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Her Sexy May Warmed His Passionate December

Her 35th birthday was everything she knew it would be. A celebration with the family…A little fun with her husband. How could she still feel unfulfilled unless she…She needs to stop thinking of HIM. Her husband was a sweet, loving man who just couldn’t satisfy her. Thankfully he didn’t know. He also didn’t know that she was thinking of HIM every time her husband went down on her and fingered her til she squirted. Hard. But then again she always squirted…when she thought of HIM.

They had hooked up a few times back when Jade had hit a rough patch when she hit 30. Mason had been her mentor who she’d secretly had a crush on since she was 19. He had taught her a lot about life and she wanted him to teach her why she needed to masturbate after every class he taught. He had wanted her but she was half his age and figured she’d never go for that. They got pulled together by a twist of fate. He was in town for a few days and they couldn’t deny themselves any longer.

She knew his mind but he had the advantage with experience. What started out as a flicker of curiosity and satisfaction of a fantasy…quickly spread like poison and they were addicted. Somewhere amidst their explosions of soul shattering orgarms, amidst her moaning Maaason! MAAAAson! MASONNN!, amidst HIS breathless thrusts and playful biting,…somewhere they fell for each other.

But that was years ago.

Before the husband. And the stepkids and kids. And her promise to be faithful.

Those days were gone now. Jade buttoned her uniform and turned everything off before she left for her second job waitressing. Mason was in town and had heard she had married. He also heard she was stuggling and had taken a second job at THEIR old diner. Might as well see what’s new. Besides he was hungry.

Jade was bent behind the counter trying to arrange a bahis firmaları display case.

“Hey beautiful how’s it going?”

Just as she started to snap her now fiery green eyes to his attention and shoot back a sarcastic comment; she froze as they met HIS deep brown eyes already dancing with a response. She ran to hug him without thinking. Once she got in his embrace, the electricity raced to her now swollen clit. Her nipples hardened at the scent of HIS cologne. Mason whispered in her ear …

“You know I came just to see how you were and I didn’t expect your perfect, tight heart-shaped ass to be what greeted me at the door, but I’m not complaining.”

She blushed hard against her light coffee skin. Mason knew. He knew she was ready to go. He knew he could plunge his fingers into what always proved to be the wettest vagina he’s ever known right there on the diner table and she’d never be able to resist. And the way her “uniform” looked? This was a 50’s style pinup restaurant. Being on her feet had Jade still curvy but looking edible. She had on a red fitted bowling shirt, ripped jean shorts and a hot pair of strappy red heels. She had her long hair pinned up to make it seem shorter. Mason wanted to see those dark espresso tresses fall down her shoulders and over her perky tits. He shook his head. Why can’t he STOP wanting her.

“Good timing stranger. I have an hour-long lunch break if you want I’ll order for us and we can catch up.” Jade could feel his eyes wander over her body and her pussy soaked the thin satin thong she was wearing.

She ran to her car when she punched out for break. Her blood and thoughts racing. She found herself rubbing her throbbing clit. She thought of how good his slightly curved dick felt in her pussy. She knew she was parked where no one would see her before she saw them. Except…she closed her as she neared ecstasy. Her breath quickened kaçak iddaa and a moan escaped before Jade realized Mason at the window smiling like a starved wolf and mouthed for her to open the door. She was too hot to say no or be rational. But she knew enough not to stay there. They drove to a nearby quiet spot in the park.

Mason pushed open Jade’s long, silky legs and ate her pussy as though he really was starving.

“Ohhh Maason! I’ve reeeallly missed you.” she cooed desperately.

“Jade, I never stopped wanting you!” he replied between delighting her pounding clit squeezed between his fingers.

“Oh God pleeassseee Mason, fuck me!”

“Oh honey, thought you’d never ask. But first. Let’s get you nice and wet.”

She squirted all over his tongue when he slipped one of his soaked fingers in her ass.

“Someone wants to be a bad girl. Mmm…suck my cock!”

Mason’s head spun as her tongue and lips created waves of sensations in fifteen places at once. He had to fuck her right now. He managed to pull her eager tongue from his rock hard dick.

He whispered, “Ride me.”

Jade, looking at him from the tops of her eyes, flashed him her twisted, naughty smile. She had needed him and she wasn’t wasting time. As he sat back against the cushion she positioned her ass just above the tip of his throbbing cock. He slid inside effortlessly. Her warm, wet pussy slid down his rock hard pole. Her juices flowed down over his balls. God, he loved that.

Jade was lost in ecstasy. She rocked her hips in a slow, rhythmic gyration. Her back lay against his chest. Mason nibbled on her neck, thrusting his hips toward hers, one hand caressing her hard nipple the other grazing against her swelled clit.

She screamed as her hips began to buck wildly, “Mason! MASON!!” Her perfect ass grazed his chest every time she came down on his dick. He fingered her clit then slipped kaçak bahis a finger in her ass.

“You’re a BAD girl AREN’T you? Giving strange MEN a RIDE in your CAR…You should know BETTER!” Mason thrusted forward and dug his two fingers deep int her ass with each emphasized word. His other hand kept her nipples at attention.

Jade nodded in assent. She WAS being a VERY BAD girl. Here… fucking her mentor’s cock… with his finger in her ass. What would their spouses do if they knew? She rode him harder and whispered, “Punish me.”

“Mmm. Get on all fours with your tits against the window.”

The air was cold outside the car so Jade’s nipples stayed hard against the glass. Mason was behind her now; hands on her hips, pulling him into her, deeper and deeper from behind until she squirted all over his cock and balls. Wasting no time, he pulled his fingers out of her ass that he’d slid in before she came. He slid his soaked hard cock deep into her tight ass. She moaned and backed her ass into him, riding him.

He spanked her leaving a slight shade of a handprint then he leaned forward to slide two fingers into her still dripping pussy. She arched her back and tossed her head. He was going to lose it fucking HER this way. She was ready to cum again. He could feel her thighs quivering. He’d push her over the edge…

“God, honey, you’re feeling better than ever. My little dirty girl. I’m gonna explode in your tight ass.”

He gripped her ass hard and thrust deep into her. His load like a bullet. She squirted again as they both collapsed in ecstasy.

“Well, guess we ordered off menu and um, caught up. I better get back to work and we’ll make it look like we’re just getting back. We just ate elsewhere.”

“I’m not complaining…we just ate out. You got my order just right”

Jade fixed herself so she didn’t look freshly fucked. Mason did the same. They were in luck. No one saw him leave.

As he stood to leave; she called him back.

“No one’s home for 3 days. Why don’t you keep me company tonight?” and slipped him her number for him to text her.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32