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Last day at work, during the Christmas party, and we simply could not keep our eyes off each other. The deejay in the corner was pounding the room with his selection of tracks, and we danced away all through the afternoon into the early evening, grinding against each other as sweat poured down our bodies.

I wanted her, and I wanted her badly. Her winks, subtle and disguised, coursed through me like water in a river, flowing and fueling me. The last two tracks were a smoldering rhythm of grinding trance music, not really my style, but all around us, colleagues were also lost in the slow pulsing beat. The open bar had already seen to the senses, and the music just spurred us on.

Her hips ground against my groin, my cock already engorged. I was sure she could feel my hard member inside my jeans leg. Her short dress had ridden, and with a thrill felt her dry humping my thigh. I was on a constant high, wanting to, but not daring, to fuck the wits out of Anastasia.

With a deft touch of her arm, she caressed my cock, looking at me with sultry eyes, slanted for effect. I was practically drooling all over her, and as the music faded away, the lights also fell dark for a few seconds, and in those fleeting moments, my hand went to caress the front of her panties, which were delightfully dripping wet at the front.

It was at that moment that I realized what we both wanted. We wanted sex, and plenty of it. No matter that we were both married with children. The last year of working together in a small office, sharing our intimate secrets, had brought us to a new heightened plateau, and our joining was simply inevitable.

I whispered in her ear to meet me just outside the car-park, and I was the first to leave, scampering out of the pheromone dripping hall into the kartal escort bayan cool twilight. I unlocked the door to my van and got in, starting the engine before taking a look in the mirror. Anastasia was practically running to her little Fiat, holding a jacket close to her body, now cooling in the cold air.

I stopped at the automatic gate, letting her car catch up with mine. I motioned for her to follow me, and our destination was just a short ten second drive up the road, to another car-park that I knew was empty at this time. My van made short work of the two hundred meters, and I parked directly behind the two forty-foot containers that served as a foreman’s offices while the parking lot was being restructured.

Anastasia parked her car next to my van, and as she looked around to make sure she was unobserved, practically impossible, I held open the sliding door. She hopped out of her vehicle into mine. The instant she was in, I closed and locked the doors with the key fob, and we practically fell on each other. We kissed, oh God, did we kiss. A soul-bending, straight from the heart kiss that simply continued to ignite the fire we had. Her lavish lips opened and her long tongue snaked out into my mouth, and I responded in kind.

This was not the kiss portrayed in the movies. We were practically panting into each other’s mouths as we tongue wrestled each other. I moaned in undisguised passion, while Anas was making whimpering sounds of compassion and need.

We finally came up for air, and I slipped into the cabin of the van, folding the seats and opening the quilt and blankets I had brought with me. I looked at her face in passion, and she shucked off her jacket, the van already warm enough with our breaths.

I simply did not know escort maltepe what to do, and let her take the lead. Her hands went to my shirt, and she started unbuttoning it, her hands small and cool. Finally I took it all off and she started to work her magic, kissing with little nips, and finally settled on my nipples, usually very sensitive, and now simply on fire. I gasped at the erotic sensations coursing through me as she nibbled on one nipple and seductively circled the other one.

I gasped, finally losing control, and putting my hands on her small breasts. I could feel her nipples through it, and I started unbuttoning the dress, opening it up to her navel. A small cream push up bra hid her delights, and I wondered what kind of nipples she had. Were they puffy? Dark? Thick? My question was answered as I undid the clasp at the front, letting the bra split into two cups.

My eyes widened at the beautiful sight of two smallish tits, topped by two absolutely lovely rose-colored nipples, very light in color and hardly recognizable from the rest of her breast. I dipped my mouth to her chest and she practically melted in my arms. Sighing, she sat back and let me do the work.

They were absolutely, exquisitely delightful, and I regaled myself with this conquest, licking first one, then the other. I noticed that Anastasia was wriggling around like an eel, and taking my cue, rose up from her and reached beneath the hem of her dress, pulling down her panties.

I scooted a bit backwards again, and arrived at the moment of truth. She opened her knees slightly, and I spread her legs completely, practically dribbling at her pussy. Two thick lips bisected a plump mons. Her inner lips were totally hidden from view, but a long thick clit peeked from beneath pendik escort her folds. I attacked it enthusiastically, sucking on it much like a girl would suck a dick.

Some women I tasted were downright tart or strong down there, but Anas had the sweetest-tasting pussy I had ever had the fortune to lick. She pulled her knees even more back, and I continued my ministrations, bringing her to a shattering orgasm as her legs fell forward, nearly suffocating me. I held on to dear life, not letting go. She shrieked with a passion as she came again and again, filling my mouth with sweet nectar.

I couldn’t take anymore, and I rose up, pulled down my pants, and entered her in one swift movement. She cried out, hopefully in passion, but most probably in surprise. I was sure I wouldn’t last very long in that state of arousal, and as I pulled out of her, she told me to come inside her, that she was safe.

I obliged, and within four strokes I stiffened even more and poured what seemed like a gallon of cum inside her, splashing Anastasia’s inside thoroughly. Finally, I was at the point where it was more painful than pleasurable, and I withdrew, slumping beside her on the blankets.

We were both breathing heavily, hair tousled, and much the worse for wear. After what seemed a few minutes, but was probably closer to half an hour, we reached for each other again.

“Again?” I asked her.

“Let’s make love this time, instead of fucking.” She answered shyly.

Our frenzied zest had been extinguished, but our passion grew as we made slow gentle love, coming once again to incredibly satisfying climaxes. Finally, around two in the morning, we could take no more. The van reeked of heavy sex, and was warm enough to bake cakes in it.

We dressed as best as we could. Thankfully I had a garage where I would freshen up before going up to bed, while I am sure that Anas had one too.

“Tomorrow?” I asked, as she got into her car.

“Tomorrow at ten. Same place” she replied.

These Christmas holidays were going to be fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32