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Jeremy rummaged through his pockets searching for money to pay the driver and produced a crumpled-up ten dollar bill. I threw open the door and hopped out of the car, straightening out my skirt that had gotten hiked up while we were fooling around. I glanced around – the street was unusually quiet for a Saturday night, especially in my neighborhood, which was littered with bars overflowing with 20-somethings groping around for someone to share their beds with.

I walked to the door of my building, keys in hand, as Jeremy slammed the door of the cab shut behind him. As I fumbled to get the key in the lock, he pushed his hand below the front waistband of my skirt, making it difficult for me to concentrate. Once the door was unlocked, we hurried inside and made our way to the elevator, Jeremy’s hands on my hips the entire time. Thankfully the elevator was there waiting for us. The moment the doors slid shut, he attacked me. His lips engulfed mine and our tongues lashed at each other. He had me pressed against the wall of the elevator and my right leg lifted almost instinctively and wrapped around him, pulling him closer to me. I could feel him through his pants, hard against my stomach. By now, I was dripping and his fingers massaging my clit through my black satin panties just made it worse.

The elevator opened bahis firmaları up at my floor to an empty hallway. We unwrapped ourselves and I lead him to my apartment at the end of the hall, his hands wandering over my ass as I walked. When we stopped in front of the turquoise door to my studio, Jeremy’s lips found their way to my neck as I fumbled once again with my keys. His cock was so hard against the small of my back and I couldn’t wait to feel it in my hands again, let alone plunging into my hot wet pussy.

The door finally opened after what seemed like ages and we scurried inside. Before the door was even shut, Jeremy was peeling my panties off from under my skirt. He let them fall to my ankles and I stepped out of them, flinging them across the room with my black stiletto-heeled shoe. He hiked up my skirt and pressed me against the wall like he had in the elevator, but now, there was nothing holding him back. He slid down to his knees on the floor and lifted my leg over his shoulder. He began kissing my inner thighs with such force that I began to shutter. Waves of pleasure began to move through me even before his tongue began to lap at my pussy. He alternated between licking the full length of my labia, sucking gently on my clit, and burying his tongue deep inside me. I came twice and by the third surge kaçak iddaa of orgasm I was sure my legs were going to give out beneath me.

He stood up, pulled off his shirt, and looked me in the eyes, wearing that same sly smile I had seen earlier. I smiled back, reaching for his belt. I unbuckled it and his cock sprung out the moment I unzipped his fly. I slid his pants and boxers down over his ass and down to the floor. I placed my hands back on his ass and guided him while I walked backward towards the bed only a few feet from the front door. At the foot of the bed I stopped, crossed my arms in front of me and pulled my top up over my head, revealing my breasts which were overflowing from my favorite black satin bra. He slid the straps down off my shoulders as I unhooked the clasp in the back. The bra fell to the floor and he bent down to take my right breast into his mouth. His tongue flicked against my nipple just as it had against my clit over by the door. I couldn’t stand it any more, this torture. I slid my skirt off, kicked off my heels, and dropped down onto the bed, legs spread. He came down on top of me and we shimmied further up onto the bed. He reached down, grabbing his cock, and rubbed the head of it against my throbbing clit. We kissed madly as I reached frantically into the drawer of my bedside table kaçak bahis for a condom. We stopped kissing long enough for me to tear the wrapper off with my teeth and I slid it onto his rock hard cock, eager to feel him slamming into me. Finally, he slid his thick cock deep into my waiting pussy and a small gasp escaped my lips. He slid in and out of me, my pussy engulfing the full length of his dick with each thrust.

He began to slow down a bit and I took it as my chance to roll over and get on top of him. I began riding him, slowly at first and then gradually speeding up until I was quickly bouncing up and down on his cock. His hands were on my hips while I kneaded my breasts in my hands. I could hear him moaning softly and I leaned over to kiss him. As I came back up he followed, our lips never separating. We were both sitting up now, grinding into each other. I could feel the final explosion of orgasm coming and I dug my fingers into his back. I could tell he was nearly there as well by his breathing. A few moments later I could feel the heat move through me as the inner walls of my pussy clamped down on his throbbing cock. He let out a final moan and I knew he had come too.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, him buried deep inside me, our arms wrapped around each other, while we recovered. After my heart rate had finally slowed down a bit, I pulled back to look at him.

“That was amazing,” I said, smiling, as a bead of sweat slid down between my breasts.

Jeremy smiled. “Just wait. I’m not done yet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32