Shared Bed Ch. 01

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I watched as my mother scrubbed the kitchen sink, her blonde hair falling over her face like a cascading waterfall. She was wearing the thin cotton robe that she always had on in the house; after my father’s death a few years ago, she did not take much trouble with her appearance. She sensed my eyes on her.

“What are you looking at?”

“Nothing, Mom,” I said and left the room, only too aware of the beginnings of an erection. I couldn’t help myself. Having just turned 18, my hormones were raging and of all the women I had met, my mother was still the most attractive to me. I had walked into her having a shower a week or so ago, and although I hastily left after a mumbled apology, the memory of her large slightly pendulous breasts, her thick smooth thighs, the slightest hint of a belly, and the promise of her wet cunt left me aroused and confused. I hadn’t really seen her as a sexual object until then, but having seen her in this light once, it seemed I could never see her as an asexual person again.

Later that evening I finished a game of basketball and came back home sweating and tired.

“Mom!” I shouted.

“In here, honey,” she said from the kitchen. She seemed to spend all her time there even though I knew she had a lot of interested men calling her often to ask her out. To all of them she would politely refuse, giving them the excuse of having too much to do around the house.

She was drying her hands when I came in, and to my surprise she was wearing a dress.

“Hi, Aunt Jeannie called. Sam and she are coming over to spend the weekend, on their way to Florida,” she said. ” This is the only nice dress I have. It’s last year’s and I’ve put on some weight since then, since your father died.” Her eyes misted over as she became a little teary.

“Mom you look wonderful, ” I said and gave her a hug. We held the embrace for a few seconds and suddenly I had a hard-on. She might have sensed that because she pushed me away and said, ” Well, we have a lot of work to do before they get here, ” and with that she left the kitchen. I watched her walk out of the room. Her buttocks were full against the tight fabric of the dress, and because she had put on a few pounds since she bought it and her breasts were large, stretching the thin fabric in front.

That night, after Aunt Jeannie and cousin Sam had gone to bed, tired after their long drive, I helped her dry the dishes. I yawned as gaziantep kızıl escort bayan I handed her a plate.

“Why don’t you go and sleep, I’ll finish up here,” she said touching my cheek lightly. I a am a few inches taller than her and I could see the shadow of her breasts, her cleavage seemed inviting and soft in the soft light.

“Yeah Mom, but I can’t sleep until you finish up because the noise will keep me awake, ” I said pointing at the couch in the living room.

“Don’t be silly, just because Aunt Jeannie and Sam are using your room doesn’t mean you have to sleep on the couch, we can sleep on my bed, ” She said.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. To sleep next to her when even the sight of her breasts or ass drove me crazy was something incredible.

“Are you sure, ” I said, feigning nonchalance.

“Yup, no problem, “S he said with a smile. ” You’re my son, I raised you, why do you have to be shy all of a sudden just because you are grown up. Come here and give your mother a hug before you got to bed.” I hugged her tight, once again feeling her breasts and her thighs pushing against me .This time she did not push away, and if she felt my raging hard-on pressing against her, she gave no indication.

Now, my mother is not a rude but has never been someone who,a s afar as I knew enjoyed sex very much. When I was younger I would hear her and dad having arguments about sex, about him wanting it much more than her. But lately, lately she looked more sexy, her breasts bigger, more ripe.

“G’night Mom, ” I said and went to bed.

I was half asleep, my hand in my pajamas lightly stroking my penis under the covers when she came in. I opened my eyes and took my hand away from my erection.

“You’re still awake,” She said.

“Couldn’t go to sleep, see I usually sleep with all my clothes off.”

“You can take them off under the covers, ” she said without a trace of embarrassment. ” she saw my discomfort. ” Don’t worry Danny, nothing I haven’t seen before.

So I slipped my boxers off, but left my T shirt on. She went to the bathroom and I heard her brush her teeth. When she came out, she was wearing a small functional nightgown that ended below her knew. I was a little disappointed, but when she got into bed. I caught a glimpse of her breast through he thin fabric. I could feel her warmth next gaziantep köle escort bayan to me, but since the bed was fairly big, we did not make any contact. By now I was extremely horny and aroused. I was lying down in bed with my own sexy mother, without many clothes on, my erect cock a foot or so away from her cunt.

I lay awake quietly, and then pretending to be asleep I moved closer to her until my dick was touching her thigh. She mumbled something and then parted her legs. I moved my hand over the night gown and felt her breast. Then very slowly, making sure she was awake I started rubbing her nipples. She groaned in her sleep, and made a soft purring sound. By now the covers were off, and I could see her pubic hair, the night gown riding up, exposing the thick lips of her cunt. I moved until my penis was positioned over her cunt and then slowly began rubbing my erection along the lips of her wet pussy. She mumbled something again, so fearing that she would wake up I stopped and quickly got the covers on both of us. I was too scared to do anything else that night and I went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up to the sounds of conversation and the smell of coffee. I put on my clothes, having to wait a few minutes for my erection to subside. When I went to the kitchen, Aunt Jeannie, Sam and Mom were talking animatedly. Sam is a few years older than I am, and is a thing serious looking guy. Aunt Jeannie, my mother’s sister has, if possible even bigger breasts than my mother and always wears the skimpiest outfits. After divorcing her husband a few years ago, she has had many dates, and Sam once told me how he came home to find his mother sucking one man’s dick while another man licked her cunt. He watched the entire scene and told me how he masturbated and came, as he watched his mother suck and fuck these two men. That was few months ago, and as usual Aunt Jeannie looked happy and sexy.

“Hello, Danny, never thought you were going to wake up,” she said kissing me on the cheek, I smiled and made conversation but I could only see her mouth sucking someone’s cock and I had a hard time focusing on what she was saying.

“I guess that’s fine then,” she was saying to my mother, “Sam and I have stuff to buy and things to take care,off, so we’ll see you guys in the evening.” After they were gone, I helped my mother with the laundry and then went for as gaziantep kumral escort bayan shower.

I soaped my hard on and jerked off thinking about Aunt Jeannie and my mother. In my fantasy Aunt Jeannie was sucking Sam’s cock and I was fucking my mother from the back. Suddenly the door opened and my mother walked in.

“Oh my God! ” she gasped when she saw me with my dick in my hand.

I was really embarrassed and I tried to cover myself with my hand, but she stood there for a second and then said, “Danny, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. I am sorry, I should have knocked before I came in, but it is natural to masturbate.”

“Yes, Mom, but-”

“No, listen, for too many years I was shy of sex and things like that. But I won’t have you going through life thinking there is something wrong with sex. I want you to continue what you were doing while I watch.”

I was shocked but also aroused. I muttered a few objections, but when she insisted, I felt my inhibitions going away. She sat on the toilet in her thin night gown with her big breasts and prominent nipples visible as I began to stroke my cock a few inches from her face. I had my eyes closed and was jerking it when she asked, ” Danny, open your eyes and look at me, tell me what you are thinking,” She was flushed and her nipples were more prominent. ” Nothing, Mom, ” I said.

“No, tell me, what are you thinking about as you masturbate,”

“I am thinking of a woman’s vagina-“

“Her cunt you mean, a woman’s cunt,” she said

I was really aroused to hear her use words lie that and began to stroke my penis with vigor. “Yes, Mom I am thinking of a woman’s wet cunt”

“Who is the woman? describe her.”

“I am thinking of your cunt, mother.” I said worried about her response. But she only looked at my cock, licked her lips quickly and said, “OK, go on..”

“I am thinking of your wet cunt, your pussy lips wet with your juice. I am thinking of licking it and sucking it and then I am thinking of you sucking my cock, licking my shaft and getting fucked in your mouth.”

I was getting close now. “I am thinking of turning you around and then fucking you like a dog, and then while you are on your knees…” I paused to look at her. She had her thighs wide open and her robe had fallen away a bit so I could see most of her breasts.

“Go on,” she said in a hoarse voice. ” You are on your knees on the floor and I am fucking you cunt from the back. Sam walks in and makes you suck his cock. You are getting fucked by both of us…” Suddenly, as I came in big furious spurts, we heard the doorbell ring. She sat up with a start and before I could say anything else, she left suddenly. It had happened so fast, it seemed like a dream.

To be Continued…

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32