Sexual Shenanigans of the Five Eyes: Sophie Trudeau

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Justin Trudeau looked at the clock on the cable box again. It was almost three in the morning. He certainly thought Sophie would be home hours ago. He twisted around on the sofa again trying to make himself comfortable. One of those old classic late-night movies lit up the screen.

Justin rubbed his cock. He was still soft from jacking off earlier in the evening. Negative thoughts started to fill his head wondering why Sophie hadn’t called him back. She knew what the agreement was to be. She promised to call him every step of the way.

Sophie called him once she got to the club tonight. She called him at nine telling him she was fine. Justin got a third call around eleven telling him she had hooked up with a man. She said his name was Vladimir.

Justin laid his head back against the coach closing his eyes until he dozed off again. He woke and looked at the clock on the cable box again. It was three-thirty!

He clicked off the television and stood up and walked near the front window. He looked outside starring at the empty driveway.

Where could she be? She should have called him by now. Justin was upset as he paced the floor. He was starting to wonder if she planned this all along. Perhaps she didn’t even hookup with a guy like she said. Maybe she was really mad about the whole situation and was giving him the silent treatment.

Justin walked into the bathroom. The scent of Sophie’s perfume still lingered in the air. He relieved himself in the toilet and walked back out to the front room. He picked up his cell phone. There was a text message waiting. How could he have missed it?

Justin’s hands shook as he retrieved the message. It was short but got right to the point. Everything was abbreviated but Justin deciphered it clearly.

“Going to hotel with BBC, see you later.”

Justin began freaking out! He tossed the cell phone down on the sofa cushion and started to pace back and forth again. Isn’t this what he wanted in the first place? They’d planned it out for almost a year. Sophie was reluctant at first but soon changed her mind once she found out about her best friend Julie.

Julie had been friends with Sophie since high school. They shared everything including their most intimate secrets. Justin will never forget that night when Sophie told him that Julie cheated on Todd.

It wasn’t like she was having a relationship with another man. It was one of those spur of the moment kind of things where she just ended up fucking a guy while on a business trip this past summer. A whole month pasted before Sophie opened up about what Julie had told her.

Sophie was drunk one night and was sucking his cock on the living room floor. She just started telling him all about Julie’s experience. She told him the guy was black. She began telling Justin what Julie said about his size and how he performed. Sophie told him every little detail that night before she climbed on top of him and fucked him like they were on their honeymoon again.

It wasn’t until two weeks later that Sophie agreed to his idea. She went out and bought a brand new dress and everything. She looked like a prostitute when she left the house tonight.

Justin’s other thoughts were on Julie. Justin knew Sophie would tell her everything about tonight. Zeytinburnu Escort How could he face his friends again knowing that they knew he encouraged his wife to fuck another man?

The glow of bright lights filled the front room. Justin looked out the front window and saw headlights being shut off and pulled the curtain back. It was their car! Sophie was home, thank God!

Justin waited until he saw the shadow of his wife turn the corner near the garage. He could hear the clicking of her high heels on the cement walkway. He almost ran to the door and unlocked it. He quickly got it open to see his wife standing with her keys in her hand.

“Oh baby, you don’t know how worried I was when you didn’t call back!”


Justin opened his eyes. The sun was shinning through the cracks of the blinds. He turned his head and looked at the clock. It was way past noon. He turned around and saw an empty bed. Sophie must have woke up. Justin got out of bed and used the bathroom before walking into the kitchen where he found his wife with her cell phone glued to her ear.

She was stark naked yet as Justin tip toed up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist. She turned and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“I’ll have to let you go, Julie. Justin just woke up. Yeah. I’ll call you tonight, bye.”

Sophie placed the cell phone down onto the counter and wrapped her arms around Justin giving him a long passionate kiss. He looked content as they kissed than leaned back to admire his wife’s beautiful face.

“Did you have a good time last night?”

Sophie kissed her husband again as she mumbled, “Yes…”

Justin moved his hands a little higher cupping Sophie’s breasts giving them a gentle squeeze as he nuzzled her neck.

She giggled. “That tickles, baby.”

He held her tight as he spoke into her ear. “Did you like that big black cock last night?”

Sophie just moaned as she pushed her body up against him.

“Was he big?”

Sophie kept squirming up against him as she shook her head that he was big.

“How big, baby? Tell me how big his cock was!”

Sophie had reached down and squeezed Justin’s cock as she replied. “Oh God he was huge. I could barely get my hands around it last night.”

Justin was excited and kept asking more questions. “Did you suck it?”


“How did he fuck you?”

“I sucked on him on the front seat than straddled him.”

Justin was hard and kissed her neck as she pushed into his crotch.

“Did anyone see you?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

“What happen next, baby? Did he cum inside you like that?”

Sophie’s eyes were closed as Justin rubbed her breasts and pushed back against his hard cock. She twisted around and wrapped her arms around Justin giving him a long passionate kiss. Justin was stroking her pussy as she arched her body up to meet his strokes.

She whispered into his mouth, “Do you want to fuck me?”

It didn’t take any persuasion to make Justin want to fuck his wife as he picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. Justin was spread out at the foot of the bed licking Sophie’s pussy a few minutes later. Sophie held her hands on Justin’s shoulders as she strained to have an orgasm.

Justin Escort Bayan looked up just in time to catch his wife having one of the most intense orgasms he’d seen her have in months. He kept licking her pussy working the tip of his tongue on her clit as her body jerked a few more times bringing her to yet another intense orgasm.

Justin stopped and kissed her inner thighs until she relaxed. He was practically going insane as he sniffed just a little scent of her lover’s cologne on her skin. He took a deep breath smelling her thigh as she reached down to stroke his hair.

“Come up here and fuck me.”

Justin did just that and screwed her hard and rough until he shot his load deep inside her wet gaping pussy. It didn’t occur to him until his cock was going limp that Sophie still felt stretched out from last night. Justin rolled over onto his back and laid in exhaustion.

Sophie stretched out her shapely legs and looked over at Justin, “Did you cum good darling?”

Justin reached out and rubbed one of her hard nipples as he replied, “Yeah.”

Sophie walked inside as Justin shut the door. Justin examined his wife up close as he reached out to hold her in his arms. Her hair was messed and makeup smeared but she looked ok. He started to kiss her smelling the scent of whiskey on her breath as they kissed.

Her eyes were red and she looked tired as he held her in his arms rubbing her back. He let her go and backed away and had another look at her. She tossed her house keys onto a chair as Justin took her purse out of her hand. His heart beat faster when he noticed her black thong poking out from the open compartment.

She leaned forward planting a warm wet kiss on his lips before saying, “I have to pee really bad.”

Justin kissed her forehead before letting her head to the bathroom. He quickly turned out the lights still carrying Sophie’s purse around the house. He remembered the thong and pulled it out taking a deep sniff of the tiny black material.

There wasn’t any sign of male scent on them. There was just the faint scent of her perfume and perhaps the sweet smell of her pussy. Maybe that was a good thing? He rushed into the bedroom and found Sophie just leaving the bathroom and followed her into their bedroom.

“How did it go honey?”

Sophie didn’t respond. She walked over to the bed and sat down hard and laid back with her arms above her head.

“I’m so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open.”

Justin lifted one of her legs and started to take off her heel. Her dress had hiked up enough to reveal her bare pussy. He quickly worked on the second heel than stripped naked and crawled onto the bed nest to his wife. Her eyes were closed and he thought she was asleep as he started kissing around her neck.

She laughed and faintly replied, “That tickles.”

Justin was smelling and kissing her boobs through the dress she wore. His cock was hard and got more excited when he thought he’d smelled the scent of another man. He eased back down off the bed grabbing Sophie’s smooth legs and gently pulled her body down until her pussy was close to the edge of the bed.

He pulled her legs back against her chest and got down on his knees and began sniffing around her inner thighs. He istanbul Escort smelled the combination of her perfume and cologne.

Justin was insane with lust as he imagined what went on at that hotel. He held her legs back and examined her pussy mound. He lowered his face within inches of her slit and stuck out his tongue until it touched her sweet lips. She faintly moaned and squeezed his hands.

Justin took when of his hands and parted her pussy apart. It was red and puffy looking. Justin knew the look. She’d been fucked! This excited him even more as he pressed his face into her slit making her moan again. Justin poked his tongue inside. Her body arched up as he tasted the aroma.

He could definitely taste it! It was cum! It was male cum! Justin went wild with his tongue poking inside. Her body responded to his movements arching up against his hot mouth. Justin kept licking and sucking until she finally moaned out really loud having an orgasm right than and there.

“That’s it darling. Does it feel good.” Sophie only moaned giving his arm a gentle squeeze of approval. He looked up at her face. Her eyes were still closed. He kissed her inner thighs as she squirmed around on the bed moaning like she was in heat.

Justin pushed her body forward allowing him to climb up between her legs. Her short dress was bunched up past her ass now as he slowly guided his cock in place between her wet pussy lips. He gently pushed forward feeling her body respond and slowly pushed the head of his cock inside until he was inside to the hilt.

Justin studied the feeling. It wasn’t as tight and this excited him more. He tried to imagine the size of this guy as he began moving in and out. He started to kiss her face as he fucked her. She was half asleep but put her hands on his arms and held on tight as he pumped in and out.

He kept looking at her face with lust in his eyes knowing she was freshly fucked by another man.

“Was he big, baby?”

Justin kept looking at her closed eyes waiting for a response.

“Did it hurt, baby? Did you cum for him?”

There was no verbal response yet as he started fucking her a little faster. Sophie finally responded by arching her legs back further for him and pulled him down onto her chest as he banged into her well used adulteress pussy.

“Fuck me, baby. Cum for me!”

That’s all Justin needed to hear and started screwing her with force. His thighs slapped up against her thighs with each stoke. He tried to imagine how they fucked. Did she ride him? Justin wondered if she sucked his cock. Did she swallow his load? He know from the scent that she took at least one load inside her pussy.

Everything went through his mind at once and he blew his load filling her pussy and quickly shrank making his cock slip out of her well used pussy. Justin caught his breath as he looked down at his cum leaking down onto the sheet.

Her eyes were shut and her dress was still bunched up over her ass. He lifted her arms and pulled the dress up over her head making her boobs giggle freely after being confined to that tight material.

She was half asleep as he pulled her limp body up until her head touched the pillow. He examined her boobs noticing tiny red bit marks everywhere. He started getting hard again as he imagined black lips sucking on her flesh. He wanted to fuck her again but she appeared to be out cold now as he got up turning off the light. Justin knew he’d here everything about what happen in the morning.

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