely had time to register those heavy melons burbling out of their confinement, as she bent over to shed her shoes.

She knew what an effect her body had on men – and thanked her lucky stars. Dan was hers, all hers, and she knew it. She was going to give him a time tonight! She smiled to think that 70 years from now, he’d get stiff just remembering this night!


Outside, Murph had his wand out in the car, below the line of sight. Able to project the action in that room onto the screen in his mind, he was determined to ruin this for Dan. Partly, he wanted Giana for himself. Partly, he wanted non-magic guys to stick to non-magic girls. Partly, he just enjoyed being an asshole. More – he believed he could totally get away with it!

Rhonda was six miles away, but had sensed Dan’ happiness. And then she sensed a dark cloud threatening it. She knew Dan didn’t know anything about the magic sense net. Was it Giana who was troubled? No – Giana was happy too . . . that meant SOME SORCERER was surveilling them, planning to interfere. And that was just not right. What sort of sorcerer uses their power just to wreck things? It made kaçak iddaa her good and mad. She determined she wasn’t going to stand by and let it happen.


Upstairs, two bodies were writhing together, naked at last. Oh, god – her skin was so smooth! She was really into it – his thick sausage trapped between their bellies was making her so wet! She was glad he was on top – didn’t want him thinking she was slutty just because she was running like a river for him. He cradled her close and kissed any parts he could, her neck, her ears, and held her luscious bottom in both hands, humping his hardness against her stomach, her groin. If she slid just right, she could get her clit against his shaft, and . . . oh! Oh, that was good. Good for them both. She used a lot more strength, grinding into him, than he expected. And it was good. Gooooooood.

There was enough light to see how her eyes flashed, how her breasts bobbed. Oh, god, those breasts! They were heavy – Giana had great big breasts, but the nose-cone areolas protruded a bit beyond even that! Best of all, she LOVED his mouth on them. She said so. He offered to stay there, sucking on her tips, for the rest of his life. She wound her fingers in his hair and trapped his bouncing cock between her thighs. This was so hot!

Then something odd happened. Dan felt the cum swelling inside him. That’s not right, he thought. She was barely touching him. They had hardly started. He was not a premature ejaculator, never had been. Was Giana SO exciting?

He pressed down on his cum, and on the thread of panic in him.

Outside, Murph was magicking Dan, with a grim look on his face. He was going to make Dan cum way too soon. He planned to do that as much as it took – until Giana decided to drop him. That way, Murph could move in on her himself. There are major-league jerks in any group, but Murph was being a 14-karat piece of shit about this.

Rhonda, six miles away, was able to tell what was up. But she couldn’t tell who was doing it to Dan. Yes, she really wanted Dan for herself, but she was a grown-up about it. Dan was into Giana. When you love someone, you want for them to be happy. So she was going to be damned if she let someone – anyone – use magic to cheat Dan out of a normal relationship!

So it was time to get her wand out and protect the man she loved. Yes, even if that meant ensuring he had great sex with some other woman!

All Dan knew was that suddenly, he had to fight down a load that really, really wanted out. It wasn’t just an urge, it was a serious urgency! He felt like spraying sperm right then, all over her. He mustn’t! They’d hardly gotten started! But the need to cum was like nothing he’d ever felt. He fought the orgasm, fought the cum itself, clenching and straining. It cost him a lot of effort, and gained him only a few seconds. He felt the hot fluids in him inch forward.

Then . . . the lava halted. He’d fought that cum to a standstill! At least he was sure he had – it was actually Rhonda using magic to fight magic. She was helping him to hold his semen down.

Big Murph had a lot more power than Rhonda did. But like most selfish jerks, he was a lousy listener. He wasn’t “reading” Dan. He just poured on the “cum now” energy, without really seeing whether it was working. He figured it’d HAVE to be enough, in a minute or less.

But he hadn’t thought of something: That much “orgasm NOW” energy would spill over. And with Rhonda helping him to resist it, a lot of that energy – a LOT of it – was flowing into the only other human in the room – Giana! She was able to have orgasms, but not easily, not often. Now she felt a climax swooping down on her, and it was just MOMENTS after she’d put his reddened cock into her eager core. Giana was carried away by the feelings, and one of those feelings felt a lot like love!

“Oh, baby!” Giana cried out. Dan was harder than he’d ever been. He felt a wedge of cum burning, ready to launch, but arrested halfway up his vas deferens. He kept pumping into Giana. As she started to lose control, it was one of the sexiest moments of his life. Either she had a short fuse, or he was a greater lover than he’d ever imagined. And all Giana’s writhing and crying out had an effect on young, not-very-experienced Dan. That cum in him pushed harder!

Rhonda didn’t know about Giana’s situation – she was tuned in to Dan, and was amazed to feel even MORE “cum now, cum now, cum now!” happening inside him. So she poured on her “not yet!” efforts, and hung on as best she could. She was now fighting a LOT of orgasmic energy. She felt it flowing from Murph, outside the room. She couldn’t tell, in the heat of the struggle, that more and more of it was coming from the rutting couple upstairs. Rhonda bore down. She started to sweat.

Giana couldn’t resist any kaçak bahis more of this – she had the most amazing, gut-throbbing, pillow-throwing climax of her (still brief) sexual career. She tossed her head and clamped onto Dan’s cock and shouted without words. It bought Dan a minute of delaying his climax, actually. While this was the hottest thing he’d ever seen, he was, at first, more amazed than further turned on. To have a beauty cumming right on his hard-on wasn’t something that happened to him all the time.

Murph, outside, WAS a lousy listener – but even he could feel that there were GOOD vibes coming from that room, not the disappointment and embarrassment he’d been expecting. Thinking things through wasn’t his strong suit either. Brute force was. And he was mad. He STREAMED that “orgasm now!” force onto his target. Dan had never wanted to cum so much in his life, but he still fought. Rhonda, outside, fought. There was so much magical energy coming out of Murph now that a couple in the next house started spontaneously fucking. The woman on floor below sat, wondering why she felt so odd, until she came. Hard. She’d been chopping vegetables for soup, and that had never before been a turn-on – but for reasons she could never have guessed, she was now having the cum of a lifetime, and then another! For years afterword, holding a leek made her feel sexed up.

“Orgasm . . . NOW” came the spells. Rhonda felt it. Dan felt it. Giana felt it! Poor big-titted Giana had a second orgasm before she’d caught her breath from the first. Her great pillowy mammaries tossed like a stormy sea, and watching them, Dan (a serious breast man) was at the end of his control. Even though Rhonda was doing her best, Dan was getting pummeled by the pleasure of lovemaking, the further pleasure of this fabulous babe cumming like a string of firecrackers, AND being flooded with that “cum right now!” magic. Well, Dan was only human.

Against Rhonda’s best efforts, the white-hot cum in him crept up millimeter by millimeter. With the gorgeous Giana half out of her mind with sexual pleasure and splayed out before his grateful eyes, Dan let himself be tossed on the waves of absolute pleasure. An orgasm exploded in the back of his skull while his trembling cock held on – incredibly – for a few moments more, thanks to Rhonda. He couldn’t catch his breath. His world narrowed down to the grasping cunt that was doing awesome things to his cock. He felt like his penis was two feet long, inside Giana.

Then the spray ROCKETED out of him – Giana’s eyes flew open as she felt something she’d never felt before. The force of his cum BALLOONED her inner walls, there was that much pressure. She was amazed – or she would be, once she calmed down – her own orgasm was echoing back and forth inside her, ebbing slowly, slowly, so that she was having the LONGEST cum of her life, in addition to the best one she’d ever had.

Dan’s eyes were shut tight already, his brain felt like it was on a roller coaster in space – so he would never remember much of the astonishing unloading he did in her. But she’d tell him about it. In fact, she would go on and on about it with him, once he recovered. She felt so sexy, making him cum super-human amounts of sperm. She told him all about how his cock got even bigger, while he fired, how the cream started cascading out of her even though she was on her back. How more cum was forced into then out of her, and he hadn’t begun to show signs of slowing down, no, just more and more cum spurted.

She hadn’t been the sort to tell her friends about her sexcapades, but this was so out of the ordinary, she actually did end up telling quite a few of her girlfriends. This led to some pretty fun evenings in Dan’s life, later.

Dan sort of passed out on top of her. He entered a twilight, but his stiffer-than-ever dick STILL frothed and foamed into her. She was coming back to earth, and rolled his limp body off her. Out popped his cock, and she was astonished to see cum CONTINUING to leap from his cockhead, landing hot across her thigh. Spurt, spurt, spurt, stripe stripe stripe across her legs. He stopped spouting it, after a bit, but white syrup ran steadily from him for a half-minute more.

He started to come around. He’d never experienced ANYTHING like this. And best of all, a fabulous babe was giving him a 1000-watt smile.

“You must be Superman, Dan!” That compliment would warm his blood for days to come. Most of us can hold our self-respect together with only occasional acts of heroism, and – as odd as it was – it was a heroic fuck they shared.

The next day, Dan and Giana were out walking, and anyone could see she was altogether smitten. Sex lasts, on average, between two and six minutes of penis-in-vagina time. Their first encounter might have lasted that long, or less. But it was mind-blowing, and they naturally assumed there was a real connection between them.

Murph saw the couple, and saw how happy they were. But he was only more determined. Next time, he WOULD find a way to wreck their bond.

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