Sex with Grandmama

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(All characters are 18 years or older, any references to other minor characters are also 18 or older)


The Butterworth Saga Continues!

When I was over 18 when my parents sent me to our ancestral home in New York City. The idea, I assumed, was to get to know some of my near and distant relatives. The real reason I was sent, as I soon learned, was so I could begin having incestuous relations with my near and soon to be dearer.

I had not visited our 5th Avenue Mansion since I was a child. The driver dropped me off in front of an elegant uptown Eastside address. The older neighbor’s gothic building, which I remember from my childhood, had been demolished and replaced with a sumptuous modern building, later purchased by the infamous Jeffrey Epstein. In recent years we watched the parade of young woman going in and out of his mansion and wondered what was going on? It obviously wasn’t incest. Now we and the rest of society know about his abusive secrets. However, our family’s incestuous trysts have remained secret, at least till now.

Our mansion was an ancient edifice built in 1866, after the American Civil War had run It its course. General Grant used to stay there, sleeping off his drunken nightmares, with good reason. His was a terrible bloody war that laid the foundation for the catastrophe became WorldWar I. Grant, a chain cigar smoker and drunkard and chronic masturbater, lived here after his presidency. With the help of Seward G. Butterworth, he wrote his memoirs. When Grant passed on, Seward purchased the home from the Grant estate and this is where the Butterfield’s have hung their hats and oversized genitals for over 100 years.

If you drive north from midtown, you will no doubt see our home. The exterior looks like a Greek temple. The interior decor is filled with heavy ornamentation from Grants sojourn; medieval weaponry, swords, pikes, and suits of armor. There are many large paintings in the Italian Renaissance style, some by famous artists, purchased by Seward Butterworth on his trips to Europe. There is even a small oil painting by Granma Moses (aka Anna Mary Robertson Moses.) It is a nude portrait of my own Grandmother and hangs above her bed in her private apartment. Moses was commissioned to paint a portrait of her dancing the tango while in the nude. As you might imagine, our home looks much like a museum.

Some other oddities include a large library with bookcases that rolled sideways to reveal a hidden room that Grant used as a humidor for his cigars. The manager’s office, to the side of the entrance holds a huge ancient safe that was nitroglycerine proof. My brother explained that nitro was used by safecrackers used in the old days. If one tried to pour the explosive into this safe, the liquid would run right out through an elaborate metal channel system.

My older brother Hector, said, “No one has opened the safe in fifty years. I spent a good deal of time trying to hear the tumblers click when I’d slowly spin the combination lock wheel. I was never successful, even when attempting to open it using a stethoscope I’d found in a flea market. Some family members say the safe is filled with gold coins, others say Grant’s 100 year old cigars. Who knows?”

After hearing his explanation I could not wait to try my hand, but other activities required me to put my attempt on hold..

For some strange reason, I believed that there was a secret hidden somewhere within the mansions stone walls. If only I could find it. In fact there was. I was to learn of our hidden secret family traditions, which previously I had not a clue of their existence. In the Butterworth family, it is left to the grandmothers to initiate familial familiarity that unseasoned skeptics would call “incest.” At a certain point in my visit I was summoned to Grandmama’s room and ordered to disrobe. For the life of me I could not understand why.

“Which of my grandchildren are you, young man?”

Grandmama spoke with a sexy foreign accent. I wasn’t sure if it was French or what language it was, but it rolled off her tongue like honey. Grandmama, born in Brazil, had a sensual appearance; big eyes, long legs and permanent tan. Later I learned she danced the classic Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When I first met her she began to speak to me in Portuguese. To me the Brazilian language seemed to be the most romantic language on the planet. When it was obvious I did not understand her, she switched to English.

“And who might you be young man?”

“Hello Grandmama, I’m Anthony.”

“Anthony who?”

“Anthony Butterworth, the 4th”.

“Oh yes, Harold Butterworth’s progeny. I was at your Christening years back. Your cock was quite small then. I hope it has grown.”

“Yes, Grandmama, it has.”

I looked at the old gal. Her face was smoother than I remembered from childhood. Her dark hair was full, what you’d expect from a younger woman. She was remarkably attractive for her age, which I assumed was somewhere far north of the 60 years.

“I remember your father kahramanmaraş escort bayan when he was a young man of 18 or so years old, he was a lazy bumpkin, but Goddamn, his penis was quite overgrown. Show me your root.”

“My root?”

“Your root, your cock, your dick, your Johnson. My young man, are you an idiot.”

“Oh, my penis. Yes, Mam. Here it is. I cupped my cock and balls in my left hand.”

“Not much to write home about, Anthony.”

“I’m sorry Grandmama.”

“Your dick is rather small for a Butterworth.”

“I’m sorry Mam. It is rather cold in here, but I promise you it will grow.”

“Come closer boy. Would you like to suck on one of my tits? That usually is a good opening, a good place to start if we are talking about achieving a good sized erection.”

At that she opened her thick floral robe and to my surprise, with the exception of a few wrinkles and small freckle-like sun spots, her tits were quite attractive. After nursing her children, their must have been at least 4 of them, her nipples were quite long. I gently placed my mouth over her left tit and began to date.There was no unpleasant taste and her tits smelled like a rose garden.

“Don’t be afraid, try to get the whole nipple in your mouth, open wider and run your tongue around the alveoli, that’s the darker skin that the nipple is attached to. Oh yes, that’s good, oh my, now you are getting my pussy juices flowing, young man.”

She lost no time in pushing my face down between her legs to sample her hairless pussy which was fresh tasting to the tongue.

“That’s enough Donald.”

I lifted my head, my tongue still tasting her sweet labia,

“I’m Anthony, Grandmama.”

“Oh, who cares sonny, if now you’ve got a hard dick it’s time to come up for air.”

I lifted up my head, the room was quite dark. I saw Grandmama place her thumb inside her mouth and first pull out her upper teeth, obviously her false teeth, and then the lower plate, that she set adrift in a large embossed silver cup resting on her bed table.

“Come closer, you buffoon. I was offered the choice of extensive custom dental work or false teeth. Europe is deadly for teeth, with all the sweets and liquors, and I do believe cum is more acidic on the continent. My husband, a great affectionato of toothless blow jobs encouraged me to go toothless. I must say no man has ever complained.”

With that explanation, she grabbed my ass with her left arm and pulled me right up to the bed’s headboard. She opened her mouth and engulfed not just my swelling knob but my two balls as well.

I can’t say the experience was unpleasant, her tongue was weaving circles around my shaft and in no time I was more than fully erect. That is to say, all 6 inches of my cock were stuck in her mouth. I was so deep between her thick red lips, that she was smacking right up against my pubic bone, her cheeks in sucked as she blew me, sucking like a powerful vacuum.

Her mouth was smooth, slippery, warm and wet. It was as if my cock had finally found the home it had always desired. The force of her sucking seemed to draw forth every ounce of sperm floating in my testicles. As I became completely erect she was forced to relinquish my balls and concentrate on my cock shaft and helmet. This was a tragedy in itself, the sensation of her sucking my balls, rolling them back and forth with her tongue was incredible. At the same time her long left arm reached behind and stuffed what must have been a well lubed finger into my tush.

That was it! I don’t think I’ve ever felt as well positioned in any woman’s mouth as when my cock and balls were in her mouth. Maybe first sexual experiences are like your first taste of cocaine. It ever tastes quite as good afterwards. Being young and inexperienced, it did not take long for me to salute her, not a 21 gun salute, but a salute nonetheless with the only gun I had. At the exact moment that her finger entered my butt, my dick shot forth with a forceful ejection of white cum juice, which she must have swallowed immediately.

Stupidly, “I asked, where did all my cum go?”

“Down my throat you idiot. Now get the fuck out of here, but first pour me a tumbler of Scotch before you leave. Nothing goes as well with Butterworth buttery cum than a good blended Scotch from the old country. Now get out of here. I’ll call for you in three days, it will be early in the morning when your testosterone level is at its highest. Don’t be jerking off in between, I want a full load of virgin cum juice from you.”

“Yes, Mam, thank you.”

And with that I left, my first blow job being a glorious toothless event I would never forget.

My brother Hector, who was three years my senior and hung like a moose, was quick to ask me if I’d received the ceremonial cock suck. I was quite embarrassed, but admitted I had.

“Did you enjoy it? The old gal is quite an expert cock sucker.”

“I guess she is, yes it went quite well, I guess. kapalı gaziantep escort bayan She wants me back in three days. Did you go through this as well?

“Yes, of course, but were not supposed to discuss it with minors, you were under 18 at the time she indoctrinated me.”

“Well, if you don’t feel like going I can always stand in for you. Chances are the old dame wouldn’t know the difference between you and me.”

“But your cock is three inches longer than mine.”

“I doubt if she’d remember the difference, God knows she’s sucked more cocks then there are leaves on our apple tree.”

“Thanks for the offer. I let you know if I need a stand in. It was quite an experience.”

“Do you know who she really is?”

“I guess she is a Butterworth?”

“How brilliant, you shitbird, of course, she was married to Grandfather. But do you know who she was?”

“No, should I.”

“She was Lola La Rue, the Argentine tango dancer who took Paris by storm. She was in a few French films, ‘Belle du jour’ was one. She played a whore in the bordello where Catherine Deneuve was fucked by that fat Asian actor, I think his name was Iska Khan, you know the guy with the ‘Spanish Fly Box.'”

“Was that the guy called “Odd Job” in the early Bond films.”

“I think so, if not it was his twin brother.”

“Sounds like good casting, DID Grandmama suck his “odd job.”

“Hey, a little respect. She was quite wild. Grandad in his diary said, “she had sucked more cocks than the number of shots the French fired when the Nazi’s invaded.”

She was the reason that Grandfather made all those lucrative oil deals. She was able to introduce him to every French politician of value. Of course she had sucked all their cocks, if not performed further intimacies. Her contacts were well worth his time. We should all be kissing her feet, she made the family millions.”

“I didn’t kiss her feet but her pussy tasted fine.”

“That’s what happens when I try to be serious with you Anthony, you make a joke out of everything.”

“Well, it did taste good. It has a licorice taste.”

“That’s because she washes it with Pernod, that French liquor is the best friend a pussy will ever get.”


“Anyway little brother, you’ve wasted enough of my time. Just do your duty and be respectful.”

“But she keeps calling me Donald.”

“Donald Butterfield was her son. He was the famous car racer who died in 1984 at Le Mans after nearly crashing into Sterling Moss. He was only 19 years old. Now do you get it?”

“Yep, I guess she was fucking her son.”

“Go fuck yourself, don’t you know that is what every good Butterworth mom does with her son.”

“Was it her son by Grandfather?”

“No, it was actually by Grandfather’s brother William’s. Lola had been his mistress for a while. When he was called to the Mideast to help solve problems in the aftermath of the Suez Crisis, he passed her on to Grandfather who was a sucker for a good blow job. No pun intended. Although a cousin, whose name will remain secret, said Grandad gave as well as he took.”

“That’s a bit more information then I needed to know, Hector.”

With that comment, my older brother, smirked, shook his head, gave me the 3rd finger and headed out to his office on the 3rd floor where he followed the foreign market trades on Wall Street. Hector was the families exclusive broker for International Commodities.

I went to lie down figuring the old lady was sure to wear me out. The next day passed uneventfully. My head was filled with sensual thoughts about my oral experience and thoughts of snorting between Bertha’s big boobs. Bertha was the chambermaid who always seemed to rush into my room when I was naked playing a video game on my laptop. The way she smiled at me led me to believe I might get the chance.

The sheer pleasures I’d experienced with Grandmama led me to hope that I’d experience the same with Bertha. Of course, all these sexual thoughts had tempted me to masturbate. But fearful as I was of the old ladies wrath, I somehow made it through the 72 hours without losing a drop of my sacred fluid.

I was awakened early the morning of my appointment with Grandmama, by Bertha, acting as the chambermaid. I was so sound asleep she had to reach under the blanket and pull rapidly quite a few times on my dick to wake me up. Of course I woke up with my hard-on in her fist.

“I’m sorry but I did not know how else to wake you Mr. Anthony, your Grandmama has summoned you. Quickly shower and go to her, while her strength is not waining. Here is a large warm towel for your use.”

“Thank you Bertha.”

Bertha was a tall thirty something woman with a full head of frizzy orange curls and her blouse always unbuttoned just enough that I was able to get a glimmer of her abundant cleavage. I got out of bed naked, of course I slept nude, but my nudity didn’t seem to affect her. She followed me into the bathroom kaliteli gaziantep escort bayan and turned on the shower.

“So Master Anthony, is Grandmama is teaching you the ropes?”

“Oh you know about that.”

“Of course, there are a few secrets I am not privy to.”

I nodded.

“Once you have been initiated, Mr. Anthony, I hope you will spend some time with these,” and then she lifted up her blouse to reveal two very large shapely mammaries, as big as honey dew melons.

I took one long look and rushed over and pulled her close, I was too clumsy to unhook her bra but I pushed it up and buried my nose in her fleshy cushions.

“You can call me Tony.”

“Oh my, Mr. Anthony. It’s best we remain formal now. We will have time for being more intimate.” She gently pushed me away and lifted her large tits fitting them `back into her bra cups.

“Go now to Grandmama before you lose one drop of you precious sperm, if it is anything like your brother’s I’m sure it is delicious.”

“You’ve tasted his…”

“I’ve shared the bounties of most all you Butterworth’s and I am all the better for each taste they have permitted me. In fact it was your Dad who broke my hymen the day I turned 18. God there was blood all over the place.”

I was dumbfounded. Bertha was a family sexual object, I was shocked.

“You think I am just a servant here Master Anthony but in truth I am you half sister, your father impregnated my mother a number of times and as your sister I am here to love you and permit you whatever sexual dalliance you require. I want you to feel free to relieve yourself of any tensions and attain the necessary calmness a young man of your stature requires, through frequent exuberant intercourse.”

At that she hurriedly buttoned up leaving me gape mouthed and she backed out the door smiling at me.

“Oh Jesu, the cat is out of the bag,” I exclaimed.

“You mean the pussy,” it was my brother Hector at the door.

“I’m going to get a taste of Bertha before breakfast,” he said quite matter of factly, and with that he slammed the door and I could hear his footsteps as he ran down the hall chasing after her.

Of course, Hector, not being one to keep secrets recounted the whole episode later that afternoon, of how he caught up with Bertha and pushed her into a clothes closet where he finished her off standing upright with her legs wrapped around him as her ass rested on a low dresser.

“You dummy, why didn’t you follow me, you could have had her ass at the same time.”

“Because I had been summoned to visit Grandmama. Respect, didn’t you say…” but before I could complete my thoughts Hector was gone.

I went to shower but it took a while for the water to turn from cold to warm. The bathroom I use is located a good distance from the water heater so there is always a wait as the old cast iron pipes warm. Once the water warmed up, I stepped inside the white marble enclosure and soaped up. My neck, underarms, feet and of course my cock, balls and tate.

My dick hung plump at half mast, a result of Berthas fluff job. I let the warm water stream on my cock and balls. It was stimulating and my dicky boy started to rise. I rinsed off and used the fluffy towel to dry myself. Knowing what my appointment with Grandmama was about, I didn’t bother to dress. I just put on a bathrobe and made my way upstairs to her bedroom.

When I entered she seemed to be stirring something between her legs.

“What took you so long Donald, my pussy is boiling over waiting for you.”

“I’m not Donald, I’m Anthony.”

“Donald, Anthony-who cares, a cock is dick is a penis-what’s the difference?”

“Why do you keep confusing me with this Donald?”

“Maybe it’s you big head of orangey curls, There are a few Donalds in our family. There is the famous Donald, a cousin of ours. I enjoyed, sucking his cock 664 feet up in the air i his skyscraper. He was also an expert at rimming. His tongue could leave you cleaner than a colonoscopy.”

“What is rimming?”

“Ass licking, you stupid boy. That’s a lesson we will get to soon enough.”

“And then there is that special Donald, my son the hero, now seated at the foot of God’s throne in heaven.”

“Ok, Grandmama.”

“But let us move forward, one cannot remained glued to the past even if the semen back then was much thicker then than it is now.”

I didn’t quite understand that comment, but I kept quiet. Maybe it was the a-bomb testing or climate change she was alluding to?

“Now, are you a virgin Anthony?”

“Yes, Grandmama.”

“Never got the pecker tweaked by a young lady?”

“Well, I was jerked off on one occasion by a girl, Joanne who was 19. She worked at the coffee shop near Dad’s office.I took her to the college harvest moon dance in October. We were all over 18 at the time and able to order beer.”

“Oh, good for you and for her.”

“What was it like?”

“Well, it happened that Nevis Buckle’s date, a college freshman who’d just celebrated her 18th birthday, ran off and went home with Garth Stevens, a sophmore. Nevis drove me and Joanne home. My date, a bit more mature then either of us, was seated in the middle. When Nevis had to stop at a railroad crossing, she unzipped our pants and with our cocks in both her hands she jerked us both off at the same time.”

“Ah yes, a double milking party. Those are such fun. Who came first?”

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