Sexual Awakening of Alix

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Female Ejaculation

Alix Holmes lived in a small rural community where her father ran a ranch supplies business. Most of the family worked in the business and everyone in the district knew what the Holmes’s did and the Holmes’s knew the business of most other families.

The day after Alix lost her virginity she knew her mother knew, reading the love in her mom’s eyes. Oh yes, mom was after grandchildren and so far Jess, Tim and Hannah, all married, were only into sex for recreation. Which whispering bitch coming into the store had blathered? Or had boastful Tony told his mom about getting a leg over Alix and she immediately rushed to the phone?

Later in the day Alice pushed her daughter into a quiet corner and said, “Tell me about last night.”

“It was dark, no moon.”

The jaw set of her mother told Alix to quit horsing around.

“Okay, a guy got to me at last. He was talkative, attentive and told me lovely things about myself.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, just as my girlfriends said there was no blood because of all the horse-riding I do. Who told you mom?”

“Why Sandra of course. She’s hoping something might develop between you and Tony.”

“Mom, I’ve only just turned twenty. No way will I tie up with a guy this early. From now on I aim to have sex coming out my ears.”

“I think you mean much lower down than that darling. You are taking the pill?”

“Yes mom, since your command when I turned eighteen.”

Alice placed her hands on her daughter’s shoulders. “Darling, I really would like you and Tony to date for a while.”

“Okay mom. I take it pleasing you means I get upgraded lingerie and a couple of Saturday night dresses?”

“Of course dear. You’ve made me so happy. Have the others said anything to you about making you an aunt?”

“No mom. Relax. Give them a chance to enjoy sex recreationally.”

Alice sighed.

Alix knocked around with Tony until she was bored shitless and had three other successful boyfriends that year. The next year she averaged a new guy every second month plus their married clergyman when helping decorating the church for autumn festival, although they didn’t do it there but rather in the woodshed.

In March the following year a replacement salesman charged with beefing up orders for animal drenches, walked into the warehouse and shouted, “Anyone here?”

“Yeah, on the mezzanine floor above you checking straw bales. What do you want?”

“Oh hi miss. I’m Luther Jones, your new salesman for animal remedies.”

“Oh yeah, we have heaps.”

“Um miss, may I check through your inventory with you?”

“What for?”

“To fill gaps.”

“Okay, I’m coming down. Catch me.”

Alix vaulted the rail and Esenyurt Escort hanging by her fingertips called, “Ready.”

“Yeah, aw, you’re in jeans, not a dress.”

“Aren’t you unlucky,” she said, letting go.

Luther underestimated the power of her descent and fell to the ground with her on top of him.

“You let me fall,” she charged.

“You pushed me to the ground by sheer weight,” he panted, half-winded.

Luther placed his hands around both breasts and then lowered them to test her rib covering and then her stomach where he found no sign of roll.

“You’re lean except for that pair.”

“I don’t want you touching me like that unless you aim to do something about it.”

Alice came into the warehouse before the embarrassed guy could answer. “What on earth are you two doing? It looks unsavory.”

“I dropped from the mezzanine floor but weak arms here failed to find the strength to hold me mother.”

“Goodness Alix, you are a woman of almost twenty-two and not a madcap teenager. I want you to stop horsing around. Please let the gentleman up.”

“Hi Mrs Holmes, I’m Luther Jones, your replacement animal remedies salesman and service agent.”

“Hello Luther and welcome to our store. Animal remedies are Alix’s responsibility so she’ll attend to you. Bring Luther in for coffee Alix and for goodness sake keep your hands off him.”

“God you are beautiful,” Luther whispered as Alice hurried off to answer an incoming phone call.

“Thanks, you are not bad yourself. Are you married?”

“Yes. Does that matter?”

“No. Will you be staying in town tonight?”

“I wasn’t but if you’ll have dinner with me I’ll stay here instead of at Cromwell.”

“I will if you get one of the new suites.”


“Right, off we go to find my missing gaps you wish to fill.”

Alix told her mom she was going to Sara Black’s for dinner, dressed and left, knowing the rumor mill would find her out but by then it would be too late for her mom to react by marching over to the hotel and pulling her home by her hair. Alice’s rule was traveling salesmen were taboo.

Two sips of wine from her glass in Luther’s room and Alix stood and held up her arms.


“Undress me.”

“But we haven’t been down to dinner yet.”

“Let’s have one before dinner. I trust you enough to expect you to feed me.”

Luther unlaced and kicked off his boots and jumped her. “Oh happy days, let me at these tits.”

Alix was quite used to guys attacking her breasts but none had ever been like this.

After removing her top and bra Luther was admiring and gently kissing her orbs, holding them as if reverently handling Esenyurt Escort bayan precious family heirlooms. Well in a way perhaps he was.

Before too long she was feeling sensations more intense that she’d ever felt before and croaked, “I have to lie down.”

She was lifted on to the bed and her skirt, slip and panties removed. She then watched Luther undress without indecent haste. He sat over her face and she took the average size dick into her mouth and he then leaned over and sank his face into her crotch. Well, hadn’t everyone done that to her… er most of her lovers?

Once he had her lubed up naturally Luther struck with his long tongue and very long fingers and had her bucking like a horse. She was gasping, sucking in air through her nose while keeping her mouth and tongue active on him. He had hooked fingers – she thought two – inside her and was massaging something that was sending stars into her eyes and then she bucked hugely and came in a small torrent. She realized she had been yelling.

He swiveled around on her, her juices dripping off his chin and he was smiling merrily.

“How was that?”

“Fucking fantastic,” she crooned.

Luther grinned and climbed off the bed to face her and gave Alix an invitation through wide experience she’d come to expect: “Here, suck this.”

She knew she was good but he gave her a few instructions that improved her act and finally he began gasping and sprayed her with semen, heaps of it.

“Oh god,” she cooed, “how can you and your wife bare to leave the house?”

He chortled over that, wiped her with a towel and they cleaned up and went down to dinner.

They went for a walk after dinner and later fucked doggy. Until then Alix had thought that position was only okay but when she began to heat up he really swung on her tits and through the roaring in her ears and flashing yellow lights she heard herself screaming, “Harder, squeeze them harder.”

She fainted momentarily.

“What hit me?”

“A bout of great sex.”

They rested and then he produced a condom and a bottle of lube.

“Ohmigod, not the ass.”

“Yes, if you want it.”

She froze in fear.

“I’ll really be gentle.”

She remained silent.

“I promise.”

She choked okay, knowing some of her girlfriends really liked anal sex.

He was slow and gentle, stopping each time she cried out and finally he was away and she was rocking back at him, moaning and groaning but calling don’t stop. Luther came but she didn’t and when he was driving her home told Alix that next time she should finger her cunt and work around her clit. That would get her off.

Luther returned every second Escort esenyurt month over six months and the next time after that when Luther visited her leaned Alix was almost one hundred and fifty miles a way at a rock concert.

The next time he called he took Alix aside and said something that shocked her. “You weren’t here last time I called so I took the opportunity to fuck your mom. I hope you don’t mind?”

“I do mind,” Alix croaked.

“Ah, does that mean we are finished?”

“Yes but I’ll still happily give you product orders. What you and mom choose to do is none of my business.”

“Fair enough.”

Alix was pleased for her mom. Luther was thirty-five so her mom would be thrilled to have a robust guy twelve years her junior interested in her sexually.

When her mom said she would be away for a couple of hours just after Luther left Alix smiled and said casually to enjoy herself. Her mom looked at her sharply but met just a nice soft smile. Alix then said she would check if any of the family wanted assistance with anything.

A few minutes later Alix called Tony Haycock who was supervisor at Harrington’s mill.


“Hi Alix. It’s a long time since we’ve spoken without over people around.”

“Yeah, but I haven’t been avoiding you. Would you like to come over tomorrow night and I’ll cook you dinner; mom and dad will be away for dinner.”

“Yeah, okay. Is that a date?”

“Well sort of.”

“I’m running with Sue Fields at the moment.”

Alix said softly, “Bye Tony. Sorry to have wasted your time.”

He called back fifteen minutes later. “Is dinner still on? I’ve called Sue and told her gently I’d found someone else.”

“Oh damn.”

“Happy days – she’d been wanting to tell me she thinks she’s been found by someone else, so happy days.”

“Oh great, 7:15 will be fine.”

* * *

After they’d petted for a while Tony sighed and said, “You seem to kiss better than I remember and you had my cock out in your hand before I realized it.”

“Practice makes perfect.”

“How long off is dinner? I’m hungry.”

“Ten minutes. Open that bottle of wine please Tony. May I ask you something?”

“Shoot baby.”

“It’s a secret; I want no one to know we’ve discussed this.”

“Well okay, but I refuse to commit a crime for you.”

“No it’s not that. Can you see yourself marrying me?”

“Oh fuck, can I what! If I did mom would be beside herself in happiness. She says you’re the best chick in the district by far.”

“Well what say we enter an agreement: you get my pregnant and I’ll then marry you?”


“Cross my heart.”

“Okay it’s a deal.”


“I swear Alix. Nothing I’d like better. Mom has tons of money. She’s likely to give us a house as their wedding present.”

“Well let me get some food into you darling and after clearing away and a wee rest, I’ll teach you how to really fuck.”


“I swear Tony.”


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